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Celtic Fans Deed- Help the Rangers Supporters Trust

Today was the day that Mike Ashley posted a notice about acquiring Security over Ibrox and Murray Park. Ah the famous deeds immortalised by John Bomber Brown on the steps of the soon to be hawked Ibrox.

Oh Bomber, Where are those deeds?, here?, where, there, no, maybe over us boy, good dog..good dog!



How they laughed at him…and how we are laughing now.

Suffice to say the poor Rangers Supporters are hurting but fair play, you’re never short of a Fans Spokesman when a Media opportunity arises and right on cue, wee Chris Graham wasnae a happy chappy ( would any tears  rolling down get through that attempt at Don Johnson stubble of his? – Ed)…and as usual he wasnt slow in appearing ‘aw gemme’  in the media with such choice quotes such as:

“This board has to be removed immediately and the fans have to make their feelings known in the strongest possible terms. This is the final straw.” ( How many Boards has Chris backed again?- Ed)

and this classic Tweet:

The RST will examine legal options to block this with other shareholders. We will never let Ibrox be mortgaged off. No Surrender!
— Rangers Supporters (@rangersfctrust) January 15, 2015

 Well, as we Tims are known for our charitable deeds ( gettit!), we thought we should honour brave Chris and his gangs efforts and join in to help them convince Mike that they really are the people and not just a prostrate cash cow who are blinded by anyone carrying  a large prospectus in their pocket whilst making false empty promises.

So Celtic fans, we ask for your assistance:

Can you help Chris and his mighty Propaganda Machine find Mike Ashley and give him a good talking too.  

Heres Mike telling Chris to come find him…


Now you know what Mike, youre looking for, see if you can find the wannabee landlord in this scene taken on Newcastle Quayside just after Chris arrived in town:



PS…If you cant find him…try the Tuxedo Princess!

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9 years ago

I suspect that’s no Newcastle quayside……it’s no raining!

9 years ago

If you go down to Ibrox today
You’re sure of a big surprise,
Today’s the day the deady bears got their pitch nicked….

Green Lantern
9 years ago

I’m buying shares in Bacofoil. Chris and his fellow zombie zoomers are gonnae be needing lots of the stuff for their scabby nappers.

BTW. How many last straws has that been?

He could build a replica of £1brox with them.

Mind you it’d probably be more watertight than the actual Crumbledome.

Tee and for good measure Hee.

9 years ago

He’s on the hover feckin off somewheres else.

George lazenby
9 years ago

Can’t find Ashley but is that fat Salary in the bottom middle with red and white top?

9 years ago

‘The big hoose must stay open’ , methinks it’s the big hovers that are lashing up all the cash.
God were we lucky with the bunnet appearing when he did to take on the old board.
I cannae have anymore jelly and ice cream, as my sides are bursting.

holy sea
9 years ago

Help? I wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.(The old ones are the best)
SPORTS DIRECT FC will now have a sale and lease
back agreement,to the highest bidder.Lovely Jubbly.
Altogether now,
Singing I’m no a Billy,I’m a Mick(Ashley)

9 years ago


It looks like Big Mike’s talons stretch as far as Whitley Bay now. The iron man looks like an intruder from Gateshead.

By the way, you seem to know an awfy lot about Newcastle for a quiet man. I hope you are not one of those jumping off the bridge on a Friday night after a boogy or two on the old hulk on the Tyne. By the way, it’s on the Gateshead side. So, is it a genuine Geordie?


Green Lantern
9 years ago

Oh Yes his name is Mick

And he’s a Catholic

And the huns are sick

Because he gave them tick

And now he owns every stick

And I’m ecstatic

Cos I support Celtic

9 years ago

The summer of 2011 $wally’s playing with watties millionair team , awash with auld lizzies dosh and Lennie still trying to recover from poor Tonys nightmare, surely the worst season of ‘honest mistakes’ in the history of the game.
No talk of administration, some murmours about share issues and the like, but very much the same old, sameold, jelavics playing and heading into the winter $wally’s 15pts ahead, things are not looking good, …then


On that summers day of 2011, who, for one second, would have though we would see the huns dead and the situ at the crumbledome the way it is?

Wow, just, wow.


9 years ago

Ps. Sorry for my earlier bad spelling, it is of course ‘hovver’ as in ‘bovver’.

Top right hand corner.


Bobbie bhoy
9 years ago

I am confused ? How can they own something that should have been sold as an asset to write debt for old co ? Who actually holds the deeds and why was it not seized ?

9 years ago

I think confusions, or to give it It’s street (gutter) name ‘switcheroo’ is the general idea Bobbie.

I think later It’s called ‘alleged fraud’, then eventually just plain ‘fraud’.

Until then, I think It’s safe to say we’re all a bit confused m8.


9 years ago

Surely after all the going’s on with old Rangers and the newco whatever they are called, the SFA and the SPFL should be investigated for all they have done and are still doing,for this slur on Scottish footbal.

Jimmy C
9 years ago

So have the 3 bears and the lying king bought 15% of fuck all now that big Mick has picked up everything for 13 mil.

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