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Here we go. The first ETims podcast of the year. Hector Bandido (eventually), Desi Mond and Ralph Malph join Bedford Falls to talk about Sean Fallon, the Quadruple, the transfer window and standing areas. As well as this, a packed show includes the good, the bad and the ugly and the usual Twitterbag.

Music from Robert Rodriquez and The Who play us in and out (but not in that order).

You can listen by clicking on this link: ETims Podcast #12 – 23 January, 2013

If you do the whole right-click thing you can even save to your computer and claim credit for creating it. We don’t care – although people like us.

The podcast will be available from iTunes from tomorrow morning.

If you want to share some feedback, write on the toilet wall in block 440 or tweet us @ETimsNet.

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10 years ago

Great stuff guys. I just hope the video is not completely different. Is there an XXX rating on it for ugly scenes? 🙂


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