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Celtic Diary Monday July 8 2024: Fannies And Gaslighting

The mainstream media in Scotland has long been suspected of perhaps a little bit of bias towards both entities that have slithered out of Ibrox, and , indeed, there is a reasonable argument that during what were known as the “succulent lamb ” days of pandering to, er, the entrepreneurial David Murray, ( where is he now when they actually need some steel ? ), was actually a major contributor to the demise of the first club, and it’s fair to say the hacks, probably out of desperation, still haven’t learned the lessons of a decade ago.



Mind you, they don;t seem to be the brightest bunch, as this classic headline reminds us…






If that was verbatim from the legendary Dave King, it was the hack’s duty to point out that it’s pretty much impossible to fold a pack of cards, and maybe alter it a wee bit to save face.


But he didn’t, and it’s amusing to picture King and his stenographer agreeing on the point made, and even more amusing to imagine groups of supporters nodding enthusiastically and saying


“He’s right , you know ”



So perhaps part of their remit when writing is to remember who they are writing for, and adjust their copy accordingly.



To that end, it’s surprising that the Scottish Sun doesn;t have an edition published entirely in crayon….




Celtic flop could link up with Rangers heroes Lundstram and Barisic in Turkey as shock move lined up

He only managed six appearances for Celtic  
 The flop in question is Nat Phillips, the centre half who came in on loan as cover, and whilst he failed to set the heather on fire, it’s also true to say that most loannees are exactly that, just on loan.
 So, presumably his failure to hold down a first team place and a secure a move to Celtic brands him a flop.
 We could argue all day about Phillips, but it’s safe to say in a few years we won;t remember that he was here, never mind how he did.
 Those Rangers heroes, though, are unlikely to be forgotten by the hordes .  Though I’m certain the word they will use when they recall the exploits of the two players in the headline will not be heroes.
 Unless this is them doing their other job.
 Speaking of doing other jobs, was the guy who sorted the move to Turkey for the pair the same who who got Ryan Kent a move to Turkey ?
 And if so, he really needs to sort out his translator….it seems he’s confused Turkey the place with turkeys who play football.
 Rocco Vata has signed for Watford, and once again some supporters are seeing it as a sign that there is no progression from, and therefore no point to the youth squad.
 If you don;t count two of the most highly decorated ( Forrest and MacGregor ) and one of the most expensive ( Tierney ) players in Scottish football history, it’s all a bit of a waste of time of late.
 Tony Ralston is another who has graced the international stage, and whether you rate him or not, players like him are essential to any team, and he’s proved his worth time and time again in the hoops.
 But Vata has gone, and you can;t blame him.
 Mikey Johnston made a bit of a name for himself at West Brom, and that shows that sometimes a player can just be in a side that suits him.
 Of course, there’s a lot less pressure at West Brom, until you try to drive on any roads in the Sandwell area, and that could be a factor as well, as it allows a player to relax a little bit and settle into a style.
 Had Vata stayed at Celtic, he would have had limited chances to progress, and as our support can be a little critical of wingers who have less ability than Jimmy Johnstone, which is ridiculous when you consider most wingers thrive on confidence, he’s probably better off out of it.
 There will be a few others who follow him out of the door, and whilst they would probably have been better going to a Scottish
side to learn their trade without the added pressure that comes with the upheaval of moving to a different country, money talks.
 Well, in England it more sort of shouts obscenities, and again, you can;t blame him for taking the king’s shillings.
 On our own CSC whatsapp chat, based , of course in and around the health spa that is Stoke on Trent, someone pointed out that we should never have Ange Postecoglou back as he had moved to England for more money as soon as he could, whilst failing to point out the irony that so had pretty much every member of the CSC in question……
 So we can’t criticise him, or anyone else for moving, and we wish him luck.
 And anyway, we should be wary, because look who’s coming……

Rangers’ campaign up and running as they beat Scottish Championship side in closed door game with five scorers on target




Mind you, perhaps we can relax….




Their opponents weren’t at full strength   
 The article comes with a picture of Tavernier and others, including Todd Cantwell, in a sort of Reservoir Dogs pose, hinting that this time they mean business, with the emphasis on the word mean.
 The same paper, The Scottish Sun, also has this….

Reo Hatate drops further hint that his future lies away from Celtic as he lists three potential next destinations

It’s not even been a year since he stalled over a new contract at the club  
The article quotes him as saying….

“There are still many higher leagues [in Europe], so if I can challenge for those leagues, I want to do so. Unless I aim for that, there is no point in continuing as an athlete, so I want to keep aiming high.

“I would like to play in the Premier League, as well as in Spain and Italy, which I am personally interested in.  




One wonders what they would have said if he had stated he was happy to bumble along in Glasgow, as the money was quite good and the weather not as bad as people said.




Yesterday, we had this….




May be an image of 4 people, clarinet and text





Owen Mullions
 1 hour ago

Even the Ludge celebrate the long awaited return of the Diary  








No photo description available.

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4 days ago

Great to have you back, but where’s the pish stained source of yesteryear?

Niall J
4 days ago

I’ve telt ye before hen – Over my two spells here I’ve worked against five Rangers managers. Every time Rangers were coming.

the real Anton Rogan
4 days ago

Haw!! You there!!! – Go get me some cheap players!!

“Yes Sir Mr Lawwell, Sir!!

4 days ago

Caption: ‘Quickly, the rangers are coming!’

4 days ago

They found the asbestos at Ibrox, came as quick as I could.’ I hope the delay in signing players is due to the Euros but I doubt it. We still have plenty of time but get recruits in before we go tonthecUS.

4 days ago

No I don’t have any steel, will this stick do?

George Lazenbhoy
4 days ago

Hallelujah, they have arisen.

Good to see you back.

Caption: child search far and wide for players but whatever you do, do not tell Lawell their price.

4 days ago

Paint your horse white and kid on you’re a king and I can make you famous in Govan for 400 years

Melbourne Bhoy
4 days ago

So pleased to have the diary back.

4 days ago

Caption : ‘They’re hiven’t open up Ravenscraig..’

Owen Mullions
4 days ago

“Ah’m tellin’ ye, there’s nae chance o’ fittin’ 600 extra seats intae an auld garden shed. Noo there’s a fantastic big grun’ ower there at Parkheid, let’s ask theym how tae build wan”.

Tony B
4 days ago

I’m off to look for some cheap steel. TaTa.

Giddyup Sevco!

Woof Charlie
4 days ago

Caption: King Billy now ahm not sure what self-identification is now, so I’m not but ahm not sure the boys will be impressed and as for Queen Berni that’s just sounding a bit catholic so it is.

4 days ago

We need the rumour mill back asap

Dan Docherty
4 days ago

Have you seen my man Paul Revere and no the fod are no coming behind me

3 days ago

” He’s not the messiah he’s Brian… fk off “

The Cha
3 days ago

Welcome back, Ralph, after your successful stint as Douglas Ross’ election agent.

Forrest, McGregor and Tierney were great youth development successes but 3 in a 15 year period isn’t an outstanding achievement and leaves a lot to be ‘bought in’ to improve the 1st team.

There was a lot of hype around Vata (rumours of going to top Italian clubs etc) and the fact that he’s ended up at Watford is a ‘reality bites’ moment.

Although he’s a lot further down the road, Johnston is similarly hyped, and for all his supposedly great expolits at West Brom, there doesn’t seem much interest, despite the modest cost.

Of all our own ‘projects’ the only one who looks like being a big miss for us is Doak, with all the rest, including the much vaunted Bayern 2, bumping around the lower leagues, which surely isn’t the level we’re looking for.

I’ve no problem with Hatate having ambition to play at a ‘higher’ level, as he’ll only get there, if he turns it on for us.

Caption “Hail! Hail!”

3 days ago

Hey Mary get me a bag of cans and twenty fags .

Aye ok neigh bother Bobby

Salad Queen.
3 days ago

Come and join Joan of the Orcs!

Frank O'Neill
3 days ago

Great to have The diary back

3 days ago

I told you to stop with the visits Guinevere , especially on petrolac cup nights

3 days ago

sake man, the Diary. Blast from the past. Great to see you back. Mibbie drop the caption contest and focus upon Celtic matters. Anyhoo glad to be readin E Tims again. HAIL HAIL fae Sydney. Aust

Owen Mullions
3 days ago
Reply to  brrian

The article IS about the fitba. The caption contest is only a picture at the end, just ignore it if you’re not interested. You’re free to post what you want about Celtic matters. Don’t be a killjoy for those who have fun with captions.

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