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Ross County 0:2 Celtic

Highland Toffee thanks for all the fillings in my teeth lol. | Highland toffee, Toffee, 90s sweets


Ralph and Desi got together with the Outer Hebrides Tourist Guide that is Hector Bandido to discuss todays massive 2-0 victory at Ross County and the Semi final defeat last week at Hampden.

They look back at quite the week and the games and their significance.

They discuss the goals and the play today and celebrate what a big win that really was for the Hoops.

They consider next weeks game which could effectively see the Title won ( with such a Goal Difference in hand) and the benefits of finishing the season early for our Squad.

They consider player of the year nominations and they look forward to potential deals being tied up for players for the Season, and hopefully Champions League, to come after summer break.


Play below or download direct by clicking here:


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2 years ago

OK. That’s why I’m not scouting for Celtic. I’m going to admit I thought Greg Taylor wasn’t good enough. He has come on so much under Ange. His performance today was immense . Good on you kid!

2 years ago

Excellent performance and result by the Bhoys today. Of course the Daily Pravda, having filled a week with stories of “pressure” on Celtic, a “collapse” by Celtic etc etc etc, now play down the 2-0 victory today and turn to filling the pages with plaudits and praise that *rangers are receiving from the European sports press after playing 2 matches that went to extra time, conveniently not mentioning that for the biggest part of the Braga match they were playing against 10 and then 9 men and got a winning own goal in the semi-final. It’s all about the *rangers according to the Pravda…*rangers who have won the square root of fuk all so far this season (chickens and eggs anybody?), and ignoring Hearts in the upcoming Final. If it was us in the Final they’d be spouting their usual p*sh about how strong Hearts are…but not a cheep about them *cos they have to keep their readership onboard.
Is their any truth in the rumour that Putin wants the Scottish media to be in charge of his propaganda machine ‘cos they are so good at spinning lies?

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