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The Etims Podcast aka Hector has a Rant!

The Etims team get together to discuss the recent events at Celtic Park and the world beyond.

They ask – HOWE can it come to this?
They wonder who is in in charge and who is failing in their job.

They wonder about the so called new structure and do we have a Director of Football calling in favours?
The discuss the new front runner and some differing opinions get uttered.
They wonder just what influence is The City Group having over Glasgow Celtic, if any mind you?
What’s in store?
God only knows!

If you dont like swearing, maybe best avoided as Hector finally gets to release all that ANGEr that he has been holding over the Bank Holiday Weekend!

Hopefully audio wont be too bad as some technical difficulties during the chat, especially when Ralph got lost mid-delivery!

This Podcast and others are available on iTunes and Spreaker and also now on Amazon Music, Spotify, Castbox and Google Podcasts

You can download MP3 file direct from here ( right click and save)  : download-mp3

Or use the Player below:


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1 year ago

Whoever muted Ralph take a fucking bow, what a ot of pish he was spouting…..again! Ffs.

If the board are reading this, fuck off & keep fucking off!
I simply can’t put into words how fucked off with the whole fucking thing!

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