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All Rhyme & No Reason

Etims Diary regular Charlie Saiz posted this classic review of the teams performance against Barcelona.

We think its top of the mantelpiece material…enjoy..

Scott Brown? Aye let himself down
Whilst big Fraser stayed sharp as a razor
Wee Izzy? well the wee man was busy
Big Van Dijk as cool as you like

Along with Ambrose cleared his lines as he rose
Mikael the big swede played the game with his heid
Whilst young Adam Mathews tried hard not to lose
Charlie Mulgrew had his chance that he blew

Wee Jamesie of course shook Valdes with force
Neymar was shocking got the stands really talking
The ref pulled a flanker switched his card fookin wanker
Sammy did well broke clean through awe fookin hell

The crowd stood aghast Celtics chance it had passed
Stokes he played well banjoโ€™d Elvis fookin hell

As Commons did too tracking back had to do
A problem caused by Lenny say no more 4-4-2

But Barca were not great huffed and retained some puff
Wee Cesc headed well as his team they did gel
In the end showed some class, Broonies mist bit our ass
Stokesy he got hooked on came Kayalโ€ฆ

Was he booked?

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10 years ago


Kick that Wordsworth guy oot. Waste of good paper writing his stuff when there’s class in the room.

Clever stuff!


Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

Why thank you auld timer…

The Holy Poet.
10 years ago

Very clever Charlie. HH

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  The Holy Poet.

Cheers bud

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