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Celtic Diary tuesday January 15

Celtic face Steaua Bucharest tonight in a friendly over in spain, and those of us watching on ESPN (6.30)  get another chance to listen to the expert views of Craig Burley. Despite a substantial investment in Scottish football, the Disney offshoot not only has the bitter inarticulate former Celt as a summariser, but to promote the game, they hired Arthur Numan, the former Rangers midfielder to offer his opinion, which predictably was along the lines  that Celtic would not be able to tempt top players to the SPL due to the lack of Rangers.

Numan himself says he  came to Rangers for the Celtic tussles, and not the huge tax free wage that he was paid by Murray under the old discredited EBT scheme, which they still maintain was legal, but don’t use anymore.

He was speaking in the Sun, which along with other Scottish papers is trying to work out why they are all suffering from a severe drop in sales over the last twelve months, which again simply shows just how investigative their investigative reporters are.

Seriously, they couldn’t investigate water if they fell off a boat.

Meanwhile, Thomas Rogic, the Australian trialist has impressed those he needs to impress, and he has been impressed by those who needed to impress him, and a £450,000 move is very much on the cards. Hopefully the deal can be done before he heads back to Glasgow for a look at the city, because if he has to stand shaking, shuddering and shivering in this shockingly shite weather then he might just disappear back under in the way one Mark Viduka did all those years ago. Actually, Viduka cited mental health issues, so it could have been two Mark Vidukas on the plane home.

Another Aussie who will not be coming to Glasgow is the goalie wanted by Rangers. He has decided against the dizzy heights of division 3, and has also asked for his name not to be mentioned in the same sentence as that club again. We also hear that Murray Davidson is sitting by the phone hoping for other offers, apart from the one from Ally Mccoist. Any other offers, in fact.

Now, to the transfer talk amongst the big teams, well one big team.

Two other people waiting for the phone to ring are Stewart Downing of Liverpool, and Darren Bent of Aston Villa. They have been offered on loan to Celtic, according to our drunken mole, who is now off to Larkhall where he hears Magners is a lot cheaper these days.

A sign of the times is that neither have been called back yet, as Celtic are more than happy with the current policy of finding good prospects with something to prove, instead of has beens and never wases who fancy an unearned game in the final stages of the premier club competition. And long may it continue. With Efe Ambroses team mate Juwon Oshinawa and Chivas striker Juan Agudelo looking likely to join as well, then the big earners in fron the overrated EPL will be warming benches a while yet.

Joe Ledley, the Welsh midfielder seems to enjoy it up here-he wants an extension, and Adam Matthews praised Danny McGrain for all his help on the training pitch. Fraser Forster is loving it in Spain, as he reckons the Spanish love him. Except the Barca fans.

“He has never intimated to me that he wants to leave and I am not to sure who is driving the bus in this situation, whether it is him or Rob.(his agent)”

So says Neil Lennon on Victor Wanyama, with whom he intends to keep “plugging away ” at over a new deal. One hopes that he means plugging away in the sense of nagging, as opposed to in some trenches he has dug in his garden. Still, a good manager does what he has to.

Former Celtic boss Gordon Strachan will be announced as the new Scotland boss today, raising the hopes of  average players everywhere. With Craig Levein still on gardening leave, and unable to get another job without losing his money, the Scottish FA have moved swiftly to give the new manager time to build a team good enough to score the odd goal and make the occasional pass.

Elsewhere in the media, Andy Gray and Richard Keys, who used to work for Sky until they were outed as sex pests, have a revelation for Rangers. On their Talkshite radio show, where they have been shamelessly and dutifully backing the re-admittance of Rangers into decent law abiding society before they pay their dues, the dynamic duo claim to have rang around the conference league clubs, and are delighted to say that the Glasgow club and their cuddly fans would be welcome in the fifth tier of English football. Good for them.

The point of that particular exercise escapes me, but it gives them something to talk about.

Charlie Green is working away behind the scenes on a new plan to revamp Scottish football. The 14-14-14 system will remain his best idea, but he plans for the winners of each league to play Rangers in a one off match to decide the champions. Matches will be played at Ibrox and refereed by Ian Brines, Willie Collum and Steven MacLean respectively.

Business news now, and old High Street favourite HMV goes into administration today. There are plans for it to return as a New Company, as long as they can keep all their records.

Pensionerbhoy will be getting an extra bowl of porridge today, as his was the most complete answer yesterday. Nicholas and MacAvennie, which would have been a fearsome front two in 1983, was largely a spent force in 1993. They were 31 and 33 at the start of the year, and 32 and 34 when the bells for 1994 rang out.

Today is a tricky one. After a European exit, who said “If we are not good enough to be in it, its better to be out of it and let the other teams get on with it”? Which game was he talking about , and when?





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11 years ago

Jock Stein after being ‘beaten’ by athletico madrid in european cup in 1970?

the lurgan tiger
11 years ago

Ah dont even understand the question?

Must be Kenny Dal somewhere in there.

Anyhoo. Looking forward to the game tonight as we ease our way back to football. This has been one helluva long break

11 years ago

We’ll be in Turin
When they’re in Elgin
Walking in a Celtic Wonderland.

Run Sammy Run
11 years ago

Thinking I might have a guess at Wee Gordon after the Artmedia game and it was probably on a Tuesday or a Wednesday.

11 years ago

Sounds like something straight-talker Davie Hay might come out with, perhaps after 1-0 loss to Rapid?

11 years ago


I enter after the event. I spent the match trying to work out what material the pitch was made from. As for the commentary, I never understood the true value of the mute button until tonight. Once I had obliterated Burley the whole atmosphere changed for the better including our performance and the score. What a slabber as my dear old mother would say. Even the wife was beginning to sound agreeable in comparison (I am just getting my own back for the b***dy porridge). I thought we played not too badly in the second half. I would have liked to see Tony Watt get the full game even though Sammy was on a role.

If any more transfers are put forward we could start a league of our own. Perhaps we would receive an application from Charlie to join once the Conference realises it’s THAT The Rangers. Even with full houses they could never cover the damage costs. So I think Charlie might end up simply calling a conference rather than participating in one. Anyway, enough of media claptrap. If you keep believing the embers are still alive then a flame could reappear from the ashes. Let’s leave the papers to their own demise. It looks as though it won’t be long now. I hope the internet bampots are not accused of assisting them towards a speedy end. No doubt beefy will dish up some type of P.R. lamb recipe to do just that.

We sure are fast becoming the main attraction Down Under. I remember when the bush-men fancied hacking their way through the football outback with Rangers. Maybe they thought it was the Bush Rangers. I hope those that are due at Parkhead are a little more delicate, more koala than kangaroo. Mind you, anything would be better than the hand me downs on offer from Sky’s best league in the world. Thank God for the love ins among our Welsh contingent.

I would like to offer, well something, to Wee Gordon Strachan on his new appointment. However, I don’t agree with death wishes and certainly not suicide but I am sure a few pills hidden in his track suit would be understandable. I pray he does well as he more than deserves further success and recognition. I guess if alcoholics, gamblers and drug addicts can be cured, there must be some hope for Scotland’s national team. Come the summer, he will certainly have dozens of extra players available once the embargo is lifted on a league 3 outfit.

Yes, Ralph, it is a sad, sad day. I remember that doggie when he actually turned the old gramophone handle. My musical imagination was created by those brown paper record labels. Now all I will hear is the howling on the main street every day as the poor wee mutt cries for its master in empty stores. Sadly, it will be a his voice without a master. At least it is still administration with possibilities. Ah well, better than a loud mouth without a hope. No Green grass offers on the horizon yet either.

The Qiz: Thanks for the compliment. I am still trying to squeeze the English version of porridge down my throat. Then there is the other end to look forward to tomorrow. Nice to have friends.
You have stumped me like most others so far with today’s questions. It sounds like the incomprehensible explanations of Kenny but also is reminiscent of the down to earth cracks of Wee Gordon. I will go for the wee man and say it was after the Artmedia Bratislava defeat that finally ended his first European adventures in 2005. I think he was claiming it help him concentrate on rebuilding the team he had inherited and challenging for the title. God, I hope I am wrong. I desperately need Weetabix! 🙂


11 years ago

Yeah I have absolutely no idea but I would go with WGS after Artmedia – like pensionerbhoy I wish all the best of luck to in the Scotland job – would be great if he could get us to Paris for 2016 – I have my doubts though.

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