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Celtic Diary Monday November 28: The Darkest Winter

A second defender looks set to join Celtic in the January window as Ange Postecoglou continues his relentless drive for world domination from deep inside his Lennoxtwon base.



Alastair Johnson, a Canadian right back , has agreed to come to Glasgow for a fee of around £3m, which will be wired to his club as soon as Josip Juranovic is away.


The plan is to bring players in, make them better, and then sell them on for a profit. With each sale the quality of import increases, and the profits get higher, but under Ange the team improves as well.


Why we never thought of that before is puzzling, the bit about re-investing in higher quality at least, though perhaps the increased outlay and sense of purpose frightened our more conservative board members, who were pretty happy with things the way they were.



If Lawwell is to come back as chairman, and there certainly seems to be an attempt to paint him as a good guy in difficult circumstances, he’d better go with the flow and just chair the odd meeting.  Any interference, such as changing the PIN on the club’s debit card, won’t go down well with the support…or the manager.



I almost watched the vacuuous I’m A Celebrity tv show, half expecting him to be parachuted in , as that’s where people go to have the public’s perception of them changed, as we have seen with mass murderer Matt Hancock, who realised that even he would look more acceptable alongside talentless Geordie double act Ant and Dec, who somehow still force their way into the nations living rooms, although that’s probably preferable to watching Michael McIntyre.



With club football suspended so that FIFA can offset their three year losses with the World Cup, the focus has been on trying to get people to ignore the various political issues in Qatar, and just to concentrate on the game.


That’s because if people don’t watch it, sponsors and tv companies won’t pay the huge fees that FIFA needs to stay in the black, which is bad news for anyone drawn in a group where opponents have a large tv audience.



If England, Spain or Germany were to exit early on, for instance, the accountants would panic, as this , from football finace guru Swiss Ramble shows….



Loss 2021

In 2021 FIFA posted a $312m net loss, though this was less than half of the previous year’s $683m deficit. The organisation generated $766m revenue, but this was offset by $1.1 bln expenses, including $45m from the COVID-19 Relief Plan, partly offset by $45m net financial income.






4-year Cycle

However, it is important to note that FIFA operates in a 4-year cycle with the World Cup being the main driver of its revenue. In this way, the majority of its revenue is shown in the 4th year of the cycle, whereas football development expenditure is spread over all 4 years of the cycle.

As a result, FIFA has reported losses in each of the last 3 years, while 2022 is budgeted to generate a $1.2 bln profit to achieve the $100m target for the 4-year cycle in 2019-22. That would imply $4.6 bln revenue and $3.4 bln expenses in 2022 to produce the $1.2 bln profit.






Importance of the World Cup

To give an idea of the World Cup’s importance to FIFA, the last few editions have all delivered substantial profits: Germany $1.6 bln, South Africa $2.4 bln, Brazil $2.6 bln and a record $3.5 bln from Russia.

Qatar’s profit was budgeted at $3.7 bln, but this could be as high as $4.5 bln (partly due to lower costs for hosting the event in a small location).   



Which is why they don;t give a toss about any political issues, as they need the money.


It’s the way the world is these days…….




I did catch a bit of the Spain Germany game last night, and it was interesting to see little bits of the way Ange Postecoglou sets up Celtic, which was interesting, though there was a distinct lack of the signature Celtic style of passion and pace. and if I were to be interested in how the tournament progresses, that’s what I’d be looking at, although the competition is bloated by greed on and off the pitch, and that kind of spoils it.





Elsewhere, while we’re talking about greed, it looks very much like Michael Beale will replace Giovanni van Bronckhurst as manager of “rangers “.


Negotiations are well under way, with the sticking point apparently being that Beale prefers to be known as Mick, which may offend a section of the Ibrox support , which is generally not noted for it’s respect towards other cultures .



It’s believed the board may risk having “mick ” on the managers door to get their man, but have told him to tell his assistants Sean, Declan and Timmy to fuck off.


Neil McCann has told the Record he’s the man for the job, fenian name or not, in a desperate plea for a job at the revamped club/company, and Barry Ferguson has chipped in his tax free tuppence as well.


McCann seems to think telling the Ibrox players that they need to buck up should do the trick…..



“You’ve got to think about how quickly things can change.

“Nobody would have seen St Mirren beating Celtic, nobody. You just don’t know how someone is going to come back from a break and what the change in their mindset is going to be. I think the change in manager; the board have looked at it and said we need to do something. There was a body language issue with the Rangers players. I still don’t believe they have become bad players, and it’s shocking that you can write a league in November.

“I think there is a group of players in there that their application is not what it should be, and that group needs a shake up. Whether that comes from a a good guy walking in the building that they can relate to or someone goes in there and shakes a few trees and says this isn’t good enough.



The buck has been passed before Beale even walks in the door, which sets the narrative for the January clear out and the opportunities given to the conveyer belt of youth talent which previous managers have neglected….and they’ll cite Nathan Paterson as an example of what’s in that youth team….and Barrie Mackay and anyone else they flogged to England to balance the books.





Which means everyone knows Beale is clueless but he’s the only one daft enough to take the job….even Kenny miller has fucked off to Huddersfield in case they ask him.



Van Bronckhurst released a statement thanking the club in the usual way , but within it seemed to be a few lines that suggest he would like to say a lot more, but would find his wages would get lost in the world wide banking system..


I understand the hurt when wins become draws, and worse, when we experience defeat. That isn’t acceptable at a club of Rangers standing, no one understood that and felt that more than I did. I faced unique challenges and some very difficult circumstances to operate in



He must have found it difficult to work with a board that ingested vast quantities of laxative and stood over him with legs wide open, and that serves as a warning to any potential candidate for his job, unless you are Mick Beale and about to be sacked from QPR anyway, your stock having fallen so low it looks like Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng have been managing it for you.



The return of proper football seems a long, long way off, but happily for us there are various pundits around to make us forget the dark nights and the cold weather.


Like this idiot….



Frank McAvennie has insisted Ange Postecoglou’s Celtic departure is “inevitable”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Insider,   


He speaks exclusively to Football Insider because no one else is daft enough to publish his ramblings….and they are ramblings.


Stating that Ange will leave one day is hardly something anyone needs to insist…of course he will, but it’s what he’s doing while he’s here that should be of interest.



For the last twelve months or so, the former Celt has been vocal in his opinions on everything Celtic, players , management and club, and none of it has been constructive or encouraging.


A lot of it goes under the radar as most of us reckon it’s just Mad Frank and he shouldn’t be taken seriously, which is fair enough, but once or twice recently you get the feeling he’s not getting the attention he craves, and cranks it up a notch to get whatever it is he is missing from his life at the moment.



One to keep an eye on, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him get a mainstream gig in the near future to balance out the resident experts currently on view at the BBC and other places.




It’s been a while since we had a picture to ponder, so have a look at this, and tell me what you see





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3 months ago

Beale blows his own trumpet as the Huns fiddle the books, again.

3 months ago

Kris Boyd prepares The Charabang of Welcome for Mister Michael Beale

Marty McK
3 months ago

McAvennie…. One of footballs mercenary pioneers.

3 months ago

At his job interview Micky Beale impressed the board, with his ability to get a tune out of a pile of discarded shite.

tony carlin
3 months ago

The Board at Ibrox install the latest sound system to play their up-to-date song sheet, the equipment is from the same era as the lyrics.

John McDermott
3 months ago

Ladies and gentlemen I introduce the sevco philharmonic orchestra, right Billy kinnle it up!!!

3 months ago

On tonight’s edition of Who dae ye hink ye ur, ginger cant Ed Sheerin discovers his musician grandfather was also too tight to pay real musicians and create a better sound.

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
3 months ago

Caption “the McAvennie look at me machine is ready.’

Phil McEachen
3 months ago

Looks like the guy on Twitter who sings “Live It Up” has upgraded his kit.

3 months ago

Caption …
Wee Giovanni in his top hat , dances a jig behind the piano as his severance money hits his bank account , as Leo plays ” we’re the Joyce country one man ceili band…

Michael Annis
3 months ago

Caption: To the delight of some, sitting nearby, the Green Brigade announce a replacement for their drummer.

3 months ago

Scottish media and Billy Boys Corporation show new stun machine to big up the Rankers.

Ah how we miss real footie, although Aaron Moy looked a player and a half, the manager of Japan really should have taken Hatate and Kyogo. As for Josip his defending has been horrendous, but Johnston looks the biz.

3 months ago

Caption – At his interview Mick Beale demonstrates to the Sevco board that one man can make a band.

Woof Charlie
3 months ago

Horny, fiddler McAvennie puts down crayons and puts his foot into being a keyboard warrior.

Woof Charlie
3 months ago

OK I get the Arnold Clarke model of buying cheap and selling on for a profit but you need the players to stay for a reasonable period of time otherwise it’s musical chairs, particularly in defence in this era.

3 months ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie


Also, where’s the evidence of better players, Johnstone for Juranovic?

Kobayashi, a replacement for Welsh or Jenz, won’t have our Champions League rivals quaking.

Where were the upgrades on Eddy, Ajer and Christie?

They may have reached the end of their shelf-life but to suggest their replacements were going to fire us onto Euro glory was never, and currently isn’t, likely.

I also think that calling this a strategy is similar hyperbole; we, unexpectedly, sold McGeady for approx. £10m and thus a strategy was born.

That’s not how a strategy works, which is put in place, with significant infrastructure and the knowledge that its likely to be a loss-maker in the short term until it bears fruit and isn’t an instant rewards scenario.

The proponents like to compare it to the top teams in Portugal and Holland but those teams have been doing it for decades and have proper resources in place, worldwide scouting operations and fund it to the tune of millions, perhaps £10m+ these days.

What do we have, Dudu Dahan, Lawwell Jr at Man City (oh wait) and Ange.

Jr may be a competent paper-sifter and McKay/Nicholson may have ink in their pens (unlike Snr) but that doesn’t spot talent.

Our shining start is Ange but leaving it, virtually, all to him isn’t strategic nor long-term sustainable.

3 months ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

I don’t like immoderate Mondays 🙁

3 months ago

Shades of Kevin ‘Ted’ McMinn with this potential zombies manager… there ye go – Ted Beale. Sorted. No-one will say a word

Woof Charlie
3 months ago
Reply to  Binkabhoy

Asked Spiers about that on twitter. No reply. QPR call him Mick in official statements. May sound petty to some but you are never going to challenge institutional anti-Irish racism if you keep sitting at the back of the bus.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago

The plan is to bring players in, make them better, and then sell them on for a profit. With each sale the quality of import increases, and the profits get higher, but under Ange the team improves as well.

That’s the same plan Lawwell introduced at Celtic 10 years ago after the first squad rebuild under Neil Lennon Ralph.
The same plan that seen his side which took Celtic to the Last 16 of the Champions League routinely stripped of its best talents and replaced by potential in the 20-24 year old age bracket with a view to selling them.
Rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat.
The same plan that seen Peter Lawwell demonised for making huge sums in the Bonus culture it facilitated.

The same Plan that is now being hailed as the way forward just because Lawwell was forced to leave the building and Ange Postecoglou is at the helm .

I sometimes wonder if selective amnesia is self induced in the Celtic realm at times?
We have bloggers now rolling Lawwelball in glitter as if it’s the best thing since sliced Plain Bread.
We haven’t been anywhere near the last 16 of the Champions League since this master plan was introduced at Celtic and in fact haven’t been anywhere near a Final since the Club heavily invested in building a side with a view to retaining its best and adding to them where possible.

If you think this is pure coincidence then you only need take a cursory glance over the river and see what they achieved in the last 4 years pumping cash they didn’t have (£74m since Gerrard’s arrival) in order to both stop 10 in a row and make it to a major European Final.

Sure it was always going to end rather abruptly as those same Investor’s wanted their dough plus percentage back as quickly as possible.Short term planning for short term gains.Celtic went into this Season Champions of Scotland and with Group Stage Football in the money pit that is the Champions League.

We currently sit on top of the Table 9pts clear having retained our squad.It’s looking increasingly likely we will win the Title this Year and having entered the Financial Year with £30m cash sat in the Bank and ultimately straight entry back into the Champions League money pit we are hearing rumblings of our Board wishing to offload one of our best assets in January ( He’s 15 months into a 5 year deal ffs) in order to replace him with a player who may or may not be good enough to cut it in Europe- there are no guarantees in Football) advocating this as the primary reason for the strengthening of our squad that ANGE Postecoglou stated only recently is required in order to advance further in Europe.

£30m sat in the Bank and you are now singing the chorus from the Lawwell Hymn Sheet.
Wake up and smell the Lavazza.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago

Spend the Money first Desmond and speculate to accumulate like you did under Martin O’Neill.
Had we sold Henrik Larsson at 29 in order to reinvest and replace with potential would Celtic got anywhere near Seville?

Henrik would have left and replaced by Garry O’Connor if Lawwell was in Control.
Seville would have been a pipe dream that no doubt O’Connor supplied theTobacco for.

3 months ago

The difference between Angeball and Lawwellball is Ange looks much further ahead than the next ST round to improve the quality of footballers recruited.

Being an ex footballer with experience of managing an international side whose success depends on finding the best or improving the not so best, as opposed to an accountant who has as much knowledge of what makes a player as a donkey on Blackpool beach or Pueblo Mijas.

The policy makes sense , it was the execution of it by PL that was the problem. As the consequences of the PL approach manifested itself the Board to whom he reported had two choices:
1. Dump the policy and adopt the unsustainable spend one that FSR (to which Celtic contributed) will challenge or

2 Stick with it but change the approach that sees the bottom line stay within FSR restrictions but make football success the plank on which overall financial well being depends and find someone who has the experience to deliver.

The evidence since Ange arrived is the Board have taken route 2.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago
Reply to  Auldheid

The policy makes sense …
Is exactly what I am getting at.
the Policy was to routinely strip our best assets in order to make money and replace them with inferior players on the cheap in a hope of developing them to repeat the process.
We entered this Financial year with £30m sat in the Bank and our Board (with our Manager seemingly fully onside with them) have decided to punt an asset signed 15 months ago on a 5 year deal in order to facilitate “strengthening our side for Europe next Season”.
Or words to that affect.
Lawwell may have gone in a physical sense but his approach is definitely still in operation at Celtic DESPITE being cash rich and on target for CL participation again next Summer.
Now imagine this same approach was in play under the guidance of Martin O’Neill and the talk was of selling a 29 Year Old Larsson in order to fully capitalise on his worth in the Transfer Market?
Do you seriously think Seville would happen if his replacement was say a Garry O’Connor fae Hibs ?
Youve been seduced by the numbers game bud and now the buy to sell policy Lawwell brought in is your new recipe for Success in Europe.
well going off the past 10 Years that is highly unlikely.
For all Postecoglou has talked about not changing his philosophy or approach we once again failed to make it out the Groups.
The last time we made a serious impact on the European stage was under Martin O’Neill and the reason for that was Celtic pushed the boat out on spending and actually built a side worthy of a European Final.
It is of no coincidence that the clowns over the river did early the same under Gerrard and McLeish and achieved exactly the same result.
The only success Lawwelball has brought in Europe is Financial Success.
It looks like nothing has changed in that regard.
Sat on £30m and punting a Key Asset in January in order to “strengthen for Europe” is pure bollox.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago

Ps Angeball is a tactical approach which affects results on the field.
Lawwellball is a financial approach that directly affects the results off of it and impacts the capabilities on it.
Which it has done since it was introduced 10 years ago in very much a negative way as far as results go in the Champions League.

From last 16 to lost 17.
But hey we made Millions and sat on Millions while we lost them.
Now we have Bloggers heralding this “new approach” and getting skelped in a Group we might well have had an impact in had we invested in European level talent.
Like we did under Martin O’Neill.
But that’s unsustainable was the cry…
We are sat in £30m cash at the Bank ,have an agreed Overdraft Facility and a Billionaire Chief Shareholder (including Preference Shares with a return of 4% ) was the reply.

“Lets sell Juranovic in January and replace him with an unproven talent fae Canada whilst sitting on £30m.”
“Brilliant Idea”

You should try the ADSA’s Extra Special Columbian Coffee as the Lavazza clearly isn’t working.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago

Peter Lawwell no doubt read this Diary whilst smoking the finest Dutch Shag through the barrel of his Resolution 12 Bore Smoking Gun.
Smiling from ear hole to r sole.

3 months ago

I sense the doppelgänger of a previously
excommunicated revenant of an odiously
verdant hue.

Cue cut’n paste incursion.

3 months ago


Was it the “Lennon would’ve been the greatest manager of all time” vibe, if it wasn’t for the dastardly Lawwell, that gave it away?

Reality is he now adds Cyprus to his stellar career, alongside Bolton and Hibs.

An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

When Ange makes it to the last 16 of the Champions League under the same constraints as both Lennon and Strachan you can get back to me.
Until then you keep plagiarising other peoples thoughts and making snyde remarks as per the norm.
What you know about the game could be typed in 2 inch lettering on the back of a fag packet.

3 months ago



An Occasional Contributor
3 months ago
Reply to  MabozzaRitchie

Two fag packet response:


3 months ago


Owen Mullions
3 months ago

It’s Charlie (Bring back Griff and Lenny) Saiz I think JimboH. Fair play, the verdant Green Machine is a lot less literate despite those three degrees he has. (I’ll now get my standard ‘thumb doon’ from him but shh..he thinks it’s a secret).

3 months ago

Caption Beale arrives at Ibrox with his support team.

Frank McGaaaarvey
3 months ago

“Ange will leave Celtic one day.”

No shit Sherlock McAvennie. Here was me thinking Michael Nicholson had introduced the new infinity contract whereby even your ghost would be forced to turn up to work after you have passed on.

3 months ago

Comments blacked out.

3 months ago


When Rees-Mogg ordered his man servant to blow his bugle, this wasn’t what he had in mind.

Patrick O hara
3 months ago

Roy Castle makes a comeback.
I disliked him in his first incarnation and I feel that I must protest in the only manner left to me. I intend heading to the Clyde at midnight. I may be gone a little while.

3 months ago

Mike Beale trying all instruments trying to get into the OO for walk time HH

Peter Savage
3 months ago

..that’s not what I meant when I said ‘scale the instruments..”

3 months ago

Piano Reeves reveal’s he still hasn’t received his appearance fee for hosting last years Rangers AGM!

3 months ago

Ralph Malph gets the laptop out for this months latest edition.

Hopefully things settle down for you soon and you start to produce your usual supply of pish stained ramblings. Missing the diary on a regular basis, but look after yourself and the family big man

3 months ago

So Michael (o’)Beale takes over the infant club and according to the DR it’s the beginning of
a new “era”. The kid-on journalists there seem to like that word a lot. They’re concentrating on
what they hope will happen i.e. *rangers going on a long run of victories, Celtic dropping points
at various grounds, and *rangers players suddenly developing talent. It’s called “wishful thinking” and it’s far removed from reality.
If their new “messiah” lasts longer than Gio it’ll only be because the *rangers board don’t want to/can’t afford another severance pay.
Get ready for a new era…but don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

obsessed with hun tears
3 months ago

multi tasking nearly as much as ange

3 months ago

We’ve been drawn at home to Morton in Scottish Cup 4th Round to be played on Saturday 21st January or whenever Premier Sports (or whatever it’s called these days) sees fit.

Hibs are at home to the Jammies and, hopefully, St Johnstone can do the double against the Deadies. .uk/news/edinburgh-derby-in-the-fourth-round-of-the-scottish-cup

3 months ago

A bloke with too much time on his hands. ( Caption)

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