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Celtic Diary Tuesday November 22: A Twist in the Tale

Whilst the rest of the world are, er, enjoying the World Cup, Celtic flew out to Australia for a mid season jolly designed to further bond the players, and although things didn’t go quite as planned on the pitch, that wasn’t the point of the trip.


It was a homecoming trip for the manager, allowing him to take his team home to meet the folks, which we believe would have been enough alone for him, and a chance for the players to mix and mingle away from the goldfish bowl of Scottish football.


Older readers would have seen a similar thing in a different time and a different place….





It’s all about creating and strengthening camraderie, a point proved when Portuguese winger Jota donated his air miles collected on his round the world trip last summer to pay for the gig.


That meant the club only had to pay for digs and food, so the accountants were happy.



There are plenty of media stories about the trip, but no scandals where, for instance , the manager had to be carried to bed because he was drunk, or players heading to nightclubs and coming back with diseases far worse than what you’d usually pick up in those places.



Ignore the results, the word is everyone enjoyed themselves and are raring to go for the second half of the season.



Sadly, the same can’t be said over the river as yet another Ibrox manager is forced to leave .


Giovanni van Bronckhurst caused shockwaves throughout Europe when he led that bunch of talnetless twonks to a European final, and having proved what he could do with diddies, demanded a better class of player for this season.



With all the income from Europe and player sales going to pay the tallyman, there was nothing left for Gio, and when he pointed this out publicly, the writing was on the wall.



His departure paves the way for a staunch Rangers man to steady the ship, and it’s not gone unnoticed that Graeme Souness has been playing to the crowd with some of his recent outbursts.



His  claim that Celtic had been benefiting from VAR decisions was bizarre. but not unexpected from a man of his age if it is taken purely in the context of a senior citizen sharing his thoughts, but combine that with his demands that Ibrox fans back Gio and then his piece about how sacking the Dutchman was harsh smacks of a cleverly run PR campaign to show he’s loyal to one side and still hates the Tims enough to rally the orcs for battle.


With van Bronckhurst being fired despite overachieving, and almost certainly thrown under the buis for the bopard’s failings, it’s unlikely any serious candidate will come forward for the job .



If the board do that to a guy who just months ago was in a European final, what will they do to someone who loses a couple of domestic games.


And if they had no money for the Dutchman, it’s unlikely the new guy will have anything but an austerity budget.



Elsehwhere, and an article over on CQN has given me food for thought…





Especially this bit….



For this, I refer you to two news articles published in September.

Firstly, Uefa’s statement on 2 September.  Newco were one of 19 clubs mentioned that Uefa said “will be monitored closely in the upcoming period” with regards to the new Financial Fair Play regulations.

Then in his annual report, Celtic chief executive, Michael Nicholson wrote, “Celtic played a significant role at a strategic and technical level in the development of the new regulations.”  Having crossed swords with Uefa on FFP for many years, last season, Peter Lawwell spent half a day a week working with Association on their new FFP regulations.

He was hugely influential in drafting their objectives, which were material in inhibiting Newco from splurging cash again – material in what happened today.  When I read the new FFP regulations in the summer, I mentioned to ‘sources close to Celtic’, “This is going to get wee Gio the sack.”  I wasn’t wrong.  From now on, if you want to catch Celtic, live within your means, run a good business, recruit good people and take your chances with the rest of them.




Hang on….


Peter Lawwell spent half a day a week working with Association on their new FFP regulations.   



Regular readers will know that Lawwell asked the Res 12 guys for a smoking gun, and it was duly presented to him.



Up until now, I believed, and have stated on many occasions that he lost my trust that day.



Could I be wrong ? (more than likely, you usually are-Ed )



Did Lawwell use the evidence given to him of corruption at the SFA to influence UEFA in making sure the new club couldn’t cheat the system the way the old one did, without bringing the wrath of the organisation down on Scottish football as the ensuing chaos of title stripping and punishment would have had enormous repercussions legally throughout the game ?



Have I, and indeed we, got the guy all wrong and he has indeed left a legacy ?




If that’s the case, then there really is no harm in telling us exactly what went on, as it appears there may be a reason for his duplicity after all……..

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Uibh fhaili
1 year ago

Preparing Lawell for chairman role??????

1 year ago
Reply to  Uibh fhaili

That’s exactly what I thought. I just bloody hope it’s not the case.
He wouldn’t pay staff a reasonable wage but paid himself in Barrow-loads.
He was (maybe still is) an O** F*** fanatic.
He grassed Celtic supporters to ‘the authorities’.
His parsimony cost us dearly in Europe, year after year.
Lawwell as chairman? Nivvur! Nivvur! Nivvur! To quote a dead, pretendy ‘man of the cloth’ unionist, arzole, twat!

the real Anton Rogan
1 year ago

Not like CQN to publish an article that shines the turd is it?

1 year ago

Those interested in looking at a more detailed picture (and I mean detailed) can read it on the CQN article at this link.


1 year ago

mind blown…. interesting thought about the Peter.

1 year ago

One good deed does not absolve him for criticism on many other issues e.g. lying to the RES12 pursuers, lying to shareholders, not pushing for reformation of the SFA and addressing the bigotry, anti Irish racism endemic in Scottish Football especially the routine corruption of the ideology of a level playing field as practiced by the Lanarkshire Refereeing Association and the 10IAR clusterfluck around Lennon, downsizing the squad and failing on an annual basis to prepare the Club for European Football and many more issues as expressed elsewhere.
There won’t be a canonisation for Peter anytime soon.
The Celtic Board will be picking a needless fight if they go down that route.

1 year ago

SFA, it’s clear we’re all in agreement on this. Just to say that “One good deed….” may just have been PTL doing his ‘other’ job at the ECA and not necessarily a “good deed” for us at all. More likely just coincidental IMHO and being ‘milked’ by his supporter(s) at CQN.
On another note I see the Celtic Foundation has raised another 40k by doing a sleep out. What a truly magnificent bunch of individuals. THAT’s why we’re a ‘Club Like No Other’, our club was formed for charitable purposes and our supporters are true to this, aye, ‘true to this till death’

1 year ago

Just watched Denmark v Tunisia. Two very interesting incidents:- 1) two players inside the box in a close-up battle for the ball. The ball is kicked by one and strikes the arm of the defender…the referee correctly doesn’t award a penalty as the two players were so close together the defender had no intent to touch the ball and had no chance to move his arms away.
2) In the second half a player shoots from close up into the players in the box..the ball hits the thigh of a defender and rises up to hit his arm….again the referee correctly doesn’t award a penalty. VAR calls him to check it…the ref checks and says correctly, no penalty. The common denominator in this:-There was no intent and the player had no possibility of moving his arm away. Common sense used by the referee, and two 100% correct decisions.
Yet in Bonny Bigoted Scotland, if this happens to a player wearing green it’s a definite penalty.
(and also apparently if the Champions League referee is having a “bad week”).

Salad Queen.
1 year ago
Reply to  Funkyy

That was supposed to be a tick for your comment. Ends up a minus?;

1 year ago
Reply to  Salad Queen.

Salad Queen, when that happens just tick the plus side again to undo the minus, then tick the plus sign a second time to add your intended plus.

1 year ago

“although things didn’t go quite as planned on the pitch, that wasn’t the point of the trip”

“Ignore the results, the word is everyone enjoyed themselves”

Totally disagree with these sentiments; we are a football team who has a poor record and reputation outside of our own wee environment and we didn’t enhance it one iota.

I’m sure the Ange disciples and EPL fanboys who were watching, wouldn’t have seen anything that will make them want to keep watching after the Angera is over.

Surely we have a higher bar for success than not having a paralytic manager carted to bed?

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

Cha, FFS get a grip!
“we are a football team who has a poor record and reputation outside of our own wee environment…….” Whit?
We’ve got supporters and CSCs the world over….ach forget it!
You’re normally reliable and consistent but this is absolute bollox!
Get a grip!

1 year ago

Celtic Quisling News, it does exactly what it says on the tin.

There was another Lawwell Loyal article the other day saying how he agonised over sacking the manager during the excretable penultimate season.

Unlike the arse-licking author, we were all watching and saw the fat, lazy, useless turd sit on his bahookie and do the square root of feck all when it was clear to a blind man galloping along on a horse that we were imploding.

Lest we forget, he also had details of excellent managerial candidates, including our Ange, that he locked away in a drawer without looking and re-appointed a cheap option, who had done nothing in the previous 5 years.

It’s simply laughable that the guy who’s done nothing to challenge the obvious corruption in Scottish Football (Huns, referees, officials, bigotry etc) would be called on to help deal with it by UEFA.

Fanboy, in his sycophancy, can’t even get the facts right, FFP is dead, long live Financial Sustainability Regulations (FSR).

Facts matter, unless you’re a snivelling servile.

Apart from that, it was a good article. 😉

Dan Docherty
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

We have supporters all over the world is correct 99% of them are connected to Scotland or Ireland

Winning brings others into the fold it also makes us more attractive to potential players, the previous trip you referenced had a lot of wins in it

I know I prefer, expect, and want, Celtic to win and find out who gets along with each other, rather than bond and lose

Owen Mullions
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

The day Lawwell does anything to harm the ‘ Old Firm’ brand is the day I start believing in Santa Claus.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

Chris McKay did the heavy lifting. It’s not as if UEFA needed to look for proof that SFA and Rangers needed brought to heel.

That proof cost shareholders £11,226 in legal fees to provide to UEFA and has gone some way towards preventing SFA and Rangers putting Scottish football in mortal danger in the future.

1 year ago
Reply to  Auldheid

Why did it not affect them this season; doesn’t it effectively kick in until next or future seasons?

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

Introduced in June, it was too late for the current licensing round.

It will apply from next round starting Feb/March with licence granted in April and UEFA notified in late May.

The rule that affects Rangers most is the limitation on spending on player squad. to a % of football earnings.

It starts at 90% next round , then 80% levelling off at 70% in 3rd year.

What constitutes football earnings and related expenses can be found via the links I posted earlier.

Some accountancy skills will be needed to arrive at what it means for Rangers and us based on latest accounts.

1 year ago

Gio sacking is puzzling. He did better than Gerrard. Yet fired. No surprise that Gerrad was also fired from a real job. Weird thinking at Ibrox and king may it continue

1 year ago
Reply to  Broxburnbhoy

BB, Carlsberg don’t do typos, but if they did, “king may it continue” would most certainly be the premier typo in the world. 🙂

1 year ago

From the Beeb, Quiz: Order these Rangers managers in time served

As one wag on social media commented, if Martindale joins then he’ll shoot to the top of the chart. 🙂

1 year ago

From the Beeb

Yuki Kobayashi: Celtic sign Japanese defender on five-year deal .uk/sport/football/63728641 (remove space)

Ange “Yuki is someone that we’ve been following for a while and it was a great opportunity to bring him in. He’s a left-sided centre-back, and they’re hard to find.”

Obviously not greatly experienced (he’s only 22) but hopefully we try to integrate him into the team this season, as the handful of games next season before the Champs League kicks off, isn’t enough to get him up to speed.

Disappointingly, he’s only 6’1″, a bugbear of mine, as most of our defenders, Jenz apart, are on the short side.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

If Newco lose this case, plus £4 million to pay off Gio and staff, £6 million still to be paid to Big Mike, they’ll start the year off £20 million down!!

1 year ago

Welcome to the East End Samurai Yuki.

On another matter, the West side paupers, aka Skinto Sevco…..

Rangers sued by former kit supplier as £9.5m court case starts

1 year ago

It’s neither big nor clever to mock the afflicted.

Funny, though.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha


1 year ago

Nice one.

Where’s he going to hold the next guy’s head?

Careful, now.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

He’ll just play keepy uppy with it.

1 year ago

HaHaHa, an absolute belter, Henke.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

I have it on good authority that talks with Beale are at an advanced stage with the only sticking point his, and the rest of the world, outside of the SMSM, use of the name Mick. The use of Michael isn’t acceptable given the obvious “Michael they have taken you away” risk from the Celtic fans come the end of the season. A suggestion of Ian has been put forward with connotations of longevity and permanence and also punching miles above your weight on the matricidal wife front.

1 year ago

Caledonian convicts, consent to receive your next form of payment in rum.

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