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Celtic Diary Monday January 14

After months of baiting by the bears, Neil Lennon has spoken out and asked hacks to not bother him about a certain third division side.  Citing our own issues, he said he doesn’t want to talk about them. About time too.

Peter Lawwell sort of joined in in the Herald today, saying that Celtic would charm, not threaten their way into another league, but he added that the club was happy enough with what they have at the moment. A thinly veiled reference to the spouting off done by Ibrox chief Charles Green.

Lennons statement, encapsulated in the top picture, could be summarised as “Geez peace, I don’t give a shite what they do.” Decembers manager of the month, the eighth time he’s won that particular title,-two more will see him set a record- will also be at a prestigious League Managers Association dinner this week. He will sit alongside big names such as Fabio Cappello and Alex Ferguson, which will be a bit of a learning curve for these two, though Lennon admits he will feel a bit like the new boy. Which is no reason to insert any jokes about getting him one.

Lawwells reaction, albeit more of a “this is what we think2 as opposed to “I don’t care what they think” comes after Greens latest attempt to drag Celtic into a war of words, as he desperately tries to keep his nonentity of a club in the papers. Green claimed that Celtic will suffer a drop in season book sales if Rangers don’t get into the top league, but frankly, most Tims I speak to couldn’t give a stuff if we never came up against this new incarnation.

Lawwells measured , calm approach can be contrasted with Greens hysterical rants about a Belgian womens league allowing Dutch teams in, so therefore the English have to let Rangers in. As Lawwell says, he might have a point, but if they don’t want them, they won’t have them.

Green wants to go to court over the issue, but with a seven year waiting list in Strasbourg, its easy to see why most sensible people take his rants with a pinch of salt.

As former Ibrox player Alex Rae said on SSN, they have “nowhere to go”

But that didn’t stop the Bold Charles holding a press conference in Glasgows Quarry Bar, where he promised the regulars a European league within five years, more seats at Ibrox (which, incidentally, due to the structure of the ground, cannot happen) and a new kit deal this week.

We hear the kit deal is with Macron (who?) and their logo is a guy doing the Broony.




Is it any wonder that they are difficult to ignore when they offer such a rich and plentiful supply of moments like this?

Heres another-Charles Green at the Quarry bar, pumping out the tunes for the regulars.

“And now, the end is near, and so I face , the final curtain..”

chuckles brigdton

You have to admire his courage, but if  Private eye are right, and does stand to make up to seventy times his original investment, then its not difficult to see why he does it. Still , for that sort of money I would dress as a leprechaun and sing Go On Home British soldiers in front of them.

Mind you, there was a meeting yesterday with Brenda and her debt recovery boys…

liz and troops

“Right, lads. The next time you’re invited up tae Ibrox, could ye pick up the money ah’m due?”

This on the heels of the Loving cup ceremony, available on you Tube, where the powers that be in Kinning Park toast the Queen, as it is infinitely less expensive than paying her the taxes they owe.

The ticket boycott for their upcoming cup match at Tannadice may or may not be a success, but the club are doing a pie and pint beamback at their own ground. Supporters have to book in advance, a sure sign that it won’t go ahead if take up is low. Its what businesses do when money is tight.

We also hear that Celtic have budgeted for £15m worth of sales in the summer, and Lennon will get a third of that to spend. Don’t shoot the messenger, he feels like doing it himself anyway.

Kevin Kelly was wandering around a toxic dump back in 1993, as he imagined “where the first goal would be scored ” in his dream stadium which was to be built at Cambuslang. If it had, we’d all have scabies and radiation poisoning by now. Only one person got that right, so hats off to Liatroimbhoy for that .

Today, still back in those dark, dark days, the front line paring of Charlie Nicholas and Frank MacAvennie had a combined age of what in 1993? Which shows just why they are still topical favourites on Only an Excuse.

Fianlly, Dundee Utd have given permission to Blackpool to speak to manager Peter Houston. No idea what about. Perhaps they think he’ll know someone who could be a manager for them.


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11 years ago

Right completely off the top of my head Nicholas left in 83 and he was 21 I think so that would make him 31 in 93! Macca signed in 87 & he would have been about 24 then so 30 in 93 so combined ages in 93 was 63 years of age!

11 years ago

Doh 61 was what I meant to say arithmetic at this time on a Monday never done anyone any good!!!

Too many 3’s in my working out but 63 is probably gonna be correct anyway!!!

11 years ago

Chick and Macca – 69 in 1993 ?

Thats a disturbing post taken by itself.

11 years ago

Best day of my life – I get a mention in the Celtic Diary!!!! Now if only it was in relation to a transfer rumour…….

I’ll go for 64 for today’s puzzler

San MIguel
11 years ago

I’ll go for 66 but it could be aither 64 or 68 depending If you are talking about the season begging or end or calendar year.

I didn’t actually realise that Charlie N played more games in his second spell at Celtic than his first spell. ALthough he did score more goals in her first spell obviously !

When you think of the strikers we had in the eighties from Nicholas & McGarvey , via McClair and him whose name shall not be mentioned, through to McAvennie & Walker we really were blessed with some talent.

11 years ago

Magners is rather nice

11 years ago


Le Queez foist: At the start of the year 1993 the combined age was 64. By the end of the year it was 66. If I am right, the wife has promised an extra bowl of porridge. Hope I am wrong. C’mon you haven’t tasted her porridge!

Interesting that the two Charlies mentioned in the diary today are most distinguishable by their big gobs. Put the two together and you could have the best tripe-haggis on the market, both difficult to swallow and even harder to digest.

I must say, Ralph, I did enjoy your Celtic independence bit done two ways. The Bloomental version from P.L. is o.k. as a treat for the media but personally I prefer the rustic recipe of wee Lenny. Leeks, tatties and a big dod a beef – great! I am happy to devour either, mind you, when hungry enough.

You may be right about our favourite comedian but in all honesty, I do wish he would change his repertoire. It is catching up with yours by the day. Mind you, where credit is due and all that, your “Broony” and “Heres another-Charles Green at the Quarry bar, pumping out the tunes for the regulars.
“And now, the end is near, and so I face , the final curtain..” were classy. I guess you must have found an old comedians joke book, naw? I will stop now just in case you get ideas of arranging a flitting for me to Cambuslang. I would much prefer the gas chamber, quicker and pleasanter and no lasting effects like missing parts. And I heard they steal your glasses.

As a wee aside, I thought the information from San M on the two ex-centres was very interesting. Nice to see one of them is still scoring at “Blow Football” on Sky.
Liatroimbhoy: Look out! Now you’ve got a mention, they send out search parties with Dobermans if you go missing.

Finally, I ordered my box this morning and dug a hole in the back garden after hearing the ages of those two wanes I used to watch in my early fifties. “And now, the end is near” – for both of us Charlie, but you sooner than me, I bet!


brian glover
11 years ago

Peter Houston as Manager of Dundee United and as Assistant Manager of Scotland, certainly has the credentials to manage the donkeys at Blackpool!

John Littledick
11 years ago

Brian, I saw Blackpool last year and they are no donkeys! I’d rather watch them than the Tannadice tedium any day.Fast, on the deck passing and shooting….what we DON’T get from Dundee United…..or Scotland for that matter!

11 years ago

John, I think Brian was saying that Houston (having managed a few sets of 2 legged donkeys and hoofers) has the ideal experience to manage the 4 legged variety in Blackpool!

11 years ago
Reply to  brencelt


Mr, Houston will have the perfect footwear to boot, Lancashire clogs. However, I too have watched B’Pool and they played some nice football under wee Ian Holloway. I am not sure how they are doing under the stand in guy but they have one bit of a cracker in young Ince. I am not so sure the Championship is quite as big boot and run as it might have been when the old Div1. I do like your take on the beach boys, mind you.


brian glover
11 years ago
Reply to  brencelt

Hi …yes was meaning the donkeys on the beach. Now that Sevco supporters have stopped drinking MAGNERS…I hope our next sponsor is OXYGEN.

bognor bhoyle
11 years ago

quiz answer 66
i lived in the barricks in early 70’s and wee charlie used to play footy in his hoops strip , he must have been 10 or so we were all 15/16. a rangers supporting mate put him up in the air
(he was fed up trying to take the ball off charlie)
charlie picked up his ball and walked away with the words
“im off , your tying tae break ma leg an i wont be able tae play fur celtic .” still makes me smile

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