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Brainfart at Betis. : Etims Podcast

Ralph, Desi and Monty aka Mark Kermode are joined by Hector eventually to discuss all things Celtic and beyond.
They look at the 4:3 defeat in Seville from Real Betis.

2 goals in Seville and no fingernails left…The Celtic way indeed!

They consider the positives and negatives and talk about the cost of ideology vs the cost of pragmatism ( deep eh!)

They discuss recent Board departure for Dom McKay and all the rumours that appeared due to his departure.

They look at Livingston away on Sunday and wonder how that abysmal pitch will impact Ange Ball and our players.

The guys discuss recent issues over at Ibrox and discuss the on going Orange Walk issues within Glasgow. Dark Times indeed.

Hopefully something for everyone…including Montys scary cat!


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2 years ago

We are dealing with difficult toxic people.

Our over-reactiveness, our oversensitivity, our tendency to misinterpret, will be the saturated message from The Rangers Football Club, The Scottish Government, The Scottish Police Force and The Scottish Media.

The SFA/SPFL will keep us guessing which version of Rangers* we are getting.

2 years ago
Reply to  portpower

It is their instinctive to loath.

2 years ago

On a main British media platform you have some influenceable say.
To chirp and deride to twitter;
โ€œDidn`t miss muchโ€ shows you have been commanded to play it down Chris Sutton.
We are the Peremptory.

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago

Great podcast guys.
I am with NWA ,Fuck the police, lol
They are going more hardcore over ipox way.
We knew it was possible to bring in the blue pound.
But it is now approaching out of control.
The ‘ all taigs are targets’ stickers are all over the Glasgow area.
But without honest and fair media scrutiny they will continue to be emboldened.
They know that Police Scotland are typical bullies , scared of a real challenge.
You wonder if the SNP scottish government will ever stand up to them , or just continue to ignore the carnage.
It will never go away until it is confronted.

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago

Great podcast bhoys.
As usual.

F@ck the police , Play 3 strikers ! and please stop leaving Tony Ralston with 2 men to cover.

More please.

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago

Bolingoli back in the starting line up…..i would look to offload some of that bet Ralph…..

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago

Vickers got Joe hart out of trouble there. very cool head

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago

Decent odds now available on Celtic…….

2 years ago

Whether it was Rogers, Lennon or now Ange we are piss poor on the plastic pitches!!

sfa unfit for purpose
2 years ago
Reply to  highseastim

Agreed. Overall pretty poor.
We missed Callum more today than against Betis !

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