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Celtic Diary Friday May 17

Sometimes, no matter how well you are doing, it doesn’t hurt to listen to someone for a wee bit help.

Bertie Auld, who would tell you that he knows a bit about the game, thinks that Neil Lennon could do with three new players  to help bring along the ones we already have. Auld, on, said;

” Whether he is allowed to bring in another couple of players, I couldn’t tell you, but everybody in the stands will tell you we need another two or three players. I also think we need someone who is going to entertain the supporters.”

He wasn’t referring to the keepie uppie specialists or folk singers that appear from time to time, what he meant are players, well, like him, like Jimmy Johnstone and so on.

He went on to quote two of Celtics legends, Jimmy McGrory and Jock Stein;

” Entertain. You have the ability, or you wouldn’t be here. These people have paid good money to see you.”

The wee man then went on to answer the old chestnut about missing Rangers;

” I don’t think so. The great thing about being a Celtic player is that you have a standard you have to play to all the time.”

Some of todays players should take heed.

James Forrest is looking ahead to the final two games of the season, and the chance to get a run in the tea. forrest, who has stayed clear of injury all week is looking to add to his total of three goals this season , and says;

” Its still been a good season to look back on when I’m older.”

 Have a wee read of what Bertie says, son.

Frazer Wright has been in front of the SFA, and they have decided to uphold his two match ban, given for his common assault on Mikael Lustig. Wright will now miss St. Johnstones last game of the season against motherwell, and Rangers first game of the season against whoever they play.

 His manager Steve Lomas added his tuppence worth.

 ” My very real worry is that managers will start flagging up incidents missed by officials during the game, and which might not have been highlighted on television. “

 Which is sort of the point. Of course, the fact that Lustig had to be held back by his team mates, and was subsequently booked by referee Alan Muir may suggest that something had happened, and warranted further investigation.

 Its not looking good for Hearts, the other Scottish club to have had the magical hand of Campbell Ogilivie at the helm in recent years.  Lithuanian parent company UBIG have declared insolvent, and they , along with their sister company Ukios Bankas , own 79% of Hearts. ( or £2 6s and 4d in real money ). Where that leaves the Edinburgh club is at the moment unclear, but it may eventually mean relegation, or even liquidation. Perhaps, with the imminent crash of their new/ old cousins from Ibrox, they can all get together and form a great big new superclub and come back even bigger and stronger.

 Or perhaps they can just disappear.

 Speaking of Edinburgh, remember that book you read as a child, about a wee dog? Greyfriars Bobby?

 I read it again last night, having not looked at it for years.

 Now, here is a story about a dog who refuses to believe his master is dead, and stays loyally by his grave, returning every night for fourteen years. The dog has a penchant for soldiers and military tunes, and is visited later on in the story by a “Grand Leddy” and even the queen, as a reward for his unflinching loyalty. Oh, and he’s looked after by a guy who lives in a lodge.

 In one scene, the dog is dismayed by a familiar tune sung in a “Celtic hiss”, but returns to good form when the tune “Bonnie Dundee” is played on a flute. ( Bonnie Dundee ? Who the hell thought of that one ?)

 Apart from being an incredibly stupid mutt, can it be that the dimwitted dog was actually the first ever hun?

 Just a thought.

 Which brings me to that club again. Whilst we’d all rather that they just rolled over and died, you cannot deny that it is a source of much merriment for us during this long , long winter.

 Its only fair to give them some good news when it surfaces, and finally they have got some.

 New -or current- CEO  Craig Mather says that Ally McCoist will still be in charge next season.

 “Thats not even a grey area. ” he announced.

 And so the singing and dancing did break out on the streets of Glasgow. Rangers fans were happy too.

 Alasdair  Johnston, the former director who famously said “Surrender , No, ” before being forced to surrender his place on the board claims that “there is a cancer spreading through the club”

 He’s so nearly right. What he should have said is

“The club is a cancer which is spreading through the game in Scotland.” , but at least he’s trying.

 Heres the article for those who like a laugh.


 But who can resist the good vibes finally flowing from Ibrox ? Not the poor deluded fool that is Bill McMurdo.


 So, verything is rosy, and Dave King is ready to step in. Its a good job Saddam Hussein and Pol Pot are no longer with us. If they were , no doubt they would be high profile  middle eastern or Asian investors.

 Of course, there are still board room shennannigans afoot at the club. Green, who may yet return, ( yeah, right ) is trying to remove Murray and Cartmell, and install Easdale and this guy, mentioned back in October by Paul McConville in his blog.


 Charlotte Fakeover released another email yesterday, which if genuine, and theres no reason to doubt it, proves beyond all doubt that Green was a front for Whyte


 We asked an SFA spokesman for his reaction to all this.


 Looks like we will have to draw our own conclusions


By the way, we hear a very influential person is on the way to Ibrox, to collect a debt…

queen gun

 Maniche deserves a round of applause for his comment on yesterdays picture.

 Today, mull over whats happening here. Well, someone has some explaining to do.


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10 years ago

na a think al leave this one alone !

10 years ago

Rods charity knew no bounds!

Marcello Stefani
10 years ago

“Look, I was pissed. My bandmates told me there was a woman waiting for me at the bar. Didn’t realise until I got back to the hotel room when I discovered it was that useless lump of wood Greig.

10 years ago

Greig asked me did i fancy a trip i said yes and ended up in this.Say no to LSD!!

Sean Cahill
10 years ago

Not sure Greyfriars Bobby was a Current Bun – Bonnie Dundee was in Charlie’s team in ’45, therefore I’m assuming he was of the Roman persuasion or at least had some left foot leanings!

willie tim 67
10 years ago

trying to get my legs stronger so I can kick jinky harder next time

10 years ago

am no a fuckin buftie..right

10 years ago

“I’m doing this for a dare, you’re the fud that has to wear this shite for a a living”

willie tim 67
10 years ago

just read mchuns blog is this guy for real King and easdale are even more dodgy than whyte

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago

honestly John l cannot believe l lost that bet after you lost on penalties……….

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago

Bawbags and Sadrags…..

Run Sammy Run
10 years ago

In these days of changing ways
so called liberated days
a story comes to mind of a friend of mine

Greigy boy was a hun I guess
nothin’ more or nothin’ less
the ugliest guy I ever knew

His mother’s tears fell in vain
the afternoon Greig tried to explain
that he needed to be hun like all the rest

Pa said there must be a mistake
how can my son not be a tim
after all I’ve said and done for him

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago

The SMALL FECES Lineup 1972

Frank McGaaaaarvey
10 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Nice one Charlie. Who can forget their big hit ‘Sashes And Gladrags’?

What a laugh McHundo’s latest posting. Talk about the band still playing on long after the Titanic has sunk and has nestled on the ocean bed. Utter fantasists in constant denial. When does the final stage of the grieving process finally kick in for these Greyfriar Bobbies?

Run Sammy Run
10 years ago

Out of a darkened right wing came
a green and white hooped Danny McGrain
to roll some innocent left back-by
There ensued a fearful fight
screams rang out in the Ibrox night
Kenny’s head hit Danny’s cross in the net

[And the Sevco board sing]

Oh Greigy stay, don’t go away
Greigy please stay you take our breath away get the gist

brian glover
10 years ago

You really are a bastard Greig! You told me we were going to a strip show!

Lenny Bruce
10 years ago

Charity work.

10 years ago

Used to want to be a rock star with the drink and reckless lifestyle. Look at the damage it can do but

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