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Optimism – Etims Podcast


This title may be misleading!


Hector, Monty and Desi get together to talk shop.
We hoped it was gonna be a positive podcast, it didn’t quite work out that way!
We talk about The Euros and Hectors prediction and Englands fall.
We pay tribute to Charlie Gallagher RIP.
We reflect on pre season and Ange’s impact and Doms lack of impact.
We touch on Leigh Griffiths new contract and alleged contact.
We discuss Ajeti reborn while Ajer is in a stalemate situation and keep coming back to the lack of signings with the CL looming next week.



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1 year ago

Optimism meets the New Normal then morphs into Dark Reality. Groundhog Day CSC

Btw Hector – It was 1-0 at HT, but it wisnae dyer, it was shaw

1 year ago

Ffs Celtic, release the baby.

El Gringo Machino
1 year ago

Geez yer money FC

El Gringo Machino
1 year ago

An alleged 48,000 season books sold but only 2000 allowed into the ground despite packed grounds for the Euros …

Peter & Co must be roaring laughing at the sheer gullibility of the trusting sheep who’ve just made their pockets another 666 Quid lighter to watch the games on the telly …


I wonder what Nicola’s cut was ..?

1 year ago

Good podcast but being unaware of being home or away in the qualifying round ! Keep up lads.

1 year ago

Bit concerned about cl qualifying game. Regulars missing . If we don’t have to what’s close to being the starting line up against pne then it’s an utter joke. We are in for a torrid time

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