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Celtic Diary Thursday October 3

The San Diego Times gives  us five observations from the round of Champions League games, and Brazilian thespian Neymar gets a wee mention.

” THE OSCAR GOES TO … NEYMAR: A propensity by some players at Barcelona to play-act and feign injury has at times been a blot on that club’s otherwise fabulous brand of soccer. Unfortunately, new recruit Neymar showed against Celtic that he seems inclined to do it, too.

In 2011, Barcelona right-back Dani Alves made a meal of a coming together with Real Madrid’s Pepe in the Champions League semifinals. Screaming, mouth agape, the Barcelona defender acrobatically spun to ground, clutching his right calf muscle. Referee Wolfgang Stark sent Pepe off.

Sergio Busquets dropped like a man shot when Thiago Motta slapped the Barcelona midfielder across the neck in the 2010 semifinals. Infamously, as he lay on the floor clutching his face, Busquets was caught on camera appearing to peek through his fingers to see referee Frank De Bleeckere send off his Inter Milan rival.

In Neymar’s defense, Celtic captain Scott Brown did appear to kick the Brazil forward in the small of his back after bundling him over in the 59th minute at Celtic Park on Tuesday.

Still, Neymar perhaps didn’t need to writhe on the turf quite so dramatically, clutching his back as though he’d just donated a kidney without anesthetic.

Referee Stephane Lannoy showed Brown a straight red card. Celtic succumbed to Cesc Fabregas’ winner 16 minutes later.

“Neymar has a reputation in the game,” Celtic manager Neil Lennon said. “Sometimes he exaggerates things a little bit.”

As Robert Burns said, its good to see things as ithers see them. Well, he sort of said that.

Speaking of which, this made me laugh, a sort of “Barcelona Diary ” talking about the game..

”  Playing at Celtic Park is a bit like chewing screws while the locals bite your ankles. But as the fans have a good song in them everyone loves Celtic, despite them having one of the most horrendous styles of football in Europe, based on putting 10 players in their own box and kicking everything that moves. And even when it’s on the ground and isn’t moving, kick it anyway for good measure. (See Brown on Neymar). In summary, Celtic at home is about the worst enemy Barcelona could face and exactly why the 0-1 triumph of the Catalans is a milestone for the newborn Tata era. It was a game of patience and courage in equal parts.

The Barcelona Orchestra played the expected music, in spite of the absence of their virtuoso soloist. Without Messi all the players were ready to step forward to face Celtic slamming and kicking the door shut on them. The kicking part was cheered to the rafters by these fans who sing so nicely.

From Valdés to Neymar, including Bartra – who made it clear someone needs to give an explanation as to why he was used so little last season – all of Barça’s players put in a solid shift in a difficult ground and against a rival who stifle like few others. Winning at Celtic Park gives anyone’s self confidence a boost.

From the start Barcelona controlled the match, showing oodles of patience and hoping that the Scottish bravehearts would eventually tire. Celtic, with Samaras as the only target man, looked to hit on the break and for dead ball situations, while Barcelona moved the ball from side to side looking for the white and green waters to part. The whole of the first half though saw the visitors come up against the Celtic wall.

Quarter of an hour after the restart the Celtic captain Brown lost the plot and having downed Neymar gave him a kick in the kidneys. It was a clear red that should probably also have an additional ban added on, to set an example. The nice singing fans applauded the kick, just like those in the middle ages applauded decapitations.

With one less Celtic had to reinforce their initial plan. To park the bus there’s no real need to have 11. In fact they attacked better and Valdés had to pull out his usual miracle to save Barça with an outstanding stop in 73’ from a Matthews shot. But that was Celtic’s swansong. Two minutes later, Alexis, in his first touch since coming on, sent a cross over from a counter that Cesc headed home perfectly.

From there to the end the Scots increased their levels of violence and Forster augmented his status as a legend, preventing Neymar and Alexis from finishing off the game. The keeper was the last one to man the Celtic wall. He was also the only one not to hand out a kicking. ”

I thought that was quite good.

Brown himself has issued an apology on the clubs official website;

“I realise that I made a mistake in getting sent off last night. It´s something that happened in the heat of the moment but I shouldn´t have acted in this way.

“I still think it was a harsh decision. However, I recognise that I made a mistake and put myself and my team-mates in a difficult position. I need to live with that and there is no-one more disappointed than me about losing the match.

“There wasn´t a huge amount of contact at all, to be honest, but I have to accept responsibility for my actions – and I do.

“The team deserved to get something out of the game after playing so brilliantly and putting in so much effort against one of the best sides in the world.

“I was also disappointed for the supporters after the incredible backing they gave us during the game. They were magnificent once again.

“It was another fantastic performance from the lads after the Milan game, and although we´ve still to pick up a point from this group, we´ve shown we can compete against some of the best sides in Europe.

“We have four games to go in this group and everyone in the squad firmly believe that we can still qualify, and we are determined to get our first points on the board against Ajax in two weeks´ time.

“For my part, I can´t wait to get back on the pitch against Motherwell at the weekend and try and help us extend our winning run in the league.”

Well, thats better than blaming Neymar completely, and shows he has had a wee bit of a think about what he did. But sometimes sorry isn’t enough. Actions speak louder than words, as they say, and Brown , based on his European performances so far this season, is getting more ticks in the liabilities column than in the one for assets.

Maybe he should sit down and have a chat with Bertie Auld, who could show him how to influence games properly. Without getting caught. As we see here…


” But Auld could be as nasty as any of the hard men in United’s ranks, and after 42 minutes Jones was carried off with a deep gash on his right shin. For a time there were fears he would not return. Bremner: “It was a terrible, terrible tackle on Mick Jones by wee Bertie Auld that did it. His leg

was in a terrible stateUnited players show their despair after Hughes' goal at half time. Well, I chased Bertie a few times that night. He knew I was after him. But no chance. He was too fly.”

Jock Stein had warned Auld that the game would be fiercely competitive, and the Scottish schemer was determined not to hold back from any confrontation, saying later, “The Big Man was right. They didn’t really think we could play and when we started to move the ball around they got very rough. I had a tussle with a big centre called Jones who thought he could kick and get away with it. He didn’t. I gave as good as I got. At half time he came up to me and said, ‘Hunter’s going to sort you out.’ Norman Hunter was a hard man for them. In my view he did more damage off the ball than on it. He just tried to terrify you. I think they were surprised at how we stood up to them. I think when you had the Big Man’s presence about you, you fought your corner.”

That wee piece is from the Definitive history of Leeds Utd, their take on the semi final clash in 1970. The whole page is well worth a cup of tea and a read. Todays players could learn a lot from how the team of 1970 went about facing the side who were dubbed the best in Europe at the time.

celtic v leeds

However, there might yet be a positive to come from all of this. Beram Kayal, who miraculously survived his brief appearance on Tuesday without geting injured again, says that Brown has nothing to apologise for;

“Scott did not need to apologise to anyone. He is our captain and leader and an important player for us. I didn’t see exactly what happened at the time because I was substitute and it was far from me.

“I thought it was a yellow card at first, but then I heard all of the players say it was a red card.

“Scott is a great player and person and is one of the main reasons we are playing in the Champions League. In football, there are mistakes. But if he made one, he still does not need to say sorry.”

Reading between the lines, the players have closed ranks and fully support their captain, and just maybe this will help fire them into the last sixteen.

Kayal himself is the ready made replacement, but only if he can recapture his early form, although alongside him Joe Ledley will be a welcome addition.

Time to move on, anyway, the points are gone and theres nothing that will bring them back, so we need to focus on the remaining twelve that are up for grabs, and we need to make sure that the next three available remain in Glasgow.

Ajax should not be underestimated, but neither should we sell ourselves short.

Last word on the game and its resultant “debates ” for now, and Brian McNally on the social network-which increasingly is becoming more and more anti social-sent this direct to Neil Lennon;

Sadly,the old Liability Brown is back. @officialneil is right in that the red was a game changer but that was down to Brown.Address it,Neil.

And got this reply..

@McNallyMirror Brian dont come on a public forum and tell me how or what to do with my players


We can only hope he doesn’t read yesterdays diary, unless he really has been sticking pencils in Browns eyes to get him to say sorry.

Moving away now from the Champions League, the law in Scotland over offensive and threatening behaviour continues to amaze those of us who live outwith the country.

This from the BBC website;

Celtic fan Paul Clark given football ban over gun gesture

A Celtic fan who made a gun gesture with a flag during a game against Rangers has been given a 12-month football banning order.

Paul Clark was captured on CCTV pointing the object and making a motion towards Rangers fans during the game at Celtic Park on 29 April 2012.

The 30-year-old, from Cambuslang, South Lanarkshire, denied gesturing in a manner “suggestive of a firearm”.

He was found guilty following a trial at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

The court was shown footage of Clark at the football match.

‘Inflammatory behaviour’

Sheriff Bill Totten accepted the Crown case that Clark was seen holding a flag and making a movement with the pole towards Rangers fans as though it was a rifle.

The court heard that after being captured on the footage, season ticket holder Clark was arrested at a later date for the offence.

Speaking following sentencing, Stephen Ferguson, football liaison prosecutor for the West of Scotland, said: “Paul Clark behaved in an unacceptable and offensive manner and will now have to face the consequences of his actions.

“Attending football matches should be about enjoying the match event and most certainly should not somewhere you are subjected to offensive and inflammatory behaviour.”

So, he pointed a flag at someone and pretended it was a gun….

Someone might be in a bit of trouble of he scores on Saturday…

Charlotte Fakes is back, sending these out into cyberspace…

@CharlotteFakes: Suspension lifted. Let’s get to the bottom of who has most to hide. No punches pulled.

@CharlotteFakes: Despite Charles having ownership of over 5 million shares at 1p each, not 1 had been paid for until a forced deduction from final salary.

@CharlotteFakes: Why did the board sanction a £600k pay off and not go down the misconduct route despite privately sharing so many reasons to do so?

Hot on the heels of the release of some accounts-well, not really proper accounts, more the bare minimum they can get away with, it all begins to point more and more towards the beginning of the end for Scotlands newest club, Second Rangers, who burst onto the scene a little over twelve months ago in a blaze of publicity , telling everyone how well they were going to do, and how much money they were going to have.

Somewhere, that particular train slipped off the rails, but there is talk of getting some more money in. Which we believe also involves a train.

Incidentally, for those of you who miss Charles Green, the outspoken former Second Rangers chief, he’s turned up in France, and has given an interview to France Quest, where, true to form , he continues to talk merde…


Nice. Thats nice as in “pleasant”, not the name of the French town.

Yesterday, a picture of a little birdie, somehow made you think of Scott Brown, as a few of you identified the avian example as a tit of some sort.

Actually , you’d have been right, which just goes to show we are all guilty of knee jerk reactions, which coincidentally, was exactly what started all this malarkey in the first place, as we see here in todays spot the ball competition,


Something different to think about today, whats the connection between these former and present Celtic players…






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10 years ago

They all played for Newcastle.

Iain McAllister
10 years ago

They also played for bar codes or georgie Elgin City.

10 years ago

The questions have got to be asked. Who made the complaint about the flag and how did they get his address?

10 years ago

Any celtic fan who vote yes in sept really should look at themselves the whole act was designed to get our fans,and the fat granny shagger in charge has been pandering to the orange vote for years,from urging councils not to ban orange walks, to keeping the scrounging family from buckingham palace as heads of state

10 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

Voting yes isn’t a vote for salmond, it’s a vote for Scotland. If you believe in a united Ireland, it’s more likely to happen if Scotland is independent than part of the UK.

10 years ago
Reply to  Danny

Nonsense! Approx 50% of 6 counties Catholics want to remain in uk for economic reasons and Scotland’s future political status will have no bearing on it.

Frank McGaaaaarvey
10 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

What has football got to do with the vote? Can’t you see past the gates of Parkhead on any issue? If you think that yet more years of a Tory government (who, in the 80s, discussed the matter of the tricolour flying at Celtic Park) is somehow good for the majority of folk in Scotland who didn’t vote for them then you are seriously deluded.
Whilst I am baffled as to why that guy was charged with anything there is a lot more to life than the issue of singing songs at a football game. Jeezo, move out of the tunnel, there is a nice panoramic 360 degree view to enjoy!

Will Scoosh learn his lesson? I know in the world of grown men Neymar is a wee Brazilian ladyboy who probably gets stabbed by a strong wind but we have to be wise to this kind of nonsense. It’s not exactly a new phenomenon is it? Don’t give them the excuse in the first place.

Now, let’s give Stuart “We need a strong Rangers in the league” McColls ex-steeltown dumplings a roasting on Saturday. That’s the way to respond Broony.

10 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67


So you think voting no and retaining the status quo is a good thing?
A vote for independence is a vote for hope and the possibility of change.
A no vote guarantees nothing will change.

Alex Salmond is an arse but we can get rid of him and his cronies via the ballot box once self determination is achieved.

What scares me most is that people with little understanding have the right to vote. People like you for instance.

10 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

Deadhead67 –

AT end of the day, as said, its a vote for Scotland, not for the SNP. What about The Greens, Labour for Independence, Scottish Socialist party all in YES camp?

Regards your embarrassing granny shagger quote, i’m going to just ignore it, sure you were just having one of those days.

As for Alex Salmond:
You cant declare a republic unless you actually have FULL control of a country. You do see that dont you?
Also, theres no indication that Alex Salmond would even be the leader of a free Scotland ( my money would be on Nicola Sturgeon as our First PM) but thats up to the voters post 2016.

As for cosying up to the Orange Order, is that why the Orange Order are so firmly behind the NO vote?
Is that why Glasgow Council were said to be in talks which would offer the Orange Order a deal for votes which could see more and more marches ( with already more marches in Galsgow than in Belfast and Derry combined!) as long as Labour kept control of the council and its gravy train for greedy councillors.

Happy for you to have an opinion on the badly handled Sectarian Law which SNP brought in but your very much mistaken if you think Alex Salmond has been busy using his wily ways to just keep the celtic and catholic in its place. The man and his government have did more for social justice in a few years than so called Labour stalwarts. Keeping it Celtic, why dont you take a look at the Celtic loving MPs and ask yourself what they have did to help the peoples of our support and Scotland and beyond.

Go to sites like WingsOverScotland and NewsNetScotland for excellent information which doesnt fall to any party bias.

We at ETims will be having a big long chat on Referendum so happy to have you and every other voice and opinion involved. The more people discuss the real facts and issues that matter the better so they can decide what sort of Scotland they wish to demand and accept from their representatives.

10 years ago

Did they say if it was a SLF (Self Loading Flag) or an automatic?

George lazenby
10 years ago

They all played for Celtic.

10 years ago


There’s a song I just can’t get out of my head. I can’t remember the title for the life of me. You might know. It has the words “Gone, gone, gone.”

Good diary, good diary!! Now let’s see what’s on the conveyer belt. A ghost, a ghost – yes. How about a cuddly toy just to make it up to me?


10 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

Not to worry guys. I just thought, I am going to have hell of a lot of spellchecking to do when I get up in the clouds in the not too distant future. God knows what’s floating around up there from some old pensioner. I’ll wait for you and can read together 🙂

Just rambling waiting to see if the ghost comes back to haunt me.


10 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

You feeling all chirpy chirpy cheep cheep?

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