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Celtic Diary Monday August 7: Monday Morning Sure Looks Fine

And we’re off.



Scottish football roared back onto the scene over the weekend, and as is usually the case, there were a few opening weekend surprises.



Celtic kickstarted the season by raising the league flag, courtesy of James Forrest, who hung around long enough to get the last twenty minutes or so, but Ross County immediately showed they weren;t there to just make up the numbers.


Hoofing the ball up front from the kick off, they managed a shot on goal and a corner or two, and even a penalty claim before Celtic restored order and raced into a 3-0 lead.



At least they tried, and whilst it was refreshing to see a team have a go at Celtic Park, it was nowhere near the “bright start ” or “Celtic not having it their own way ” burbled out by the BBC sportsound commentary team.



The transition from Postecoglou to Rodgers has been fairly smooth off the field, so it was reassuring to see the players continue their tradition of blowing out of their arses on the hour mark, something Rodgers clearly didn’t expect, but lets face it, he knows now.


Other than that, the star of the show was David Turnbull, who scored, assisted and showed us that when Reo Hatate goes, we won’t have to buy a replacement.



One thing that was noticeable was that one of his team mates, Matt O’Riley, singled out his contribution, and in a post match interview, praised the former Motherwell man for his hard work and attitude.



The manager may have changed, but the players remain as a unit.



Well, those that do stay will remain as a unit.



Carl Starfelt has fulfilled his side of the bargain and waited until a replacement is bedded in, and will be allowed to leave for sunnier climes.


And , of course, the real reason he wants to go…. Jacynta Prema de Nieva Galabadaarachchi  



New name but a familiar look; Jacynta finds her next club after Celtic




Fair play to him for chasing loves dream.



Though to be honest, most men would have required one of these to tear us away from this delightful young maiden….



Construction crane Vectors & Illustrations for Free Download | Freepik



With Ange Postecoglou starting to realise that his charges at Tottenham think they’ve already hit the big time, he’s finding it frustrating and difficult to motivate them. So don’t be surprised if he puts in an offer for Reo Hatate, who hasn’t looked as happy as he was last year.


We expected to lose a couple of players, and we will.


Haksabanovic is another who doesn’t seem to want to hang around, and over the next few weeks the requests from the manager for a quick chat with individual players will increase.



Football, like life, goes on.




Whilst BBC Radio was a little more than peturbed about the Celtic result, their counterparts on television held court in a studio that lacked pretty much everything you’d expect from a national sports show.



During the opening credits, the camera moved towards the three man panel, presenter Stephem Thompson and “experts ” Neil McCann and Charlie “I mean ” Mulgrew .


They held the expressions of teenage brothers greeting their parents on a monday morning after holding a house party in their absence, each waiting apprehensively for their dad to ask “who the fuck put my car on the bastard roof ? ”



Though to be fair, Sky sports managed to find an even cheerier profile…







Someone needs to point out to the former Celt he doesn’t need to say “I mean ” in every sentence, as it diminishes the point in the previous one, which kind of negates everything he says.



The theme on the telly was pretty much the same theme running through the mainstream media….Celtic need to make some big money signings, and are actually not as good as last year.



Which, incidentally, matched this statement from Malky MacKay, the ross county manager….



Presumably his point is that County could have scored whilst Celtic were focused on a third side on the pitch,




Elsewhere, Hearts began their campaign with a win over St johnstone in Perth, and they looked lively, to say the least.



If they keep their players fit and healthy, they will cause us problems this season.



Aberdeen dropped their first points which was a surprise, but elsewhere, everything went pretty much as we could have expected.




Plucky newcomers “rangers “, having lost almost an entire first team to a much needed financial restructuring, and they can’t do another share issue for a few weeks, started a number of their cut price and freebie recruitments at Rigby Park , Kilmarnock, and it was clear almost from the start that they had recruited from the bottom end of the market as they slipped to a 1-0 defeat.



Derek McInnes apologised to the Ibrox board afterwards, but also said that he couldn’t help it as the team were just not good enough to even pretend to lay down to.



There had been real fear among some supporters , and real hope among others, that this new “rangers ” new look side would take the game by storm with a mixture of skill, strength and passion, with Todd Cantwell dominating as a master of all of these traits….











The mainstream media will shrug this off as a glitch, probably using this weeks UCL qualifier as an excuse for a far from acceptable performance from their heroes, but the scales are falling from even the most staunch of eyes…those that have two, at least, and not one in the middle of their foreheads……







But only some of them…






Though there may have been another problem….






Father Antony CP
The SFA will be hearing about that ball on Monday.






Never mind, when their backs are against the wall, and the breaks are beating the boys, someone will answer the call.




Glasgow's Green & White – Cheer Up Graeme Murty is only a phone call away -  Celtic Fanzine





It wouldn’t be Scottish football if we didn’t mention the referees, and there was one incident at the weekend that intrigued me.



Is this a penalty ?







And here’s something else to think about, on this the happiest of happy mondays….



what’s going on here ?







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the real Anton Rogan
1 month ago

Haw Collum, what time do ah get ma penalty?

1 month ago

Tav(pen) can’t disguise his anguish as he implores Goldson if he knows another word for “Disappointed”, to use in his match reaction presser.

1 month ago

Caption – tavpen to the ref. really, you’re not going to give us a penalty today!

1 month ago

It’s alright for you Goldson, I’m the one that’s going to have to say how disappointed I am in the post match interview. AGAIN!!! It’s about time you had a shot of the captain’s armband.

1 month ago

I can take all the throw ins , but don’t think I’m going to defend theirs , that’s what you lot are here for…

1 month ago

Plastic team on a plastic pitch, as for County they came to bully and foul, fortunately no one was injured, the studs down the back of Kyogo leg was a red card. But as usual the muppets buy into the crap the media spout, their hatred is legend, Kweevins and the the clown (sports writer of the year) in the Daily Mail showed their dislike for anything Celtic, whilst allowing Micky the Genius to escape.
Loved Boyd’s idiot features, and The female was almost greeting.

How long have I been here, where am I,, what’s happening Goldie?

1 month ago

Caption ‘im disappointed’

1 month ago

Caption : ‘Seriously, you’re on how much a week’?

tony carlin
1 month ago

Tavpen. “I’m so staunch I’ve got my scary Jaws teeth in the day!”

1 month ago

Caption – here lad I think I’ve just shat myself

1 month ago

Cap: “ I knew I should have left when I could.”
Good opening day, the Green Brigade delivered and so did Derek McKinnes, seriously did I really say that. I see the pitch was the problem, lucky Celtic don’t have to play on it then.

The Cha
1 month ago
Reply to  BJF

When we drop points away, its our fault, which it is.

The same with them but, if they try to excuse it blaming the pitch, then they’re not dealing with their problems, which is good for us.

1 month ago
Reply to  The Cha
Joe McDonagh
1 month ago

Tavers “I need to learn from this”

The Cha
1 month ago

Very disappointing for me that Starfelt is leaving.

I know Nawrocki has looked good but its early days and we need more not less experience and first team ready players not projects.

For all his alleged aberrations, he’s been a solid defensive partner for CCV that will be missed.

I also hate this Celtic attitude of getting rid of experience when a new first team ready player joins rather than recognising the need for quality depth in the squad.

This happened when Eddy joined,a month or so later Dembele was out the door and others.

With a lot of fans Hartlessly wanting Joe melted down for glue, on top of Mooy and Jota’s exits, then we’re seriously depled in the quality experienced ranks.

Still £30-50m will see us win the biscuit tin bragging rights over the Hun, so that’s alright then.

The Cha
1 month ago

Caption “Crack Swiss side coming up? We’d struggle against the Vatican Swiss Guard”

Hoop hoop hooray
1 month ago

Use your f**king hands Conor.

Owen Mullions
1 month ago

The Swiss Guard wear whit colours!!!?

1 month ago

Most, if not all of them (players and pundits) start sentences with I mean!!!!!!
Gets on na tits

1 month ago
Reply to  Jas

Ah mean, I know what you mean, but that’s a bit mean, as the mean pundit is neither most or all, if you know what a mean

Andrew Coyle
1 month ago

Caption.Aw man i,ve been trying for years to get a beard like yours

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
1 month ago

Caption: “how much did slippy offer you?”

Woof Charlie
1 month ago

Caption. You know those biscuit selection boxes that Foxes do? Aye! We’ll see the round ones with currants and wee hard bits of sugar? Aye! I cut them out with my teeth as a wee sideline.

1 month ago

What’s going on here? This morning at 6.22 I received an email telling me a post I sent on June 23rd had passed moderation. Think I’ll stick to the pony express in future.

1 month ago

Oh, I must say, Andy Halliday is looking mighty groovy.

1 month ago

We will learn from this, mark my words

Uibh fhaili
1 month ago

Connor are you staying around for another season of this pish

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