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October_And_On_and_On – Etims Podcast

October eh?

Well These words from Bono and the Lhads sum it up well..

And the trees are stripped bare
Of all they wear
What do I care?
And kingdoms rise
And kingdoms fall
But you go on and on

  • Hector, Desi, Monty and Ralph Malph aka George Roper get together to discuss the month of October and into November.
  • What was that exactly?
  • Will we truly ever know?
  • How can we see hope then no hope then hope then no hope in the space of a weeks games
  • What can we do to fix whats wrong and what if anything is right at present?
  • What lies ahead and just who will be the last Manager standing come the end of the season?

All this and more, including “Stoke Chic” wallpaper discussions and worth it just for the U2 outro within this latest podcast episode.

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3 years ago

lennon out!

3 years ago
Reply to  bgbhoy

What are you talking about?

From a complete root and branch culture change being required after Thursday to “we’ve managed a mini-crisis well” after Sunday, according to the manager.

He’s completely convinced me.

3 years ago
Reply to  The Cha

Obviously all of that.

3 years ago

Just waiting on the when…

Shall The Rangers be the new Invincibles

sevconians, come out and play-ay.

The hun heat is on.

3 years ago

Find the door Neil and you will find the matrix of Leadership.
We want what is in your Celts brain.

Albian brought Dallas to the fore. It is time the other 10 follow suit.

3 years ago
Reply to  portpower


3 years ago


gremlin 3..jpg
3 years ago

Great podcast again. I think both Lennon and Gerrard will be gone in the summer regardless of who wins the league. NL if he wins 10 retires as a legend, Gerrard will get “resigned” If they win the title Gerrard goes to England with a big reputation and NL leaves having been a 9 in a row manager and a treble winner.

Malcolm Content
3 years ago
Reply to  Obz

Cud be right about the departure of both both managers. The big difference is Gerrard will get another job as a manager whereas Lennon will be lucky to get the gig at Radio Clyde Superscoreboard as the standby pundit.

3 years ago

A man who has never kicked, headed or passed a football in many years, becomes a National hero. He achieves something no other man has done in over 22 years. In years to come his name will be written large in the Nations football annuls. This despite his employers, the Nations ruling bodies, overseeing the Scottish game with a secret agreement and with a department that officiates the game, while at the same time being members of a secret society. ‘All the pieces, bits and pieces’.

3 years ago

McKenna ? making an arse of himself at Forest, not at that or our level. Gallagher ?, kicking everything that moves, particularly Celtic players. Loan Welsh out to Aberdeen ‘to develop’ ! what, under Mc Innes ? The boy been there since aged twelve, made every grade including internationally then you loan him to the ever under achieving Sheep.
What is the point of developing youths to first team to then do that with them ?

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