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Celtic Diary Sunday July 31: I’m so Excited..And I Just Can’t Hide It!

Later this morning, I’ll be popping into the old tarrier carrier and heading north for the opening episode of that difficult second season for Ange Postecoglou.


It’s been a long time since I was at Celtic Park, Third Lanark were the opponents last time, and the game was played in black and white, so as you can imagine I’m looking forward to it. I hear the ground is all seated these days.


Celts face Aberdeen which is one of those ties that can go either way. Either we’ll win 7-0 or we could really get into the groove and give them a damn good thrashing.


Whichever, it’s important to put down a marker and strike fear into the other sides in this years SPFL, or whatever it’s called these days.


I’m even staying off the drink in order to fully appreciate the occasion, which will allow me to see first hand the all singing all dancing style of play introduced by the wonder from down under, and although that may be subject to change I’m determined that not a drop will touch my lips. There are many benefits to abstination, such as remembering the score and or not falling asleep in one’s seat.


And I believe it also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex…..



Can;t think why it never caught on.



Ange has a full squad to choose from, although new bhoy Moritz Lenz has picked up a knock and is unlikely to start, but we shouldn;t be too worried, that’s normal for German defenders….




Celtic fans can be reasonably confident that this season will eclipse last season as the manager now has more or less the players he wants who have, in turn, found the manager they want who can bring out the best in them.


We can expect not only to win another treble, but can be more than optimistic that the side can make a mark in Europe, as although some of us may have doubts about the quality of the side compared to those at the highest ;evel, this extract from a piece in the Times by a former number two of Postecoglou, Peter Cklamovski,  more than suggests a level of pragmatism that many suspected was absent in the manager’s make up….





Seems simple enough, if opponents shift to counter our style, we’ll shift again.


Jock Stein had a similar outlook, to paraphrase, when he said that while our opponents work out what we’re doing, we’ll be doing something else.


Let’s face it, that sort of fluidity was absent in quite a few previous managers….


Another thing to bear in mind is that whilst Celtic will obviously play whoever is on the pitch in front of them on any given day, there’s another “game ” going on as the players and manager test themselves against a benchmark they have set themselves, that of constant evolution or improvement, a sure sign that the manager is here to stay for a while yet.



Probably even if Peter Lawwell becomes chairman when Iain Bankier finally takes the hint in January and hits the road out of Celtic.


Bankier, who once famously called the support racist for criticising fellow director Lord Livingston of Parkhead, when in fact we were just pointing out he was a tosser.



Michael Nicholson is the new CEO, and he has done exceptionally well since he arrived, proving many of us wrong. Should he have to work with Lawwell again, one hopes that he will stand up for himself and continue the good work.


That may be a little unfaor on Lawwell, who did do plenty of good things during his tenure, and certainly had a passion for Celtic, but lying to shareholders, as he did when he denied having seen the infamous five way agreement, is unacceptable, and that kind of usurps anything else he did.




Whilst Celtic, and the support, can expect great things this season, it seems the Angera has left a few experts nonplussed, with the Daily Record experts predicting , on the whole, that spunky new club “rangers ” will finally win their first league title that fans can bear witness to…. with this esteemed line up of wise old sages backing the boys in blue…

Keith Jackson

 David McCarthy  

Andy Newport

 Gavin Berry  

Kris Boyd  

Hugh Keevins  

Gordon Dalziel  

Roger Hannah

 Andy Halliday  


Of course, none of them can offer any valid reason for that, other than their editor would have sacked them if they’d tried any independent analysis and came up with perhaps inside knowledge on the real abilities of the half dozen or so bargain basement signings that have so far replaced two genuinely decent players in Joe Aribo, who scored a wonder goal for Southampton yesterday, and Calvin Bassey, who perhaps had a less auspicious start for Ajax….


AFC Ajax
78. Red card Bassey   
 It may take Bassey a while to fully comprehend the major differences between playing for “rangers ” and playing for a big club, one of which is that the man with the whistle is not a team mate who chuckles when you kick an opponent.
 Still , they do have John Soutar from Hearts to strengthen their defence….
 As usual, Joe Black, who gets a bit carried away when he tweets, was prone to second thoughts….
 Champions elect “rangers ” got off to a winning start with a 2-1 win over Livingston, which will keep their hopes up until their European qualifier in the week, and Hearts won their opener 2-1 as well, beating Ross County, so the best Celtic can hope for at this early stage is to share top spot……
 The Diary likes to keep a smile on your face, so here’s a comedian talking about the old firm..
 Well, when I say comedian , and when I say old firm…..
 On a more serious note, John Hughes, the original Yogi Bear, isn’t very well.
John Hughes
Folks, unfortunately Dad is very unwell. To keep his spirits up I’d like to share with him any positive stories you might have of encounters with him over the years. Thanks in advance.  
 Perhaps you could add a story or two about the great man that may put a smile on his face.
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S J Turnbull
8 months ago

Get well soon Big Yogi, feed the bear.

8 months ago

Get well soon Yogi

8 months ago
Reply to  Navarro

C’mon Yogi, you proved that you could beat any opponent on the days when I was privileged to watch you in a wonderful Celtic team…i still remember you destroying Rangers star centre half Doug Baillie and the story in the Record later was around someone asking you the Catechism.question ‘who made you’ and your immediate answer ‘Doug Baillie !’ You provided us with many magic moments among them your 5 goals against Aberdeen playing in ‘sannies’ on a frosted Celtic pitch’. I also remember a game against the Reds when you impossibly waltzed past about 5 defenders and with only the goalie to beat it seemed impossible not to score but your shot went past the post ! It still earned the biggest cheer of the day ! All Celtic fans pray that you’re out and about a gain soon.

8 months ago

All the best Big Man. Try viewing ‘10 highest Celtic scorers’ by Henrik 7 on YouTube. Brighten up anyones day.

8 months ago

One of the two goals scored in the Crystal Palace match vs Sheffield Utd in December 1971…they were Goal of the Month and runner up for the old Football Focus programme and the GOTM should have been Goal of the Year. (I thought the other goal he scored that day was the better of the pair).

comment image

John Murphy
8 months ago

Great Man Big Yogi!
Two memories stand out and perhaps your Dad will remember them both. The latter without a doubt the former I’m not too sure about.
Big Yogi and Jinky visited The Xaverian College In Coatbridge not long after Celtic won The European Cup. The students who were studying for the missionary priesthood were in awe of these two great Celts as they took time to chat and answer questions about things ‘Celtic’. I remember Yogi as a Big Man, big on being approachable and big in humility.

The second memory was in 1970 at Hampden Park in the European Cup semi-final. I had gone to Leeds to see the Bhoys win and was lucky enough also to get a ticket for the return match. Big Yogi’s diving header will remain in my memory forever and the joy of 130000+ Celtic supporters which John Hughes gifted to us will be one of my greatest memories in football.
In our thoughts and prayers Yogi
John Murphy

John A
8 months ago

Thoughts are with you Yogi, great Celt

8 months ago

Looking forward to the tussle with the sheepies, note the rags are in meltdown about the Rankers. Keevins in histrionics today about a jumper. The red tops now all hate Liverpool as they booed the National anthem, what next a peasants revolt?
Best wishes to Yogi, a sight to be seen as he tanked into the box!

franny kiernan
8 months ago

i was around six or seven and going to the match, at parkhead cross about a half hour before the game and some noise was heard behind us, we turned to look to see big yogi running down the road to the match, i stopped him and asked for his autograph which he gave me and ran on, my uncle and dad said they didn’t think big jock would play him, but he did and the big man played a blinder

keep well big man

Woof Charlie
8 months ago

Who do you want to win is the real question. They are mid fire sale but painted on champions. I cannot recall a time when journalism, ok punditry they can’t afford journalists, was so poor, petty and quite as clearly biased.

8 months ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

Spot on about “punditry”, it’s putrid like all the huns in the media. All their fans in the LRA (Robertson another cheating moment against Livi with Livi’s goal), the SFA and the SPFL, and YET, with all that support and cheating help they still can’t beat us on a level playing field. I expect it of all them huns but for a Celtic CEO to sell us down the river, to sell THE TEN, I for one of many will NEVER forgive him.

8 months ago

Get well soon big Yogi bhear

8 months ago

Yogi Hughes, met his brother Billy at Roker Park in the early 1970s. Now Yogi at full tilt was a sight to behold. Not exercised about Lawwell becoming chair, the 5 way split, failure to get Stephen Fletcher and Jihn McGinn plus appointing a manager in the shower after a cup final were not clever. That said the club had great success during his tenure. The majority shareholder trusts him and Ange snd Nicholson emphasise he didn’t get every appointment wrong. Board’s role is to implement Dermot’s strategic direction, chair’s role is to lead the Board. As for today’s challenge against the sheep, Godwin’s teams fight so those not first choice today will get a chance against Ross County given the walking wounded we will have, lucky no mid week game.

8 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Appointing Lawwell as chairman won’t be a surprising one but it will be a shocking one.

All of the success we’ve had over these past 2 decades has been predicated on the 60,000 Celtic fans that pack Parkhead every season and the tens of thousands that buy merchandising etc.

This faithfulness (I can’t say loyalty) included the penultimate wretched season that still saw fans contribute record revenues.

On that base we can attract significant commercial sponsorship and quality managers and players that bring the club massive success.

To say that Lawwell and his ex (?) cronies haven’t run us into the rocks like the Huns is a very low bar for success than a club of our ambition should never entertain.

The season before last was Lawwell’s big opportunity to demonstrate that he had something/anything about him when the season was imploding for an early stage, as even a blind man galloping along on a horse could notice.

Instead he did nothing because essentially that’s what he is, a nothing man, who probably would be a minor level functionary earning, at most, 10% of his Celtic pay, if he had to compete in an outside industry.

The Lawwell Loyal always tried to claim he was wanted by top clubs in England but the only job he was in serious interest for was Sunderland, then a 3rd division basket case.

He lost out to Martin Bain, of Rangers (in pace) infamy, that’s how highly he was thought of in football circles.

When he “left” his departure was celebrated (“goodbye to bad rubbish”), indifference etc but not a flicker of sadness or regret that I could detect.

In the same vein, his 2nd coming won’t be celebrated. He is and should always be remembered as the man who stopped the 10.

BTW Desmond isn’t the majority shareholder, he owns less than 30% of shares, but due to apathy being at fever pitch, he can act like it.

On to today’s game, I think clean sheets are over-rated, I hope its a feast of attacking football with the wingers and forwards to the fore like in the Yogi days of yore. I’m tipping 5-3 to the Tic.

8 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

Cha , I think your article is full of contradictions, you claim PL had nothing to do with all our success in his 2 decades , but u seem to lay the blame at him for us not winning 10 . I think you are like the Priest in the film The field “ you want your bread buttered both f.cking sides”

john mc guire
8 months ago
Reply to  Damian

another contradictionGordon Dalziel never tipped the clan he said Celtic will win the league again plus the guy was another fergie he married a Tim please stick the the facts Cha .

Owen Mullions
8 months ago
Reply to  john mc guire

Have I missed something? Where did Cha mention Dalziel?

8 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

He’s confusing me with Ralph (main article), an easy mistake to make. 😉

8 months ago
Reply to  Damian

Damian (Omen 3?)
Lawwell held us back in Europe year after year by NEVER speculating to improve some half-decent sides.To keep us in touch with his favoured huns. It was ALL about money and we are Celtic, shouldn’t be about money at all. Him and Desmond still cling to the hope of an Old Firm (now deceased) in the EPL which would make them both fortunes. Lawwell’s a Traitor nothing more and he sold us out to allow the new huns to stop the TEN. He should be hung out to dry.

8 months ago
Reply to  Damian

Please list HIS successes.

He was the dictatorial CEO, who micro-managed the smallest details at Celtic, yet when it was all going to hell in a handcart and crying out for change he did absolutely nothing.

Why do you consider that a success.

Please list all of the contradictions that you claim my comment is full of (nb Gordon Dalziel doesn’t count!)..

An Occasional Contributor
8 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

He’s the major shareholder with 34.7% with the second biggest shareholder having 13.3%.
Peter Lawwell’s failings at Celtic have far been outmatched by his success.
Yes it could have been better but at the same time it also could have been worse.
Much worse.

8 months ago

Fukk off Charlie S, I used to have some respect for you but the kind of pish you say above was the end of it.

8 months ago
Reply to  TicToc

He clearly doesn’t understand what majority means.

I blame all that square bashing, rotting the brain.

Again, “his successes” but no details as to what they were, as most of us would be stumped to come up with them.

An Occasional Contributor
7 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

I’ve clearly understood what I meant when I stated correctly that Desmond is the major shareholder at Celtic.
His 34.7% Shareholding is more than the next 5 major share holdings combined.
Lawwell’s success is based upon what has transpired on the Park and what has transpired off of it.
Since Season 2003-04 when he took over Celtic have won 14 of the 19 League Titles on offer .
Reached the last 16 of the Champions League 3 times and collected a further 17 Domestic Trophies.
Overseen a change to Debt Management which after the Martin O’Neill era seen our Club in serious hock for the next Decade.
We’ve made 10’s of millions in profit and despite and the collective protestations (of which I’ve been guilty of myself throughout btw) seen our Club through a period of global Recession (2008) and Pandemic resulting in a £12m loss whilst having a further £16m sat in the Bank.
Do you think that would have been possible had Lawwell the bean counter not been in control?
Yes he has lied to shareholders,yes he has penny pinched throughout and yes he has acted with his own vested interests (and those who continually backed him at Board level) front and centre but his reign as Celtic CEO has seen a period of success on and off the Park matched only by period under Jock Stein.
A period where financially Scottish Clubs still had the chance to match Europes finest.
Look at the losses sustained at Ibrox over the same period and tell me you would have preferred that approach to his.
They posted a 24m loss last year after sinking a further £43m in in extra Investment.

We’ve had one bad Season in 10 and Peter Lawwell is the devil ffs.
You are aware some nut job set his property on fire ?

As for your usual snyde remarks they are you have ya plum.
Evrything else is plagiarised from elsewhere as it has been since the day you rocked up on this site.


8 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

BRILLIANT comment Cha. I see some Lawwell Loyal are still with us.
I wouldn’t give him a job cleaning the lavvies……sorry, on 2nd thoughts I would. If he gets the ‘chair’ he’ll interfere, I never want to see his fat, ugly face anywhere near CP again.

On a far more important matter, I’m very sorry to hear Big Yogi is unwell. But it must have been music to his ears all those years ago when he was on a roll and the support urged him on with “Feed The Bear”, “Feed the bear, the bear, he’s every FN where, Feed The Bear!” Good luck Yogi and thanks for some magical moments.

8 months ago
Reply to  TicToc

He was a glorified bean counter who, as has been stated previously, micro-managed Celtic to it’s detriment.
A control freak who couldn’t trust people, people that he had himself either employed or promoted, to get on with the job.
Management by ‘diktat’.
Everything was about the share price, dividends and his own bonuses.
If footballing success came he luxuriated in the adulation.
Me Me Me.
Over the years he cost Celtic millions in lost deals. Failing to speculate( even modest amounts ) on the team to improve our chances of qualifying for group stages. When we did qualify, sometimes with a threadbare or inexperienced squad his brinksmanship lost us acquisitions or locked us into costly packages for last minute second rate recruits.
He treated Celtic as his personal fiefdom and was complicit in more than enough of the scandals facing Scottish Football in general and Celtic in particular to preclude him from any future involvement at Celtic.
There will be hell to pay if he gets his feat back under the Board Table.

8 months ago
Reply to  Ujeste12

Spot on…and now he wants back so he can “earn” enough for a heated runway.

8 months ago

Does anyone know if Ross County V the Celtic is on tv next Saturday?

8 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Only on Celtic TV outside UK and Ireland, so will need to be a dodgy stream or catch later on Celtic TV or Sportscene.

8 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Thanks The Cha, good luck to the lads who are that trip.I’m afraid I am too old for that.

8 months ago


8 months ago

that wiz crap the day. worse than watching holes football

8 months ago
Reply to  MabozzaRitchie

Oh dear – beat it yir clubs dead

8 months ago

Apart from a few misplaced passes ( he wasn’t alone) Greg Taylor played very well and looks to have improved again.
Thank you Jota for totally shutting up the vile sheep whose chants, yet again, we’re at Klan level.

Francis Doherty
8 months ago

Get well soon Yogi Senior x

8 months ago

RIP Yogi

7 months ago

this is worse than watching a lesbian bloke playing for a womens Basketball team

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