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Celtic Diary Wednesday August 30: The Art Of Noise

Are you sitting comfortably ?


Or are you running around the room with the heebie jeebies screaming and blaming everyone and anyone for the mess Celtic are in just now?


Yet, if we turn down the noise for a minute, we might just see that we’re throwing our wobblies in the wrong direction.


We haven’t started the season as well as we’d expect.


Being bumped out of the League Cup at the first hurdle and a draw with St Johnstone has set the alarm bells ringing and it’s fair to say the merchants of doom are doing a roaring trade in their merchandise.


It almost seems like we’re enjoying what threatens to become a bit of a meltdown.


After all, we can vent our anger at the board for not spending that chunk of cash they’re sitting on…though heaven help them should they spend it on the wrong player, one who doesn’t score four on his debut at Ibrox and save a couple of penalties…all before even unpacking his suitcase or being introduced to his team mates.


Or even the manager, come to think of it.



Speaking of the manager, it’s all his fault and none of us wanted him anyway .



Right ?



He’s taken a swashbuckling team and told them he doesn’t want them to swashbuckle any more.  He hasn;t told them what he does want them to do, or at least in a way they understand, and so they just pass it to each other and hope someone can think of something before someone else takes it off them .


Right ?



And as for signing…well, we’ll come to that later.



Hart, Johnston, Carter Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor, Hatate, Mooy, McGregor, Kyogo. Maeda, Jota.


That was pretty much the line up every week for the second half of last season. The part where things were won.


Not just trophies, but praise and admiration.


That’s if we don’t count the slide after Carter Vickers went to get his operation.


Or if we don’t count the fact that the players knew the manager was leaving, and there wasn’t really a replacement in place.


Of that regular eleven, Rodgers has only had Hart…who has stepped up to be fair and looked a lot more comfortable in the last few games,and Taylor in his back line.


Taylor is adjusting to a new style and a new set of defensive colleagues.



Thankfully, the support have been right behind him and given him all the encouragement he needs as at the moment he is our most experienced defender and has to help the others settle in, as well as do his own , new, unfamiliar role.


Little wonder he looks bewildered, and little wonder he’s a shadow of the player he was last season.


He’s the last man standing.


Then there’s midfield, and guess what ?


Brendan is down to one man there as well, and even Calum McGregor is showing the strain of his role on the pitch.



Still, at least the support are right there behind him etc……



Up front, Dazen Maeda and Kyogo remain, and any other support would see this as a major triumph, especially as they have both signed new deals.


Jota has gone, but for the money he was offered, there isn;t a player in the world who would turn it down, unless he already had the sort of money that small nations envy.



The injury list is horrendous.


It might be worth looking into why it’s like that, but speculation about training methods doesn’t help.


Other factors could be equally responsible, such as players carrying injuries and not reporting them, or simply just trying too hard to impress the new boss.



We don’t know, so we should reserve judgement until we do.



As , indeed, we should reserve judgement on anything we’re not sure about.



As it stands, we’re at the top of the league, and even if no more players are added to the squad, it should be strong enough to cope domestically.


If you turn the heebie jeebies down for a moment, you’ll hear that.



Of course, Europe is a different kettle of fish, as anything would be where they put fish in a kettle, but again, it does seem the manager was trying to build a squad to cope…within our wage and transfer fee bracket, and that is a model that seems to work, even if it is a little too early overall to be certain.



Last season was all about fine margins. The results were poor, and suggest otherwise, but the failings, such as being perhaps too swashbuckling, looked to have been addressed.


Two more centre halves, both of whom look like they can play, added to Carter Vickers, who can, hints at a three man defence and a plethora of wingers suggests a more reserved approach, hitting on the break with pace away from home at least, or maybe at home as well….



So there does seem to have been a plan in place, so why now are the support screaming for more signings ?



I’m no board apologist, but they have sanctioned seven or eight new players, and yet still are being accused of doing their business at the last minute.


And we’re not done yet.



Over the last couple of years we have had a model that works, on and off the field.



Either we believe in it or we don’t.



What we certainly don’t do is throw all the money in the bank on last minute deals to appease a section…and not a small section..of the support who just can’t control their heebies or their jeebies.



Whilst it may not look it at the moment, we’ll be fine.



Unlike our neighbours over the river, that is, and that might explain the hype around their “resurgence ” and the way in which we, as a support, have been manipulated into thinking that the end of the world is even closer than the legendary nigh.



How do I know that ?



Simple , really.






Don Robertson has been appointed referee for the visit to Ibrox on Sunday. To help him on the VAR is Alan Muir.



That tells me that the powers that be are aware that “rangers ” cannot afford to lose this game.


In fact, even a draw could be the beginning of the end, so while we are all moaning about our own club, and our attention is elsewhere, they’ve used our heebie jeebies to drown out a move that if not actual match fixing, is certainly match assisting.



First, let’s look at Don Robertson, courtesy of Lint on Twitter….






I’ve deliberately kept it brief, there are several more instances when either his competency or impartiality could reasonably be questioned.


Or both.



then there’s the other half of Bodgit and Scarper…Alan Muir.






That’s him on the bye line not seeing a handball by the Inverness player.



Also not seeing it is the referee Steven McLean, the fourth official on Sunday.




I think there’s enough there to at the very least raise the issue with the League.



And UEFA, and anyone else who would listen.



Yet somehow the board have found themselves in the position that pointing out an obvious attempt to manipulate a result will be seen as deflecting from our own problems.


But not by me.


Or you.



The establishment is at it again. To protect their club.


So it’s time to circle the wagons.



Because if we  let them get away with it again, then we might as well just chuck it.


And I’m not ready to chuck it.



I suggest the club gets off it’s arse and starts telling it like it is.



If not, may I be the first to wish them good luck in selling those Champions League tickets…

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Terence Nova
8 months ago

If our Club needs to be told by you and the support, that they should highlight and report obvious anti-Celtic bias by officials, then you’ll see where the problem lies…Our Board is not fit for purpose…and needs replaced.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
8 months ago

Wait for the ‘You’re a board apologist’ comments….

8 months ago

Cracking article, been a lone voice on the forums. Seems a lot of fans who don’t listen or read the msm actually do. Whipped up into a panicked frenzy.


8 months ago

Brilliant piece, bang on.

Michael Annis
8 months ago

At last a voice of sensibility. The moaning from fans has become an epidemic, flooding every fb page with their moaning. When did we become so entitled? You’re spot on about the Board. That’s the only thing we could learn from the Sevco Board. They issue endless statements and complaints about the way they’re treated and it works. Hell, they don’t even need to do it as they’re officialdom’s darlings. Our Board say nothing, lay down, curl over with a kick me again look. Pathetic. Nothing will change till fans exert their power but they’re too busy moaning.

8 months ago

The voice of sense from ETims and Ralph himself! I need to go for a lie down.

keep up the good work bhoys

8 months ago

”So there does seem to have been a plan in place, so why now are the support screaming for more signings ?”
Simple answer.
We are cash rich at the bank and knew that we needed automatic experienced starters in positions that needed strengthened in order to try to compete in Europe.
Thus far the midfield and front 3 plus left back haven’t been strengthened.
We lacked quality last season but we are in the position to do something about it.
Nothing has been done.


8 months ago

Ralph you called it right about the impact of change of coach on some players.It was Rodger’s who created the environment for the last few trebles, Ange brilliantly picked up on it. We have been unlucky to lose the love struck Starfeldt and CCV at the same time. Robertson joins a long line of not very talented Scottish refs and might be swayed by the crowd, we shall see. Recruitment was caught on the hop by a combination of the injuries and the departures of Jota and Starfeld. If they gon2 points ahead of us the media will celebrate a second title for them, on the 2 nd of September really. Titles are not won even in February. Let the silly noise go, btw Tierney, Neymar and Akan’s were all set to come as a package! Crazy crazy talk.

8 months ago

Well after reading this Ralph I certainly don’t feel more at ease, my heebies & Jeebies have kicked in.

The reality is the board so far in this window have not backed the manager with quality, I say so far because there is a few days yet.

Signed, A very malcontented, malcontent.

8 months ago
Reply to  Monti

Said, Monti, just more of Peter’s Projects most of whom will be gone by the end of next season, or doing an Ajeti wage thief number by sitting around doing hee haw.

8 months ago
Reply to  Monti

We’re going to need a bigger tent, Malcolm.

8 months ago

I don’t read the mainstream media so my judgement is from the games themselves and we look clueless on the park, with no clear game plan and BR switching up Like for Like subs in his crab like game and expecting a different result, which really is the fitba definition of insanity.

It’s also deeply worrying that we don’t have a Manager now, we have a Head Coach, who has openly declared ro the press that he’s ‘happy to develop the players (he’s) given.’

By the Lawwell’s.

Which, if I’m not mistaken, was the very reason he stormed out in a rage the last time.

As he was being given players he hadn’t asked for and didn’t even know about?

You make the points well but there’s something clearly wrong behind the scenes at the club at the minute and Rodgers admitting that he’s not actually the Celtic Manager at all should be disturbing enough in itself, as it’s like he’s getting his excuses in early.

Jock Stein, Martin O’Neill, Ange Postecoglou were all managers in the truest sense, men in charge of ALL FIRST TEAM MATTERS and Rodgers himself wouldn’t let his reputation be messed with last time to the extent he walked out as he was being publicly undermined.

So what happened that made him come back to work under the two Lawwels ‘model’ with NO control over first team affairs other than try to cajole mediocre players into being better players so the club might cash in on them in the next two years?

Thats the question that needs addressing here, not whether we’ll get humped at Ibrox on Sunday, which we most likely will as the players simply aren’t there to cope with it, no matter how many have been brought in and, crucially, they still haven’t bought the essential GK, LB, DM nor CF yet.

And what’s the point of buying 7 or 8 players and not buying ANY in the positions that are most required?

Cos it seems like random out of control madness to me and a total waste of moeny.

Any smart manager would spend the same amount on 4 or 5 QUALITY players who would walk straight into the team and immediately prove the morale of the squad as well as on field performances.

They would not bring boys over from the other side of the world just so they can lie on the treatment table or watch the games from the bench.

Not to mention the fact our best player can’t get a game and he’s playing one of the most lethal poachers on Earth 15 yards too deep, thereby totally nullifying even any potential for him to get involved in the game..

It looks like Rodgers has replaced tactical game plans with spinning the bottle blindfolded pre match and hoping for the best, as though that painfully ponderous side to side possession game that ruled his second season might eventually produce a goal at some point.

The problems run far deeper than just the Hun media clapping their hands, mate, and if you can’t see that then you must be watching different games from the utter inept pish all the rest of us have watched this past fortnight.

We’re shite and we know we are and it’s time Rodgers tried the attacking game that earned this side its spurs.

If ye’ll pardon the accidental pun.

8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

In a nutshell

8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

bob on. This is a team full of rabbits in headlights with Lawell playing football manager. After Sundays game there will be real howling and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Rodgers will be gone by Christmas.

Thomas Cochrane
8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

Dry up, you greeting faced moaner.

8 months ago

Nice to see you, Thomas.

How’s the family?

8 months ago
Reply to  Gringo

Spot on, Gringo. Apart from a handful of games, we’ve been shite since February.

We required, at least, 6 first team starters that could do a job for us in Europe. We still don’t have any, the 2 CBs may be ok.

When we played Wolves, I believed we were 2 weeks behind where we should’ve been, I think it’s more now.

And regarding BR, I honestly don’t know why he agreed to come back. There is no energy or enthusiasm about him. It’s like he knows it’s fucked and he couldn’t give a fuck.

I certainly thought he’d have played Iwata in MF on Saturday in stead of misery guts Turnbull and Maeda as a winger, FFS!

Selection for Sunday: (3 5 2)
-Ralston, Lager, Scales(?);
-Johnston, O’Riley, Iwata, CalMac, Taylor;
-Kyogo, Maeda;

Go from a back 3 to back 5 if required. The front 2 will run down their defence all day.

8 months ago

As for the board getting serious about the cheating, it’s pointless even masking, as NO Celtic board has ever called out the cheating apart from Fergus himself, and he did it single handed.

As long as the two cheeks of the same arse keep rubbing together the board are happy to get a wee tickle in between and have no interest in calling out their handshaking brethren from across the water and the LRA.

So if you must write articles asking them to do things we all know they’ll never do why not ask them to spend money wisely on a squad genuinely capable of challenging in Europe and NOT buying young inexperienced ‘project’ players who they hope ro sell at the first chance they get?

You can never build an experienced team when player churn is two years or less.

8 months ago

“…the board for not spending that chunk of cash they’re sitting on…though heaven help them should they spend it on the wrong player, one who doesn’t score four on his debut at Ibrox and save a couple of penalties”

What an absolutely ridiculous thing to say.

If he scores a hat-trick and saves 1 penalty he’ll be good enough for me.

This was a typically schizophrenic article, that can be read on any Tic forum (is it us, probably but footy fans in general).

The board and management are lauded for signing cheap young prospects to replace missing (permanent and short & long term) proven talent, when the money is there to do it properly.

Then the board are lambasted for their failure to challenge officialdom.

The former is far easier to do, as it’s in our control, whereas the latter will require building consensus.

Personally, I can’t see how you can be happy with one and not the other and vice versa but each to their own.

Caption “I can see you and you can see me therefore no handball”

Woof Charlie
8 months ago

I saw a twitter post with a suggested Sunday line up of 3 new transfers. No names just the professional equivalent of ‘trialist.’ Like it’s jumpers for goals, first to 21 and backy-in. Any manager leaving who persuaded several young men to cross the globe to play for him is going to result in a rebuild. No I’m not happy with recent results but it’s a rebuild and let’s see how that works out. But I’m not seeing much of the turkey teeth from BR. He looks cheesed off. But he’s a big boy and it’s up to him to sort it.

8 months ago

Good article Ralph although I do feel you are letting the board off lightly. The Club should have been onto the SFA after the Kilmarnock game about the elbow on Taylor.

In relation to transfer policy all the quick transfers done previously were done via Ange. There is no way the Club were scouting Maeda, ideguchi Hatate , Kobayashi and Kyogo before Ange came in. I am hoping the scouting team pull some gems out of the bag this week , like they did with Jota CCV and AJ.

I am 100 per cent behind the manager I only hope he is not being undermined from within the club like he was before.

Dr Michael Hfuhruhurr
8 months ago

What a load of drivel!
To suggest that a section of the support are behaving hysterical which is unwarranted suggests it’s written by someone who’s in the pocket of the board.
I’ve been accused in the past of belonging to the ‘entitled’ mob, which I dispute and take offence to, and just because I don’t have a season ticket doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion.
There may be injuries hampering BR at the moment but that doesn’t disguise the fact that we need strengthening, particularly at LB,GK and CM with another temporary CB, to suggest otherwise is lunacy and participating in the CL with the present squad would be suicidal.
We should take a leaf out of Ajax’s book and re invest a larger percentage of player sales proceeds in to the team by acquiring established players. I hear you screaming ‘ what like Calvin Bassey’ which is the exception, however I think they got most of their £25M back from selling him to Fulham.
I’m not expecting much in the next 48 hours but do expect that we’ll get turned over at Ipox and in the CL which makes me wonder whether being a supporter is rather futile, but like any addiction it’s hard to give up.

8 months ago

Yes it the beginning of the season yearly sky is falling time. For one reason or another we see the very worst case scenarios of everything. Magnify a result here or there to a trend of dismal failure 3 games in. Then of course we get into regular games and wins come and the next thing we know we’ve wine the league again!

8 months ago

This may be more hope than possibility but if there’s ANY chance we could get Eric Dier in on loan, even a very expensive 1 yr. loan, I think it would make ultimate sense. That alone probably rules him out! He’s a versatile defender with huge experience and we desperately need someone like this for at least the next coupla months. There’s talk he’s available and not at as exorbitant a fee as maybe expected. We NEED to lift the title for guaranteed CL groups and the money from that alone would cover any outlay by a country mile. I’m a Tim so I can always dream. The Diary didn’t help my frame of mind after the w/end result but dreaming always does, so FFS Ralph less pragmatism and more upbeat please. Thanks.
PS WE STILL NEED A ‘KEEPER TO CHALLENGE BIG JOE so FFS Celtic, do your bloody jobs!

8 months ago
Reply to  TicToc

Awwww poor wee sevco, they got just what ma doctor ordered and Goldson rounded it off beautifully. Brendan has to put a side together to get a result on Sunday and that fukkin shower will implode, just as ma doctor ordered!

8 months ago

hopefully Nat philips isnt as bad as that big donkey shane duffy.

8 months ago

Sitting in my hotel in Helsinki watching this scum play PSV. Not seen them all season but thought I’d put my game on my tablet hoping they get pumped. Only 27 minutes in so a long way to go but … they are playing like a team. We are not.
Everyone’s correct, nothing is won or lost after a few league games. But I’m at the games wondering what the hell Roger’s tactics are … regardless of whose out. It’s bad but it happens. Good managers need to work around injuries and get the available players mentally ready for the challenge ahead, If players were knocking their pans in and losing, I would stand up and applaud. But we look clueless. And, worse, we look gutless. We took off a leftback last week and we all could see the fight in the team leave the field with our Canadian. That should not happen. Not for any player at any level.
Rodgers threw on players that could run (with the exception of Jamesie who can’t run anymore) at what I can only say was desperation playing in positions that probably confused them more than us.
Never mind knee jerk reactions … folk who’ve been watching The Tic for a long time all know something is wrong. Not quite sure what it is but something isn’t right.
Good news? Whilst typing this, PSV have just scored!
Have a good night folks.

8 months ago
Reply to  JimmyBhoy

I’m watching too and the basket of assets are awful should be about 8-1. Please hold your prolapse of their teamwork till the game is over.

8 months ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

Praise not prolapse 🙂

8 months ago
Reply to  JimmyBhoy

a team of what. If that’s a team and we aren’t playing like a team then I guess there’s hope.

Woof Charlie
8 months ago

And when we beat them on Sunday all of a sudden a big jeelly puddin’ is flying through the air.

8 months ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

With ice cream

8 months ago

Comedy gold, son.

Salad Queen.
8 months ago

I am fearful for Sunday the mib will do his upmost to assist the hun after tonight’s result. The good thing and a massive advantage is that the scum will
play a league game on a Sunday after Europe, we have to capitalise on this.

8 months ago
Reply to  Salad Queen.

I watched PSV Eindhoven take them apart…and PSV were good, but not great.
On 30 minutes that thug Lundstrom raked his studs down a player’s leg from knee to instep.
The ref caught it, gave the free kick to PSV and warned the thug he’d be off if he did similar again.
On Sunday the thug will be given free license to maim Celtic players. As for that horrible skinny
mutant with bum fluff on his face (Cantwell) he was at the sleekit kick and elbow stuff as well. They obviously will be getting away with worse on Sunday with a Scottish (always unsighted) “ref” on their side who will be itching to award a penalty against Celtic when the usual diving starts.
We can take a bit of confidence from the fact that their defense is shocking…cue Goldson’s blooper.
I hope we shoot more often and not always try to walk the ball through their defense.
They’re gonna be desperate to win having been gubbed by PSV and their fans will be unforgiving if
Celtic come away with a point or points. They have home advantage and officialdom advantage, but
they are under immense pressure now and can’t afford to lose.

8 months ago

Lost tribe lost.

8 months ago

9 man team training the morrow at Lennoxtown.

8 months ago

McCoist claiming Goldson was offside was the highlight of the evening.

8 months ago

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sevco panacea FC.

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