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Celtic Diary Tuesday August 8: Getting Wind Of Change

After a few weeks without the pressure of having to qualify for the UCL, manager Brendan Rodgers seems to be ready to make the changes to the squad he wants to.


At least, that’s how it will probably be dressed up.



In reality, some want away.


Carl Starfelt will go, of that there’s no doubt. He wants to be closer to Jacynta, the former Celtic ladies player. Let’s hope she knows he is on his way and this isn’t some kind of romantic surprise.


In my own experience, when  your partner moves to another town and you follow her, they usually charge you with stalking and take out a restraining order.



Reo Hatate was offered the same contract extension as Kyogo and Maeda, but decided not to take it up.  That tells us all we need to know about where he feels his future lies. Or, at least, where it doesn’t.



David Turnbull has been promoted to the first team, and is being promoted as his replacement. no doubt a journalist somewhere is already preparing his “story ” to deflect from the loss of the Japanese playmaker.



There’s nothing wrong with that, but it is a bit of a downgrade initially, so maybe there is room for a marquee signing.



Alben Ajeti is wanted by a Swiss club, but it’s not known what for.



On the way in could well be Gustaf Lagerbielke, a Swedish centre half who, at 6 foot 3 , will increase the average height of the squad. Most see him as a replacement for Starfelt, but in truth that slot has already been filled.



Interestingly, that would give us three quality centre backs, which hints at a change in style for European games, especially when you factor in the promotion of the versatile Turnbull.



While at Leicester, Rodgers alternated between various shapes and formations depending on the opposition, something which didn’t occur to him whilst at Celtic.


Which led to some embarrassing European nights.


Which might be what he meant when he said he wanted to make a mark in Europe.



His time at Leicester may have made him a more streetwise manager than he was four years ago.



We may yet have a decent European campaign if we can combine the swashbuckling of last year with a little more concentration on stifling our opponents.



Dare I say I’m quite looking forward to it ?



head-shake gifs | WiffleGif



Ach, at least it won’t be dull.



With no midweek football for Celtic, we can look at how other Scottish clubs will fare.


Well, alright, just one.



Because it’s always good to laugh at those less fortunate than ourselves.




Even if they may be on the brink of spotting what’s wrong with their team….and crucially, their manager.






One wonders if that explains the new Papal guard style away kit….



Swiss guard recruits swear allegiance to Pope Francis



Although it might just be a sublime advertising stunt…



B&M steps up expansion after lockdown sales boom | Retail industry | The  Guardian




Instead of looking at why Beale is professionally inept, they’ve gone down their usual route of blind bigotry, so it’s hard to feel any empathy for their current situation.



And let’s face it, things are not good over the river.




James Tavernier wants Rangers to silence false start critics with Servette response after ‘unacceptable’ opening day



Written by Andy Newport for the Record. ( the guy who started the death threats to Beaton story ) , this is a plea for help from a man who can’t cope when he’s under pressure.



And they might have chosen a better picture to accompany the story. This one looks like he’s askng Scotty to beam him up.






The insightful and inspirational leader told the hack;


……we’ve got a very important game round the corner on Wednesday which is the perfect way to answer our performance and rectify what we need to do. It’s about moving forward and making sure this doesn’t happen again. It’s going to be a different game. It’s at home to a European team and obviously European teams play differently to teams in our league. 



They haven’t told him who they’re playing, have they ? Or he’s forgotten.



“But I know as a team what we’ve worked on during pre-season and the boys will answer straight back. We’ll be looking forward to it. Obviously Saturday really hurt – and it should. But we can’t dwell on it too much and we have to move forward.”



It’s fairly obvious to anyone what they’ve worked on during the close season, and that’s lumping the ball forward to the new lumps they’ve dragged in up front.



This probably isn’t real, but it does speak for the hordes….or grunt, I suppose.






Fashion Sakala is away, as the club/company try to raise funds in a non share issue kind of way, and he’s sent the hordes a message.



Translated from the original crayon, it says….







His agent presumably deleted the end bit, where he says


Now fuck off and leave me alone



Keep your eye out for an appeal court ruling later in the week about the use of the word “Hun “, which could be termed sectarian in law.


A ruling which could be made public almost immediately after their UCL game…..depending on the result.



Yesterday, we had this….





Corrupt Official


Tav(pen) can’t disguise his anguish as he implores Goldson if he knows another word for “Disappointed”, to use in his match reaction presser.







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1 month ago

I guess all young men think young women are very different, I hope força Starfeldt he made the right choice. We didn’t know the difference between him and CCV st first. Starfeldt turned out well but CCV turned out essential. Carl always had a mistake in him and rarely scored. I hope his replacements bring more threat at the opponents en oif the pitch. Is Brendan more streetwise, he has more European experience sndcthe Hatate and O’ Reilly rumours are not good. If they leave late in thec transfer window we will have problems domestically as well as in Europe.

The Cha
1 month ago
Reply to  BJF

Not heard the O’Reilly rumour, what’s that about?

1 month ago
Reply to  The Cha

Cha constantly being linked with clubs such as Leeds, Forest , maybe Middlesbrough. Maybe his agents is just doing his bit.

The Cha
1 month ago
Reply to  BJF

2 Championship clubs and a potential 1 next season, so hopefully nothing too appealing for him.

1 month ago

Caption – “Put the needle on the record” it’s DJ Thatch down on the beach bang’s out the beats to welcome all our new refugees off the boats. “All this scratching is making me itch”

George Lazenbhoy
1 month ago

Get “ashes to sashes” the debut album from rotting in hell

John E Mitchell
1 month ago

“Now pop pickers, One shall play a special request for young Mickey Beale from Bromley. This is UB40 with ‘One In Ten’ “.

1 month ago

Don’t know why I’m hearing “hang the DJ, hang the DJ, hang the DJ” all of a sudden.

1 month ago

“Sand down Margaret..sand down please..”

Tbh i’l no be that fussed if Hatate leaves. When he’s at it he’s brilliant but more often he’s erratic with his passing and gives the ball away more than anybody.Granted he tries a lot of clever passes but loses possession regulary which I would imagine Brendan wont like.
Would like to see a bit of pace in the midfield, someone who can drive at opposition defences and commit their cb’s(which Hatate did on a good day tbf).Big Tony struggled a bit on Sat and better cover at rb might be on cards.
Countys first goal on Sat was a freak header tho big Joe looked a bit indecisive and got caught out at back post..def think a new keeper will be bought.

Hail Hail

1 month ago

Post awaiting approval so caption comment might be a day this comment might

Woof Charlie
1 month ago

Caption: Michael Portillo’s boast about sampling two 7-inch singles simultaneously is lost on a Grantham housewife.

1 month ago

Nice tattoos..

1 month ago

Caption – Do no worry second fans, you can all take out your frustrations on me, only two at a times please.

1 month ago

Just before this the bitch had been giving a typical speech on “free enterprise” and “blah de blah” when an enlightened listener shouted: “FFS Margaret, change the record!”

Hoop hoop hooray
1 month ago

And now the new single from elvis costello ‘tramp the dirt down’

1 month ago

Comings and goings at football clubs will always raise eyebrows and are often controversial but they happen anyway. Once Nawrocki came in I felt absolutely okay about Carl Starfelt leaving but it’s now make-your-mind-up-time with Scales, Welsh and Yuki too. Starfelt did a lot of very good work but was almost always let down by his lack of concentration and regular errors. Hatate will be a bigger loss but his change in attitude has been palpable and if he wants to go then let him but hold out for top dollar as he’ll be expensive to replace. I think we ALL see the need for another ‘keeper and I’d still love to see Livakovic come in, probably to take over No 1. Big Joe’s been great for us and he’d still be great to have around ready to fuill in when necessary and maybe a coaching role too.
Overall I feel pretty happy with our squad with 2 or 3 incoming to replace leavers.

1 month ago
Reply to  TicToc

100% ticktock.

1 month ago

And the Lord said “Satan will come to you in many guises”

Jimmy Doc
1 month ago

Home Office’s latest migrant deterrent hailed a success as every f**ker flees beach in terror.

1 month ago

‘I’m not for turning’ the Mole stated as he watched his merry men.

Karl King
1 month ago

Caption: Pea Diddys

The Cha
1 month ago

“On the way in could well be Gustaf Lagerbielke, a Swedish centre half who, at 6 foot 3 , will increase the average height of the squad. Most see him as a replacement for Starfelt, but in truth that slot has already been filled.

Interestingly, that would give us three quality centre backs”

I really hate this, we’ve got a guy who’s played 1 game and another, supposedly on his way, and they’re already kwality with a capital K, no need to wait and see.

With Johnston out for a bit and Joe stumbling and fumbling, on top of losing our Starman, are we back to experimental defences early season?

Gustaf might turn out to be out of this world but at £3m its the same lowball bottom feeding investment that’s unlikely to trouble any Champs League oppo.

Isn’t Turnbull in the final year of his contract with Rodgers saying he’ll wait and see before offering an extension?

Caption “Ding dong, anyone know a good song?”

Not the caption competition – The Pope’s 11?

WhatsApp Image 2023-08-08 at 14.11.12.jpg
1 month ago

Caption …
” next up , jethro Tull with witches promise “

1 month ago

The diarist implies that our manager needs to become ‘street-wise’. But he has already managed Liverpool, Leicester and Celtic (twice) – and with some success. Surely, he must have acquired some nous on that journey.

ps If Hatate leaves it will be a big loss.

1 month ago

Echo the Hatate big loss, buy he’s been off it for ages tbh. Even in Japan he looked grumpy. I think Brendan has had a go at him and Haska for attitude and neither have liked it. By the looks Berni might be in that naughty step now as well. Might be completely wrong. HH

Andrew Coyle
1 month ago

Caption.DJ Milk Snatcher after her big Weekender gig gets ready for a BANGING night back at The Brighton Hotel

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