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The Pram

The Pram by Brian53

He lay back and enjoyed the sun on his face, it had been another shit day but now that he had some down time, he was just going to relax. The events of the day flashed through his mind at such a rate that he was having some difficulty holding any of them down.

Why would anyone want to contradict him? Struggling to understand he closed his eyes as the glare of the sun washed over him. It was his point of view and why should he allow comments that he didn’t necessarily agree with? Maybe he should just lighten up but he wasn’t sure how.

The sun was going in now and clouds were covering the sky, casting shadows over everything in the back yard. He shouted for attention as the back door swung open as he listened to the sound of approaching footsteps.

The woman stopped and looked about at the mess. “What have I told you young man about throwing your toys out of the pram, behave like this when you’re older and you’ll look foolish.” The child gurgled in the pram knowing that what she said wasn’t true, I will always get my own way he thought.


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9 years ago

Eh? woosh,right ower ma heed there.

9 years ago

Erm!!!! What the hell are you talking about?

9 years ago

Ah, is the one chucking his toys out the pram Neymar by any chance?

9 years ago

The thing about verse and short story fiction is you can put your own interpretation on it.

It was actually my very first memory 🙂

9 years ago

Sorry, but me no understand, and I recon I am not alone it that

9 years ago

You f******* talking about me??!!!

9 years ago
Reply to  Me

Took you long enough!

9 years ago


So that’s what I have to look forward to in my second childhood. My wife has already ordered the pram. The nappies have been here for while. And she wants me to cuddle a big teddy bear. There has to be some kind of “do not cross” line there somewhere. I just might hold her to account, an annual one.


Los Lobo
9 years ago

I believe it’s in relation to Lenny’s Twitter meltdown on Wednesday. Brian McNally (recently retired journalist and lifelong Celtic supporter) had the audacity to Tweet what we all thought about Broony, and the gaffer “threw his toys out the pram”.

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