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Celtic Diary Monday February 14: Ange Looking Back In Anger

Sometimes when you write this nonsense, you get the feeling that certain people are reading it, if not fully understanding it.


Last week, we asked Ange, if it wasn’t too much trouble, to ensure a spirited and enthusiastic performance in the second half of games to match the whirlwind start in the first.


What we should have clarified is we meant that attitude should be in both halves of the same game.


Yesterday, in dispatching Raith Rovers from the Cup, the team did have a spirited second half, but didn’t bother with the first.


But hey, baby steps.



The side eventually ran out 4-0 winners, but there was a lethargy in the opening forty five, although credit does have to go to Raith for making a fist of it.


Not as much credit as certain BBC sportsound reporters gave them, one actually telling the Raith boss that it “wasn’t a 4-0 game ” , when most outlets printed that exact score, as a way of trying to make the game sound much more even than it actually was,



Wind , rain and the high cost of living all contributed to a smaller crowd, and no doubt the absence of the Green Brigade made for a flatter atmosphere…all they have to do is stop setting things on fire and they’ll be allowed out to play again…. but a 4-0 is a 4-0 win, and as it’s a cup game one can safely say job done.


As usual, social media needed a whipping bhoy or two, and James Forrest and Mikey johnston would be better advised not reading some of the comments, the former being told he’s done and the latter being reminded he’s never really started, bith of which claims are ludicrous, and both claims won;t help the situation.


Forrest has been booted up and down the park for a decade now, and that kind of wear and tear will have an effect, whereas Johnston will try even harder to silence the critics, which means he’ll take more risks and make more mistakes.



The reaction to both has highlighted the difference between fans and supporters….


Anyway, I’ll bet Greg Taylor was glad of the respi



Last week, in a you Tube interview, Matt Smith, who was the captain at Brisbane Roar under Ange Postecoglou, talked about what made the boss angry….



Yeah, he gets angry. He gets angry when you don’t follow the principles.

“He doesn’t care about making mistakes. If you make mistakes trying to do the right thing he’ll praise you and support you, he’ll back you one million per cent. If you start not being brave, not working hard enough, if you’re cheating or cutting corners he’ll be angry.

He punched the whiteboard when we played away at Perth. We scored with the last kick of the half to make it 2-2. I remember him at half-time, all of a sudden he erupted about not moving, not showing, not adjusting, not being brave enough and hiding. Not doing what we had been doing week in week out.

“That’s what makes Ange so passionate about his beliefs. If you stop doing that, the system breaks down. All the time you are doing that, it’s like a wave, you keep riding.

“He’s very determined about how he wants his teams to play and his ethics culturally within that group. If you step outside of that, he’s there to educate. It’s all about the why? He had a very good way of articulating his beliefs.”  



If you put the sound up in this video, from yesterday, you’ll see that Nir biton found out that the manager has a

very good way of articulating his beliefs.”  





That kind of passion , in a game against lower league opposition, is indicative of the high standards he demands.



And you could tell, on the whole, he thinks there’s still a ways to go before the players meet them.



One reporter asked him..


Has this squad surpassed your expectations?”

“They’re nowhere near my expectations”




One suspects until Celtic are crowned intergalactic champions against the top side from Mars, he’ll always be looking to the next level.



The cup now moves on to the quarter final stage, with most of the wee teams knocked out, which is a shame.


For their supporters, the Cup is the stuff of memories, and i’m desperately trying not to sound patronising here, but I’ve personally never really minded losing to a team from the lower leagues.


BBC Scotland’s Adam Miller has put together a three part history of the cup, each episode ten minutes long, and I watched the first two the other night.


Thats so you don’t have to.


He couldn’t help patronising the part time players and full time supporters of clubs that look forward to the cup games, which I found distasteful, and even managed to take away credit for possibly the most enthusiastic performance I ever witnessed, when Clyde knocked Celtic out a few years ago, by focusing entirely on Roy Keane.  A ten minute programme managed about two minutes on this.


My own memory of that game was the charge forward at kick off from every Clyde player to hunt the ball, and it was both brilliant and terrifying as they managed to keep it up throughout the game.


It was their big day, and no one can begrudge them that.


Interestingly, that episode featured cup shocks, but forgot all about Berwick dumping a high flying Rangers, who made a European final that year, but i’m not suggesting an editorial agenda….



And Queens Park, who have won a cup or two, never got a mention.


A pity, there’s a great programme to be made on the Cup, just not by Adam Miller and BBC Scotland.





On Saturday, we had this…






R.St. Parsley 


 Kin ye see whit’s blocking ma passage, Senga ?   









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1 year ago


1 year ago

Caption – Rangers fans listen in disbelief as the queen announces in her Christmas message that their club is dead and that they owe her £47m.

1 year ago

Caption: Footage has emerged of how Aaron Ramsey injured his neck whilst listening to Paul McKenna’s how not to get injured programme. Meanwhile The Rangers (in liquidation) have denied making cuts to the medical dept. budget.

John E Mitchell
1 year ago

Henry Kissinger in his famous recruitment drive at Woodstock.

Andrew Coyle
1 year ago

sorry johnbhoy i voted you but it came out a minus,great comment ,he is the spit of old Henry

Bob Smith
1 year ago

Caption: Etims readers action group spokesman adopts new methods to get their message out there “stop recycling the caption contest pictures…”

1 year ago

Caption: These tits on the radio get on ma tits.

I’ve always said I don’t mind if Celtic don’t win everything, as long as the forces of evil don’t win either. I’d love to see a St. Johnstone or Motherwell win the league for a change, make the league more than the two-horse (one, mostly these days) slogfest it is now. I miss the days when Aberdeen and Dundee United were forces in Europe, painful though those times were for us. No-one ever talked our league down as being a backwater/sub-standard in those days, but sadly it feels as though those days will never come back. If we win the league this years and consign scum2 to the grave like their predecessors then the SPFL will be as one-horse a race as it gets for years to come…I’m not going to complain about that though. I might not mind if we don’t win but of course I much prefer it when we do…

1 year ago
Reply to  Seppington

Actually, in this period, we won 3 league titles, the same as Aberdeen and 2 more than United.

The Huns were pish, hence the media trying to lump us together as both bad, which was a myth.

In the early 80s we had a very good side that had the potential to develop further but that was kyboshed by the board at the time.

Luckily, we no longer have a board who fail to strength a winning side. 😉

1 year ago

Some things did not work yesterday. The thing that did not work the most was Peter pointer, the Bethlehem Busquets, Nowhere Nir Enough Biton.

1 year ago

Caption – Next goal scorer gets a turn on the dance floor with Ange to Men at Work tune, next slacker gets the wall of death!
Love it, instead of giving the ba’ away for a last minute equaliser, or worst, Ange tells the lad no slacking, do some bloody work! Difference between 1st and 2nd, so no complaints here. Forrest still is not totally back into his thing, but has been loyal and effective for years. Mickey is a precious talent, but is the Scottish game to competitive for him? Getting to be always injured and a fine career may be in jeopardy. Would be tragic, maybe he should look at France or find an answer.

1 year ago
Reply to  BornCelt!

I agree to an extent but no room for sentiment here. James was as good as you say but isn’t now… next, improve the starting eleven in every game we play. “ In the next round” is a poor retort to anyone with hopes that the team on the park plays to a system regardless of the opponent. An example yesterday being Scales, ( motm) good at full back, fed Johnston well but as yet poor as an inverted full back, the sight of Biton ( first half) constantly pointing and exhorting CV to bring it forward was frustrating. He should be on it there, as a pivot and fekin CAPTAIN he was abject. Over and ( his specialty) under hit passes, back passes and no angles he and the back three, Hart, CCV and Welsh had more touches than the midfield. In an absolutely crucial position, he failed and dragged others down.

1 year ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

No arguments, you know it. Just hoping he gets in his rhythm and a goal or two to bringing James back to his best. But yes, we must move on if he or anybody else cannot cut it. HH!

1 year ago
Reply to  BornCelt!

It might be that his role from now is as a squad rotation/impact sub one given all the other options we have, especially if Jota is signed permanently.

Whether that’s acceptable to him and the hierarchy, who might prefer a younger and cheaper option, is another matter.

1 year ago

SFA Head of Referees says VAR testing is coming along nicely and added that they will also use Bluenose technology not available anywhere else in world football.

1 year ago

It’s Administration Day!!!

The No Irish Rover

On the fourteenth of Feb, two thousand and twelve
We set sail up the Clyde for Ibrox
We were on our way there with a cargo of shite
From a man with big hands from near York
What a ramshackle craft!
She fooled only the daft
Or those to whom truth was a stranger
But the press were convinced
When we served them lamb minced
And they called her the ‘Glasgow Rangers’.

We had sailed for ten years when reality struck
And our ship ran aground on the rocks
And our fake Rangers crew was reduced by the crooks
To loan Rangers, free transfers, old crocks
We could not reach a bank
Our coach walked the plank
Our sails were condemned as a danger
Bookies cancelled all bets
And we drowned in our debts
We’re the last of the ‘Glasgow Rangers’.

Desmond Tinney
1 year ago

Thomas was always good at keeping abreast of new music

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Caption: Ralph trolls the OCD wing of the Captioneratti.

1 year ago

Angry man goes radio rental

Owen Mullions
1 year ago

Caption – Tom English broadcasts the ‘same club’ mantra to revellers at Glastonbury.

Uibh fhaili
1 year ago

David Murray continues to hide out with the jungle studs until the msm has anyone everyone convinced it was all CRAIG WHYTES OCN(order of CELTIC nations)fault

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Caption: Ange has the background staff play “Now that’s what I call marsupial sh*t to Bitton.”

1 year ago

Ralph, you’ve used that picture before and we know its you at the first Glastonbury lol

1 year ago

Ange gets it…in fact Ange had it before he came any where near Celtic as his record shows. “It” being giving your all in every game, no passengers in this vehicle and woe betide any slackers who think we’re so good we can play with the hand brake on and still win.
I was shouting and swearing at the screen while the passing back and forward and across to Joe Hart was going on….you just felt that one of his passes was going to be sclaffed and go straight to an opposition player. So when my wife chinned me about my language it was great to point out to her that the Celtic manager had just fired off a volley at the same guys I was verbally assaulting.
When you play for Celtic you play, not pose, for the whole game.,. It’s a great comfort to know the manager gave them a rocket at half-time. Anyone suffering from the lazy arse syndrome will have been given a wake up-or-else call.
God bless Ange, Celtic is in good hands at last.

1 year ago

Belated Happy Administration Day, gimpy gers.

Bring out the Deeds.

1 year ago
Reply to  portpower

Craig Whyte still wants his change, Davey lad.


rab wallace
1 year ago

Caption “Radio Gaga”

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Caption: On a cold day his tweeters were like duffel coat buttons.

Woof Charlie
1 year ago

Caption: At a garage sale in Windsor…

Andrew Coyle
1 year ago

the Heart and Hand lads tune into the clyde phone in to cheer on Hugh keevins

1 year ago


Boris Johnson’s colleague denies that there was music played in Downing St, claiming he always wears a ghettoblaster to work.

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