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Celtic Diary Thursday November 25: New Sensations

It’s still taking some getting used to, but it’s the way things are now..

Celtic Football Club
#WelcomeKobayashi We are delighted to announce the signing of Japanese defender Yuki Kobayashi on a 5-year deal, subject to international clearance. Yuki will officially join the Club on January 1, 2023!  Welcome to #CelticFC, Yuki!  


In the old days, we’d be scrambling around trying to find excuses or players before midnight on deadline day, usually ending up with excuses for players, and now our signings are identified, approached and the deal done before anyone has even gone into the room to open the transfer window.


That’s the first one in, and the clocks have only just gone back.
As the manager says…
 “It’s fair to say there’s a couple lined up. It’s how we’ve done things & how I believe we need to be. It’s how I’m built. I don’t like rushing around last minute. If we can get guys early, once Jan 1 hits they are already part of this club.”


 There will be more to come, and we should brace ourselves for bids for our own players, and they will come, but we need to remember that the ultimate decision to leave is down to the player, and most of them are happy enough where they are.


 Those in the squad not at the World cup will get a wee break after their Australian break before resuming training, and with that being upgraded from a couple of half arsed jogs around the car park and some diet crisps, each layer will have his own training schedule designed by specialists to get the best out of them.
 The speed of change at the ranch is frightening, and whilst it’s not always successful, at the very least we can believe something big is happening.


 Whether or not that something big will include Peter Lawwell is not certain. The musings in the last Diary have. as usual prompted a few people to get in touch with their own versions of events and their own speculation.


 And of course, the usual accusations of the Diary and it’s author being little more than board/Lawwell lapdogs.
 Anyone who has any doubts about exactly how anyone on the board feels about this Diary or it’s author, I can assure you they will not describe me as that playful, boyish looking chap with a cheeky sense of humour who likes a laugh.


 That’s usually how we find things out, by saying something and waiting for someone to put us right. A bit like proper journalists, but without the bit about getting it right in the end.
 It does seem like there is a campaign to assure us Peter isn’t a wolf, and there obviously has been something going on.
 but I’lkl do a bit more listening and digging before I draw my conclusions.
 Elsewhere, and while Celtic are living in the 21st century , one club.or company , stuck around the 17th, are in a bit of doo doo again.


 Hummel, who thought they had struck a deal to manufacture , sell and plant their name around Ibrox  are suing “rangers ” as the Ibrox club concluded a kit deal with them.
 This was always a certainty once Ashley got his pound of flesh, and should come as no surprise to anyone.
 They really don;t have their troubles to seek, do they ?
 Word is that Mick Beale, his name not his nationality, is first choice, and not only are his current club, QPR, not standing in his way, their current form under him, one win in months, means that the directors have left a couple of Euston-Glasgow train tickets on his desk.


 Graeme sounness, not surprisingly for a man of his age, has distanced himself from the club/comapny after he thought it was a good idea to get the fans on his side with his recent rants,


 Instead, he now adopts a British Empire bad line when on television, and won;t be considered for the staunchest job of all.
And who would not want to join this list of legends….
 shame, as that would have been a laugh.
 Anyhoo, time to fly, and I’ll leave you with this thought….


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1 year ago

If it’s a caption …
After listening to radio Clyde (mixed ) couple in Glasgow think …
Billy … Mmmmm Tuchel ? Ranieri ? Money well spent on one of them …
Mary … Hmmm never mentioned Hummel , money wasted again … 😉

1 year ago

Caption: Lawwell for Chairman? NAW and NAW!

1 year ago

“And of course, the usual accusations of the Diary and it’s author being little more than board/Lawwell lapdogs.”

I’m not sure if that’s a response to the comments on yesterday’s diary but, I’m sure, any criticism was for Peter’s Pet over on Celtic Quisling News and not our esteemed diarist.

I know my calm, respectful and reasoned post was. 😉

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

I couldn’t agree more, Cha!

Owen Mullions
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

The guy from CQN really is a crawler. His piece on how poor Peter agonized over sacking Lenny in the Season from Hell was cringeworthy to say the least. Rotten managers get sacked all the time and they didn’t come any rottener than a half-pissed Lenny after the debacle in Dubai. Anyway, didn’t Lawwell and co tell us we could feck off when we demanded action? He never gave a toss about the fans, only his fat pay packet.

1 year ago

As well as Mooy, Australia started with Atkinson (Hearts) and Behich (Dundee U) and also had ex-SPFLers Souttar and Irvine.

They also brought on Baccus (St Mirren) and legend in his own lunchtime:

Former Australia goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac said it felt like the Socceroos were playing with 10 men when ex-Scotland, Rangers, Dundee and Hibs striker Jason Cummings came on

They did end up getting horsed 4-1 but, 1 ignoble exception apart, not too shabby for our wee league.

Andrew Mulraney
1 year ago

Come on the Yanks..not just cos i hate engerland fitba team but iv got a wad of cousins in NJ who’ll be kickin every ball.


Andrew Mulraney
1 year ago

Hopin the Yanks pump the English tonight..apart fae hopin everyone pumps engerland st fitba iv got a huge family in NJ originally from Kearny but branched out now.

Last post waiting for the ok?
So posted again

1 year ago

From Beeb “Scottish Premiership: Who is exceeding their expected goals? And who isn’t?” uk/sport/football/63744826 (remove space)

I’m sure we’re all delighted to see that the managerless Colak is, by far, the best performer and behind him players from Aberdeen, Hibs and Dundee U, who are also having wonderful seasons.

It also won’t be surprising, if you’ve watched us this season, that 5 of our players are amongst the worst performers with Matt O’Reilly having the top (dis)honour.

All in all, another one for the Twitter account, Rangers Celebrating Imaginary Trophies.

In other news, there’s still no news on the stiffing they’re going to get from Pummel/Elite, after the Sevco Stiffs tried to stiff them (Pummel/Elite).

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

BBC, sad, sad scum.
I’m currently watching two extreme right-wing nations battle it out in Qatar.
How can I support either of them? Ach, there must be something worth watching in all them “channels of shit on the ‘sheevee’ to choose from”?
Can’t wait to watch the Bhoys again 🙁

1 year ago

Dad, ive, weve got this.

1 year ago

If I maim a Tory I get sentenced down to Aussieland, Win, win.

1 year ago

sevco effrontery FC.

1 year ago

Hello sevconians:

With Beale comes a string of…

1 year ago

SFA thinktank
Mone The rangers

1 year ago

What if it is Anthony Ralston getting sold?

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