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Etims Easter Picture Quiz

Its the holiday weekend, lets have a wee bit of fun…

10 Celts here for you to name…cryptically pictured…easy start then gets a little harder as we go along…

Happy Easter – Desi!



Answers below

Keep coming


Jota ( jotter)

Kyogo ( key oh Go)

Stephen Crainey ( Step Hen Kray Knee)

Peter Grant ( pet ER Gran T )

Charlie Nicholas ( Charlie Knickerless)

Davie Hay ( Day V e Hay(wain) )

Giakoumakis ( gina G Acca Mac Kiss ) 

Danny McGrain (“Dan!” Knee Mick Graying )

Mark Viduka ( Mark Vid Uke Ahh )

John Clark ( US Toilet / Clark Kent)

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2 years ago

Couldn’y get any, but nearly pissed myself at Charlie Nicholas.
Your cryptic clue for him was funny too.

2 years ago

Fiendish and diabolical… and that was just the first one.
Gave up.
“If at first you don’t succeed, quit.
No use being a damn fool over it “

W.C Fields.

2 years ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Only a deranged mind could come up with that headache inducing quiz.
4-1 Celtic in the semi-final….counting the minutes until kick-off.

Owen Mullions
2 years ago
Reply to  Funkyy

A deranged mind? They didn’t ask the Green Machine to do it surely.

2 years ago

Happy Easter one and all.

I am sugar hit spring loaded the day.

Celts 4-0.

2 years ago

How come the Tartan Army are permitted to display a tifo at Hampden Park ?

2 years ago

They toffee-nosed bassas are not too keen on the idea of, expression of support.

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