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Celtic Diary Friday May 27: Ange Can’t Go For That

A few little details are emerging about the possible loan signing of Taylor Harwood Bellis, and it’s perhaps not the details themselves that are cause for concern, but the possibility that the control exerted by a previous CEO has been inherited by the new one.


It appears that Manchester City have made it clear that the player should be in the first team, if fit, and there is no option to buy.


It’s not known whether or not Celtic will have to provide him with a valet to dress, clean and feed him in the morning.


That means  that the manager is not in control of who dons the hoops for any given game, surely something he will not tolerate ?


If whoever is behind the deal imposes this regardless, then we have a problem..



Of course, this sort of clause is not unknown where loan deals are concerned, how else could the inclusion of John jo Kenny in the first team be explained when there were 60,000 fans in the ground, all capable of putting in a better performance than the man from Everton ?


With Harwood Bellis, the word is there is no option to buy, as Manchester City reckon he’s going to be a first team player for them one day.


So, frankly, that’s a no no even if he wasn’t given the luxury of a guaranteed start.



Another clause that seems ready to be inserted into a contract s a thirty per cent chunk of any profits made on winger Jota. that’s fair enough, especially given that if he does leave Celtic there will be a profit, and we get to keep the bulk of it.


And, of course, we get to keep Jota, for a while, at least.


We’ve done that to other clubs often enough, so we can;t really moan when someone demands the same of us,



Other than that, it’s a case of football hacks playing FIFA 22, ploughing the player data and linking them with a move to Celtic.


Too many to mention, and none of which have a shred of evidence to back the story up.


Said the pot to the kettle…..


We all dream of being able to have the confidence and contacts to be able to predict events with the accuracy of pundits like Radio Clyde’s Gordon Dalziel…..


There’s no doubt Celtic will have someone on the radar to come in there. 



He was speaking about a possible back up goalkeeper to come in to give Joe Hart a break from wandering around his own half when he’s bored.


Though to be fair if we need a radar to find him, whoever he is, we probably need to look at our scouting system.




There’s a rare wee treat on the telly tonight, as BBC Scotland present a season review, from the Celtic angle…

BBC Sport Scotland
Sportscene takes a look back at the how Celtic won the 2021/22 Scottish Premiership title
 How the League Was Won  Friday 27 May, 10.30pm 



Surprisingly, it’s not an investigative documentary about state aid or corrupt referees, and it’s almost certainly not the first in a series where they look back at other campaigns where titles that have been won should maybe have been rescinded, but it should be worth a watch , if only to see how the presenters cope with talking through gritted teeth.



Speaking of gritted teeth, Matthew Lindsay of the Evening times might well be all the way down to his bare gums after this piece, as he searches desperately to find the real reasons behind the Angeball phenomena…..



THERE were numerous reasons why Celtic enjoyed such success this season and managed to reclaim the cinch Premiership trophy they let slip from their grasp last term.

Ange Postecoglou, the hitherto little-known Greek-Australian coach who was a surprising choice to take over as manager from Neil Lennon in the summer, was certainly a major factor. 

The new players Postecoglou brought in – Joe Hart, Cameron Carter-Vickers, Carl Starfelt, Josip Juranovic, Reo Hatate, Liel Abada, Jota, Giorgos Giakoumakis, Daizen Maeda and Kyogo Furuhashi – helped to transform the Parkhead club’s on-field fortunes too.  



With powers of deduction that have previously only been seen in Arthur Conan Doyle novels, he concludes the players and the manager…however “little known ” the manager was, presumably only in the Evening times office….moght have had soething to do with it..

And supporters being allowed back through the turnstiles after coronavirus restrictions were finally relaxed by the Scottish government also made a huge difference. 


Or, indeed, even the atmosphere and support conjured up by the crowd. He’s on a roll here.


Do they still hand out awards to lournalists for outstanding scoops ?



But did Celtic’s willingness to embrace a nutritional product that was inspired by ancient Eastern medicine also give them a vital edge over their domestic rivals during their long, hard campaign?

The Glasgow giants entered a partnership with The Turmeric Co, the company that was set up back in 2018 by former Reading, West Bromwich Albion and Wales striker Hal Robson-Kanu, in November last year.

Callum McGregor and his team mates have been using the range of naturally produced shots ever since and their sports science staff believe they have improved both their recovery times and performance levels.

Celtic are not the only club to spice up their season; Liverpool have as well and the Carabao Cup and FA Cup winners will attempt to add the Champions League trophy to their haul of silverware and complete a treble in Paris on Saturday night.  



For Fuck Sake GIFs | Tenor



Apparently there’s a dark secret that helped players run faster, pass with more accuracy and display more desire than any of their rivals…..



I haven’t looked in the paper, and never will, but it probably wouldn’t be a surprise to see the “product ” advertised on it’s pages before too long, although I may be crediting Lindsay with a little more nous than he actually has.



We hear the BBC scotland programme didn’t mention this, but editors are frantically trying to put it in before tonights airing.




Rather than listen to , or read about how Celtic won the league, it might be a good idea to go and have a look for yourself….




We are delighted to announce that a fantastic Champions’ Training Day will take place on Glasgow Fair Public Holiday, Monday, July 18, 2022 at 11am at Celtic Park.

The Training Day was previously announced as just one of the many fantastic 2021/22 Season Ticket holder benefits and we are pleased that it will take place once again at Paradise.

All 2021/22 Season Ticket holders will be able to access the event completely free of charge.

Manager Ange Postecoglou and his staff will take the session and put the team through their paces, offering an insight into the training sessions which were so crucial in bringing the Scottish Premiership title back home.

Further details will be announced shortly, but make sure you Save the Date and join us to see the Champions in Paradise!



It would be interesting to see the contrast between the methods used by Postecoglou with other managers and coaches.


Perhaps even enlightening, and encouraging.


All the players turning up with their boots and shorts….the manager turning up at roughly the same time….and hardly anyone handing in a note from their mum asking for the day off…..




It’s Friday, and that means it’s time to reveal the Etims


Knob of the Week 




Whilst there is a temptation to give it to the entire Conservative Party for their refusal to live in the real world where things seem to be going arse over elbow at a rate that is beginning to scare every thinking man, some responsibility for this mess has to go to a certain type of fellow, rather than an individual….



The kind of gormless fool who believes what he wants to believe, his cap permanently doffed to those he thinks are his betters, a man who even as you read this will be shopping for his red , white and blue bunting to celebrate seventy years of a woman who continues the linage of a family not noted for anything except it’s obscene wealth and privilege.



Ach, that’s too deep, too profound and too obvious.



So, dopey Douglas Ross it is , then.


Again, for not even having the decency any more to pretend he has any honesty or integrity as once more he changed his opinion on whether or not that lying piece of shit in Downing Street should keep his job, or, as popular opinion seems to favour, be dragged naked through the streets of Westminster by a cheering mob.


Douglas Ross denies he's been 'rendered pathetic' by PM | HeraldScotland



There is no suggestion that he’s waiting to receive his overlord in this image…



Yesterday, we had this….






 21 hours ago

I said ..Go and get a shower  









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The Great Suprendo
30 days ago

Pished man horrified with his latest lumber

30 days ago


Honest Hoops
30 days ago

Caption; he has not quite grasped the meaning of laying a tree..

Michael Annis
30 days ago

I think that I shall never see
A billboard lovely as a tree.
Perhaps, unless the billboards fall,
I’ll never see a tree at all.

30 days ago

Caption …
After the final , and the lack of water , Billy decided to have a wee kip in the share …

30 days ago
Reply to  Bognorbhoy

In the freekin shade … 🙁

Woof Charlie
30 days ago

Caption: Pastor Jack Glass’ grandson hears a rumour about the Pope coming to Bellahouston from the Taylor Harwood Bellis source.

29 days ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie


30 days ago

That tree is dead Billy. The one I’ve just planted is not the same tree. Why can’t you understand this?

Woof Charlie
30 days ago

Isn’t if far likelier that these loan contracts gaurantee a certain number of games rather than he ‘should be in the first team’ if fit? That makes sense for the parent club, who are probably subsidising the wage (a 17 year old got a 70k per week EPL contract recently – full disclosure heard that on Talk Sport) and means you can play him in the league cup, St Johnstone, Sevco games with 10 mins to go and fulfill your end of the bargain. As for the no option to buy just don’t go there, the wee fud will be protecting himself from injury and ordering Bentleys.

30 days ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

Maybe it’s to ensure a player isn’t lumped into a B team or reserves squad

29 days ago
Reply to  Binkabhoy

Binkabhoy, I don’t understand your meaning here. Why would any club make a loan signing, with no option to buy, to play them in the reserves or B team?
WC, I pretty much agree, there’s just no point in that sort of move.
I just hope TF that Ralph is wrong and we don’t go back to having players forced on us by men in suits.
There is, and always will be, an absolute need to have a unified Celtic supporters voice. We need a strong, representative force keeping an eye on developments at CP and ready to make itself known loud and clear when events dictate.
I know that idea is nothing knew but it’s still desperately needed.
It would, almost certainly, have helped deliver The Ten which Lawwell threw to keep the new huns relevant. What an absolute phony prikk! We dare not have that type anywhere near CP, not ever again.

29 days ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

Its strange that for such an, alleged, great prospect there’s doesn’t seem to be any interest, other than us.

If City think he can do a job for them in the future then surely they’d be looking at an EPL club, so they can see how he performs against the opposition that City face?

I hope Ralph’s details don’t turn out to be true but we shouldn’t be surprised if the bad old ways persist as, essentially, the bad old guys are still in place, except for the old CEO, who left with the praise of his peers rather than being chased out for culpability for the horrors of last season.

30 days ago

David Attenborough in whispered tones: “ And here, lying dehydrated, back home in the dirt of Glasgow’s Govan, we find the lesser blue crested tit after his perilous flight from southern Spain. The survival of their species really is under threat.

30 days ago

Man awakes to morning wood.

Hoop hoop hooray
30 days ago

Reigning champ completes his stats analysis before the final round of the world limbo dancing championship.

Woof Charlie
30 days ago

Hearing moves afoot to ban gambling firms from EPL strips. We are tied to Dafabet to 2025. I think kids strips should have no sponsor on the front but disagree with this. Addictions are part of a wider mental health issue – of which my country has some of the worst issues in the northern hemisphere – but it’s simplistic to draw a cause and effect from who is on the top.

29 days ago
Reply to  Woof Charlie

A ban has been mooted for a few years, before we signed with Dafabet and we should’ve moved on at that stage, while others were still tied to their deals.

Unfortunately that was too much work for the permanently lazy ex-CEO.

Clearly, the proliferation of this type of shirt sponsor, shows that these firms believe this type of advertising works.

Addition, of course, is a far bigger issue but hopefully this ban can play a small part in dealing with it.

Patrick O hara
30 days ago

Before falling asleep a man tells his bedfellow “I love yew”.

30 days ago

Caption- A Lawwell never falls far from the tree 😉

30 days ago

Tree fella.

30 days ago

Caption too…
I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok
I work all night and I sleep all day

(He’s a lumberjack and he’s ok
He works all night and he sleeps all day)
I cut down trees, I eat my lunch
I go to the lavat’ry

29 days ago

After drinking out of the toilet and falling ill a Sevco fan wishes he’d listened to that famous old saying, let sleeping logs lie.

29 days ago

Scottish Labour supporter doesn’t quite get the phrase,’root and branch clear out’. His mate told him to sleep on it.

29 days ago

Back in the day we had a thing called the Rumour Mill about all things Celtic inside and outside of Celtic Park,we knew a lot of it was made up but it kept me hoping some of the rumours were true ,Personally I would like to see it back on here .

29 days ago

The dream continues, as Bassey is claimed to be the new buffalo.

The Jubilee celebrators try to find a water well to slake their thirst

29 days ago


9 days after Seville, a Weeping Willow consoles a weeping William.

Uibh fhaili
29 days ago

Billy’s urine killed another tree , it was fit for hun consumption only (from a toilet bowl )

29 days ago

Early still of Marlon Brando immersion in the Lee Strasberg method

Woody Guthrie, tired of drifting, settles down to build his own log cabin.

Kris Boyd misunderstands the ‘ if a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound ‘ hypothesis

29 days ago

Not the caption competition but couldn’t resist saying that Douglas Ross is caught sucking the invisible man’s cock.

29 days ago
Reply to  Tony B

Belter Tony B.
Red cock!, red cock!….couldnae resist adding that. lol

Woof Charlie
29 days ago

Caption: Man gets drunk and someone calls the copse.

29 days ago

If a tree falls with James Forrest, does it get a three-year contract?

Andrew Coyle
29 days ago

Caption,If Carlsberg did Ibrox Porn

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