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Only Nir Excuse

The first podcast of the year has been recorded…stop crying at the back!


Hector and Desi join Monty from the now Northern Ireland of non EU and EU to discuss the game yesterday .

We discuss the Game. The Tactics, the team, the subs ( oh the subs) and of course The Bitton incident and that heartfelt expectation resulting from risky desperation .

We discuss Celtic managing to beat Celtic as per all this season and a most of all we wonder just whats next. Listen to Montys optimism compared to the realism from the other 2 on air.

Ultimately we ask What is the point of Andy Walker and and Celtic this season…just how does it compare to the end of Only An Excuse of all things in fitbaw life

Listen below or download for later.


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3 years ago

Nothing is lost Bhoys, we will win the league by one point on the last day of the season.


3 years ago
Reply to  Monti

HNY Monti…

We need a settled center half who`s on the hunt.

3 years ago

Pedro has Celtic child access for the January transfer month.

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