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Celtic Diary Friday January 25

Anyone still worried that big Victor Wanyama could be away in the next week or so should take comfort from the picture above. The Celtic Charity Group were in Kenya, and took time out toto visit the midfielders family and spread the word around about the club. It seems to have gone down very well, and as a Man Utd website described it-a timely piece of work which means Wanyama won’t be coming to Old Trafford any time soon. Paraphrasing, but you get the point.

Mo Bangura, the striker many thought could be on the verge of breaking in to the first team, sorry, not many thought could be on the verge of breaking into the first team, is off on loan again. Elfsborg, the Swedish side, have stepped in to snap up the forward, and thankfully they are not in the champions league, so he won’t come back to haunt us. although he probably still haunts whoever suggested buying him in the first place.

Neil Lennon tweeted yesterday that he had given everyone the day off and he was happy to have “the place to himself”. This prompted a rush of rumours that everyone had left and the under 20s would face St. Mirren on Sunday. Gary hooper, according to some stories , went down to visit his girlfriend in Essex, and from there it was a short leap to signing for Tottenham. We think he’s back in training today, but if he doesn’t see much of his missus normally, then he might be a little tired and pale.

Thisis football asked the question of whether Tottenham should pursue the ten million pound rated forward, and asked for comments. It might help if we as Celtic fans mention his unreliability, poor work rate, excessive drinking and gambling and anti semitism. To help them make an informed decision. Of course , none of that is true, but it might put them off.

Pat Nevin, who desperately wants to be seen as the intelligent pundit, which is why he keeps twirling his pen on screen, has called for ballboys to be banned after a Chelsea player kicked a stricken lad who didn’t want to give the ball back during an English game last week. The brutal assault by the full time professional athlete on the young lad was excused by Nevin, who said he would have kicked him as well. Except , of course, the ballboy would have got up and battered him. The Chelsea player, Eden Hazard, will face a ban, and possibly assault charges for his action, but as he didn’t sing any IRA songs, Nevin thinks he should be let off.

Anyway, the League Cup semi final is almost upon us. Sunday, 2,30, live on BBC 1 Scotland. The show will no doubt include a feature presentation on the new Sevco club, as the BBC are reeling from a lack of Sevco games to cover this season.

The freshness of Scottish football this season has allowed teams a shot at cup finals, European places and silverware that they haven’t previously had, and by no means can Celtic count themselves in for an easy ride. The players will have to take the game seriously, as St.Mirren certainly will, and the game promises to be a cracker.

One duff performance, or a couple of daft mistakes, and thats the quadruple gone. Winning the Champions League may be one thing, but four trophies is better than three. How annoying would it be to win the League, the Scottish Cup and to triumph in London in May, and have that wee blotch on a perfect season…

Ach, if you don’t have a dream, then it won’t come true.

Speaking of dreamers, Chuckles Green has continued his policy of talking shite lest the nation forgets his club actually exists. He has admitted that Sevco won’t make a profit this season, which were his words. He didn’t call it a loss, like anyone else would, and in fact mentioned that the 9000 season book holders who didn’t take up the tuppenny ha’penny books this year was a “positive”

After promising stadium expansion “if needed” and casinos, helipads and luxury hotels (actually, that might have been the last idiot in charge over there, or the one before him. I get mixed up.) he rode off in a blaze of glory and to the cheers of the supporters ringing in his ears.

Well, not really. The Sevco fans are starting to ignore him, those featured on TV and writing on websites are beginning to tire of him, and pay less attention to his nonsense.

A new world record seems to be looming on the horizon for the new club, that of the shortest ever existence for a club in Scotland. Although, to be fair, they can have a realistic shot at breaking it again with their next incarnation.

The Etims crew-or some of them-recorded another podcast last night, and afterwards, thoughts turned to one of the points made. Even if Celtic do sell wanyama or hooper for a great profit, what do they do with the money?

Any investment in big name highly paid mercenaries would break the spirit at the team, theres enough in the bank from champions League participation to ensure the team are financially well provided for, so where would the money go?

Cheaper season books? Better and cheaper food? Free entry for kids? A cafe behind the Lisbon Lions stand?

Its okay to do good business, but it shouldn’t be the driving force ahead of results on the pitch. It certainly should be a priority to improve the match day experience.

The podcast is up on the site , and on i-tunes, so if you haven’t got anything better to do, such as wash your hair or mow the dog, have a listen.

Elsewhere, you have to ask yourself just how annoying and irritating Joey Barton really is. He’s been in France for just six months and it looks like half the country is emigrating to Newcastle.

San Miguel was the closest to the correct answer on yesterdays Paul McStay question.

The two seasons, 82-3 and 87-8 were the only two where he started every league game.

If you think that was obscure, try this one. although we should all know this, I only discovered it today.

Who is the only Celt to have been capped for three different countries, and which ones were they?

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11 years ago

Dmitri Kharine – Soviet Union, CIS and Russia

11 years ago

Joe Kennaway, USA, Canada & Scotland

Damian Gallagher
11 years ago

Joe Kennaway

Canada,Scotland & USA ( USA cap is not officially recognised )
Jack Reynolds played for Ireland & England
Andreas Thom played for East Germany and Germany ( after unification ).
That’s all I can think.

delbhoy murray
11 years ago

i reckon andreas thom played for east west and unified germany , and lubo played for czechoslavakia czech republic and slovakia

San MIguel
11 years ago

Following in the footsteps of the Mighty Pensionerbhoy , I get a mention !

Haven’t a clue on today’s right enough .

If the rumours are true about Sevco- then where do they go from here ? To the bad fire ?

11 years ago


You make it feel like Christmas every day with your crackers. Some of today’s were beauts.

But it is only fitting to profile the fantastic Celtic charity workers in Kenya. Where were all these things when I was young. The nearest I got was sandwich and tea hand outs under Central station bridge on Argyle Street and the odd weekend at the SVDP shop at Clasgow Cross. Not exactly global but just as worthwhile, I hope.

Isn’t it so uplifting to know that at least one of our top commentators has his priorities right. He would not take his kids to Parkhead because they might be contaminated by vile songs but he is quite happy to let them watch a youngster get his chest kicked in. Good to see he has the good of the sport at heart. Hee Haw! Hee Haw!

Unlike you I have no fears whatsoever about Sunday. A few prayers at mass and I will be fine for the day. Oh, the game? Ah, well, that could be different. Get it done this time Celtic.

Dear old Chucky is back from down under I see. No, not Hedes, the Antipodes. Mind you he is still coming up with a hell of a story. I hear Agatha Christie and Connan Doyle are thinking about making a comeback with them if they could only work out he they could come up with a non-disastrous ending. On the other hand they could just take a lead from Charlie and make it a never ending story.

I have had a quick listen to the podcast and it was interesting stuff will spend more time on later. Expect some more detailed comment if my words get past the traps.

I give up on the quiz. I am so bad at it, I wonder if I have not actually been watching skydiving all these years. Mind you there are some Gers games where I have seen some “high” quality diving, especially in the box. I will go for Frank Haffey, Scotland, Cloud Nine and Well Away.
But, I loved the big guy. Hope he is still singing in the bath.


11 years ago

I am definitely going to mass on Sunday – TO GIVE THANKS!!!!


11 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

And I apologies for the dyslexic fore-fingers in several places. I was actually trying to disguise my English in order to get posted. IT WORKED TOO ๐Ÿ™‚


11 years ago

Bertie Peacock? Did he represent Northern Ireland, Ireland and Great Britain whilst at Celtic?

11 years ago

Yeah I think greebjedi has it!!

11 years ago

How I dislike that little rodent faced fud Nevin however the ball boy/man was as culpable as the player so he is half right.Of more concern to me is the almost endless appearances of Nevin on the tv screens, radio shows and even giving his ‘expert’opinion on music regularly.This man must be removed from our lives before he decides to enter politics and dictate how we live our lives, what we believe in,sing about,dislike n others and wish for the future………

11 years ago
Reply to  joker

He gets credence because he wears glasses. The same logic that saw Craig Levein get the Scotland job. Football folk think spectacles equals intelligence.

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