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Hail the League Cup WInners – Etims Podcast

Hector, Monty and Ralph join Desi to discuss the last few weeks and that glorious League Cup Final victory at Hampden.

  • They look at results since the last pod, the victores and so many different goalscorers.
  • They look at the week leading up to the Final..the attitudes, the various comments, the mind-games.
  • They look at the game itself and highlight the football intelligence and compare Ange’s ideas to “BealeBall”.


"Know Your Limits"
“Know Your Limits”



  • They discuss the great team ethic across the players, management and staff and how well Ange has done building such a great environment.
  • They compare the impact of players developing after recent arrivals and no impact from players departing to play elsewhere.
  • They look ahead to the Hearts double header and closing out the season to ensure the Title is retained.
  • The pod ends with a great song from Ellie Dixon…a wonderful version of “Jota on the wing” good even the BBC liked it!
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1 year ago

Stupid Stupid Huns

1 year ago

” ordered something & never got it “- Ralph….
Was it from Amazon?

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