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Celtic Diary Monday May 16: Papers, Hacks and Writers

Celtic supporters went on the rampage in Glasgow on Saturday night, according to some, er, reports, that emerged yesterday.


It was that bad that council workers had to clean up the mes while the rest of us sleep.


To be fair, and I’ll try to be as impartial as I can here, rather than lower my own standards ( what standards ? -Ed ) to those in the mainstream media of whom it might be argued have their own agenda.


There were early indications of trouble when fans were seen heading into the Merchant city area of the town, with suspicions they may well have even been carrying weapons.



Peter Jackson: World War One footage brought to life by Lord of the Rings  director - BBC News



One shop, which didn’t have any beer left came in for quite brutal remonstrations…



Watch: Russian mercenaries storm trenches and fight door-to-door in rare  close combat footage



As for Glasgow Green, there was no actual trouble but the atmosphere could be said to have been malevolent…..



Medieval battle - YouTube




In an attempt to even up the misbehaviour of the supporters of the two glasgow sides, the media went into overdrive around Celtic supporters and their joyous and peaceful celebration.


That’s fair enough, and we have to acknowledge their contributions as our support will be compared to another club/company’s support later this week, and let’s be honest, the other lot are likely to win any bad behaviour contest on the away goals rule.



Stewart Paterson, the political editor of the Glasgow Evening Times, tweeted his disgust at the actual carnage left behind.



stewart paterson
Glasgow’s city centre has been left in a total state this morning. Broken glass, cans rubbish all over the place. It’s worse than my pics can show.














That last one is particularly disturbing as it looks like there might be some beer left in it, which points to the perpetrator just not caring any more.



Look on the bright side, such devastation could be the precursor for an indepedent Scotland winning the Eurovision Song Contest, as beleagured Ukraine did on Saturday with their charming little ditty ” Putin Is A Bastard “.


Incidentally, Ukraine will now host next years competition, and will make history as it will be held in an open air arena for the first time ever.



Paterson faced a deluge of criticism for his somewhat curious decision to wander around glasgow taking pictures of litter, and there were questions asked about his impartiality…



Some Olympic level conclusion jumping on here re my post about litter and broken glass in city centre. I didn’t say who was responsible because I don’t know. Is it any worse than any other Sunday? I don’t know 


I have tweeted and written about litter regularly. I don’t care who wins the Scottish premiership, I don’t care who wins the Europa League. I care about the state of my city. Put litter in a in or take it home with you 


If you want to make it all about Celtic and Rangers carry on. But leave me out of it. I am not interested. Enjoy your celebrations  



Fair enough.


And he has tweeted about litter on a number of occasions, three occasions, in fact, since 2017, according to the twitter search facility.



But that’s neither here nor there.



And who am I to question his impartiality ?







The Sun went one better, or at least hack Laura Menendez did.



When she reported on the carnage, she couldn;t even be arsed to go out and take any pictures, instead opting for some older ones….





This act of violence was either a repeat of an earlier outrage….






or lazy journalism. Journalism with an agenda.



It’s not difficult to work out which.



BBC Scotland had it’s own version of events.



Six arrested as Celtic fans celebrated title win



Police have described the level of anti-social behaviour as “unacceptable” as Celtic fans celebrated the team’s title win on the streets of Glasgow.

Thousands of supporters gathered in the Glasgow Cross area after Saturday’s match against Motherwell, which kicked off at 12:15.

It was followed by the Scottish Premiership trophy presentation.

Chief Supt Mark Sutherland said officers made six arrests over the course of the evening.

Four fixed penalty notices were also issued.

The force said a proportionate policing plan was in place which prioritised public safety and sought to minimise disruption to businesses and communities.

Chief Supt Sutherland said: “While there was an unacceptable level of anti-social behaviour and littering there were no serious incidents or disorder.

“There were some outbreaks of minor disorder and our officers acted swiftly and robustly to prevent escalation and protect safety.”

The post-match celebrations, which featured flares and smoke bombs, left the streets around Glasgow Cross strewn with discarded rubbish.

Glasgow City Council paid tribute to cleansing teams who cleared up the litter left behind following the celebrations.

“Please remember to bin your rubbish or take it home with you… it is not acceptable to leave it behind of damage infrastructure,” they tweeted.  




Four fixed penalty notices ?


That’s almost Downing Street levels of criminality.



And six arrests ? In a major city centre, on a Saturday night ? After an early kick off ?



Each and every Celtic fan should form a massive circle and give the guy in front a pat on the back.  Saturday’s celebration were an example of how to celebrate peacefully, respectfully and enjoyably.  


And you can sense the disappointment in the establishment, given the impending national disgrace that’s about to make European headlines.



So much so that Graeme Souness, a former Rangers manager , told fans of the former Rangers that….



“This is a message for everyone going to Seville.

“Go there, enjoy yourselves, have a super time. Our team has done incredibly well getting there. 

When you think of the journey we’ve been on for the last ten years to be now playing in a serious European final, it’s a fantastic achievement.

“They’ve done their bit, now it’s your turn. You have to turn up and behave yourselves. Have a party, but behave yourselves.

“You’re going there as an ambassador for this great football club. You must go there and behave, otherwise we’ll have all the headlines which can damage us for a long, long time.

“Please go there and behave yourselves. Have a super time.”  


This echoed the pleas from Stewart Robertson, their chairman


“To supporters with or without tickets, go and enjoy yourself, go and enjoy the occasion. I remember in 2008 thinking ‘will I see Rangers in a European final again?’

“It is fantastic. Go and enjoy the occasion, go and be a good ambassador for Rangers.

“We are going to a beautiful city, in Seville, go and enjoy the city but let’s go and do it in the right way, the right manner. Go and enjoy it, have a good time.

“Regardless of numbers go and do it, respect the city, respect the locals, there will be people going about their day-to-day business. 



The people of Seville also had a message for the Ibrox support…


Hey, you there: Fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off from there too.  Then




Speaking of which, they’re getting all excited at Ibrox about this weeks game….



Rangers Football Club
 Next Stop, Sevilla.  
 Looks like the Sevillians have told them it’s in Mexico.
 One reply to this tweet deserves a mention…..

Replying to

 Yesterday, we had this….
Video: Brilliant celebrations inside the Celtic Park dressing room
R.St. Parsley 
 “Have ye seen this,  gaffer ? A feckin receipt fae Cash Converters made oot tae a Mr. Douglas Park ? !  
 And I leave you with this, a summary of Saturday lifted shamelesssly from Sentinel Celts, written by Brogan Rogan Trevino…. which I think sums our club and our support up beautifully…despite what those nasty reporters say….

Romeo Erwin Marius Castelen has seen a few things in football. The former Dutch International has taken to the field for clubs such as Feyenoord, Hamburg and the Western Sydney Wanderers amongst others and yesterday he found himself and the beautiful suit he was wearing seated next to an equally stylish Italian ….and my sister.

“Who is the beautiful, stylish and very charismatic man sitting next to me?” my sister asked.

“I’m your fucking brother!” I told the recently retired halfwit sister before catching on that she actually didn’t mean me!

Meanwhile, the beautiful Romeo was oblivious to this idiotic exchange as he was too busy filming the crowd, the stadium and muttering “unbelievable” to himself over and over again!

Despite hanging up his boots a good few years ago, Romeo looks as if he could still play but these days he has to content himself with being an agent and his beautiful grin got even wider when his latest client scored with an overhead kick.

“Unbelievable” Romeo said yet again and not long after he and his beautiful suit were doing the huddle as if it was the most natural thing in the world!

Immediately in front of me an older man and his pony tailed wife were also filming while sporting smiles wider than the Sahara desert. These were the parents of João Pedro Neves Filipe and both wore shirts which simply said “Jota” on the back. They too huddled as if there would be no tomorrow!

I have often said that strange things happen at Celtic Park and that for some it is a place where they find their soul, their sense of being, and that inner thing that takes you through life.

Nir Bitton cried while giving an interview this week, Tom Rogic couldn’t walk from the centre of the pitch to the dug out without crying yesterday and in the stands thousands of us found that we had to inexplicably wipe something from our eyes.

The beautiful Romeo saw this first hand and stood with his mouth open before saying “unbelievable” for about the sixty fifty time.

Yesterday I saw several strange things at Celtic Park. Wee things, on the face of it, casual and unremarkable things, but things which, I believe, are hugely important and significant.

I watched as each and every player and member of the Celtic coaching staff eagerly grasped the outstretched hand of the club CEO and exchanged not only warm words but a significant hug from the man at the top of the club. I had never seen that happen before.

The hug exchanged between Nicholson and the man from Australia lasted only fractionally longer than the lengthy hug exchanged with the club captain and it was very clear that there is a significant relationship between the three.

I never witnessed anything like that during the Lawwell years.

I watched the entire coaching staff gather for a photograph with the trophy and here again it was obvious that this was a group who were a team amongst themselves and who were more than content with whatever it is that Celtic brings to the inner soul. I had never seen that before.

Yet I also saw a forlorn Christopher Julien walk around the pitch – a man alone, divorced from any smiling group – while taking pictures in such a way that you just know he will never experience days like yesterday again.

His demeanour was in stark contrast to all around him and you could sense the sadness which seemed to seep from his every pour. Maybe he has a regret or two to overcome?

As I watched him Mark Crosas came to mind. The Spanish player didn’t stay at Celtic Park for too long, yet recently he stated that his time in the hoops changed his life forever as the club and all it means, on the pitch and off, grabbed his soul and never let go.

Hopefully, Chris Julien, will feel that way too one day.

At full time, a young man to my right pulled out his phone and dialled a number which would make another phone ring some 3,400 miles away. The caller had come from downtown Burbank Los Angeles just to see Celtic lift the trophy. He usually jumps into his car at around 4:00am and drives for 40 minutes to a pub to see home games and is normally joined by another 150 or so Celtic fans.

This time though his call was to London Ontario and when the call was answered he could barely hear his 91 year old grandfather at the end of the line. The old man had been watching the game somehow or other and had taken in the vibe within the stadium where he used to be a ballboy back in the 1940’s!

Imagine that! A grown man from LA calling “Gramps” in Canada on speed dial to celebrate the exploits of an Australian, some Japanese, a Greek and various others in the east end of Glasgow.

It was a call that crossed oceans and generations.

Unbelievable – as Romeo would say!

Most of us have never come close to playing for Celtic or participating on the pitch in any way.

Yet for us too, the club, the ground and all it means has invaded our souls and will never let go. Somewhere above, Fraser points out that Celtic is more than a club, more than a sporting body, or a company, or a group of players or anything like that.

It is something I can’t quite find the words to describe.

But sitting with friend and stranger alike yesterday I came away with the feeling that we all belonged – no matter where we were from or what age you were or whatever your background was.

Several times I wiped away a tear as I watched people exchange hugs, smiles, handshakes and words of affection and appreciation. This is what it means to be Celtic I thought – and I stood there and I believed. I will always believe.

And I think even Romeo now believes!

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kevin mckenna
6 months ago

Morning Bhoys,

Awesome article, summed up the whole weekend. In bed for 9pm on Saturday, totally emotionally rang out. Lol



6 months ago

Saturday was my best experience of our rècent 10 League Championships, only Wim’s season came close. I think you captured the reason, it was the unity across the whole club, every part of it. In Ange we trust.

6 months ago

Caption: Unfortunately Snoop Dogg couldn’t be there in person but thankfully MC Hammer donned the baggy pantaloons once more and got into the party spirit.

6 months ago

I think this emphatically sums up the difference between the two sets of fans. Instead of exchanging punches………..I watched people exchange hugs, smiles, handshakes and words of affection and appreciation. This is what it means to be Celtic I thought – and I stood there and I believed. I will always believe

6 months ago

Celtic Park, full to capacity, singing to the rafters as Guinness and the reception party get ready to present a world record award to Ange. Officially the biggest rabbit out of a hat since Wim Jansen.

6 months ago

Caption : Jullien : ‘I even asked him to play me in goal, Australian fanny……’

6 months ago

Given last season does that mean Ange has now won 55 titles

6 months ago

Police made 14 arrests at TRNSMT 2021 festival over the weekend.

Thousands of fans have descended on the Glasgow Green site for a three-day music event that kicked off on Friday. –

a comparison for context

The Cha
6 months ago
Reply to  BroxburnBhoy

It doesn’t suit their agenda.

There were (tens of) thousands partying the league coming home to paradise.

For any similar sized event (music festival, street party/rally, normal Saturday night), you would have exactly the same aftermath in terms of litter and a few anti-social incidents.

That’s what kills them, in their eyes they hate the overwhelmingly peaceful Tic fans celebrating and want others to feel the same.

Simple statement of facts and comparison to similar events give the lie to this and enrages them more.


Caption (From one Oz legend to another)

“But there’s nothin’ so lonesome, Morbid or drear, Than to stand in the bar of a pub with no beer.”

Mind you, the likes of Stuart Paterson, would infinitely prefer the likes of a Pub With No Beer than a Tims Title Party.

The Cha
6 months ago
Reply to  The Cha

(H)oops, wrong photo!

Owen Mullions
6 months ago

Caption – This year’s ‘Baldies in Black Tracksuits Convention’ was disrupted by celebrating Celtic players reports the Evening Times.

6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

Brilliant, just brilliant! LoL!

6 months ago
Reply to  Owen Mullions

I misread that as “Baddies in Black” and still laughed my legs off.

6 months ago

Enjoyed todays article, and clowns wonder why the print media are a joke. Anyone who pays for or clicks on an article are keeping these morons with an agenda in employment. They have done everything to blacken the support with their vitriol.
But let’s bask in 52 soon to be 55 as they wallow in their hatred and bile. Ange a joy to behold on Saturday, his commitment shown through as the players

The Cha
6 months ago

We need to be careful about declaring this as the start of another golden era without recognising we’ve been here before and its been effed up by “the suits”.

To say that the players were enthusiastically celebrating with Nicholson is over-egging it and, I imagine, the majority of players will know little about him and the others and would embrace anyone that was there.

Last season the fans invested heavily (STs, merchandise etc), which was the very definition of KTF while the board did nothing to stop the implosion that was evident and probably arrestable from early on.

The investments this year were modest and paid for by the fans, as above, and sale of main assets and were no break from the past.

We now need to spend £10-15m to “stand-still” ie signing CCV and Jota permanently (or suitable alternatives), as well as the substantial investments elsewhere, identified by Ange, without selling prize assets.

Will the board invest our money, as that’s essentially what it is, or will it once again, for the umpteenth time in my life, be too rich for them, risking annoying Ange and top players and seeing another golden generation slip through our hands?

Caption “Blimey, little over 2 years ago I was the Hunskelper setting us on the way to the immortal Quadruple”

6 months ago

Stop it Ralph! That last piece by Brogan Rogan Trevino…..I don’t know where this grit is coming from but it keeps getting into my eyes!
“We love you Celtic, oh yes we do…..”!

6 months ago

Caption – “We never Stop – Sulking” C Julien

Woof Charlie
6 months ago

Just a perfect day
Drink sangria in the park
And then later, when it gets dark
Celtic Song
Just a perfect day
Peeve animals in the zoo
Then after a keg or two
Soldiers Song
Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on
Just a perfect day
Problems all left alone
Weekenders on our own
It’s such fun
Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
I thought I’d sing something else
Harry Hood
Oh, it’s such a perfect day
I’m glad I spent it with you
Oh, such a perfect day
You just keep me hanging on
You just keep me hanging on
You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow
You’re going to reap just what you sow.

6 months ago

Loved the title to this piece Ralph.
Very Beatlesesque.

Salad queen
6 months ago

The bottom end of Milngavie shopping area had more rubbish than in the Merchant City.

rab wallace
6 months ago

Terrific article I watched from Sydney, I wiped away more than one tear. I used to stand in the Jungle with my mates from the Drumchapel Emerald 2ND pillon Celtic end marked the spot. I miss those days.

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