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Celtic Diary Saturday September 5: Tales of the Unexplained

Oddsone Edouard scored for the young French team last night.

Patryk Klimala scored for the young Poles.


Both were injured last week, and both couldn’t feature for Celtic, yet suddenly they’re all better …howeverm I’m quite sure an explanation will be forthcoming, though it won’t have any bearing on what is really going on.


We’ve seen that film where the players don’t trust the medics at Celtic Park before, and it doesn;t take a great leap to work out something isn’t right about this.


Unless, of course, one of the great saints is wandering Europe telling players to pick up their sick beds and play on.



Edouard then tweeted…


Focus on the next one @equipedefrance  




All of this means he should be ready for the Ross County game next Saturday, but we’ll wait and see.


Whilst Edouard scored from the spot for France, Klimala scored a great solo goal for Poland, beating around a dozen defenders before chipping the keeper from half a mile out with a splendid back heel, and surely must be in line for a start at some point.


With Vakoun Bayo also scoring a couple for his new club last weekend, one begins to wonder if Lennon fully understands what strikers are paid to do….



Scotland were inaction last night as well…the two words deliberately joined there to form a new word which describes the poor fare on offer.


Three Celts started the game, MacGregor , Forrest and Christie, and they all love playing for their country, but there must be times when they wonder if its worth it.


Still, at least they get some different voices moaning at them for their performances. A change is as good as a rest.



Speaking of the Ross County game next week, have you seen who they’ve signed just in time to make an appearance….

Andrew Dallas was wrong not to award Celtic penalty - but don't dare blame  it on his name says Charlie Richmond - Daily Record
 Well, they haven’t signed him, they’re merely renting him in the hope he can give as good a performance for them as he does for anyone who plays Celtic.
 Dallas needs no encouragement to influence Celtic games the way he and his employers want them to go. He constantly breaks up play when the hoops are in possession, books our more physical players early on to stop them being physical, and overlooks important incidents in our favour that could have a bearing on the result.
 Go to the bookies.
 Bet on Scott Brown and Shane Duffy being booked first.
 Also, bet on three Ross County bookings in the second half, as the match stats will then look quite evenly balanced, but Dallas’s real influence is in the time of the bookings.
 Of course, a compromised Peter Lawwell, Res 12, Old Firm brand etc, won’t say a word.
 The club will trumpet the line that if you’re good enough, referees don;t matter, but even though Jock Stein would say that in public, in private he conceded it was bollocks, which is why he would always intimidate referees and journalists alike, as he knew perfectly well what they were up to.
 With Shane Duffy , we might well have someone with that attitude on the pitch, but I’d give a gold pig to get someone like that either in management or PR, to stand up for the club when it becomes obvious that this season it’s a policy of Anyone but Celtic..copyright Paul Larkin….
 Operation STT…..Stop The Ten…is already in full swing.
But we knew that, and we knew it was coming…I just don’t see many signs of preparation…
 In fact, as a parallel thought, maybe this season is one to take stock of where we are as a club, what we want from the club, and where we are gong as an entity…
Auldheid gives us something to think about here…
 Well worth a look, and it does ask some pertinent questions
Elsewhere, and one face missing from the Scotland line up last night was that of “rangers ” goalkeeper Allan MacGregor , who has retired from international football to “protect his body “
 Even though he wasn’t working, it seems he couldn’t protect his car….as the Sun reports

COPS are probing a deliberate car blaze attack at the home of Rangers star Allan McGregor.

Emergency services were called to the Gers goalkeeper’s plush pad on the outskirts of Glasgow on Thursday after a 999 alert was raised.

The fireball incident was caught on video that showed flames leaping 6ft into the air.

A source said: “It was incredible, one of the cars sitting in the drive was fully alight, it was causing a huge commotion in what is normally a very quiet road.

“The homes around here are very expensive and it’s scary to think what could have happened, the flames were very close to the house.”

 The homes around here are very expensive….nice to see his neighbours have their priorities in order…someone could have died, but

the homes around here are very expensive  …. 



You can see a perplexed fireman being harassed by neighbours asking him to damp down the curtains because they’re not cheap you know…




The fire appears to have been deliberately started, and not just someone failing to make sure his fag had been correctly thrown through an open window, which makes me wonder who could have a grudge against yet another “rangers ” player and his car.



Is there a madman stalking Ibrox with a pathological hatred of the internal combustion engine ?



Or has Allan being hanging around with ruffians who have decided that he needs his wrists slapped ?


These ruffians don;t go to the police, but issue their own kind of sentences, and with such a high profile figure as MacGregor, it’s unlikely a punch on the nose would go uninvestigated by the police, and that would not do for those sort of chaps.


A car fire doesn’t merit high on a constables list of things to do, so like the flames themselves, this story will die down, but there will be one goalkeeper looking over his shoulder for a while….


Of course, I could be wrong, as MacGregor is such a fine, upstanding sort of chap who goes to church on a Sunday and reads books about horticulture and theology.


But some of the chaps who hang around his work…. oh my, you wouldn’t see them down at the local neighbourhood watch meetings.


Guys like these pair…. as reported in the Evening Times



TWO DRUNK bigots were caught singing a sectarian song and frightening young children.

Ross Pringle, 32, and Stephen Kane, 27, were snared by plain clothed police officers last July in Glasgow’s Cardonald.

The pair were clocked singing the Billy Boys as well as shouting and swearing in residential streets.

They were also spotted snorting a substance before Kane was found in possession of cocaine.

Pringle and Kane were found guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to behaving in a threatening or abusive manner aggravated by religious prejudice.

Kane was also convicted of possession of cocaine.

Sheriff Allan Findlay said: “I don’t accept shouting, swearing and singing the Billy Boys is an everyday Glasgow scene.”  


Sherriff Allan Findlay needs to get out more……..and just because it is an everyday occurence, that doesn’t make it  alright.




Yesterday, we had this….


Pegasus Airline Flight 8622






Caption : ‘OK, we might have to try that again, but welcome to Jet2 anyway, Captain’.   













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3 years ago

Rangers announce Ziggy from Grangehill as their latest new signing (one for the kids there)

3 years ago

Caption ..
Why the suit …?
they gave him fredos tracksuit ,he looks like a burst Michelin man with it on

3 years ago

McAllisters….. “Look boys, Jimmy Bell has been pishing in his hand sanitiser again.”

3 years ago

Caption: morelos attempts to get into his new castore kit

3 years ago

Caption; After the 6-1 mauling by Motherwell, Stuart McCall binned his ‘unlucky’ play-off suit. The boys at Cas ore, however, believe it to be an iconic part of Rangers* history and have reproduced it, using ” only the la es echnology and the fines ma erials.”

3 years ago

Caption : ‘Yep, that’s him, that’s the man from Castore’.

3 years ago

Caption: Mcallister leads the schoolboy giggling after someone is told to report to the boss after forgetting his PE kit.

3 years ago


Wiz it him that torched Greegsys motor?

Glad no one injured, we can move onto the interesting part of football. Note THE DAILY Wanker making negative comments about pro Palestinian demos last night, they probably prefer the Butchers apron

Man in Denial
3 years ago


who’s that Gary ?

Its the specialist car insurance bloke, he’s got some smoking hot deals right now

3 years ago

Fed up with everyone laughing at them Sevco sign their own laughingstock to cheer them up.

3 years ago

Caption – Gary Mc says “lads, lads look Slippy has just flicked a massive bogey on the back of that dick’s suit.

3 years ago

Or blusterous? But thank you kind surr. 😉 < 10

3 years ago

Its remembrance Saturday – The 5th of September 2020.
A season never to be forgotten, 1966-67.*
European Cup.*
Scottish Cup.
Scottish League Championship,
Scottish League Cup,
Glasgow Cup,
Scottish Reserve League Cup.
It started (with a kiss) in May the previous year- with an unbeaten tour in Bermuda, Canada, and the United States.
It finished in June 67, with a win in Spain over Real Madrid, forever known as Jinky day.
In between was the special year and the most brilliant record of club success, One that will never be equalled.
# Champions Again, Champions Again.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike


3 years ago

Truer words never been spoken Duncan.

pilsbury dough bhoy
3 years ago

Aye, the postit is still on his arse

3 years ago

“Whit are youse laughin’ at lads?”
“That thick Scouse git has furgoat the words tae the Billy Boys!”

3 years ago


  1. Choose your shooter- this should be bigger than any of your others.
  2. Beat the Greek Country.
  3. Fear free.
3 years ago

Duncan,it`s all about who the Manager ‘puts’ to defends or attacks against a player over a game not over their career.

Hen on an egg.

3 years ago

Lest we forget
Fairwell my darling Johnny
Prince of players we must part
John Thomson 5th Sept 1931
They never die those that Iive in our hearts forever.
Your memory lives on. HH.

3 years ago

Caption: Who stuck the Alfredo is a prick sticker on his back.

3 years ago

The reply does not work Duncan but look.

You can not stick up for Neil. Patryk not playing though was an of thick Tic Football.

22 year old.Patryk would be well on his way to better Stokes and Hooper. If.

3 years ago


Fvck sake, nobody told me it was a fancy dress party.

3 years ago


“Just because I negotiated the
Cas ore kit deal, doesn t mean I have to wear it.”

3 years ago

Did Jeremy Toljan cost Celtic FC youth players to the German Leagues?
Something else then.

3 years ago


They might be laughing at me but fuck sake see what they are wearing, bawbags 🙂

3 years ago

I took a trip to parkhead to the dear old paradise and as the players came out sure the tears fell from my eyes
For a famous face was missing from the green and white brigade and they told me Johnny Thomson his last game he had played.
Fairwell my Darling Johnny
Prince of Players
They never die those that live in our hearts forever. HH

3 years ago
Reply to  Jimmybee

“John Thomson – A Prince among men”
celticfc .net/news/6602

3 years ago

He’s keeping it well hidden given his team’s 3rd embarrassing Euro exit in little over a year and being wretchedly unable to comprehend that not giving backup strikers sufficient game time leads to them not being match-fit when they’re needed.

Perhaps I’m being unfair and only the likes of Klopp and Pep possess this knowledge, which is otherwise completely unknown to lesser mortals.

3 years ago

Caption “That must be a Castore suit as the arse is falling out of it”

3 years ago

Went to Stokes and Hopper in the 00s or there about, Duncan.
Sign em back up.

There is no underdog when theyve a 300 million euro side coming eighteenth.

3 years ago

Shall Shane? I could.

3 years ago

Duncan, its none of our Gods damn business.

3 years ago

“Patryk Klimala scored for the young Poles…injured last week, and couldn’t feature for Celtic, yet suddenly all better”

Klimala wasn’t injured, he was deemed not match-fit to start (or play at all against Ferencvaros) by our genius manager who didn’t realise not playing him sufficiently in games would lead to this condition.

“The club will trumpet the line that if you’re good enough, referees don;t matter, but even though Jock Stein would say that in public, in private he conceded it was bollocks”

Not just in private, compare his reaction to Davidson at the end of the 1970 Cup Final. Its a nice feeling to win when you’re being cheated but sooner or later it will be the decisive factor if you don’t address it.

re Allan McGregor, don’t forget he has previous for claiming he was attacked by persons unknown when, in fact, it was his partner who attacked him after she caught him playing away.

Another story concerning him, although he was innocent, was when he was accused of rape but the MSM, who would have known his identity, ran with the headline “Old Firm player accused of rape” with a picture of Celtic Park only attached!

3 years ago

SPFL early day,optical offal it`s fantastic.

3 years ago

Tripadvisor,it also offers key peepil.

3 years ago

Happy Das Day Aussie Celts.

Ive a new remote with a youtube button.

Celtic v Rangers St. Patricks Day 1991.

Terry Hurlock youre a wanker, youre a wanker.

Enjoy your Day.

pilsbury dough bhoy
3 years ago

McAllister: “Who’s that with the gaffer?
Beale: “That’s his twin brother” (sniggers)
McAllister: “No kidding? Ah can see the resemblance, right enough”

3 years ago

ffs. here e go again. pay the money for the psg LB. 5 mil for a totally minging goalie so we obviously have the money. If you dont think that goalie is minging have a look at goal n2 v feckuassholes that ended this years CL “challenge”

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