Celtic Diary Tuesday November 17: Simmering Beneath The Surface

All work and no play, they say , makes Jack a dull boy, and when he wasn’t particularly bright to start with..


As work patterns have changed to prevent drivers from falling over in the dark, the diary has not appeared for quite a few days, and although the intention was to try to do it at night, being a fat lazy bastard has hampered that plan, for now at least.


But I’ll try to get things back on track.


A lot has happened since we last put together this nonsense, and a lot has happened, flirted with the front pages of social and mainstream media, and then been largely forgotten.


Scotland qualified for a major finals, and whilst everyone was over the moon at this once in a generation occurence, it was largely seen as being a “bit grumpy ” to mention any further Covid infections from travelling with the international party.


The SFA will receive around nine million pounds for the participation of the national team, which explains why they want everyone to cheer, but when supporters, such as myself, pondered the possibility of travelling abroad with the tartan army for a week on the beer, it all went a bit squibby when realsiation that two games would be at Hampden and the other at Wembley.


The players, of course, are delighted. Filmed dancing around the dressing room to the sound of seventies pop classic Yes Sir, I can Boogie, a loose euphenism about a loose woman, they all seemed rather pleased, and the emotional breakdown of Ryan Christie didn;t get the attention it deserved, although more than anything else it showed why some players turn up for Scotland despite how fans or their clubs feel.


Put simply, they want to play for and do well for their country, a fact overlooked by many fans who have no interest in international football.


As for Scotland’s chances in the 2021 Euro finals…well, with two games at Hampden, and possibly three going forward from a group containing England, Czechia and Croatia, you’d have to be optimistic, and then in the knock out rounds, the new found competence in penalty kicks could see us through, especially given Stevie Clarke’s Wattenacio approach…


But that’s for next summer….



This winter, with the plague not only still in town but actively putting down a deposit on some premises, little looks likely to change.


Fans have been allowed into some matches, in low enough numbers to terrify clubs who will lose money on the reduced attendances, as season book holders, who have already paid, get priority.


Quite how putting five or six thousand fans into Celtic Park will help the team is not known, as the cavernous arena will merely amplify voices which will prove more of a distraction than an encouragement, and as the side has quite a dismal record at home of late, perhaps we should work on the current problems rather than introduce new ones.


One of those problems, of course, is the Covid pandemic, with Kris Ajer and Mo Elyannoussi the latest to be exposed to the infected, and they may yet have to isolate and therefore miss the visit to Easter road at the weekend.


That takes to more or less a full team that has been unavailable at one time or another due to the virus, and the medical staff could do a lot worse than ask their colleagues over the river how it is that no “rangers ” players have yet to be affected or infected…



In fact, the world class medical facilities at Auchenhowie should be made available to the Scottish government as it seeks a way out of the pandemic, as its quite clear they are doing something right at Ibrox that the rest of the world could use.


Yet, oddly enough, the mainstream media hasn;t picked up on this, where surely it would be beneficial to everyone if their knowledge and practice was shared among us all….



Then again, when you remember the mainstream failed to ask questions about the two Ibrox players who were fined for a breach of covid rules..or are about to be fined, information is rather hard to come by…or the police failed to investigate and fine others who were at the party held for Scott Arfield…which he didn’t seem to attend, and only two of his team mates turned up, despite the beer and women being ordered in early, one wonders if there are questions that have been asled, but the answers held back for whatever reason.


After all, it’s only two reserve players who have been banned from playing, and not key men like Ryan Kent, Alfredo morelos or Andrew Dallas.


The latter managed to show his dislike of Celtic again as the hoops powered their way to a 4-1 win at Motherwell, with Mo Elyannoussi showing what he is capable of when he puts his mind to it.


Dallas did his best for the SFA , who want “rangers ” to win the league to get acces to UEFA millions, which means they won;t have to hand over the nine million they’ll pick up for Scotland’s adventures.


When “rangers ” get a free kick , for instance, Dallas is quite relaxed about the rules, such as the ten yard rule…




Crimes against Celtic players tend to invoke a similar laisse faire attitude from Dallas, the assault on Frimpong by new Scotland hero Declan Gallagher a case in point, where the Celt was scythed down brutally, not for the first time lately, and Dallas kept him on the field , presumably to give him a second shot at ending the career of the Celtic right back.


However, its reached the point now where he doesn’t even try to hide it….





Gerrard must be angry that he can;t even sell his biggest assett…..


After all, as we know, the brand is key, the Old Firm is Scottish football, at least in their eyes, and they need one half of it to get back to the same level as the other as quickly as possible.


This means that unless Celtic start to defend not only their honour, but their players, this will continue, and the level of assistance given if not to further the Ibrox league camapgin, but certainly to hinder that of Celtic has to be addressed.


Odd how these days when new movues are scarce, we are forced to watch a repeat of an old one….




Celtic announced yesterday that the “virtual ” AGM will take place on December 14….






One of the Resolutions put forward will be this one…


Stop fucking condoning cheating, and start to stand up to it  



Alright, it might be worded a bit more diplomatically, but there is little doubt the time has come for a showdown, and all supporters and shareholders need to get on board with this, because if we don’t get on board with it, the board will continue to trample over the very ethos of our club, everything that once made us a club like no other, before we became a business like every other.


A detailed article will follow on how you can help, and make no mistake, our club is at a crossroads, and the direction we take will determine of we truly are a club like no other, a club to be proud of, or we’re just another money making operation for an organisation that has sought to keep us in our place for decades… 


Either we a part of the corrupt and despicable Old Firm, and its; parent company the SFA, or we are Celtic, a proud club with values and integrity, there to be a part of the community, not a part of that which destroys it.  


We need to let them know where we stand…



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11 months ago

It wasn’t Gallagher who assaulted Frimpong it was Cole.Celtic do need to grow a pair and call out the corruption that has now got to dangerous levels as it could now affect players careers.Anyone But Celtic has never been more obvious.

11 months ago

Back on form Ralph.looks like Kris and Mo are OK for Hibs. Met a Rangers guy the other day and thought a bit of neutral chat about Scotland even though I’m Irish. “ I am not really interested in Scotland,” was the response. Another on Social Media claimed Tierney didn’t sing Flower of Scotland so he didn’t care, seriously. Forget athleticism, touch, tackling ability, good in the aircraft. Scotland should only play singers, dear me!

11 months ago
Reply to  BJF

Good in the aircraft ? He does like flying down the wing… ;-))

11 months ago

Frimpong was assaulted by Devante Cole not Declan Gallagher, who by the way, is a much better player than Duffy.

11 months ago

Welcome back Ralph.
There is nothing new in the cheating ways of the sfa to the established masons across the city.
What is new is the way Celtic now openly and freely are part of it.
Sir Robert Kelly took a stand,Fergus took a stand and both kept Celtics honour and integrity intact.
History will show we were complicit in allowing the cheating and our children’s children will ask why?
Stevie Clarke has done a brilliant job for Scotland. I’m not never have been an international football supporter. Was put off supporting Scotland at a very young age after hearing the boos of Celtic players from the so called Scotland fans.
But its great for the players who showed how much they care and the country at this time in which everyone needs a little pick me up.
On international football also, well done to Eddy on being a record breaker if we could only get him to reignite his love to play in the hoops,which sadly has been missing for a little while now.

Pedantic - moi?
11 months ago

Ralph please adjust amend your keyboard as it keeps printing words like
“can;t” when it should be “can’t”

11 months ago

Making the boardroom Covid secure.
Carry out risk assessment’s: to manage to manage the risk, by, keeping the 5Way Agreement and all other complicit documents that includes the letters to and from the SFA – SPFL – Huns, set fire to them and promise that that episode in your past will never happen again.
Cleaning: Do everything you can knowing that our club provides most of the income in the Scottish game, to clean up Scottish football, making it open, honest and fully transparent, including the Lanarkshire refereeing masonic society. Speak up for the club against our many enemies.
Social distancing: Keep the Celtic support safe, by embracing its values, it provides so much income and has so much emotional attachment, it deserves your recognition for what it does for both the game and the deprived, do not keep them at arms length. Thank your employees for their contribution to the club by telling them that and reward their hard work by paying them a decent wage.
Finally appoint a ‘change specialist’ one who would look through the football department and relieve Lawwell of his interference in the bringing in of players, appoint a director of football, who knows the game inside out and could get better player value for the club,one who could appoint a coach and his team in a more professional manner after interviewing suitable applicants. Set a playing budget and make the head coach fully responsible for its spending to get us back into the C.L. every year.
If you do all of that, then Celtic will be vaccinated against those who would love to see us fail.
Good to see Mrs. Dale and the diary back. Sharing is caring.

10 months ago
Reply to  Mike

Missed this. Spot on. About to embark on a new journey or just keep paying to see the old one repeated.

11 months ago

That would be the Declan Gallacher who won the Youth Cup with Celts and was then released. After a bit of porridge he has really got his career back on track to the extent that some are touting him for a return to Celtic…at a considerable cost to them. He is playing better at the moment than Duffy but so are many centre backs. A better player though, I’m not so sure and hope Duffy sorts out his deficiencies soonest.

11 months ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Duffy’s major deficiency at the moment is that he hasn’t had to isolate due to Covid. Too slow to catch a cold.

11 months ago

Our Board are lacking in a duty of care, time after time assaults on Celtic players go unpunished by the masons in the black. The retiring Compliance officer looks at issues regarding. Celtic players but the mutants are ignored as they are seen as a necessity for the future of Scottish football.
It did well without them for years, all they have brought is. (r)anger and hatred.
There has to be a change at the top at Parkhead, before Celtic can move forward.
Note that that Leigh seems to have been targeted again, wonder if we will get the same brake cutting crap from the media about the Buffalo. Or was it an erstwhile private eye again?

11 months ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

Probably to do with the Kyle Lafferty tweet but no doubt he gas brought it on himself they will say.

sfa unfit for purpose
11 months ago
Reply to  Cartvale88

There was a team af halfwits outside Leigh’shouse for 3 days last week. Police did nothing.

11 months ago

I read now that the incident had nothing to do with griff his car or his property but he is a neighbour niw everyone knows where he lives due to the unprofessional article written by someone at the record. Shame on them.

11 months ago

Cortez, he is slow but speed wasn’t a big requirement sitting in a back four defending in EPL or with Eire. Getting pulled wide to cover speedy wingers whilst our speedy full backs are at the half way line doesn’t help. None too clever inside either I’ll admit but Big Billy was often caught out as has every Celtic CH since. He should Bobo, stay CH and go through opposition thirty five yards out.

11 months ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

The recent game against Wales saw him head the ball backwards (instead of out for a corner) and then lurch back to his feet with all the facility and grace of a Ray Harryhausen stop-frame animated figure just in time to be able to watch Wales score. He’s hopeless. And as for his pretensions to be able to execute the devastating “raking long ball out of defence” the less said the better.

Stuart McWilliams
11 months ago

Celtic Board Statement regarding Resolution 12 : ‘ a) We didn’t see the incident. b) We’re waiting for the referee’s report. c) Yes, there was an incident but there’s nothing we can do about it. d) Trust us, we’ll make sure it doesn’t happen again). Duplicitous b##tards, every one of them! The blue pound rules!

11 months ago

“After all, as we know, the brand is key, the Old Firm is Scottish
football, at least in their eyes, and they need one half of it to get
back to the same level as the other as quickly as possible”

The big flaw in that statement is that if the shoe was on the other foot and Celtic had been liquidated or was slipping towards liquidation, they would have loved to see it happen and would have done the square rot of fuck all to help Celtic. The Scottish media would have been promoting stories about the opportunity of a resurgent Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs etc and would be claiming that while it was “regrettable” that Celtic had gone bust it was an opportunity for these other teams to make it a more “competitive” league, while all the while grinning from ear to ear. The “Old Firm” label is only important to the SFA as long as the Ibrox team survives as part of that. The SFA motto is “Without *rangers Scottish football is nothing”.

11 months ago

square “root” not “rot”

11 months ago

Good stuff, Ralph! Welcome back.

11 months ago

Ralph, good to have you back. Looking forward to the article on how we can combat ‘The Board like no other’ who appear to have no idea of what the Celtic name stands for.

11 months ago

See phil has an article up tonight which makes very interesting reading, and shows why we must win the league this year even more importantly than the history of the 10.

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