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Celtic Diary Tuesday September 20: Back To Reality

A warm welcome back to one of the most regular features on the Celtic web, if not exactly the most reliable or informative, as the writer finally gets his shit organised.

At least, he thinks he’s finally got his shit organised.  Which inevitably means he’s nowhere near getting it organised, but has finally realised it does need organising.


Just not by him.




It’s been a strange couple of weeks, with one Liz finishing and another one starting, and woe betide anyone, anywhere, who hasn’t got a good word to say about the former or her family.


Even the one she bailed out to save him from going to prison,



The internment took place yesterday, with blanket television and media coverage, although I waited until the BBC highlights programme-Maj of the Day-to see if anything interesting happened, but nothing did.


For anyone who hasn’t seen it, she goes into a vault at the end.



Pole Vault GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY



No, not that sort.


But it would have made great tv.


As did the spectral vision that was ignored as it rose alongside her final resting place…….








The Celtic support, like many, many other supports around the country, has little or nothing in common with the privilege and wealth associated with the Royal household, and immediately became the whipping boys for a right wing media looking to take focus away from the fact there wasn’t the outpouring of grief they were hoping for, by decalring what a bunch of ruffians we all are after a banner in Poland at the Donestk game read….


Celtic held by Shakhtar Donetsk amid fans' anti-monarchy chants and banners  | Champions League | The Guardian



…although another did pass on condolences to an old friend of hers, you can guess which one grabbed the headlines.



Piss poor outlets such as TalkShite Radio joined GB News and luminaries such as Nigel Farage, Penis Morgan and James the Whale in condemning the lack of respect, and when Jeremy Kyle, who used to get paid thousands to abuse those who haven;t had the easiest of lives joined in the fury, you got that little bit of a warm glow inside that tells you that this club still has people around it that know what’s right and what’s wrong.



When the authorities then decided that a minutes applause was a better idea than a minutes silence for the trip to St mirren last Sunday, a giggling Celtic support held up a banner that, if i may say somewhat childishly, asked those present to express their opinions on the Royal Family…



If You Hate the Royal Family Clap Your Hands”: Celtic Fans Chant During  Their League Match on Sunday ▷




Fortunately, Celtic lost 2-0, a brave and noble sacrifice by the players to avoid the gaffer being asked about the fans.


It didn’t matter, he was still asked, and gave the question short shrift…



“I addressed all that in two press conferences, I’m not going to do it in three,” 


Though like the rest of us, he’s probably hoping that Charles the Turd is in fine fettle, as with a coronation already set to get the kow towers kowtowing, we could do without him leaving the funeral directors on speed dial.



Although it does seem our own SFA haven’t quite got over the last one yet….



SFA ‘ask UEFA’ for Queen tribute permission ahead of Scotland vs Ukraine Hampden clash

Steve Clarke’s men are in Nations League action in the first time since Her Majesty’s passing. 





How on earth can anyone reallistically say that Steve Clarke’s men will be ” in action ” ?



Instead, post match, after Celtic seemed to take things a little less seriously than usual, the manager came out and told us what he thought of the game….


“The performance today wasn’t up to our levels and nowhere near where it needs to be,” 

“We didn’t perform in any of the areas we like to perform in and have been performing in. There isn’t anything hugely positive we can take from today, including the team selection which probably wasn’t right.

“There are always reminders we still have work to do. Every team is a potential hurdle.”



Everyone has an opinion on what went wrong, and it’s possible everyone is right.



Although some are just attention seeking morons… Bill Leckie, the man who once reported on the  synchronised coughing  of boys of the Old Brigade …….



CALLUM McGREGOR looked dismayed while Ange Postecoglou must have felt betrayed.

The rest of the watching world? We couldn’t have been any less surprised.


Or delighted, it seems, as he continued to scribble, probably breaking his crayon in the process…..



Because you could have set your watch for Celtic supporters trying to wreck a tribute to The Queen yesterday.

It was as inevitable as it was infuriating.

Their manager might as well have been talking to the wall when he asked them to show a bit of respect.

They clearly have as little of it for the guy who turned their team around as they do for a monarch lying in state. 


Yeah. Clearly.


I’m sure they thought they were ever so clever, singing If You Hate The Royal Family Clap You Hands during a pre-match minute’s applause.

See what we did there — we got everyone in the stadium to agree with us. But they’re not clever. They’re just a shower of attention-seeking morons.


Presumably the Sun will offer each and every one of us the opportunity to write a column in their esteemed newspaper , as it appears we all have the necessary basic qualification…..



I’ve even thought of my first article for them…



Rangers fans fury as airport shop forced to open during








So furious, in fact, they’ve been privately seething……






Anyway, back to the real problems, away from those minor irritants that should just be flushed away….

Sunday’s problems included  the grey strip that made it difficult to distinguish between players on the park….ask Alex Ferguson about grey strips….to the reshuffled defence…a constant issue early last season….and everything in between, though there’s probably a little bit of all of it in there somewhere.



If you think the grey strip wasn’t an issue, I’d like to wager a shiny shilling that we won;t see it again this season, which would tell us everything.



Other changes, such as starting Mooy, for instance, when he usually comes on after an hour or so to solidify the midfield and slow things down altered the style perhaps a little too much, and with Joe Hart only venturing off his line when the ball is in the other half of the field, and not when it’s in the air in his box could be a couple of things to look at, but it may just be that the team was a little biut more tired than they should have been, and in a more relaxed frame of mind after two visits to higher echelons, and paid the price for complacency.





Meanwhile, back at the ranch, they’ll be sitting around the campfire and having a pow wow about how the trail is looking so far.


Celtic played their game of the season against Shakhtar Donetsk in Poland , and were unlucky not to record a victory, but since most of us would have taken a draw anyway, it didn’t seem so bad once the dust had settled.



Two home wins coupled with Real Madrid winning their next two would almost certainly guarantee qualification, which isn’t a bad position to be in.



Looking back at the game, Celtic , as against Real Madrid the week before, had their chances, and perhaps the players inexperience led to them losing that little bit of composure in front of goal, composure that should return as they become accustomed to that level of football.


There’s a lot to learn, but these guys have shown they can adapt, and so this campaign should be judged a success if we have European football after christmas.



It’s far too soon to think about doing some damage in the latter stages of the champions League, but a run in the Europa might not be a bad thing to practice knock out ties.



Although having said that, the UCL is where we want to be, even if it means waiting until next year to shake up the establishment,,,,



Domestically, eight games have delivered seven wins.


Although we may have thought another invincible season was on the cards, it was never realy likely….sometimes things just don’t go the way you expect, and although the defeat was not what we wanted, any resultant waves can be ridden out fairly comfortably, with the hoops still two points clear going into the break.


But it does emphasise the need to turn up and be your best every week.



We’ve a lot more to be happy about than most.









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1 year ago

Ahh. always make me feel better

Dziekanowski’s nightclub child
1 year ago

Hail, hail!

Owen Mullions
1 year ago

I’m outraged that this Diary has been published so soon after the Queen’s death! Couldn’t you wait until the Coronation next year?

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Says Cammy to Charley as they sat down to dine,
I’ve just had a note from an old friend of mine,
His name is ‘Wee Gio’ he’s loyal and true,
And his dirty small nose is a light shade of blue.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Outrageous response. You are clearly not outraged enough. I’m outraged at your lack of outrage. My medals are rattling I’m so angry.

1 year ago

Take it Leckie never heard his own fans (cough) singing fuck the pope and fuck the queen?

1 year ago

Funny listening to Souness on the chat shit radio there getting his arse handed back to him by Jordan (who slightly redeemed himself), suggesting,hoping,begging sponsors to pull away from Celtic because we’re not all grovelling hypocrites only interested in money,Jim White another Hun in an emotional frenzy to see the Celtic heirarchy beg n grovel for forgiveness……not happenin’ Huns and if over the coming days Celtic don’t bow to the masters like they do I shall be spending a small,hard earned fortune on merchandise.

1 year ago

I see a certain Mr Sourness is trying to stick his big false hooter into Celtic’s business. Wee bit of advise you conceited cvnt, go fvck yourself, I’m sure that’s what you do on a regular basis anyway you utter twat.

1 year ago


1 year ago

did soreness pay back his ebt ime sure its wot his maj woulda wanted

1 year ago

So old Liz was “interned” yesterday.
I thought that was reserved for Irish Republicans.

1 year ago

Ralph, you covered Sunday’s result well. i do not think it will have a long-term impact on our season. coming before the break it could go either way, hang about for a while, the media will try to ensure it does or be lost in the mists of time. either way, it is unlikely to have much impact on a championship-winning season. The second placed club in the league is a goal better at home than the bottom club and VAR looms for them.
Our manager was right to ask for respect from the fans, living in a free society they were right to respond as they felt. I was always brought up to respect death in a family even if I did not like the members of that family. Arlene Foster went to Martin McGuinness’s funeral, Martin shook the queen’s hand if it is good enough for him it is good enough for me. My Irish teachers would be appalled that the last person I heard speak Irish on TV was the Queen. It would have seemed pretty unlikely in the 1960s when the Christian Brothers were trying to beat it into me !
Ironically people are asking how did the Royal Family get its wealth, do they belong in the 21 st Century, all the pageantry might well be the death throes of a former establishment. Anyone who gets up the nose of Piers Morgan, James Whale or Nigel Farage is a hero to me.

Owen Mullions
1 year ago
Reply to  BJF

A lecture on ‘decency’ from Piers (phone hacker) Morgan, Nigel (neo-fascist) Farage and Jeremy (suicide bully) Kyle!!! I pished myself so much my dry cleaning costs more than my gas bill.

1 year ago

Ah the lengthy mourning, whit was it all about? Headlines in Scottish papers about children suffering from malnutrition, then we get this sycophantic diatribe. Celtic supporters were not the only group that booed during the minutes silence, but as usual the septic media concentrated on Celtic. The Younies assaulted the DU fans, bottling them etc; but our glorious media ignored that as they sucked up C3PO crap. This country in the last so weeks has tried to emulate Russia or North Korea, regarding individual freedoms.
Agree the strip, who authorised that crap, as for Sunday probably too many changes, but as usual Robertson was their twelfth man.
Across the city they wallow in their detrius as they know their place in the Kingdom.
Glad too see your return to the land of the living

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

C3PO, I like it,

Chuck 3, Prince of Orange/Protestant Oath?

Don’t forget that the Huns also tried to attack the Napoli players after the game, accompanied with obligatory bottle shower, forcing them to scamper and abandon warm down.

As well as being ignored by Scottish media, as expected, UEFA haven’t reacted and seem terrified to do anything to upset the Mournathon.

An Occasional Contributor
1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

It was a tactical disasterclass from Ange.
Moving McGregor forward into the advance role he’s not played for 3 years now and replacing him with the poor man’s Scott Brown set the tone for the entire game which only helped slow the game down moreso than even Robinson had planned for.
The fact it took Ange the guts of 40 minutes to realise it was the biggest concern because after 15 minutes it was very apparent that particular change had massively effected our tempo from the get go.

An Occasional Contributor
1 year ago

McGregor is key to Angeball from deep.
Thats been obvious for 12 months.

An Occasional Contributor
1 year ago

After 7 games last Season we were sat in 6th spot on 10 points with a goal difference of +12
The 2angers were in top spot with 16 points and +7

We won the League comfortably in the end.

After 7 games this Season we are sat on top with 18 points and a goal difference of +22
The 2angers meanwhile sit in 2nd spot on 16 points and a goal difference of +8

They’ve effectively stood still whilst we are improving all the time.
I seriously doubt they would have gone to Pittodrie and came back with full points so the death of Lizzie of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha probably couldn’t have been timed any better for them.
Liverpool and Ajax will destroy that defence in Europe.

The Cha
1 year ago

We still need to address it as a reality check.

They’ll probably be top of the league when the league resumes, as their Edinburgh cussings will not trouble them, albeit having played a game more and with a vastly inferior goal difference and we should reclaim top spot a couple of hours later.

Would any of us had said a few days ago that the Huns would ever be top of the league this season?

The Cha
1 year ago

“Two home wins coupled with Real Madrid winning their next two would almost certainly guarantee qualification, which isn’t a bad position to be in.”

If this means qualification for UCL KO stage, then I don’t think 7 points will be enough given that Shakhtar already have 4 after 2 games.

I also don’t consider just making the Europa KO is progress and a success, as this is what we’ve done for the past few seasons, albeit qualifying through UCL is much harder.

We need to won KO matches before we consider this campaign a success.

Tim Buffy
1 year ago

Any chance of taking those crosses off the comments and letting us read them?

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Buffy

Not sure what you mean, as it all looks okay to me.

I’m using Edge on a Windows PC.

What are you using?

Tim Buffy
1 year ago

Just what I’ve always used for years without any problem

The Cha
1 year ago
Reply to  Tim Buffy

Clearly, something has changed but it’s not affecting everyone, so it may be a change in your setup (update etc).

1 year ago

Fishell…Polis Alba investigating Klan fans for bottle throwing incidents before and after the D utd game.
Who’d a thunk it?

The Cha
1 year ago

but, but, banners.

1 year ago

When I saw the team coming out with the grey tops on my heart sank…”that’s fekking ridiculous they look like the St Mirren team” I thought to myself. Then I had that cold feeling you get when a bad omen appears and I just knew we weren’t gonna win. Who in their right mind decided to wear that awful fekking top? Grey is for sacks of coal…and that’s how we ended up playing….back to the slow pass, pass, pass, lose the ball of days gone by.
Too many changes in the team, whether by design or forced by injuries. Hopefully we’ll not play this badly again during the rest of the season.
On a brighter note, we’ve got our first point in the Champions, so well on course (cough) for my prediction of 10 points in the group. Just got to beat Shakhtar in Glasgow (easy) and Leipzig home and away (easy peasy) and Bob’s yer uncle…second place.

1 year ago

C3PO stands for Charles 111 Prince of Orange, note his vow rolled him into Protestantism, (defender of the faith) almost 1690 style. Also he is a metallic buffoon.

Long live the Republic.

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