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Celtic Diary Wednesday January 11: Summit Better Change

The SFA will meet with representatives to discuss what some may call teething problems with the use of new technology which was introduced to help referees.


After just three months of VAR it’s fair to say they’ve made an arse of it.




In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if that was the theme of the meeting, although whoever represents Celtic should be a little more polite than that when asked for their opinion.



The matter should be handled diplomatically, and I’d suggest an approach along the lines of


You’re a bunch of cheating bastards



would not be conducive to a productive meeting.



Maybe better to wish them a happy new year first.




VAR isn’t working, the officials don;t seem to be using it impartially. One could also argue that they have a decision in their minds before looking at the evidence, and using that evidence to confirm their original opinion, which is why it takes so long for them to make their mind up.



A bit like a black fellow in front of an Alabama jury. The jury has decided he’s guilty, and they will adjust the rules accordingly.



Scottish clubs need to tell the SFA that the way VAR is being used is unacceptable. And threaten to withdraw funding if it is not corrected.



And how is that to be corrected ?



Simple. Any official with any emotional or professional links to any club must not be allowed to officiate either on the pitch or off it where the outcome of that game directly affects them.




this removes the perception of bias at a stroke.




This Saturday, Celtic will face Greg Aitken, sorry, Kilmarnock in the first of the League Cup semi finals.



I was right the first time.



Greg Aitken will be the official in charge of the result.



He’s the VARman for the day.



This Greg Aitken.



Conflicts of Interest? Greg Aitken, Celtic's Hampden VAR, the Kilmarnock and McCoist connections |



Impartial ?






As was pointed out on VideoCelts….Aitken went to school in Kilmarnock, lives in Kilmarnock and is described on his facebook page as from Kilmarnock.



How can he possibly be allowed to be judge jury and executioner in a game featuring Kilmarnock ?




Playing devil’s avocate. this is not evidence that he’s a cheat, but it does invoke that perception of bias, which , as Schroedingers Cat explained in his article last week, is a result of studies that show subconscious bias is almost impossible to avoid in sports refereeing.



In short, Aitken should not be allowed in a position of influence in a one off cup match.



Celtic should point out that this is unacceptable.



Other clubs, perhaps not surprisingly, see the two Glasgow rivals as the ugly sisters, two cheeks of the same arse and so on.



In order for them to feel that they would have the support of one of them, our club needs to take the lead here. Only then will they see that it’s [perhaps worth jumping on the bandwagon.



Without the assistance they have been getting from the refereeing circle, it’s probable that “rangers ” would have been involved in a three way tussle for second place, and with that this season comes a lucrative shot at the UCL groupos, and a certain place in the Europa groups.



Why other clubs feel that’s not worth fighting for is beyond me, and perhaps someone should address that as well.




Meanwhile, back at the ranch, if you believe the papers, nearly everyone is leaving and the Korean fellow is also wanted by “rangers “, the only stumbling block for them being that his club want a transfer fee.



Happily though, Todd Cantwell, who is a footballer and not a village in Dorset, seems happy enough to sign up for a spell at Ibrox, having been reliably informed it could kickstart his career.



Like it did for Kent, Morelos, Goldson, Hagi and so on.



Jim White

Conversations going on within

regards midfielder Todd Cantwell – said to fit Ibrox club’s playing style.  

 Poor Jim getting a touch of Keevin;s Disease there, his confusion evident as he meant “price range ” and not “playing style”.
 They haven’t got a playing style, unless he means he’s adept at taking penalties or catching the ball in the box.






What the papers are more or less calling a crisis at Celtic is the natural product of international players not getting regular football when their agents are telling them they could not only get that elsewhere, but a far better wage to boot.



The Diary pointed out that Josip Juranovic wanted away long before it became news, as for ?Giakoumakis, he’s in a huff because he thinks he’s better than he is.


He’s jumping before he’s pushed, having not quite progressed in the way it was hoped since last season.


Celtic will make money on both, maybe not as much as we’d like, but it will be a damn sight more than will be made on Kent or Morelos, and that’s something else the papers won’t mention.




We’re evolving as a team, and it should be viewed the same way as we viewed it back at the start if the Angera, in that he’s building something, and sometimes the bricks won’t fit.



So we change them.



Not only that, keep an eye on the foundations being laid in the B team. Away from the spotlight.




When you take into account that our club seems to be getting the playing side right, with a secure financial model to boot, you can maybe understand why there’s a wee bit of fear in the media.



And nothing short of stark staring terror at the SFA.







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25 days ago

Our style of play dictates that we must turnover the squad in a more frequent basis as players will out otherwise.
High energy, constant pressing takes its toll on the body.
Winning also attracts attention for your players, so the two combined, should hopefully allow the manager to keep bringing in a better standard of player than the one departing.
Players also get complacent winning all the time so new hungry players need to be brought in to keep everyone on their toes.

Dennis Doherty
25 days ago
Reply to  Justshatered

High energy , constant pressing.
It took 6 years before it finally took it,s toll on the Chicago Blackhawks.
IMHO, ice hockey is a lot more strenuous than football,but to be honest, if we can change for the better every year, lets go for it!

The Green Machine
25 days ago

Grand job again, Ralph!

You can start publishing my comments now that all the grumpy old wankers have gone, ta.

24 days ago

Not all.

The Watchers.

The Green Machine
23 days ago

Hi JimBob

You’re alright, mate.

The Green Machine
23 days ago

But why do you call yourself a wanker?

The Green Machine
23 days ago

But why do you call yourself a w@nker?

You’re happy to admit to being a w@nker, yeah ..?

23 days ago

Still got the JimBob thing wrong.
Must be a fixation or a transference issue.

The Green Machine
22 days ago

Inhavnet got your name wrong, mate …

Yiur name is Jimbo but I refer to you as JimBob because you’ remind me of the charachetr from The Waltons.

Now you’ve just admitted you’re a w@nker in public and ye don’t get much more hillbilly than that 🙂

Btw, I note you didn’t even know Celtic has a Bhoys called Kenny on their books by your dumb post over on TCB …

I think it’s time you took a long good look at yourself and your hatred of me, JimBob …



23 days ago

Boohoo Mammy, mammy big bad man saying rude things about me.

Puerile retort from a nonentity.
Enjoy your 10 minutes of self adulation.

The Green Machine
22 days ago

Sure will, JimBob.

’Night, JimBob.


The Green Machine
22 days ago

You know, JimBob, you’ve made a proper @rse of yourself on the blogs this week …

You didn’t know that Celtic have a player called Kenny, you jumped out the woodwork admitting to being a self confessed w@nker and now you’ve proven that you’d rather lurk around the edges of ETims waiting for ol’ Green Machine to show up rather than write any meaningful comment on Ralph’s excellent series of articles this week …

And you’ve the cheek to call ME ‘puerile’ …

Nae luck, w@nker.

25 days ago

Again good points. Guess it would be naive to expect those who make honest mistakes historically would be any different when shown the same situation on camera would be any different, just shows the cheating blue-noses decisions are recorded and how ridiculous they truly are and put together surely can be used to make a case to take above the SFA. Exciting times at Celtic, Ange will be wise enough to not be chased out by rumours, back-stabbing lies, Lawwell’s soft touch towards sevco and harassment from all sides. The cheating just helps sevco desperately hold into our coat tails as we conquer all before us. Hopefully Ange is with us for at least another 5 years, and I mean at least, then the real work begins, for he will be difficult to replace. Another Treble this season? COYBIG!

Damian Smyth
25 days ago
Reply to  BornCelt!

VAR has put the cheating in Scottish Football in a new light .We now have, or should have two people biased towards Rangers2012 instead of one The fact that this is allowed to continue proves to me that Crawford Allen,Kenny Clarke & our football Masons are actually involved in cheating . They need to be removed simultaneously with their bigoted foot soldiers. Celtic club & supporters & everyone else interested in having a fair decent game in Scotland have a hell of a lot of work to do . We need to show example by all singing from one hymn sheet & leaving petty jealousies out of our campaigning.

24 days ago
Reply to  Damian Smyth

Absolutely. Work as a team and we all win. COYBIG!

25 days ago

The introduction of VAR prior to the World Cup and so called ‘teething’ problems simply provided a golden opportunity for referees to try to shaft us through the awarding of ludicrous penalty decisions against Celtic. Aye just teething problems, still adjusting, getting used to things……………what a lot of tosh. If you look at EVERY game theRangers have played since the Workd Cup break, there has been a handball by a Rangers defender in the box, most of them haven’t even been checked, some of them weren’t mentioned and ONLY the incidents against Celtic were (allegedly) looked at by VAR. Presumably so that they could say well VAR looked at it in such a high profile game.

Michael Annis
25 days ago

No point in moaning to the SFA/SPL. They only care about one club and don’t give a about anyone else. They think they are untouchable. It needs to go to UEFA with the evidence and lawyers. The fans need to play their part. Action is needed and the only things that will affect 5he finances of the governing bodies will have any effect. A boycott of away games would be a start to wake up other Boards. But good luck getting fans active. Those days seem gone. They’d rather bitch on social media. The Resolution 12 guys found this ploughing a lonely furrow. .

25 days ago

It a cultural thing in Scotia, where bias is like the River Styx running below the surface. The media are a prime example of the Nelson syndrome, utter total denial of financial issues at Ibrokes, finding any excuse to bad mouth Celtic, at least one person at the club has there measure, Ange.
Overall a great piece but VAR could come back to bite them in the bum, they are stupid enough not to realise that.
Th hysteria today in the papers about McLaufferty doing cartwheels says it all, but anyone who spend a penny buying this tosh well what can u say?

25 days ago

As my late faither used to say.
Its amazing we have one the things we have with all the cheating going on..
And he passed away in 1988…

25 days ago
Reply to  Keith

Exactly. It’s nothing new, I’ve witnessed it my whole life too.
Being run by out-and-out tory, capitalist, self-serving scum is what’s always been behind it. As long as the pigs can satiate themselves at the trough they see no NEED for change. Our supporters, see it differently but it’s the mechanism for change we need to find.
I have some ideas which I’ll put to some Tims who are serious about reforming Celtic.
For starters we need (trustworthy) Board representation amongst other things. I’ll put forward my own proposals to some I know are good, safe hands and we can maybe come up with a workable strategy. Meantime, every Tim ‘worth his salt’ should be encouraging like-minded friends, family etc. to be ready to act.
Aye, we know what’s needed, it’s implementing something. All we need is a kick-start and if/when it gains traction it’ll be unstoppable. Details to come after discussion.
NB The Res 12 guys got a reasonable result by forcing some at our PLC to push for the newer, stricter replacement for FFP and we owe them much for their ‘persistence’ vs the Board’s (and Scottish fitba’s) ‘resistance’. It’s forced some fiscal change from the scum south of the river and they’re being eye-balled now by UEFA. But there’s much to do as VAR (in Scotland) has proven. Change of its own volition will not happen.

Hail! Hail! Celtic FC. (not PLC)

24 days ago
Reply to  TicToc

The Phantom Thumbdooner
Strikes Again.

24 days ago
Reply to  TicToc

There sorted

24 days ago
Reply to  TicToc

Oh dearie, dearie me. They’re breeding.

24 days ago

I hate (well, you know) to say it but I warned Ralph & Co many times many months ago that allowing anonymous ‘votes’ was a troll magnet.
I gave up caring about it but must confess it is tedious, cowardly and annoying. But it’s not my site and I’m fine with that.
On another viewpoint, would anyone except huns want to read the crap these morons would come out with, er, em, if they ‘came out’ that is?

24 days ago
Reply to  TicToc

They’re probably’Closet Buns’ anyway.
It would be phonetic guttural ‘ Parliamo Glesgà’
liberally splattered with WATP,FT&, PAEDO,
truly a sad, sad people.
What chance have we got of changing things, not just football bigoted bias, when people like them have a vote. They all vote Tory for the Monarchy and
The Union while running around with nae arse to their trousers. Thick as shit in the neck of a milk bottle.
And they don’t care. Aye right.

23 days ago
Reply to  TicToc

you have such a head for knowing

24 days ago

When will the stories start to unfold that the VAR officials require a Police escort to their wee studio?

Review pending.

The Cha
24 days ago

“After just three months of VAR it’s fair to say they’ve made an arse of it.”

That might be our view, it most certainly isn’t the view of the SFA, a certain club and their media cheerleaders.

To them, its working well with the odd ‘teething’ problem, which they will place on the clubs eg they haven’t paid for a sophisticated enough system, the clubs expectations and understanding of the system is faulty etc ie absolutely nothing will be the fault of the SFA, referees etc.

What do we know about this summit, as far as I can see, we know there’s going to be one but don’t know the terms of reference, an acknowledgement of problems and commitment to address and improve etc.

This seems to me but be yet another toothless talking table simply designed to tamp down fans’ anger (not just ours and perhaps all-bar-1 club) with the connivance of a willing media.

This was the same as 4 years ago after the Beaton horror show and Killie had been equally horrendously treated in a Cup game against you know who.

Our club dutifully turned up, said nothing publicly and everything continued as ‘normal’.

Compare and contrast with, then Killie manager, Steve Clarke who said he and his club wouldn’t be attending as it was a meaningless charade with no intention of changing anything.

This one will be equally VARcial, as that suits the major players, which includes our club.

24 days ago

Nah, “subconscious cheating”? Sounds like a really convenient defense for when they’re
called out about it. “I didn’t mean to cheat…it was a big subconscious that made me do it”
They’re bigots pure and simple and they hate us enough to be blatant about it. They celebrate their bigotry…it makes them feel part of something, it’s their reason for breathing and getting through each day. They’re inadequate morons, life’s failures who have a wee bit of power making “decisions” on a football pitch…decisions that are already made before a ball is kicked. We know it, they know it, the SFA knows it….only UEFA involvement can change what’s happening. Fan walkouts? Yeah, the press and TV will cover that, laughing at “paranoid” Celtic fans. Meanwhile the players will be distracted from the match they have prepared all week for and the opposition will get a lift. This is a more than 100 year old ingrained stain on Scottish football (and society) and it’s not gonna be removed easily.

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