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Beale Ciao – Etims Podcast

NB  This was recorded  before the Lazio game…..booooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh

Monty and Desi get together to discuss a wonderfully entertaining September.
From various wins, a Euro defeat, new deals and star performances and then a wonderful Get Out of Jail Performance against Motherwell.

Then we come to Aberdeen and Ibrox and the after math which saw Derek Trotter depart the scene and head back South with his tail between his legs, BealeBall ends up BealeBollocks.

They also look at the up coming Lazio came and ponder the rest of the Season as Rangers ponder just where the Hell do they go from here…hopefully from bad to worse!


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8 months ago

Beale equals Trotter, love it! Sevco are Sevco simply as back-street traders have run the clubs into the ground since Murray, long may it last! COYBIG!

Desmond Tinney
8 months ago

Don’t rewrite history lads, I think you guys forgot about the singing of strachan, strachan get to fuck! Against Motherwell maybe?

8 months ago

In the fullness of time, James Bisgrove.

sevco futzing FC.

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