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Etims ‘Fergie – Fly The Flag’ Podcast

Hector, Ralph and Desi are joined by @PackieBonnerCSC aka Scouse Tims to cover all subjects Celtic and even a few beyond!


Up for discussion are

  • Sir Alex retiring and the hiring of David Moyes…and a possible Lenny Departure

  • The all new shiny Celtic Park Area…Paradise Redeveloped

  • Flag Day and the joys of winning the League.

  • A tribute to Stan Petrov who has announced his retirement

  • A look back at 15 years ago when Harald and Henrik stopped 10 in a Row!

  • The joys of living in Larkhall with the McStays

  • How important is Quality Coffee in Liverpool?

  • The dreams of a Stoke boy wanting a Toilet!


Its also up on Spreaker and will be on iTunes too..please give it a listen.



PS : Theres a  great song and a classic outro at the end!


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9 years ago

two names that are forgotten stuart mcall and allan johnstone well??? both much much better managers than nei lennon eh !!

9 years ago

whi kinda accent has scousetims??

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