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Etims Radio Show – When Celtic & U2 Collide (pt1)

A few weeks ago we asked followers of @ETimsNet on twitter if they had any suggestions for U2 songs that could be linked, in any way, to Celtic. The responses came in thick and fast. So many in fact that we will need to run 2 shows. The first 45 minute Radio Show is now available for your enjoyment.

Featuring classic U2 tracks which includes :

Bad – Can you guess which players this song is dedicated to?

Pride – a special dedication to Joe McBride and all great Celts who have passed on.

The Fly – Who else?, we had to have a  song for Jinky!

(Paul Mc)Stay Faraway So Close…which also doubles as a begging cry to Victor Wanyama

Lemon – As if we could ever have enough tributes to Bobby Lennox?

Mysterious Ways – Now which errant bamboozling Celtic stars of past and present could this track be for?

Trying to throw your arms around the world – Thanks to TalkCeltic.Net for the image above of Bono impersonating Scott Brown.

BabyFace – Who knew an Etims fan could link James Forrest with a song about Pornography!

Magnificent – It wouldnt be the same without a shout out to Henrik  Larsson now would it?

The Unforgettable Fire – A dedication to the one and only, Tommy Burns

Hope you enjoy it.

Part 2 will be along shortly with dedications for Big Jock, Lisbon, Lenny,  Lubo, Gil Scott Heron, Frank McAvennie, a certain referee who will forever be associated with Celtic and even a track for he who shall not be be named.

All suggestions welcome, just place under comments or email to

Enjoy – just click on the players below –

Dont forget the other Etims Radio Shows, always there for your listening pleasure :!/show/the_etimsnet_show_1





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Dharma Bam
11 years ago

Beautiful Day was my soundtrack for going to Seville. Even some of the lyrics are appropriate!

11 years ago

F**K U2!

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

This was the night we played arsenal at Parkhead.

Bono has a wee quip about it before he takes over the singing.

Worth a watch!

Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

My song nomination is “seconds” from War.

“Takes a second to say goodbye”. It’s a Sevco thing!

11 years ago

What’s this? U2 are a disgrace, Bono is a scumbag, dont see any connection to Celtic other than that they grew up in Ireland….So What? Jesus guys, this is the kind of rubbish that Celtic fans need to move away from. They are a shit band and morally bankrupt…..I dont want any connection to these scumbags…..

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