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Talking a Semi with Tadhg Hickey ( ETims Podcast)

Hector, Monty and Desi get together along with a very special guest on the eve of the Scottish Cup Semi Final.

They are joined by The Pride of Cork ( copyright Mr T Hickey) Mr Tadhg Hickey, the man behind those brilliant and cutting videos and the only person we ever enjoy seeing in a Rangers strip.

They get together to discuss the Semi Final, how easy it was for glory hunters to get tickets.

They contemplate what the line up in the big game could be and what should Celtic look out for and more importantly how can Celtic hurt Rangers at Hampden and at Ibrox in the league.

They look at recent financial aspects coming into play and how football has changed over the years and in different locations.

They look forward to Tadhg’s up and coming tour covering all the major venues including Glasgow, Dublin, Cork, London,Cardiff and Belfast!

There’s even a special wee closing Quiz and outro inspired by Tadhg’s brilliant Eurovision offering “Are you sorry for what you did?”.


You can visit Tadhgs website at


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11 months ago

a wiz daen a bit a hun watchin the day wer did awe they zombies go a wis wanty converse but alas thur dark hearts wurnae up fur it heh heh aint huns no very good in conversation ha ha ha ha aint zombies dumb

11 months ago

bye the way young tadhg has got great patter

11 months ago
Reply to  charlie

tadhg ma uncles a cork man 80 yrs auld nd he sais yer worth the watchin kid so ye canny be bad heh heh

11 months ago

bye and bye tadhg see wen a wis a wain sum horrible person stole ma pet worm av never got over it but a ticket tae yer next show could maybe help ma mournin by the way am skint so weel need tae bring oot yer charitable side iff yoov got wan ya crackpot heh heh

11 months ago

ffs went intae the pub and a zombie wis talkin about wummins fitba he reckons the seasons no overyet heh heh aint huns dumb nae herm tae wummns fitba but ///

Angus Agrippa
11 months ago
Reply to  charlie

Where there’s dope there’s hope 🙂

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