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Celtic Diary Saturday June 1

And so, it begins. In earnest.

Those of you who tweet, on the social network created for those who want to talk to people without the effort of leaving the house, would have seen the message from the Telegraph freelancer-i.e. not good enough to work for them, but useful to have around in case they run out of sugar and need someone to nip to the shop-concerning the Kenyan Fenian.

The big man is the subject of a £12m bid from Arsenal. Apparently.

Now, so far , al the evidence we ave for this comes from Samuel Rhodes, the above mentioned reporter, who just happens to be an Arsenal fan.

Nobody up to now has thought of asking Vic. I did,

vic 1

Then, I figured I should ask him if he wanted to leave Celtic.

Vic 2

So, donning a St. Johnstone shirt, I repeated the question, and suggested that he was after a big money move.

Vic 3

Which didn’t go the way it was planned.

Then , it seemed all hell would break loose. Vic, of course, is a professional footballer, with a short career. He went to see someone who actually cares about him, and not money.

Vic 4

You see, some people may sing the praises of the land down south, and feel its a step up. Victor doesn’t have to listen to them.

Vic 5

So, whats he going to do? Will he stay, will he go? Is there really a bid on the table? If so, can we afford to turn it down?

Victor may be interested in a move. He may not be. He may take it seriously, or he may not.

One thing is for sure. He is a class act. The likes of which haven’t graced Celtic Park since Henrik Larsson or Lubomir Moravcik. Maybe he will turn out like them. Maybe there is a little bit of  Henrik  in Victor.

Vic 6

SSN this morning has Wayne Rooney going to PSG, for a massive fee and a wage of £300,000 a week after tax.

It also has Wolves wingers moving to Fulham for £4.5m. Thats Wolves, who have been relegated twice in as many seasons, without Tony Mowbray or Roberto Martinez at the helm.

£4.5m is a lot of money for any player. Let alone a third tier player who is so adept i can’t even remember his name, and Wolves fans will be trying to forget him as well.

Celtic don’t need the money. Victor doesn’t want to go. And that should be that.

Thomas Rogne, (google him-Norwegian defender, Celtic, injured a lot ) will put himself in the shop window during this summers U-21 European championship.

There are, to date, no offers on the table, which is surprising. His own views on the window of opportunity provided by the showcase tournament may tell us more about him than he cared to let on. ;

“Its a very nice window. But it can go both ways, you could also make a bad championship.”

So, he’s fragile mentally and physically. One, of course, inevitably leads to the other.

If Thomas or any of his friends read this, perhaps you should have skipped that part. Yet Rogne easily has more ability than anyone else in that position at the club. It reminds me of what Jock Stein once said , when he considered the talents of upcoming stars Paul McStay and Charlie Nicholas. Remember, when he said if he could take a wee bit of Charlies cheek, and give it to Paul, he’d have a world class player?

Rogne is a great defender. Is there any chance someone could tell him that?

Speaking of having a word with players-tell them to use a different haircut shop.

Tony Watt


Tony, you play football. For a big club. You are not in a boy band.

As a Celtic supporter, its hard not to be offended when someone has a go at one of our own.

Talentless fat sash singing fuckwit Craig Brown has criticised midfielder Kris Commons.

Taking time off from hanging around young girls with a bag of sweeties, ignorant ex Scotland boss Craig  Brown spoke his mind-okay, he probably borrowed someone elses, he hasn’t one of his own, – on Kris Commons, who decided that further embarassment in a Scotland shirt  wasn’t for him. Commons, who hails from Mansfield , which is not actually in Scotland, started his career with Stoke, until they found out he was shite at chucking a ball, before moving to Nottingham Forest and then Derby, which surprisingly are real places , with pubs and shops and buses and things, before moving north to Scotland.

His grandmother is from Dundee. He isn’t. If he doesn’t want to play for Scotland, then we can’t make him.

Brown, however, is “disappointed ” that Commons doesn’t want to play for Scotland.

“He’s another managers player, so I don’t want to be critical of Commons, but I hear he’s in Las Vegas, or something.”

Deciding not to criticise Commons further, Tubby McFatfuck instead praised another ex-Celt, Stephen Pressley, who cancelled his wedding, sold his house and ignored a bus load of kids who were being swept over a cliff in a bus, so he could carry the balls during a Scotland training session.

Or something like that. To be honest, I stopped reading after the words Craig Brown.

I tried to get in touch with him, but his carer told me he had fallen out of bed again.

Right, theres the serious , thought provoking stuff done with. Lets have a look at the papers.

First of all, the Daily Record do get some things right, and its unfair to treat all of their reporters with disdain and disrespect. Last week, for instance, they were spot on, if a little late, with this;




Flushed with success, they went for

record 2

before changing their mind and deciding that they weren’t dead after all, and were free to do just as they please. With no retribution at all.

Still , we can always trust them to be on the ball.

record 3

Or can we?


Hope so.

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall when he tries to explain to his bank manager why the rent  wasn’t paid this month.

And he was in charge of Scottish football.

Stewart Regan must have heard this one coming. He got himself a pay rise to £280,000 a year. Thats every year.

280,000 reasons to get rid of that clown.

Theres a new Batman film out. Batman is a rich guy who runs about in his pants and a fast car sorting out the badyins in his town. When he’s needed, they put a big picture of him in the sky, he looks out his window, sees it, gets changed , and goes out and punches someone so hard you can see the noise written clearly above him.

With Scottish football thriving despite the guys who run it, can we fetch this guy back to sort it all out?


And while he’s here, name a stand after him?

Yesterday, just to remind us just how well off we really are, we put a picture of Stuart Slater on the site. Stuart was signed by his agent,and our then manager Liam Brady, to put “bums on seats”, although Liam omitted to say where.

Right, as the old NTV used to say.

Lets go back down Misery avenue, to the old Heartbreak Hotel.


Yeah, I know. Tactics from the expert. Unfortunately, for Barnes, he  found out that football was played by real players. Not ones who had their feet in concrete. As Mark Viduka would establish by chucking his boots at him.

No,that ones too easy. Its sunny outside, so I want to put smiles on faces.

First, read this.

Its excellent, and then tell me who Frank Brogan is. Cos I’m stumped.

Who is this mean looking muttha?








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9 years ago


9 years ago

As the Daily Ranger called him “Lubo-who Morav-what”!!

Lubo Lubo Lubo as he is & always will be affectionately known especially when we had a free kick or corner!!

Havent read the leeds article yet!!

9 years ago

Prob alone in this, but Commons is a feckin tit tweeting pics of him off to Vegas away fea the wife and weans, after whining that finishing at lunchtime everyday means he does nt see enough of his kids.

Don’t want to play for Scotland fair enough, but for fecks sake.

willie tim 67
9 years ago

When did commons ever get a game for bigotland he was left out in favour of world giants like barry right hook robson.personally i can’t stand scotland and support whoever they play except engerland when im completely neutral,love to get a ticket for the Belgian end one of my favorite places best beer on the planet crazy mad country where trains run on time pubs open till wee hours and sell best chips

9 years ago

Why shouldn’t Kris Commons take his wife and kids to Las Vegas? he.s earned it – they’ve been through a bad time. I fully agree with him taking a break from Scotland team .C=Levein has a cheek criticisng him, it was his crap management that got us out of the world cup so soon.

9 years ago

Jamie Smith before he signed for some Dutch team?

9 years ago

kris commons is off to vegas with gary hooper & joe ledley – didn’t see anything about wives & weans, but maybe that’s just me not reading the article peoperly. If it is just Kris, Gary & Joe, he should have been a bit more discreet after claiming that he wanted to spend more time with his family!
Frank Brogan – didn’t check the link, but Frank Brogan was a brother of Jim and a very bit player for the hoops in the late 60’s, I think.
Lubo – I recall the DR headline when he signed – Dud czech – the DR hadn’t heard of him as rangers (RIP) hadn’t tried to sign him, therefore, no need to do any investigation then?
What a magnificent player – if only we had got him 3 years earlier – can still reme,mber his 1st goal against rangers (RIP) when he never even smiled unaware of exactly what it meant to everyone else, but, by the time he scored at ibrox, he had learnt what it meant and rubbed it right in.

Porty Auld Bhoy
9 years ago

The writer meant Jim Brogan, of “Brogies’ gonnae get ye” fame. His elder brother Frank did play for Celtic in the late 50s or early 60s, not for very long, but long enough to score Celtic’s 5,000th (I think) league goal. Bobby Lennox got the 6,000th and I cannae remember who got the 7,000th.

Sean Cahill
9 years ago

A cracking report of the built up to and the Leeds United game at Hampden on the mighty leeds website BTW – thanks for the link! Well worth a read.

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