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Celtic Diary Monday February 27: Growing Up

Celtic duly secured the first silverware of the season yesterday with a 2-1 win over ” rangers “.


G.A.A.R. -- 3/17/17 -- There Was Much Rejoicing Edition | BoardGameGeek



A few scuppered chances at the end of the game allowed the scoreline to remain respectable, but in truth there was very little on offer from the Invincibeales when the tough questions were asked of them.


Kyogo Fuhruhashi continued his monopoly on League cup final goals since his arrival from the east, bagging both goals in a similar fashion, with the repky coming from an equally predatory strike from bubbly chubby Alfredo Morelos, in what might prove to be his last important contribution to the now lost cause.


Chubs was substituted later, despite an enthusiastic contribution, which led to the traditional tantrum. He kicked a chair as he left the proceedings, before rolling over in search of a penalty.


He didn’t get one, and in fact, none of them got one, which means that both John Beaton and referee Nick Walsh will be transfer listed in the summer to raise much needed funds for the rebuild, which will now be the narrative in the media to encourage season book sales on the end of a campaign that hasn’t really built on the progress made under Giovanni van Bronckhurst.



Beale may have been the brains on Gerrard’s coaching staff. relatively speaking, but out front in the big job he is sadly lacking, and his post match interview saw him make reference to how big a job he’d taken on.


Still, on the bright side, he’ll be home for Christmas, and possibly even Easter.



For Celtic, we saw a much more mature performance than we maybe expected.


Put simply, they adapted, and added a more cerebral approach to their usual swashbuckling style, which in turn is perhaps an indication of things to come in next seasons Champions League.



The defence was solid, and when the lines had to be cleared, they were cleared, a more pragmatic approach than what had become a predictable playing from the back style.


Carter Vickers and Starfelt were rocks, ably supported by Taylor and Johnston, the latter filling in admirably for Josip Juranovic after his departure.


The Canadian has stepped in and it looks like he’s been there for years. Whilst his signing didn;t raise many headlines, he could well prove to be the best of the lot.



In midfield, Aron Mooy and Reo Hatate combined to supplement the energy of Calum MacGregor, and when not in possession, Dazen Maeda became the fourth man, the latter surely high on the list of any energy drink company looking for a man to sell their stuff….


Kyogo was where he needed to be when he needed to be there, and Jota did his bit out wide, swapping sides with Maeda to further confuse the Ibrox blue wall.



As usual, the substitutes did their bit, adding to the team rather than just replacing someone in a shirt, and on another day they could all have been on the scoresheet.



From all that, though, we can say things are changing, the team is a little more streetwise, and a little more experienced.



From very early on, the level of communication between Hatate and Mooy has been evident to anyone who cares to look, and although that’s maybe their style, the rest of the team seems to have joined in.



When Joe Hart opted to “go long “, he no longer needs to ask the manager..or captain… for permission.


When he first did that, the rest of the players seemed to get the message.



They would do what it takes to get the result, and worked as a unit.



We may well have witnessed the end of the beginning of the masterplan.




Of course, that’s not how the media see it.



In particular, this tear stained piece from Keith Jackson refuses to see what was happening before his eyes.


Probably down to the tears, in fairness…..






A neutral would have found the game entertaining, and after all, football should be entertaining.


That’s why they put it on the telly.



Jackson clearly sees one thing, even if he is loathe to publish.



“rangers ” are dying on their feet. Their manager, despite the hype, is no more than a rookie at this level, and he sends a message similar to all those who bluster.


Bluster which in retrospect seems as designed to convince him as those around him.



He had claimed that his two new signings, Cantwell and Rasmin, would kick his side on for the run in.



He left them both out, and then brought them into play as his charges gained some momentum, which was bizarre in itself.



Afterwards, he lamented that the players, who he gathered at the final whistle to tell them where they went wrong, hadn’t performed, blind to the possibility that they probably didn’t want to, which will be evident in the remainder of the campaign.



His credibility is shot, not only among the support, but among his players, who went straight to the dressing room after receiving their medals.


The hordes are also questioning their captain, the false flag that is James Tavernier, serial loser and serial bottler. He has the courage to take a penalty and the occasional set piece, but as a leader he lacks the basics, such as leadership skills.



For them, 2023 is already over. Lack of assets to raise funds means they will have to hope that they can bring in some of the talented kids we hear so much about, or find a couple of fans who have always wanted to play for them before they retire.


Neither is offering them much hope, and perhaps it would be best just to turn off the machine that keeps them going.



One fan posted this, and I’ll wager he’s not the only one in a bit of a funk….



As for the good guys, we have seen the future of our club.



It’s name is angeball.



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Tony Carlin
11 months ago

that guy burning his prized Louden 55 shirt needs medical help he shouldn’t be allowed near fire or anything sharp, especially not a ballot paper anyway

more to be pitied than scorned

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
11 months ago

So shite does burn!

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
11 months ago

Beale copied Ange’s substitute timings as if to try and nullify the effect, only issue was the quality he could bring in. Shame that

John E Mitchell
11 months ago

‘Proud’ owners of #55 shirts have been advised not to smoke whilst wearing them. A minor problem has been reported vis a vis fire retardant compliance issues.

11 months ago

Heeha..another trophy in cabinet…thousands of huns really spewing yesterday..the ones i spoke to are blamin it all on Beale,wrong team selection…
Mooy and Hatate were excellent setting up goals.Central defense made very few mistakes.spell in the 2nd half we idled on ball and played to many bad passes but could and should have been anothet couple of goals..big Matt dearie me..what a chance.
I really like Haksabanovic..hope he hangs a good atitude and plenty of skill..he’l def be a player for us .

Woof Charlie
11 months ago

By all means quote the Record but please don’t paste it in. I’ve got a screen protector on my phone but it gets really smeared. Of course I’m pleased but worth reminding how utterly awful they are. Are the Columbian mafia blackmailing them into playing fat boy? Park seemed lush that seemed to impair passing particularly Maeda. We have 4 or 5 unforced errors that a CL club would have scored from. But the lads are coming together and the team unity seems stronger than ever. Jelly and ice cream.

11 months ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

I actually thought Tubs was a handful (well, several) and one of their better players (a low bar).

Ridiculously out of condition and a damning indictment of his and their lack of professionalism.

For all the clamouring pre and post-match for Cantwell and Raskin to start, there’s no way that Beale would’ve left them out if he thought they could do a job against a fresh, starting Celtic midfield.

They’re clearing not up to it at the moment (if ever), another damnation when you look at how well our recent recruits have adapted.

11 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

Aye, and the Daily Retcher printed glowing predictions of these wonderful new signings who were going to light up *rangers ‘ challenge this season. Of course that was more to placate the orcs who are starting to grumble ever more loudly about signings. Gone are the days of buying a Gazza, Laudrup, Butcher they don’t have the unlimited credit with the bank and they also have to pay their tax and N.I. like every other “loyal” citizen.
A cup win yesterday would have kept the hysteria running and the orcs swallowing the media propaganda and dipping into their pockets….now Beale is one slip away from his era ending abruptly. And if we win the treble, there’ll be much weeping and gnashing of teeth from the “ragers” as they are coming to be known, and they’ll be demanding heads on a pike.
“Postegoglu? where do they get these guys from hahaha?”
From heaven Boyd, from heaven.

11 months ago

The hun who set the ‘55’ shirt on fire has disproved something we have all believed. Shite does burn.

11 months ago

The media clearly showed their hatred and bias on the run into the Final, hysteria is now replaced by stupidity as they see the future lurch into view. These guys must be bealing!

11 months ago

Ange and Celtic were probably just lucky——again.
Grey bars.

11 months ago

To be fair to the Record (not a sentiment I normally have) Jury, 2 out of the 3 call it correctly, with only the prick Jackson displaying Sevco Sanitation Slurping sour grapes.

He also has a pop at the Green Brigade, while nothing on the Onion Bears desecrating the pre-match minute’s applause.

He’s obviously a hurting Hun and that makes me a happy chappy.

A great day yesterday, with the only downside being our inability to make the score reflect our dominance.

The Hun hordes had left in droves before the final whistle, which is unusual as there was only 1 goal in it but they knew that even little Nicky Walsh couldn’t help them out.

We need to sharping our ruthlessness for Europe next season and shouldn’t let our domestic dominance cloud that it will be our undoing on the big stage, as it was this season.

11 months ago

And Jesus put his hand on Cameron’s shoulder
and said “Upon this rock I will build my defense”

11 months ago

A brothers word is of paramount importance.

Sevcos Culture and Mindsetterer, Allistair McCaw.

Hahaha, hang on, give me a second. Hahahaha.

11 months ago
Reply to  portpower

sevco new*

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