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Sevco Supporters Trust Dinner Dance + Guests!

SST Dinner Dance – Early Zombie Extension!

Following irate calls from angry members and supporters regarding being skint, we’ve extended the Early Zombie prices until midnight on Monday!

On the 6th of April The Sevco Supporters trust will have its annual dinner dance in the Kilwinning Lodge, Ayrshire. This year we will celebrate with Italian Strictly Come Dancing sensation Lorenzo Amoruso. Bobby (look at my apron) Tait will be Master of Ceremonies and Sandy Sash our main irate speaker.

Lorenzo will also do a question and answer session in his own inimitable third person style.

After a shite year on and off the pitch we’re hoping our members and wealthy friends, please bring as many as possible, kidnap some if you have to, will join us for what is always a fantastic evening – meeting former players and making friends with fellow SST members who will endeavour to pester you for every penny you have….all night.


Luxurious Four Course Dinner. Brought exclusively to you in conjunction with Findus and their luxurious frozen mince range.
Auction for Ladies and Gentlemen – We’ll sell anything. Even you!
Amazing Raffle Prizes – 2nd prize is two season tickets. 1st prize only the one!
Name a famous Yorkshireman quiz – Hosted by Charlie Green & the dreamers

Entertainment and Dancing til late – All your traditional tunes will be played!
More ex-players still to be announced – Although not the basturts who deserted us last summer!
SST Annual Dinner Dance 2013 – Early Zombie Discounts!

Kilwinning Lodge, Ayrshire – Saturday 6th April, 2013


TICKETS £50 per head or £600 per table of ten


(Booked before midnight on Monday 25h March)

£50 or £600 per table of ten

Book a full table and get a complimentary bucket of Fried Chicken!


or e-mail Mark Wallding and leave him all your details to safely manage you funds for you.

For more info email

Or pay by cheque to SEVCO SUPPORTERS TRUST,
PO Box 2012, Monaco, WHY TE

Sevco Supporters Trust – We Are The People!


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11 years ago


Dinner menu – pies in the sky.
Dance – to Charlie’s tune played by Kilwinning flute band.
Tickets at very low prices so that it looks like people want to attend.
If the dance is cancelled there will be absolutely no refunds and suppliers probably won’t be paid.
In an emergency, the organisers are assured with “loadsamoney”.
After speeches by prominent figures, there will be a bucket collection from people who are sick of it.
Doors open at 7pm and close at 7.15pm provided the organisers have raked in enough by then.
A late licence has been applied for from the SFA in case extra time is required to make the target. If not, they have promised not to charge the organisers for any payments or penalties due.
Have a great night and we will see you all again – maybe in 5 years in the EPL or when we are skint again. Contact via Celtic FC. Don’t say anything though. They don’t know yet.
If anyone has any complaints, please contact Lord Nimmo Smith. You have no chance! We know – for sure, wink, wink, shake, shake!


11 years ago

Brilliant !!! That tops Sally and Gladys’ ”speeches ”this weekend pmsl

John F Kennedy
11 years ago

This must be a hoax because every statement from sevco Phoenix Franchise
The Rangers has to contain a reference to Celtic (ref every statement made by Chukles). Your fooling no-one!

Winks at sevcovians.

11 years ago

The Nights entertainment provided by our resident band The Secrets.

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