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Back to the Future!

Well that’s it…the Bhoys are officially back in town.

Now a 1:1 draw with the Danish League runners up FC Midtjylland in the early qualifiers of the Champions League may not sound much in the overall historical context of Celtic Football Club but its massive in respect to its Future.

From where we where last season, now:

Ange is in place.
Fans are back in place.
Signings are…well we are working on that one!

A young team turned out last night and showed the old duds like Bitton that its their playground now. Nir should smile, shake hands and depart before the window ends. The guy just hasnt got it, has never actually had it, and is now costing us in big games on a regular basis.

We don’t have room for passengers and the classic “squad player” should be young, fresh, keen and able to control themselves under or not under pressure.

Its time for Celtic to move on.

I’m not getting overly excited by last nights showing, but it has given us some heart and it gave us an indication of what the players are willing to give and what the Manager is expecting. The fans, finally back in Paradise, showed they are right behind the man and his team.

The football at times was quick and direct and thats already more quick and direct football than we saw under Lennons dreadful side last season when it all went tits up.

The weans all stood up and played like men. The Midfield 3 of Captain Calmac, Safe As Houses Soro and TurnTurnTurn Turnbull on which we will depend on so much for control and leadership this season, played well and best of all new signing Abada didnt just get involved, he scored and got folk cheering. He will be raring to add to that opener.

Once his current London-sited isolation is over, our new Japanese signing Kyogo Furuhashi will expect to contribute on the other wing and this will either supplement Christie or replace his moving on. With Abada and Forrest available on the right and then Mikey Johnston coming back from injury, this will mean we will have multiple wide players to complement Ange’s playing style.

Gone will be the days of shoehorning any old body into a playing position.

Slowly, slower than all of us and Ange hoped for I grant you, but slowly nonetheless, the fog is lifting and we are seeing some signs of progress.

The next purchase to get excited about should be Carl Starfelt at the back. It seems the deal is done and just a matter of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s. Well hopefully he can also join sooner rather than later especially with the SPFL season opening soon enough.

After Starfelts arrival, the next purchase should be a new Keeper. To his credit, Barkas does look comfortable with the ball at his feet. Sadly he looks terrified when it comes anywhere near his hands.

The guy has never showed any hint he is a keeper let alone a Celtic keeper and its either time for him to depart or try him at Centre half. He should never play in goal for us again, he simply isnt up to the task.

We still have Bain and Hazard on the books at present so ample but just as limited cover is there, unless Stevie Woods fancies a game?

In respect to keepers, I still dont understand why we gave Hazard a new deal if we have no intention of playing him or even giving him a chance to stake his claim.

That aside, for immediate future, we should play one of Bain or Hazard while we find someone else as #1. I don’t think Forster is the answer given his umpteen knockbacks and 80k a week wages but how we would all cheer just to see such a presence between the sticks this season.

Hopefully Ange can pull a 6ft 5″ block machine out the hat.

In respect to the actual result and contest with Midtjylland.

Well the tie is in the balance and that might be a good thing in respect to keeping focus and getting the job done. As for focus, Given another 7 days, well we might also have a better idea of Eddies intentions and Ryan Christie who gave so much last night, might just find a new contract offer slipped under his door, or helped into a taxi should he find his future lies elsewhere.

We also have the friendly against West Ham this weekend which again should help partnerships such as Abada and Ralston, Murray and Welsh, and The Midfield Holy Trinity, to gel as well as help further overall Team understanding of Ange’s football directives.

If we go out next week, then so be it. I wont cry into my Horlicks. Every journey starts with one step, and if this one is a stumble, hey ho, its the destination that matters for us all.

I know that the Final Destination is still a long way off but at least we now hope we can see the Horizon..

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1 year ago

Good shout but no matter the giving of 100% every time both full backs are not at the required standard we need. Bolingoli could be but is an accident waiting to happen, Stephen Welsh has never let us down but, despite good aspects to his game ( CBN) will fail in certain situations. Nor can he play left side centre back. Nir’s ship has sailed and back up defensive midfielder is his last hope. Encouraging signs that Angeball may be the way and Christie could flourish in it. Fek the naysayers and doom merchants on here, the earth is still spinning and we are still in with a chance.

1 year ago

“To his credit, Barkas does look comfortable with the ball at his feet. Sadly he looks terrified when it comes anywhere near his hands.”

Ooft, reminds me of Mowbray who described Fortune as great with his back to goal.

1 year ago
Reply to  The Cha

You could say our goal was a keeper blunder. Bit of a stretch

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Larson looked like a Diddy in the beginning. See chic charnley

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

I think he’s got everything to be a good keeper. It’s his head that’s messed up he needs kept on and rested till his heads right. Is it possible for him to play in the colts?

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

I’m sure he’s showing to be the best in training he just needs to do it when it matters. If he made the save from Christie that resulted in the little Israelis goal he would’ve been lambasted. We are a caustic bunch compared to the rest of the world

1 year ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Plus he’s never played behind a proper defence. Any keepers weaknesses would come to the fore. I’ll say it again that was a deceptively good free kick. Just think what a man on the post might have done.

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