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Sunday Sunday…Bring it on!! – Podcast with transcript

Hector, Monty and Desi get together to discuss the recent games and how they will impact the future big game at Ibrox on Sunday.

They discuss that Hearts game and the Beaton impact and ask if the SFA are really playing games by appointing Bellshills finest to the Ibrox encounter.

They look at Kuhn and Iwata’s recent games and remember Liel Abada, now playing in North Carolina after a sudden exit.

They look at returning players form and fitness and consider the possible match tactics and ask just who are the favourites.

They even discuss The Hate Crime Bill and a certain jokey pundits antics, they really really do!

The Podcast is below…and the basic Transcript below the Player for the readers.

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Little hands, says its time to-

Brendan Rodgers: They really don’t know what they’re saying there. That is a lack of understanding of football. The officials, as I said, really, really poor today.


3, 2, 1, go! Good evening folks and welcome to the E- Tim’s podcast. My name is Desi Mond and I am glad to say tonight I am joined by our tactician Hector Bandido. Good evening Hector. Evening guys. Thank you very much Hector and the man who has just finished his massive worldwide scouting mission to South Asia Monty C. Burns. Good evening Monty, welcome back.

How was it Monty, if we get any names in the fame for the summer signings?

MONTY There was a guy playing for FC Seoul, Jesse something, Lin something. But I never got to that game actually, we were on our way back from a tour to the demilitarised zone that particular day Desi. So you can pick up a few actors up there alright. But it seemed to be, by the way, the Olympic Stadium in Sol, or the World Cup Stadium sorry, they seem to have quite a significant following.

and it wasn’t that expensive either but we just didn’t get back in time it was like eight quid for a ticket so unfortunately that leg of the scouting trip failed by the way I said although there’s a side street in Itaewon which has certain bars that there was plenty of scouting I don’t know those so we’ll maybe talk about that later yes if anyone’s looking for that please

The  C, in Monty CBurns now stands for Crack House apparently. That is the name of the Irish Bar. He’s telling us that’s the name of the Irish Bar, but believe that if you like folks. Right, so obviously we are here to talk about Celtic tonight. It’s been a while since we talked together. Hector and I had the joy of talking to Callum from the Washington Celtic Supporters Club recently, awaiting…

the big trip for Celtic over to North America in the summer. But we are now heading in towards the end of the season and a very big game coming up. But before we get to that, a quick recap of the games that have passed since we last chatted. So we beat Motherwell 3-1 away. We beat Dundee 7-1 at home. We beat Livia 4-2 in the cup. We beat St. John’s in 3-1 at home. And we beat Livia away.

But the most notorious game of them all was a 2-0 defeat to Hertz, where there was of course a controversial sending off and an even more controversial, I dare say, dodgy penalty. The way things football goes, that game has ultimately impacted this game coming, the Rangers game, because of course it ended up with Rodgers taking the fresh step, and I’m sure Monty was glad to see it.

Roger’s actually coming out and citing John Beaton on bar Costing as the game. What were your thoughts on that Hector? If you remember at the time and now?

HECTOR: Yeah Great great clearly we started to find We’ve got a form And actually the first part was was the the biggie were losing one of them after we were appalling and then I think Katarzyn on the second half and suddenly

It’s as if it freed up the whole team. Midfield just stepped up the pitch 20 metres. Could you leave him 1v1? There’s hardly any threat. And we’re out winners by late. Sorry, victory by late win. So that started building momentum, thumped in the momentum’s getting built. They lost to Motherwell on the Saturday, didn’t they? At Ibrox 2-1. And then set up for Sunday, we go to Tyncastle, we win and we go top of the league on the Sunday. So you can imagine the expectations are pretty high.

We actually got an early penalty. It was a penalty. Was it soft? Yeah, but it was a penalty. Don’t have as much to beat about it. And then just a series of events just started to unfold. And this is where the game’s been refereed, not by the guy on the pitch, but by somebody sitting in a wee office, probably fun enough, no far from my books, the wee office, apparently it’s over that side of the city.

And it’s frustrating, it’s been happening for quite some time now, but especially here in Scotland in particular, when it comes to one or two specific teams. And the first one, Yang. Yep, Yang, young guy, ball came over, put his foot up. But here’s the thing with these things, if the foot’s up with the stud and there’s any sort of intent or danger, absolutely it’s a red. What is that replay a thousand times? Yang’s got his, is it the tip of his toe up to try and just flick the ball over the hearts guy who’s right in.

He’s streetwise a arts player, he’s running with his head. I think he’s played for it and he’s done his job, I suppose. But for the referee to book him, fair enough, the referee’s done his job, but for Beatton to then call him over and say, by the way, I think that’s a red card offense, had a look at that again. And then what the referee gets shown isn’t the real time, isn’t the play leading up to it, it’s a still image. And it looks in a still image, right, as if Yang’s basically kicked him.

in the face and it just shows you how VAR can distort things and present to a referee the image they want and that’s what’s hard for referees because if he’s getting shown that and doesn’t act on what he’s shown as a still image then he’ll be criticized, then he can be rightly criticized so he’s in a no-win situation at times these referees when they look at that whereas they show them the whole play four, five, six times then I don’t think there’s any debate , even worse can you even say even worse was the penalty? Yeah.

The ball’s edge of our box and say the penalty area, two of our players got for it. I’ve had to be one of them. And he’s nudged. He backs against the ball, he’s nudged and it comes down and hits his arm. And again, Beaton’s asked, not asked, he’s probably said to the referee, look, come here, look at that. And once more, she shows a still image without all the lead up played to it and a penalty’s awarded. So if it’s 10 v 11.

and me enough on half time I Had to give it a call fix with that with I got something from time castle Possibly in the three points, but the whole game that that penalty in particular is transformed the whole game and It just shows you how the importance of and I know there’s lots of countries complaining about the officials I get that we see the PL as well. They’ve got professional referees and they still get things wrong But I think up here

It’s to a level that is way beyond anything shit down there. And it’s usually two or three of the same key subjects. And what I mean by that is John Beaton and Andrew Dallas. These are the guys in VAR who consistently are giving decisions in favor of a certain team or against a certain team. And it’s proven quite pivotal so far. Look at all the points this season. It’s quite pivotal. And I know we’ve not been great.

But at the same time, anyone who hasn’t looked at these decisions and said it’s impacting the season so far, I’m sorry folks, have a wee step back and look at it. There must be several points this season that’s been impacted by these guys interrupting the game and trying to get a referee to change their mind on something. So, make your own mind up. I think we all have. And what’s at play here? Yeah, I think there has been a lot of commentary, like the other analysis guys.

especially Alan, celtic by numbers, he’s done a great job. Ike, well, this putting up facts, we’re saying, look at this, they’re corrupt, or they’re biased, it’s just, here’s the facts, here’s simple stats, and here’s your outlier, this massive, big, flashing outlier of Rangers. But this is the stick with the whole hearts game, Monty, you’re very much the culture man and the team. Do we think there’s been a culture shift at Celtic as in

take a leap here or is it we’re just not going to take this anymore or is it like Brendan was just pissed off at that point of saying fuck this I’m just going to call this out whereas he’s normally the diplomat, the guy who would kind of keep his peace and move on.

I think part of it Desi is you get to a point where you just go all in and I think that’s effectively what’s happened with Rodgers. There’s a pattern of different commentary from him over the last three or four months. Going back to November, December when, you know, if the rumors are true, you know, he’s told a lot of plays they can leave because they’re just not going to be there. He called him out at one stage too, I think around being soft.

not that long before that. And I think when you stack all the pieces up, we’ve had a real shit run funny. I was thinking about this a little bit. We’ve had a really, really poor run of injuries and we’re now getting people back and Hector talked about that repeatedly in the podcast. We’ve lost our spine for most of the season in Hattali being out, Cardiff Hickors being out, MacGregor being out, et cetera, et cetera. So we’re in a scenario now where I think you force that culture change.

sort of not a siege mentality, but a sense of grievance. Because let’s face it, as Hector pointed out, the sending off was never sent off. The penalty was more ridiculous. The penalty was just blatant cheating. There’s no other way of calling it. It was even worse than the Burnaby incident from last season. Remember against Dundee United at home? It’s even worse than that. And they’re doing it now without any gall or without any sort of, they don’t care.

I mean, if you think about it, for Sunday we have a former Rangers, supposed Rangers season ticket holder is the referee and a Rangers franchise owner is the VAR. In what other footballing environment does that happen? So the best way to tackle that is, you know, you hammer the hammer, as they say in GAA, go after their paranoia with even fucking more paranoia and hit them hard with it, call them out. And it’s the first time, as you say, Rogers has kind of broke rank and become the less tranquil character. So it’d be interesting to see

result on Sunday. We might take a result that Rodgers gets in terms of response. But when you add Carter Vickers back into the equation, Hatate back and most likely McGregor coming back as well. And then add that bit of come on the fuck here. I think it’s a clever move from him but time’s going to tell. By the way, just sorry Desi, the team in Brendan at times of the season have merited criticism. Some of it deserved.

Some of that things been unfair as we want to touch the plank, because we’ve had so many We don’t have this with our 16 strong, strong players We’ve got about four or five absolutely fundamental players to how we play And we all know who they are It’s pretty much the spine of the team to a large degree And we’re then missing, but we can’t be back full of experience We’ve had this conversation time and time again So what I’m getting is that Some of the criticism at times, absolutely We watched the same, we go to the games, the home games, the EZ, we watch the same football I get it Some of it’s been unjustified So for example, the Hearts game

It’s as if some of our supporters had forgotten why it became a 2-0 loss. You know, these are fundamental decisions that totally transformed the game. Totally. And I get back to my point. I was, I think I got to half time 10 v 11. The way he sets up, usually it kind of has dyes and almost in that striker left wing doing the two roles and Kyogo being the man up the middle.

But she’d have probably come in, I know, but she’s big. The other big fella played up front as well. Kyogoa came on, they weren’t getting us that. He seemed to have had information with 10. I had every confidence we’d have got something. No, it’s going to be a one, but we’d have got something for the game. And if they gave me a few quid to bet on it, I think we’d have probably snicked a goal there, at least one goal to get a victory. Brought them up on us and picked them off on the counter. It was weird to come out and go at them in the second half with 10 men. Doesn’t really work that way. So, but these are fundamental decisions that impacted that game there.

John Beaton was the guy that did it. Brendan Rogers calls him out. Brendan Rogers is cycling the SFA, fair enough, just before we’re due to go to Ibrox. He’s given it a week. He’s given a two game ban. Celtic apparently did hire this Kings councillor guy, if I forget the guy’s name. He comes over to Glasgow, he’s involved in a lot of the other sports cases. We’ve got a one game ban reduced to two to one and one game suspended. But what I’d like to…

to see and this is the thing that frustrates me and probably most supporters of all clubs is there was no output from that meeting. Where’s the output? Where’s the transparency? Where’s the, here’s what we cited for, here was the decision made, here was the evidence provided. Why is none of this ever shared? You know, by Celtic through other sources, nothing’s ever shared. Well that’s, yeah, it’s that whole kind of behind closed doors, don’t wash your dirty

dirty laundry in public. We will give you the minimum sentence that we can. You appear to have got a slap in the wrist. You appear to have some sort of moral victory, but we will be happily sneak away with getting additional call-outs. No, because again, the talk was celebrated this big in a list of previous like facts and figures about where like these outliers and these various examples where things were clearly not quite right.

But what about like Crawford, is it Crawford Allen, is that his name? So he’s leaving, you know what I mean, as he does the ceremonial, we have to have a body, like Mark Lawell having to go after the transfer. He’s the head of the Refs, so he’s the main man there, isn’t he? Yeah, that’s what I’m saying. So there’s always a head must always roll.

for these things so is that what he is literally he’s been given the we’ll let you gently leave we’ll give you some gardening leave and this go and then you can go and same as but what was the other one? Stuart remember the Neil Doncaster the other side of Neil Doncaster Mr Armageddon when the the Huns went under what was his name what you remember

Stuart Regan. Stuart Regan, remember he disappeared to run like something like Yorks or cricket club or something. Utterly hopeless, but somehow they still land on their feet. They get a lovely big payoff and still land on their feet. So it’s that kind of self protection. Sorry you have to leave but don’t worry we’ll give you a good reference regardless of you being absolutely shit. You know what I mean? There’s certainly something in… There’s certainly something in the organisational corruption.

this call but it is. There’s an old boys network there we talk about the  referees society and all that but there’s a there’s a kind of a way to for the hard scheme and it’s one of those ones where if you look after yourself they really can’t harm you where if a Dias scores that penalty that passage of play that ball never comes out to Yang and he doesn’t get sent off and if you take that objectively it’s almost like if you needed a spark to go

do your fucking dirty tricks, there it is. You know, and that intervention, I myself and a mate were talking about this at the weekend actually. They don’t have to just continuously penalize us. You know, at the weekend, there’s an incredibly soft penalty given for Rangers, which Michael Stewart was doing as not done, at I-Bronx. All they have to do is just, as Hector pointed out, decisions that favor one team.

coupled with decisions that penalise us. And that’s institutional, that’s not just one or two guys, as I pointed out, the referee and set up for this Sunday’s game, is literally a former season ticket holder and a franchise owner of Rangers. That’s who they are. No, that doesn’t happen anymore. Here’s a good wee example of that, even going back to the weekends game at Levingston, in the first half, was Kyogo in the penalty box, and in real time.

We’re watching it in real time, you think, OK, was he failed in real? No, the first time we seen it, we were obviously watching the TV. Was he failed? Then it showed you two or three replays. Angles weren’t great, the two or three replays they showed, but one in particular, he’s come through the back, Kyogo there. But it was the quickest VAR check ever done by Alan MUre, another one that’s one of this. Alan MUre was the guy that missed the handball and the hand and goal and he gets in on this.

That was Alan Muir who was the official behind the goal line at that point. Alan Muir is another one. He’s like Dallas and like Beatton in terms of who his favorites are. That’s been well known for a long time. I’m not just making that one up. But there’s an example. Then literally no sooner had VAR say, oh no penalty, nothing to see here. And it’s so quick, right, that Sky showed another angle within about 10 seconds from the other side and it clearly shows you the guy going through the back of Kyogo.

So it made me think, did he even see that angle, or did he quickly say that if he played on without considering all the angles he had at his disposal? But there’s another example. So we know if that had happened at the Celtics penalty box, there’s a very strong chance of penalty at Livingston. If that had been Rangers attacking, I’d be a penalty to Rangers. It’s not even us just being parrot, but the facts are there. The facts and evidence that you mentioned, Desi, that Alan.

Alan Morris has put it out there. They’re there in black and white. And you know… And things that are statistically significant, as Alan calls it. Things that are the outlier. When they’re statistically significant, there’s a reason why they’re statistically significant. They’re not flukes. And that other brilliant phrase that he coined, a pattern of assistance. When you have all of that information and data, which is objective, the data doesn’t lie.

then you have to then question the motives for Celtic not being stronger, especially given that our CEO is a lawyer. This is again one of the most fundamentally puzzling things about, and it was great actually listening to the podcast that you did with the guy from Washington. He touched upon a two something we’ve been banging the drum about for months with Callum. He said they are, they’re at the level of their ability.

The people who run our football club are at the ceiling of their ambition and ability. They don’t see how attacking, not attacking, taking the data and being a little bit more forceful and protecting our interests would actually be to their benefit. They’re like fucking serfs, they’re like acquiescent serfs. They just throw off their fucking cap and accept it as if somehow it’s a moral high grade, but it’s not. We’re being fucking cheated and we’ve been cheated since I’ve been fucking a Celtic fan for 50 years, born. It’s just a…

We’re touching upon the great work that Alan Morrison’s done. One of the, in my view, the best data, Alan’s to the South East fans by quite some distance. He’s really methodical. As you said there, Monty, it’s actually, which is really difficult because football being such an emotive and subjective team, we’ve all got our own biases, that’s being a football fan, but he actually breaks it down almost impartially as you possibly can.

did an hour or so on a podcast recently with Paul John Dykes in Axel and I watched it and it was really really really interesting but the one, there was many things but the one that stuck in my head at the end of it was of all the graphs, the piece of data was round about how many times a team has to get into the other team’s penalty area before a penalty is awarded. So basically it might mean, so say we put a limit to the weekend right and over the course of the season

Livingston’s got to get into the other team’s box say 160 times, and every 160 times they get a penalty. So that’s data, that’s facts, that’s evidence, it’s not an opinion, total facts. The average that a team has to get into an opposition’s penalty box, no matter who they’re playing in the Scottish league, is round about 150 times, 140, 150 times, right? So I think Celtics was, it stuck in my head, it was a snooker, 1-4-7, 1-4-7, right? And it’s every time a team’s got Celtics, every 147th time in average, our opponents get a penalty.

The most other teams in the Scottish league were just below Celtic, 130, slightly above 150, 160. I think there was two outliers. One was over the last few years, I think it was the United, it was about 200 times or roughly, but there was a major outlier. Remember the average was about 140, 150 times. The major outlier was a team from Ibrox and it was over 350 times you had to get into their penalty box before you got a penalty. Just think, just…

actually let that sink in, just let that data, that facts, that evidence sink in. Read 140, 150 system of average over 350 times their penalty box before a referee will award a penalty. That’s just, that’s astonishing. Right, I was just thinking there, while Monty was talking about how we’ve all experienced this all of our lives, it’s always been the Ernie Walker, Jim Farrey.

and no doubt before your tiny waterings or whatever, long long before this institutional blabber. I’ve got a story about him, I’ll take yous off here. Right, okay you’ll just mind me or something else, let me make a quick note before I forget, because that ties in with our subject we’re coming to. It’s institutionalised, it’s the way it’s always been. So that made me think, Monty, I was reading a wee bit today about various…

things have been going on in Northern Ireland and the kind of closer ties with Southern Ireland and the whole as we’re moving forward to a… What, he called Northern Ireland the one that had you. And the classic… read them out, kind of. So what about what about Celic starting a refereeing academy? Because obviously it means so as a case of Celtc should actually turn around and go we’re going to vote 250 grand and we’re going to produce 10…

top level referees with 65 years. April Fool’s Day with three years ago, you’re three days late with that. Think about it. Think about it, Mr. Sugar. I’ve got it and kicked it in a little grass. Don’t be mental. My name is Desi Mond and I’m looking for a hundred thousand pound for 10% of my company, Timuloy Referee dot com. I mean, I’m just saying it’s as if you’re, like I was in a meeting the other day and they said, don’t come at me with problems, come at me with solutions. There’s a solution to your problem.

If you want good non-biased referees, create good non-biased referees. I’m just saying, this is a question that should be getting asked at Sellington. Aye, no through Celtic. I get your point. And other clubs. Obviously no through Celtic, but an independent company, sorry, no, I was reviewing, sorry Monte John, but an independent company is absolutely to fast track and train. We’ve discussed this before. The amount of football players who have played Championship League One who…

been super fit for careers and the careers come to an end at what? Early 30s, mid 30s at a push? They’ve got 15 years left and they know the game, they’ve played the game, they’ve got respect with players, they know when they’re feeling they’re feeling their players at it. Why these guys aren’t fast-tracked to become referees? You’re not going to get an easy play for Celtic Rangers, right? It’s put your gamekeeper that bad. I don’t know if that argument works. Ah, but look at most of your referees. How many of them have actually played football? Wily Collam’s a referee that he’s kicked up on his puff. But it’s…

Again, it’s the old… Sorry Hector, I know I appreciate totally what you’re saying but it is the old those who can do, those who can’t ref. You know what I mean? It’s that old classic, that football phase. So again, so why don’t you see more ex-footballers becoming refs? Because I don’t imagine the doors totally closed. I don’t… Unless the entry level for referees… Again, we don’t know… If there’s any referees listening, please feel free to…

Let us know. But again, is it a case of you need to be say a C-level ref or a Sunday public referee level by 21? I mean, is there a certain criteria for referees? I don’t know. I’m just saying. As in, so like a professional footballer, maybe he gets injured at 23. Right, you’re out of the game. As you say, you’d think he would be a perfect candidate to start playing, start becoming on the referee fast track.

But again, the referees apparently, apparently, and I’m making air quotes here folks, referees apparently give in the clubs before every season to kind of give overviews on new laws and to be explicit in how things are being interpreted, etc, etc. So it’s a different skill set rather than just being able to run up and do the bar code. I mean, I appreciate that, but there’s clearly, there’s clearly an issue. There’s clearly an issue.

As you say, facts don’t lie, numbers don’t tell any tales. There’s clearly an issue here. So I’m just asking, what would be our solutions? I’m saying the vote. The obvious answer to this, there’s two pieces to the puzzle that will probably never happen because until you have that root and branch fundamental change in culture and the SOA, it’s not happening. But if you wanted to fix it, the decision

from a monetary perspective is just bananas. It has made a bigger laughing stock of the quality of the Scottish Cairn. That’s not even subjective. I think it’s, when you look at how it’s a plague, when you look at the squiggly lanes, all that nonsense, it’s fucking amateur art. So solution number one, pay the money. If R is gonna be a thing, pay the money and put in proper VAR. Solution number two, pay good money and source your referees from outside Scotland. Simple as that.

Because now you have a completely objective, and let’s call it educated, educated is not the best word but it is educated, an educated referee in the laws of the game. He couldn’t give a fuck whether it’s mother well v. hibs or Celtic v. hearts or doesn’t care. He’s there to apply his or her, not interpretation but application of the laws of the game. And I think that to be for when Hector’s talking about the ex-pros going into the game.

Let’s be honest, they’re not exactly sharp in the head apart from football. And I think there’s an education gap there that does mean that a lot of them just won’t touch it. And on top of that then the culture and how they’re treated. We talked a lot, I know, in previous podcasts, look at how a rugby referee is spoken to by his players, on the players on the pitch. It’s fucking proper sir, proper know your place and the referee is all powerful, supported by people who are actually…

more powerful than him in terms of things that he doesn’t see. And there’s a huge amount of trust between those officials. It’s actually brilliant, but you could never do it in football. Because all the things that make the game brilliant, all the little borderline things that we get away with, VAR is just getting in the way of those two. So actually removing VAR from Scottish football, Desi, actually would probably, it wouldn’t put us any worse off. All they’re doing is just fucking hiding behind inappropriate technology, but they’re still doing the same thing.

Yeah, that’s a big part of it, isn’t it? We refereeing games on VAR rather than highlighting honest mistakes. No, that was the plan was honest mistakes would be highlighted and we would no longer have the things even themselves out over a season. Right, so Brendan was up in front of the beaks, as they say. He got a minimum sentence possible, two matches, two match banned with one suspended. So he missed a game at Livingston, I think it was.

The classic Monty, the SF8, I mean you have to applaud their sheer tenacity, their sheer get it right upies. They then go and assign John Beaton, arguably the biggest game of the season, at Ibrox. No Celtic fans, help yourself John, on you go. Are they creating a rod for their own back or do they seriously not give one fuck? I think both Desi, they don’t fucking care.

If this is a dinosaur on its way out, it’s kind of spotted the incoming comment. And right now it’s just, it don’t give a fuck. Now, how you change something that self-regulates, I have no idea. But I think that’s definitely the first part of it. They don’t care. But it is a get it fucking right up. The irony is, if it goes to plan and they win, you’ll hear about how good a game John B.

If it doesn’t go to plan and we turn them over, you’ll also hear about how brilliant a game John Beaton had because he didn’t get in the way. But we all, you can write the script here. I mean, the safest bet in football is a penalty to them and Tavernier to take it. Oh, he’s missed quite a few recently. You know that when there’s a 50-50 decision on which the game could ride, that we’re not going to get that decision. And, you know, they’ll talk about the pressure of the crowd.

They’ll make a hundred excuses for him, but ultimately the man has severe unconscious or subconscious bias. He can’t help it. He just is what he is. And arguably it’d be no different than any one of the three of us refereeing a match at Celtic Park trying to be impartial. You fucking can’t be impartial. You just can’t. For some reason, all I can think of, Hector, is Brendan Rogers as Joe Pesci in Goodfellas at the end when he thinks he’s been a made man.

He’s been congratulating all the good things he’s done. He’s like, yeah, great. Two heavies walk him into a room and he’s like, yeah, where is everybody? Bang, back in the head. That’s how I’m picturing the SFA delivering the news that John Beaton was to be the ref. I mean, thanks for your comments last week, Brendan. Here’s two in the back of the skull. No, I mean, basically. So, so, ah, Hector. It’s a beautiful thing, but what Jock stein always said, you know, we just need to score one more than him and make the referee a real.

And if we can build a mentality like that, and it carries us over the line this season, then it’s a phenomenal trick that Roger… The jokes didn’t have far to do… Right, yeah, right, but that’s a very… Right, that’s a great point, Monty, and that brings us on to this week’s game, Hector, because I was going to ask you this, right? I would… This is just my suspicion or my thoughts on this. Do you think it’s kind of interesting, or is it just a pure coincidence that they’ve assigned John Beaton?

to this game this week and that has taken every headline and there’s no been anything about the Rangers build up or the potential for this game. It’s been like, let’s put the game into the shadows for now. Let’s let the referee disaster and other things take care of that and just let that take care of itself. Because you’ve not really heard much bravado for a team that can go top of the league with a game in hand, can I think?

the media press conferences this week. I haven’t seen Brendan’s either, because you know normally they’ll do it but I think we’ve had a lot of midweek games but until the international break so there seems to have been press conferences kind of Monday Tuesday and obviously the Friday one I just haven’t seen any press conferences from us either so I just don’t know whether all that will come out tomorrow and because a lot is we don’t buy papers anymore.

know about the build up because we’re online and we use Twitter and all that so it seems to be on there but because we don’t really buy the papers I couldn’t tell you about there what they’re saying. So okay again I was just saying so I had no mistake so I assume I’ve no missed anything in a particular note and we’ve no at least heard of any injuries but we’ll come to the team and the personnel soon. Before that there’s been a few interesting aspects that have happened especially in the last couple of days. The hate crime law has came in in Scotland.

right, has became law on April the 1st, which some people may say was quite apt. But Hector, your old friend, Ally McCoist, has caught the headlines recently by saying he and 49,000 others would be creating, would be committing hate crimes come Sunday. But apparently he’s not going to the game now. Was that due to your Twitter response Hector? That’s what the public would like to know.

my friend Arlester but it was 48 000 he said not sorry so get get get it right you know you know Ali he seems to be in every fucking sports channel that’s gone even some that haven’t been invented yet he’s on them and i also think he does the radio station with the other fuckwits and talk talk so obviously i don’t listen to that but you know obviously made a comment about the the bill coming out and he said yeah ridiculous ridiculous and some of the other buffoons like

talking about it, half stories, targeting this, targeting that, and Ali’s another one. And basically, he said, as you said, so having 48,000 others are going to be accused of a hate crime. Now, that was interesting, but nobody said to him, can you specifically say what it is, Ali, that you and 48,000 others are going to be singing or shouting on Sunday that would constitute a hate crime? So that was never put to him, right?

He got the headlines he wanted, however, it was usual social media rather than our mainstream media who were on the ball with this one pushing for answers and lo and behold the very next day Ali, god bless his little cotton socks, turns around and says again I think in the Talksport channel when asked about it, oh just so you know, yeah I’m not going to go this Sunday, we’re going for a weekend away. So basically flick a switch, I’m going to, well I’m going to Ali,

here he is Billy Big Boss getting pulled on it on social media. He’s now decided that very short notice to go a weekend away so that he can’t go to the game and can’t be asked what he was going to sing. And it’s just a fucking joke. I mean, Brendan Rogers, when he mentioned the Jane Lewis interview, I think he called her, he called her again. Good girl. Right. But apparently having Jane Lewis and a lot of them, they’re going well. And she took it to be fair to her. She came out, she was definitely anything.

He was almost kind of door-stepped, Rogers, on something fairly innocuous. There’s Ali. Has anyone got to Ali to say to him, Ali, can you be specific? Nobody, not a fucking soul. And that, again, just demonstrates that there’s one law for one and just one law for another, not in terms of the police laws, but just in terms of what they can say in the media and get pulled up on and others who just get fucking, get away with murder. And Ali’s one of them. So there we go. God bless him.

Neil Warnock, I think, in a follow up on that, actually talked about the abuse that Rogers gets from the media, says he gets absolutely slaughtered up there. You know, and he did sort of throw every mark from someone who didn’t have to say that. And I think this comes back to that notion of subconscious bias, the wiring that you have that you don’t know you have. That your thought processes occur in such a patterned way that…

You don’t even fucking know you’re thinking that way. And I think it happens institutionally in Scotland. And we have a long, long way to go. Like we’re coming out the offside, we’re what? 25 years, 30 years out of a conflict. People still think very much in the same way that they were brought up through it. You didn’t have a conflict in Scotland, but you have a fucking huge anti, and Phil McG talked about this, there’s a huge institutionalized anti.

Irish, and I wouldn’t call it anti-Catholic or anti-Catholicism, there’s a huge anti-Irish bias in Scottish society and there still is. It’s melting away generation by generation but it’s still there and if you’re wired to think with them how you are the people, if you’re wired to think that somehow you’re better, if you’re wired to think how fucking dare you, I’m your overlord, it happens in so many different institutions in society in Scotland and indeed in many countries

They just can’t help it. It’s what they are. It’s what’s the whole fucking thing, you know, why would you get angry with a fish for not being able to eat the food? They are what they are. The best thing we can do is look after ourselves and be very, very, as much as being very, very accommodating of things that are external to us, be very, very inward focused on the positive aspects of what we are. And from that, everything will be all right. This notion of working in the wagons, you know, as I say, hammer the hammer.

They want to be paranoid, give them something to be fucking paranoid about. Let’s go after them. But, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but, but,

He wasn’t asked it. I mean the question’s just staring you straight in the face and he’s not asked it. It’s you and I who had to. But was Talksport not the London, their English channel though? It’s not as if it’s Scottish people that’s in the studio with them is it? No, it’s Alan Brazil. He’s on his show. Why would you not ask the question then? But that’s it, I’ll guarantee it. Brazil.

Brazil is not the sharpest in the box either but if he thought about asking that question I will guarantee you that at editorial level Someone in his ear will say move the conversation on now get it off that subject too close to the bone Too close to something he spoke he spoke for the best part of a minute I Against people like fucking on I Put the thing is within that conversation Someone with editorial accountability has said that close this down

The minute he shuts up, move on to another topic. Because once you engage on that, you’re now complicit. This is the fucking subtlety of this notion of bias in media. You see it with the genocide that’s being committed in Palestine. You see how it’s being reported. It’s not the fucking health ministry. It’s the Hamas-run health ministry. Reported from… Semantics is a fucker of a thing. And when you think like that, when you’re wired like that, you automatically just…

behave like that. So you’re right Hector, the obvious question was explain to me what you mean by 48,000 people breaching hate crime law. Well what exactly is it that will breach hate crime law? But it opens up such a fucking can of worms that the idiots on Talksport and their idiot fucking by and large thick listenership, they don’t want to hear about it, they want to hear a bit of a wind up and jokey fucking stuff and you know bullshit

in a genuine, honest and not intellectual, just an intelligent conversation about what constitutes hate. Because I’ll throw a couple of those at you by the way. I don’t believe that singing the sash is a breach of hate crime. I think singing the Billy voice is right on the borderline of it, but I’m not quite sure that I would be actively agitating and saying that that’s a hate crime. In the same way that- If they’re singing fuck the Pope. Fuck the Pope, no, that’s different because that’s very, very clearly defined.

That’s what Ali was talking about, let’s be blunt about it. Right, with the being the add-ons. We all know that’s it. As you see, if it’s for the sash, they don’t even like to sing that anymore. If it’s going to be for their UVF stuff, that’s no hate crime. That’s to make them agree with them. So it’s got to be religious or it’s got to be based upon… Let’s call it anti-Irish or anti-Cath.

or the Farman song, if they still sing that, they’re not even using that term, the Farman song. But I don’t even know if they sing that anymore. But the one thing that they do sing regularly is fucking Pope. They do. And they add it on there. That, that, that, and that should be a fucking hate crime. Hi, and it’s glibly thrown out. It’s glibly thrown out. So this is what I mean about cultural bias and inherent bias. And it’s incredible when the fucking mob mentality takes over. And I know we’ve talked about, we get fucking violent in the heat of…

before they got liquidated, because they’re not as relevant to me as they were before they got liquidated. You got ripped up into the frenzy, fucking uttered things, they’re going, Jesus, did that come out of my mouth? But that feels so fucking 50 years ago now. We’re way, way past that. But our fear of having an intelligent debate, I’m going to say our fear, it’s not our fear. I’d love to get three intelligent fucking burrs, if you could find them, to join us in a podcast and debate it.

But no one in the media wants to touch that in the actor. It’s not good for clicks. It’s not good for the bander. So from that position onward, the inherent institutional bias will be allowed to continue to live, though different than Celtic complicity in the Faveway agreement allowed a fundamentally biased institution to continue to live. So we end up in this. So Desi, is Ali going to watch the game with you on Sunday? I think so.

Yeah, well, he made me, right, let me, let me just, let me just read a few paragraphs. I went to look up the comment there while you were, you were talking just to see what the comment actually was. So I’ve ended up on thee some site and it’s talking about Ali and the hate crime bill, right? So the final two paragraphs, I think are really well written. Listen to this, bear with me here, right? And talks about Ali’s integrity, his own opinions, now it says, but equally.

There can be no excuse for the nonchalant and demise of manner in which the pundit, a genuinely decent bloke by all accounts, hoisted a proverbial middle finger at an earnest attempt to quell public displays of resentment and division. Hateful language doesn’t have to be illegal for it to be morally wrong, and if you don’t consider the prospect of attending a football match, even one as bitterly charged as the old firm, without saying something that might cause offence.

then you need to take issue with yourself, not with the pencil pushers in Hollywood. This is the best bit. As for McCoist, we can only hope that this is not the first teetering domino and a slow descent towards the kind of zombified grifterdom that has infected Joey Barton, Lawrence Fox and countless others in recent years. If by this time next month he is popping up on podcasts hawking CBD gummies and what a good night’s sleep my hat by the way.

alongside Matt Letizzi, we will know that we have lost him for good. Somehow I don’t think so. That’s a beautiful image. That was perfect. Perfect. By the way, that was so well done. Get in and follow them 12th of a month account Desi. Right. Interesting enough, sorry that person whoever wrote that said, let’s hope it’s not the first step in our life following the well trodden shoes of Matt Letizzi. Can I just say though,

We played England in a game, is it to my 150 years of Scottish or the old international football, at Hamden Park, and the Scotland fans roundly booed God Save the King. And it was on Channel 4, I think it was, and it was McCoy’s and Soonus, of all people and whoever else was there. But McCoy’s came out after the game and criticised the Scotland fans for booing God Save the King. He said it was a disgrace that they booed it.

So I think Desi Alley’s already started that path nine months or so ago and now he’s sadly veering more and more to the right in each passing week. Yeah, so that was written by Jason Jones at and Jason Jones is at JW Jones 57 on Twitter. So well done for that Jason, that was a great piece of writing. Right, so I’ve got a quick question for you, a wee joke for you, Hector, I know you like your humor. Knock, knock.

Who’s there?

Liel ABada


So do you remember Leil Abada? That poor guy who was chased out of Celtic by those really bad certain supporters? I love how the media kept saying certain fan groups. Well, I’ve seen certain fan groups, I’ve seen these fuckers that say that push. When he came on after the break he had and he came on, he was… There was applause, cheering he got for him. Right? It was incredible.

and the actor support from the Celtic fans was incredible. So to be fair to Abadda, I don’t think Abadda’s actually come out to say anything negative. In fact, it was only last week. What was the time table? Aye, he said he enjoyed his time here. But listen, he’s gone. Best decision, because I think they gave him Easter Oars was the straw that broke the camel’s back for him, wasn’t it? He was his best player. We can laugh because we won due to our 93rd minute fucking goal. But he was appalling. But I think the wee man’s head was just, his head wasnt fine.

Rogers I think Rogers I think managed him quite well and worded it really well and it was best for all that he moved on and by the way by the sense of it we got a bloody good transfer fee for him as well so everyone I think did well in the end so thanks for the first year or so wee fella he’s a young boy as well we forget these guys are 21, 22 right if there’s somebody 21, 22 my boys my daughter one boy is just under 20, 22 and I’d be like talking to him

You forget that sometimes these guys are young guys, right? So that’s what he did Best for all that he moved on. Right, but the reason I came to you rather than Monte He’s went to Charlotte and you are you are basically living in North Carolina for six months of the year these days So, you know, are you now a Charlotte FC fan? No, there’s a far better team in North Carolina called North Carolina FC, Desi Um, they’re they’re based out of kind of rally

I mentioned this in the last podcast, you’ve got Raleigh, you’ve got Durham, you’ve got where Celtic’s going to, Chapel Hill, they call it the triangle there, and NCFC, they’ve got, they’ve got, wait, hear this, they’ve got 16,000 registered players throughout their grass roots, 16,000. And I think over here we understandably saw Celtic and Rangers and other clubs, there’s not anyone in Scotland could come anywhere near the side. See, they’re in Division 2 in the States, just so you know, so that’s the team.

North Killing FC. Hold on, hold on. So you know, you won’t really appreciate this but Hector is a former East End boy, well 16,000 are registered players. That used to be the Celtic youth set up remember? When they used to have the trials and they would just sign everybody and then eventually they would work with 30 players for the summer league. I mean there used to be all the trials for Celica. Yeah everybody signs the night. But the women’s game has been bigger than the men’s.

the girls and the boys and in essence when we say players it’s boys and girls and it’s pretty much honest to God it covers the wider rally radius of 30 miles, it’s massive so they’re the team. So Falk Charlotte eye and that is no reflection whatsoever on the current crisis in the Middle East, it’s purely because he’s a North Carolina fan.

Right Monty, I know you have been away on various scouting missions but have you got to appreciate the the marvellous ramping up of the young man Coons form. He’s went from get him to fuck to what a player all of a sudden. Yeah, I’ve got the likes of a couple of the games recently and he he really does look direct. He seems to be, he’s not shy in doing the work back always.

He covers himself well defensively and he just strikes you as that type of player that there’s more in him. You know you’re watching him at the minute, you know he’s going to get stronger and if he picked him up for three million, you know judging him at the minute on the fact that he’s not… Don’t judge him for fuck’s sake! No I’m not. I said judging him at the minute when we know he’s not 100% is maybe not the most appropriate thing to do but signs look good.

I believe also Palma might be close to coming back if I didn’t misread that. So there’s nothing like a bit of competition as well to keep someone who’s on the up, you know, keep them going. But yeah, great to see. Sorry, exactly. Because Yang had came back and he’d really been inspirational recently and then he got his band and then couldn’t sit for him. But again, couldn’t, I don’t think a lot of people appreciated. Rogers kept trying to tell everybody.

he lost a stone and weight. And if you’re a wee guy, if you’re a wee explosive winger, losing a stone and weight’s a monumental impact on your physical being, you know what I mean? And the whole kind of getting back up to speed, getting back up to that explosiveness is what he relies on. But as you say, he’s putting the work in, he seems to be really, the whole kind of positioning on the field, we just need him ghosting into the back post now, those sort of, he’s more of the…

cutting in and curled in at the top corner style by looks of it. But that would be nice. Look at that against St. Johnston. He was in Cooke with a beautiful ball and he came out and he was sprinting in from the second goal. That would be nice to see at the weekend. Sorry Desi, there’s another thing too that we’re maybe not taking into account. We took it into account when Harry Cooke left. Just around his influence on the forward players especially when we hit that particularly bad lull of form. Roger’s brought in that coach.

can’t even remember the guy’s name, like Nightingale or something like that, he brought in his former Leicester City coach, kind of under the radar. And it looks almost like our play, we look like we’re stretching the pitch a bit more for me, but our wingers are really, really staying out. And I don’t know, maybe it’s just me just looking through a different sort of view of the thing. But one of the criticisms we would have had when we were in that program of form was, you know, we just…

didn’t look like a team that was well coached. We’re starting to look again, like we kind of know where we’re meant to be on the pitch and maybe it is personnel Desi, maybe it is the fact that it’s Coons coming in and he’s coming onto the game. I mean Forrest even looked particularly sharp when he came on at the weekend too. It’s personnel Monty, I think you said that at the start, I think the personnel was the key to this because how we play, we want to move the ball forward quickly from defence through mid, but

But us having our entire back four unavailable. And then they made one available. So that’s why guys are backup players. They’re not the same level of a kind of rickers or Alistair Johnson. They don’t move the ball at pace in the midfield. And I think it’s as simple as that. We’re better players are back now. And even in midfield, I know you only get 60 minutes at the weekend, but Desi’s a, I think we all have a Desi, in particular, absolutely adores Rio Itati.

because he’s one of those players and just watch the game and people think there’s a lot of square balls in football and there is. Keep possession, they say you can keep possession, I get it. They’ll do the old, you know, down one side and there’s almost a horseshoe. Most teams do it, Manchester City do it as well if you watch them off. But what Reo gives us that is kind of unique-ish, particularly in Scottish football, is that his first instincts always to turn forward with the ball.

There’s no many players do that and we do not defend as you know, you play the reasonable level. They hate that. They want a guy just to bounce it. Just bounce it. Right. They save pass and bounce it. He’s the opposite. He’s a risk taker. And you know, risk taker. If you get guys with pace in front of him and we’ve got the pace now, mentioned Kuhn there’s, I mean, one thing he looks really fast. We get Dyson, you get Kyogo. You’ve now got a guy who will turn and first chance he gets is to put one hand through.

those three through or to put it through to Matt O’Reilly who might be playing just off the, as a 10 just off the striker. And it transforms how we play. So I think it’s players, it’s the best players being available again. It was lovely to see that glorious man, Hatate, back as you say. I’m a big fan and I had to tweet the fact that this watching him let the ball roll over him. There’s none of that stop, turn, pause, look up. Everything’s in the one motion.

and it’s literally a ten-foot-a-second rather than two seconds and that’s 20 yards in football. I mean that’s a big difference. But I’ve seen someone also mention the other day, it might have been Alan Morrison, somebody else, just on a tweet about how much difference Hatate being there allows Matt O’Reilly to play his own game, no, rather than him to supplement somebody else and make do. And then you suddenly, so again, the wee things start to click, the dominoes start to fall into place.

and then suddenly it could be a case of you say we get Kuna Maida pulling spaces and then you get them into the spaces and then we’ll get like a chance of a hatate launching a shot. So prediction time Monty, how long will it be before John Lindstrom halves hatate on Sunday? One minute, two minute or three minutes? How long will it be before he tries to go through them? I’m gonna go for three in that we probably kick off.

Is that three in one minute or is that three minutes? Three minutes because we try to keep the ball and we knock it about to the back of it and just settle it down. But the minute he gets it, I’d say yeah. Certainly within three, Desi, which is a very safe answer, but I’m going to say in minute three. Yeah, I do have a feeling Hector is going to be one of those classic Scott Brown games whereby Rangers players get away with eight tackles and then as soon as the sell-it player makes the first tackle, it’s a booking.

No that way the ref will give it a classic, I’ve had enough of this users bad as each other but I’ll boot you a sell it player for his first tackle Yep, yep So Hector Hicks On you go Monty Sorry Desi, sorry Hector I jumped in There’s also a thing to go around the fact that Iwata has played the last few games and has played very well and Roger’s talked about he just hasn’t had a chance but now he gets a chance and it’s whether you perceive Iwata as being

McGregor’s backup or whether you perceive him as being another potential starting midfielder and he’s done nothing to suggest that he’s not another starting midfielder in the last few games that he’s played and he’s another one who just looks like he’s getting better. Now if the decision’s there to be made you’re not leaving your captain out, I mean no one would do that but you are upsetting a balance that’s been established over the last what four games, five games.

I think we’ll talk a wee bit more about that I’m sure, but I think within that personnel comment that Hector made, you know, we’re back to having options again in a way that we were really struggling and really thin for a while, and they’re decent options. We’re not right at the edge of the squad. So yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And also, and also, I’m sorry Hector, let me, let me just, but exactly, because that’s, that’s perfect timing, because that’s exactly what I was coming to, coming to, Monty. So I’ll put that at a treat.

the start of this week, maybe the end of this weekend, Hector. And I was talking to a Celtic fan, the Rangers fan, the other day, and the Rangers fan said to me, I think these will beat us, because yous will go at Callum McGregor, and he always rules the game against us. And I said, well, it depends if he’s sparring or no, et cetera. And I put it on Twitter, and it was one of the, this one is throwaway tweets, but it was, everybody like jumped on it to be spawned, no lie, and it was quite interesting. Most people were saying,

As you say, Morty, he’s your captain. He’s one of your best players. He goes right back in. A lot of people are saying, a water’s not done anything wrong. Go with MacGregor. Start with MacGregor and maybe replace him if he fades out to get a fade, fitness-wise. So Hector, you are our tactician. You are our football visionary. What’s your thoughts?

Callum McGregor must start if he’s fit to play. What level of fitness would you say was the… You would let him go, what metric? 80%, 90%, 50%? Oh, how can I answer that? I mean, that’s McGregor and Rodgers and the medical team would know that. I mean, if he’s only 50%, I don’t think there’d be any chance of him playing. The fact that at Rodgers’ conference on Friday, he was asked about returning players.

and he said, Cal has been training with the team all week, but just because they were playing an Astro turf pitch at Livia, they wanted to leave him out. But he said he’s been full training with the team, so based upon that, he must be ready to start. See the two games we played them this season, McGregor’s been by a distance the best player on the pitch. At Ibrox they won nothing at the start of the season, he just controlled the game. You know, he just blew me a stick. They couldn’t get near him. And they gave him at Celtic Park.

He was just, again, he was, again, just by a distance, not even just a wee bit, but by a distance, the best player on the pitch. So if he’s fit to play in all the games he is, he must start. No offense to Iwata, I like Iwata. Going to Livingston and playing them and going to Iroqs are two extremes in terms of your opponent, in terms of the crowd you’re up against, and a number of factors, and we all know that, right?

I like Alata, he’s demonstrated that he can come in and do a job for us now. He’ll probably be needed on Sunday anyway because there’s no way Rio’s going to last 90 minutes. And Calum, maybe they’ll push to even see he’s a super fit player. McGregor as we know, they might push to see he’ll last 90 minutes. So it might well be that Iwata will come on it’s maybe after 60 minutes for Rio. But if they’re all fit, I’d be going with Calum, with Rio, with Mat OReilly. I mean for me that three picked itself.

Right, so could I just pick you up with something there? You can take, I know you stay in the beautiful northern suburbs these days, but Monty, you can take the boy at the East End, but you’ll never take the East End at the boy. Hector’s phrase, like playing with a balloon on a stick. I would just like to say, no one in the south side of Glasgow ever played with a balloon on a stick. We all had a real pit bombing. We never ran about with a balloon on a stick.

Very interesting to see there about McGregor running the show, because previously I always said I never feared us getting beat by Rangers in recent years because they never had a player in their team better than Scott Brown, because that was always my kind of judge point and Scott Brown more or less always ran the games and all, he had the vision and the temperate to actually be placed where he needed to be placed.

get people to be where they need to be. And the way McGregor Monte has kind of stepped in to the Brown role is really quite special. Mainly, I don’t think anyone saw, I don’t think we over thought it, but I don’t think we actually saw it going as smoothly as it’s went. And he’s went from being the quiet guy to being the actual Scott Brown style leader level. I know he’s a different personality, but leader wise, he’s one of the level, I’d say, with Scott Brown Monte.

Yeah, and it’s a completely different leadership style Desi. He’s not, you know, I’ve seen some of Brian’s interviews during the week and they were very funny. You know, he used to shave his head as he wanted.

and a few stupid things, but Brown’s leadership was probably far more extroverted, very much in your face, very much the Panto villain for them I guess. McGregor’s just a really, really good technician, sorry a technician should I say, he’s just a really, really good footballer and he’s also grown into being that wee bit more vocal and maybe a wee bit more gallus. I remember him shouting at Barasic a few years ago, shouting Shitebag at him, was that the 3-0 game?

There’s that wee bit, but he’s also probably at his peak now. As in, if you’ve got another year of MacGregor performing for 50-odd games a season, the way he’s performed up to this point, he’d be doing really, really well, because that engine’s got some fucking miles on it now. But from a leadership point of view, there’s obviously a drive in him that the other managers saw as well, to promote him to captain. If you take him out of the equation,

Harp has gone at the end of the year. Carter Vickers has been wearing the armband recently. O’Reilly seems like captain material but he’s probably not going to be here too much longer. So he really is the beating heart of the team, and he really is the on-field leader. But I would disagree to an extent around, with the WADA being in there, how functional we’ve been. I know I said this last year and you correctly gave me pelters for it, but when he was injured, remember he missed three or four of the Champions League matches.

I’d say with O’Reilly playing in that number six, I thought we played better football with McGregor there. I wouldn’t say that with the water there. We played better football without McGregor, you know, without him being in. But I just think we need him. We need that bit more leadership. We need that wee bit more street-wise. And it’s not just for this weekend. It’s for the last seven games, plus the Cup games. It’s just, hopefully.

the midfield three and if they’re all fit I’d expect that with the three at start is Rio. For all Rio we all think he’s great to watch but he’s never really put a performance on Ibrox. He’s never put a performance on Ibrox in the times he’s been at Celtic and that worries me. I don’t know whether it’s the occasion gets to him, whether he’s getting less time in the ball because we’re over there, whether the noise but you look at the games he played there and he’s been very, not even just been very, very poor.

So that’s my concern with him. It’s not so much about him starting, he’s always starting on my team, but he’s got to raise his game far more than he’s done at Ibrox. Yeah, that’s interesting because he did say during this layoff, he’s taken a lot of contemplation. He’s looked at things like diet, positioning, various, the whole aspect of his game. He’s been reviewing a whole lot and trying to re-educate himself, I think, in respect to where to focus stuff and where to improve.

So we’ll binge it. We’ve only saw him back last week at Libby and he helped create that for school. So again, it’ll be interesting if he does hopefully turn up at high books because I think we’re all agreed that he definitely will start. I’m not meaning but probably then have to come off. So you’re playing Kuhn, so will Palma see us up then? And again Hector, fair play to you. You have came well into the Maeda Love Camp recently.

Oh, he’s fantastic. Here’s the thing with teams, right, anyone who… Teams are about… you don’t have 11 players with the same skill sets. They’re all… you’ll need one or two obviously, right? But in essence, and Ange was great at that. Ange would always make sure that… he always kept his 4-3-3. But if he replaced a winger with another winger, the other winger wasn’t for light, if that made sense. One would be more of a dribbling player, one would be more with pace, and one would go outside.

And that was really insightful, listening to him talk about that. I think we had to beDaizen, and particularly against them, as you need guys who the starting point is to be an absolute pest and work their socks off, especially Ibrox. We have no fans there. They win the game there, they’re in a strong position in the weekend. So we need guys that will stand up and will give absolutely everything they can. And what he’s done, unlike Rio, funny enough, what Dyson’s demonstrated when we went to Ibrox is that-

When it comes to Taverneir and I think Golson’s the right hand centre back, Tavernier is the right back and whoever plays their kind of right mid, I think Goldilocks played there the last time, so it’s his chops. Who’s him that dives all the time? The boy, Todd. Don’t know if he’s fit again. We’re in just… But Daizen, Daizen tends to, the work rate, the pressing levels to put them under so much pressure at the back.

and importantly for us, their biggest goal for a part of the penalties is Tavani has a really good cross of the ball. He’s never a good defender, but his strength is going forward and putting in good crosses. He has a very good crosser. Dyson tends to nullify a lot of that. He doesn’t even have a minute’s peace. So for me, he’s vital to how we play. I wish some Celtic fans would just take a wee step back. If Dyson had crossed the ball, he’d be playing one of the top five leagues in Europe. Let’s be honest about it.

That’s why he’s with us, he’s no good at that. It reminds me a wee bit of the older ones, Didier Agath, who was on the right hand side. I think they do with how fast they run it. Absolutely, they’re like whippets, the pace they go at. You just wonder whether they’re just going that fast to get across in at that electric pace they go at. Must be difficult, because look at the likes of Steve Gopin Beckham, they would almost, the opposite, they would just, they have a lot of pace, but they could just take their time and curdle a ball. Dyson’s opposite, 100 mile an hour.

always been my team, Desi. I think him on the left hand side, I think Koun on the right, and Kyogo. For me, the pace and movement of that three, right, could be vital. You made a good point there about the kind of Celite fans maybe taking a wee step back. But I think Celite fans are starting to appreciate, as you say, different players, different skill sets, different positions. And I think that’s also benefited Awata recently, Monty.

Whereas I think when Awase came in, people thought he’s going to be another, a blend of Kyogo meets Hatate meets Maeda meets Ideguchi. And he turned out to be this wee guy who sits and cleans up lovely, gets the ball and moves it on. Like a Neil Evans style, nothing fancy but I’ll kill the gay, I’ll kill the opposition, I’ll win the ball back, I’ll be in the exact place to stop them coming through the middle of the park. That kind of, football wise, and people I think have started to appreciate that way. So like…

after the last few games you start to see things like, I thought I wanted a good game today. Every game you still get it, thought it was very quiet. But in the defence of midfield they’re meant to be kind of quiet, if you know what I mean. The classic referee wasn’t involved in the game much, he had a great game. So maybe we are getting educated a little bit better Monty and anticipation, stroke, desperation is in there. Let’s be honest, we were all getting a wee bit anxious recently. Yeah. I think he’s just a…

Similar to McGregor, he’s just a really, really good technician. He’s really good on the ball. I remember reading a couple of the players’ comments about him in training, just saying how clean he was on the ball with his technique. And I think they referred him as Tank. He’s obviously a well-built fellow. I just think he’s just a good footballer, but he’s one of those ones that’ll suffer from being just a good footballer because he’s not an exceptional attacking mid, or he doesn’t score 10 from centre midfield. Or he’s not a…

He’s not a physical defensive midfielder. You know, it’s not, you know, where, like you remember, McAleely was probably the best exponent of that art, the French midfielder, and he was tiny and slight, but he would dig about him. He was fast, he could score. Owhado’s just, obviously he’s not that level. But he’s one of those players who, as you say, is quietly effective, but he doesn’t stand out in any one particular discipline. He’s like your championship manager, seven out of 10 for all attributes in midfielder.

So there’s a question for you then, who do you make favourites for Sunday?

If, and this is no, I’m no, it’s no caveats, but if you mentioned there Maeda’s own his game, I honestly think Maeda can terrorise Golsan and Suiter. I think Suiter’s the biggest fucking liability a defender’s on a long time, and if Maeda can get in top of him and Golsan, so that’s, as soon as you get in top of Golsan, that stops that big long diagonal which they love to knock down. So as long as Maeda’s own his game, I think we could take, I think we’ll win 2-1.

I’m actually confident we can beat them because I watch Rangers and they’re just a physical second ball team in my opinion and I think they’ll be actually scared. I still think they’re terrified of Kyogo. I’ve said it for a long long time, I think they’re absolutely terrified of Kyogo. So they’ll be too busy concentrating on him and then we could maybe, your Matt O’Reilly will find space and the Hattati will hopefully find space. So I’m going for 2-1 Celtic. What about you? In terms of favourites, you’re making Celtic favourites for?

Sunday right yes I was gonna come to prediction oh sorry sorry I apologize that’s okay that’s okay I think they’ve been in fact let me out one check while you’re talking I’ll go and check I was wondering I was wondering I was wondering around a couple of things pasties but morning about you just in terms I know so much as we sit now who do you make favorites for the game oh I make them favorites why do you make them favorites I think home advantage and the fact

What do you call them? Walsh and VAR gives them an advantage. They have a starting advantage. We need to probably turn up at 100% to beat them on Sunday. So I make them feel. And so that’s the reason I was asking the question guys, was that, I mean, I think we’ve got a thought about this and that’s almost exactly how I think is that they’ve not just get the home advantage, which, which miles, right? They’ve got 50,000.

49,000 hours right? There’s no single Celtic fan there and they’ve got John Beaton which we discussed for 10-50 minutes as the referee And on VAR one of these friends, so if I sit here The Thursday night I make them favorites to win the game This Sunday so much has to go right for us the Sunday on and off the field To get a result. I’m not being paranoid because I’ve covered it all the start of this conversation here We have got to be

almost squeaky clean and everything we do come Sunday to avoid any opportunities in our penalty box to be given a penalty because it will happen. It’s going to happen. We’ve got to be so good and so clean and for that to happen I think we’ve got to score first and be scoring first to bring them up the pitch and give us space behind them to exploit that space. I think we’re going to have to score at least two goals, at least two goals to come away

on one Sunday as we stand right now come Sunday come the game to him other the rest is I’ll be all pumped up and given oh here we go but it’s things done right now I’ll make them favorites based upon what I’ve just discussed. See I see it, sorry Monty I see it a different I’m just looking at the betting here so bet three six five Rangers are five to four favorites sell to you are two to one against right I see it a little bit different because I don’t think they’ll handle the pressure

Tavenier said years ago we don’t like playing under in front of angry crowds, the one they’re league in front of no one. I honestly think if Celia to goot, start to nullify, start to terrorise Goldstone and Suiter at the back, they’ll get anxious, the crowd will get anxious and Celia, I think Celia are professional enough to actually take the game, tear them and win the game. And what is that, Benfica game? I know Benfica’s a lot better than us, but again you can see if you goot and you play your game plan, execute it. They didn’t have any answers.

They might have got to go through but I still think… See again Benfica, in terms of how they play, did they… See that… did they press Benfica? Did they try and squeeze Benfica out of the pitch? No, it’s the classic Goulton 60-yard diagonal… It’s the classic Gary Nesta… Gary… What’s his name? Gary Colgateau. 60-yard diagonal pass knocked down and guys charging for the midfield. So again, did they defend… Did they defend higher? Did they defend higher? What I’m getting at is…

the defence, were they on the half way line high up the defence? Kind of in between the 18 yard line, the centre spot, because again they recognise that Benfica could break open there and Benfica should have won it out of the park. But what was really scary? I mean that was my thought process, if they’re playing a really high line against us and based upon the pace that we’ve got, it could play into our hands. But what they’ll do is they’re going to target, I’m telling you right now, they’re going to target skills and Taylor down our left hand side. If I were their coach right now.

That’s my game plan for Sunday. I’ll target nature. So that was my argument also. Exactly, that’s what they’ll do. They’ll target your left-on side. But also, from our perspective, they’ll try and play the ball from the back because they try to… A Berlin player plays it to Goulton. Goulton looks up and that’s at 60 yards diagonal. That’s the way they play. They don’t play, they don’t bring it out through the middle. So as long as we can contain them in that top half of their 18-yard box…

I find no crumble. I want to find no crumble. We just need to be right in top of them and have the guts to be in top of them. Anyway, sorry about that. There’s a great lesson, Desi. It’s Joe Rogan, one of his recent podcasts with a guy called Billy Walters. I don’t know if you’ve either heard of him. Billy Walters is a professional gambler. He’s just wrote a book about it. And I had never really understood the intricacies of

of how these guys who do spread betting or they lay a bet, you know, an American professional gamblers, he’s been inducted into the hall of fame. Apparently you have a hall of fame for professional gamblers. And he talked about in really, really simple layman terms, how they create a line for a boogie or how they handicap. Sorry, Liverpool just scored two in Liverpool. They call us, 20 yards, top corner, what a goal. It’s not long left in that either, so there’s no?

Billy Walters talked about how, Rogan was asking him, how did you come up with the odds? Because you have a man who made hundreds of millions from betting. And he’s talked about when it was all analogue before the internet, you’d just get all the local sports papers and you’d read everything and you’d understand everything about every team and then you’d just give them a point. So in our case, you’ve got 11 versus 11 theoretically. Now remember we’ve still got the ref and the VAR to score.

But you’d start and literally go, okay, Joe Hart, is he worth a point, half a point, quarter a point, is he on form? And they just stack them up that way. And that allows them to set the odds. So if we go man for man, across all 11 starting footballers, and arguably the bench, because he talked about bench and substitutes and replacements and all that, and they were all worth, you know, is he the same value as the other guy, or do you lose half a point if he has to play? If you start,

Alistair Johnson versus Tavernier. Tavernier arguably wins that one simply because of his penalty record, who knows. Carter Vickers versus Golsan, no brainer. Scales versus Souter, probably 50-50. Taylor versus Yilmaz, Taylor I think. And then you get into midfield and we probably pick up all three points there. And then you get to the forward lengths and we’re probably picking up.

most of the points there too. So from a from from Billy Walters logic point of view, without being biased about it, we have the better players. But as Hector said over the last few podcasts, ironically, it’s whoever’s going to be least shit between us and them is probably going to go on and win the league. And I can only hope that the recent sort of the recent pointers towards us coming back into form because of key personnel coming back. I’m hoping that’s a pattern.

And that’s genuinely now where we are, because we’re probably gonna have to win six out of seven in the last games to win the league.

Good point, right? So, again, another… So this brings me to my final question. So say, for example, Hector, Rangers don’t beat us in Sunday, right? We are level, we draw with them. Forget, we don’t even beat them, we draw with them. And they’ve got to go and play Dundee during the week next week, because they didn’t know how to play them last night. We were recording this the first day. They didn’t know how to play them this week. So there you go, Wayne.

they’d probably beat Dundee, let’s be honest, they’d probably beat Dundee to go top of the league. When will the SFA then, or the SPFL, whatever it’s called these days, when will they schedule the final game during the split? Is that going to be the first game of the split? One of the first ones, won’t it? It’s got to be because they want to avoid, they always do that, potentially being a league decider, so if there’s only that, what you just said there, if there’s two points in it,

then there’s what six games to go after this Sunday is that right for us when then it’s a split yeah I’ll be either the first or second game after the split won’t it? Two weeks, they’ll be a second game, granted. So the split will take place on Saturday the 27th of May this week in here. I only realised the day after the game, I never realised they had the split in the Women’s Football I know which I thought was a bit severe.

considering like there’s maybe three decent teams and the rest are trying their best to be brutally honest You could say that about the league of Scottish men’s league Well I suppose There’s two decent, there’s two half decent teams That’s fair, that’s fair I suppose Alright so we’ll be seeing there are post-split fixtures Ah, was that last, ah right that was last year, right ok So that happened on, aye the split top six fixtures started on May the 6th last year So

So, can I ask you a question? Yes, on you. We’re almost ramping things up. So, start with you first, Monty Wright. If they win on Sunday…

Is the league over?

Uh, no. No.

five point gap points to play. There’s only so much cheating you can do without it coming back on you. It’s just the law of the universe. I can’t believe that they would get such a huge amount of assistance in the last six games that they wouldn’t drop points. And all we need them to do is drop points in one game more than us and then we beat them at Celtic Park. So no, I don’t believe Sunday defines it, but in many respects and I seen

I’m not a particular fan of the blog and CQN. They wrote an article after the Libby game saying the decision’s been made we’re not allowed to win the league this year. I wouldn’t actually overly disagree with that sentiment. I think through our own devices and our own bad luck really that this feels scripted for them. But short answer back to that, no it’s not over yet. Theoretical five point gap because you’ve still got a big Dundee. Now going in for 18 points left. Now we’ve turned around bigger haven’t we?

Dragon and Tanelix? How about you Desi? I may have to say Rangers would be favourites if they beat us in Sunday and then beat Dundee. Again you don’t know what the split is but somehow every year we get told Rangers get a majority of their home games up front and then it will balance out during the split but somehow whoever ends up finishing sixth in the league throws a span in the works and we always end up having more away games.

and helping them play at hearts three times at Tyne Castle or at the Kilmarnock, three times at Rugby Park. So it will be interesting to see what that actual split ends up being. In my opinion, this don’t lose on Sunday and we’ll win the league. If we lose on Sunday, then realistically I think we’ve got a one in ten chance of winning it. I think they’d be heavy favorites. I can’t see them losing any points at home, to be real honest. They’ll probably have at least three games at home.

after that so I think they’d be nice. I’m with you. See if you offered me a draw right now, I would take it right now. I think we could win obviously, I think we’ve got enough to beat on Sunday. I would take a draw right now and it puts everything in our hands. I think it’s Celtic part and if the players are now all back now, assuming they’re all, you know, no more injuries, we’re due a wee bit of, I wouldn’t say luck, we’re due to avoid a bit of bad luck if it’s suggested it comes to injuries, but we can keep our players now till the end of the season.

and we come out of the game undefeated on Sunday, I think we’ll win the remaining games in both the league and the cup. I think we’ll do the double if we go and we don’t lose on Sunday. I think we’ll get such momentum behind us with the players all back again that we’ll really go on a great run. But for me, it’s don’t lose on Sunday. I would take a draw right now, although I still think we could win with a couple of goals. Right. Take a draw. OK, so what’s your prediction for Sunday? Which minute is…

The UK’s highest scoring defender James Tavernier getting his penalty. And which is his final score going to be?

I’m gonna go for, I’m gonna go for…

We’re going to go for one each. Anybody can turn off.

I mean we’re probably three of us thinking here, we’ve got about 200 thoughts coming through our heads right now trying to think about referees and VAR because we spent the last time talking about it and who the guys are that’s doing the officiating right so there is a strong chance that could happen. I look at our players who could get sent off but then again Yang’s probably the last player I thought would get red-carly right so there we go so Koun yeah Koun that

That absolute machete wielding madman coon, yeah, he’ll get red carpet on Sunday. That’s funny because I’ve literally bet my head on the last three games to get booked because I keep thinking he’s going to get booked. But I had a dream there, classic I had a dream, I had a dream the other day Monty that Goulton gets sent off on Sunday. So what I’m telling you is now, that’s my prediction, Goulton’s getting sent off on Sunday.

What’s your predictions, Monty? Tarv’s penalty, wow! Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. So VAR, VAR, are you saying, are you saying John Beaton’s red card then? A Rangers player? Yep, he cannae help it. Cause Kiogo’s gonna be running through and Goulton’s gonna pull him in. So is Beaton gonna, hold on, no, but is Beaton gonna red card the player? Or is it VAR that’s gonna pull him out and ask him to look at? Beaton’s muscle memory’s gonna take over his biased thoughts. He’s just gonna automatically beat… I’m telling you that again, this is…

This is set up perfectly for shooting yourself in the face. They’ve got beaten in and we’re all talking about how he’s so biased and then the game’s going to play out and it’s going to actually block in our face whereas he’s going to have to send off one of the other players. And there’s no going to be a, well it could have been a booking, it’s going to be a blatant guy running full on goal and he’s going to hack Hylgud. I’ve seen it in my dreams. See, Goldsham is running about with a hat chutney.

Remember that year, earlier? And a hammer on his left, and he was smashing the players on the legs off the ball. Geno De Rangers! I don’t even think John Beaton would book him! Right? Geno De Rangers! So, I love your thinking, but I just don’t see it. I think only a handball, see a gold line handball when he’s just playing. And even then…

after gold sent music to you. I thought you’d rethink that one actually. I don’t know, who, who, who, who, remember, remember, it was a Carlos Cuehllar, remember he saved it for Nakamura, and remember that one, he saved it only for Nakamura, and there’s a commentary, handball, get to fuck, red card, that’s a classic Celtic fan commentary. Ah, wanted, what’s your predictions then? So.

I think if Beaton can influence the match in one decision he can do it, as in if Tavernier is going to get a penalty he’s going to get it within the first 10 minutes and Beaton will send a Celtic player. If he can do it, so this is back to Hector talking about us needing to be squeaky clean, failing that I think will beat them and I think will beat them by two. I based that purely on your analysis around how they crumble under their own pressure.

But Beaton’s interference in the game has to happen early for them. If it doesn’t happen early, it becomes more difficult for him to influence it. And ironically, you could see him brandishing a red card with muscle memory and Nick Welsh pulling him up and saying, don’t think that was a red. Can you rescind that to a yellow? Go and look at that again. I think he can do that too. So, um, I think we went by a couple of goals, but you know, I’m kind of fucking splendours on my arse sitting on the fence. Like Hector, I’d take a draw on it.

But I think the Olympic… The tactics and tree, I know about, I’ll get back to the last game at Ibrox, when we were written off, remember? Gales and Lager? Third game or something, right? That’s right. And look at the defence with that day. We were written off and Biel played into our hands. That day, they started off the first five minutes, in fact, they’d got a goal, it was just offside in the first few minutes, and it was offside. But…

the immediately the tactic was to ping the ball diagonally into where Taylor and where Scales is right and try and physically bullies but what Beal didn’t do but shocked all of us we spoke as the podcast after it he didn’t pressure us he didn’t press us at all they sat back and Karen McGregor just dictated play this is a bit that intrigues me i’m not expecting Clement to do those tactics on Sunday i think from the first whistle he’s going to have a go as impressed as high we’ve got to make sure we come out of that first 15 20 minutes intact

and we don’t crumble under the pressure. Because if they score first in the first five, 10 minutes, we’re under so much pressure at that point. If we can see that out, that, and it’s going to happen, I think potentially, and this is the bit about our pace we’ve got now, Coons raise these games to levels we’ve not seen as Desi touched upon. It’s been great to see, but his pace is electric. Maeda’s pace is electric, and Kyogo has now got space to move into, right? Yep.

I think we could pick them off. We’ve got to get through that first 15, 20 minutes when they’re going to absolutely throw everything at us. Go to get through it. So there we go. So we shall all take a draw and we hope that the bookies’ favourites don’t win and Celtic come away with at least a draw. And I would set us up with a nice run into the split regardless of whatever those fixtures are. Before I say thanks, I did have two things to do. One is just to highlight a play taking place by our old friend Jim Warhoon.

normally does the bend it like Bertie stuff. He’s doing a play called Hodding the Jackets and it’s basically a Tommy Gilmore story about putting on the Pat Clinton, remember Pat Clinton, Hector? Yes, he was a lightweight or featherweight. Puttin’ up, so it’s Tommy Gilmore’s story. Good friend of ours, Bedford Falls, the Croy runner. Putting on- By the way, world class- Exactly. Fantal distance runner. Wearing that Team GBE flag, but we’ll let that one go.

Yeah, so it’s Tommy Gilmore’s story about putting on the pack. Basically his family have been boxing promoters for many generations and it’s putting on the pack Clinton World Title Fight and there’s also a Q&A after it. And that’s going to be in the Webster Theatre in Glasgow on the 19th and 20th of April. So if you fancy that, look that up. Yes, Hector? Jim Hoare, do you know who, for those who are listening to the podcast, do you know who Jim Hoare is what he’s famous for?

I know he’s involved with the bend of the Beckman or the Bratback and all that stuff. You know, honestly, question for you guys. I’m sure you mean Jim. No, I said you don’t, okay. By the way, I didn’t know this until recently. The Save Ourselves campaign, back with Fergus McCann coming in and all that. The Save Ourselves with Jim was one of the main guys instrumental in the Save Ourselves. So, big, big man in the city who supports history.

Excellent, he’s a lovely man so if you can support that, Hodden the Jackets, Webster Theatre, Glasgow 19th and 20th of April. And what I did, while we were talking there about the hate crime law bill, I was just making a wee note about Bertie Alden, remember Bertie Alden, Tiny Wharton? Mr Wharton, if I was to say you were a fat, an orange bastard, would you send me off? Yes, but if I was to think it, what would you do? I couldn’t do anything. Well, Mr Wharton, I think you’re an orange bastard.

I don’t know if that will get you past the hate crime bull folks out there, so don’t take that as a legal advice, but you may want to consider that as we head towards Sunday. Right, so that is as we’ve covered the game on Sunday. The dice will roll and we’ll see where we are come Monday morning. Fingers crossed we’re all smiling. I will be in Spain, so I’ll let you know how that goes. It’s left for me to say thank you very much to Hector Bandido. Thank you, Hector. Thanks, guys.

And thank you very much to Monty Crackhouse Burns over the water. Thank you Monty. Thanks very much guys, enjoyed. Alright folks, thanks very much for listening. My name’s Desimond, good night.


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1 month ago

Great stuff again, lads.

I agree with Monty that they have the starting advantage but my heart says we have the better team and 1-2 it will be for the good Ghuys as we seem to be hitting form at just the right time.

All cheating refs factors aside.

Cheers again, Bhoys

Hail Hail

1 month ago
Reply to  Gringo

Thank you, thank you, I’m very proud to be here.

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1 month ago

I’m really surprised the wee ETimmers don’t respond to these podcasts, lads, in many ways they’re better than the Diary (no offence, Ralph), as they certainly give us a lot more to discuss.

Yet no one responds to them …

Is it maybe that the readers need direct prompts from their leader or wha’?

It’s as baffling as VAR at a Hun game.

An Occasional Contributor
1 month ago

ETims has sadly become an echo chamber for a multiple personality.

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1 month ago

Hello, Mr Chuckles, have you figured out what Creation means yet?

I’ll give you a clue …

It means a Creator created it.

NOT that it came from an explosion.

Out of nothing …

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1 month ago

Come on, Charlie, say something funny, you used to be such a great wit.

Well, half wit onywey …


1 month ago

Ah, g’wan now, Charlie, stop polishing yer medals and give us a song!

No ‘God Save The King’ now mind …

1 month ago

Nothing more to say, Captain?

No songs to sing for old Gringo, despite all the laughs we’ve had on here down the years?

That’s a shame, so much for gratitude, eh?

Oh, one more thing, Chico …

I’d say the ‘Celtic supporter’ who went to war for the British State & Crown against the Catholics of Northern Ireland, who also happens to be a ‘Creationist’ yet still believes the Earth and everything on and in it came from an explosion out of nothing has far more multiple personality issues than old Gringo here.

For you can’t say I’m not consistent in knocking silly chumps like you square on yer arse every time ye come on here.

I’nt that right, Captain?

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1 month ago

Ah will say this, Charlie, you always did amuse me.

You still amuse me yet tae be fair, wae yer weird wee ways and how ye mince yer words when it comes tae the topics that really matter that you sometimes think you know something about …

Here! You n Mattie Fizzical could hook up!

Dae a double act!

Mattie could be the plain talking dour ‘straight’ man and you could be his clown!

Now how diz that grab ye, Charlie Duncan Bravo?

It sure would make a change fae ye being mine …

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1 month ago

Btw, Charlie, was it a conscious or unconscious decision to share the same acronym with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

I bet ye meant it, didn’t ye?

You and yon odd looking Predator jawed drag man have more than just the one thing in common, ‘nat right, Chucky Chucky Cheep Cheep?

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1 month ago

What hat are you wearing this week, Mr Benn?

Your ‘Celtic fan’ hat which identifies with the poor and disenfranchised who suffer daily under the iron heel of the British Crown?

Or is it perhaps your Crown-loving hat, where you’re very happy indeed to pull on the uniform of oppression and dire subjugation in ‘honour’ (dishonour) of your King and State, the very parasites who enact these wars so that they and their ilk can continue to feed off the pain of their suffering subjects?

1 month ago

Mattie Fizzical, I know your comment isn’t up yet but I can see it so here’s the thing …

No one needs to talk to me, I’m just surprised that no one gives Desi and the Bhoys the respect they’re due for the work they put into the podcasts they bring us.

But here’s the truth of the matter, Mattie, if it matters to you, Mattie …

The reason no one talks to me isn’t because they don’t want to, it’s because they’re scared to in case I start tearing strips off them for my own amusement.

Which, to be fair, I only do to rude and ignorant fools who don’t know how to engage in civil conversation and instead start throwing around unwise insults.

Now you have a think about that, Mattie, if such material matters matter tae ye, Mattie.

Miaow, Catty Mattie! 😀

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1 month ago

Besides, why should my presence bother anyone when all I want to do is talk about Celtic, either with Ralph, Desi and the lads, or anybody else who’s interested in Celtic.

But for some strange reason none of you even have the decency to thanks the lads for these excellent podcasts and I can assure you I’m not gonna pick on anyone for saying thanks.

Unlike some …

1 month ago

Some game the day though, eh?

Brendan’s Hands Off approach to that dire second half was frightening to watch, then to put on our half fit Captain who’s still a yard off the pace and a young inexperienced winger when he should have brought on Ralston and went 4-4-2 …

It’s worrying that he can no longer react to what’s unfolding in front of him on the park and this has been the story of our season, one good half of football every 90 minutes and the manager seemingly clueless as to how change it …

Aye, we’d have taken the draw before kick off but there’s no doubt those were big points to lose, cheating or no cheating.

At least Brendan’s not as delusional as big Lurch in the opposite dugout, who actually thinks a draw is a victory, but still …

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1 month ago

Wait til ye see, as soon as Ralph writes another article the whole crew will be out dancing round his Maypole.

Hehehe …

1 month ago

Aye, Mattie, and you’re so th ick you don’t even know how to post a comment on a fitba blog!

Nae luck, Mattie!

Better luck next time, eh … 😀

1 month ago

Out of interest, did anyone here lodge a Hate Crime report during or after the singing of The Billy Boys yesterday?

No Thumbs Down for the Huns?

How ironic, you guys with so much hate tae give tae …

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