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Celtic Diary Friday September 4: But Can He Defend ?

Shane Duffy became the first Celtic player to score for his country before he’d even played for the club when he headed home a late equaliser for Ireland last night in their game with Bulgaria.


Thats all well and good, but can he do it from a Ryan Christie corner ?


Can anyone ?


One former Celt had a point when he tweeted


Cillian Sheridan
I remember being in an end of season Ireland squad years ago when I was at Celtic. Came back for pre season and I missed a good chance from a header in training one day. Lenny shouted over “Oi you’re big mate Duffy would have scored that”. Looks like he finally got his man  
 I think we can be certain Lennon wanted this guy, not Lawwell….


The player seems to have got a lift from joining his boyhood heroes, and if he brings that sort of enthusiasm to Celtic then it will take the weight of responsibility from Scott Brown and the pressure of being the only cheerful guy in town from Jeremie Frimpong.


Whats not to like ?


There’s still that eternal worry that sooner or later someone will be sold to pay for this shopping spree, now running into the region of fifteen million pounds, and lets be honest, its going to happen.


But it won’t be Tom Rogic, for the moment at least. His proposed move to Qatar has fallen through, but the player and his partner still want to go closer to Australia as they haven;t really settled in the land of the rain, and it’s only a temporary setback.


It might be Olivier Ntcham, who is back in the thoughts of Southampton, and of course there are Kris Ajer and Ryan Christie still to offload, although maybe Callum MacGregor will hang around for a while yet, as with David Turnbull being added to the squad, there might be something in him supplementing MacGregor as opposed to replacing him.


Scott Brown can’t go on forever, although no one wants to tell him that, and the problem seems to be that the inactivity of lockdown has made it difficult for Brown to stay as fit as he would have wanted to be.


No news on Oddsone Edouard, but it is kind of odd that he has travelled with the French under 20s. considering he has missed the last two Celtic games.


With it being common knowledge that some Celtic players have their own private physicians and trainers, maybe he just wanted a second opinion…. as this from SportsWitness seems to indicate



Celtic’s Odsonne Édouard is ‘uncertain’ for France U21’s upcoming fixtures against Georgia and Azerbaijan, according to L’Equipe.

Les Espoirs travelled to Gori on Wednesday for their tie against Georgia on Friday. They then travel to Sumgayit to take on Azerbaijan on Monday.

Although the Celtic star made the trip, he risks missing out on the tie against Georgia due to ‘discomfort in the upper thigh’, and Nice striker Amine Gouiri could take his place.

It’s claimed the 22-year-old has been receiving treatment since he arrived at the national team camp in Clairefontaine. 


Doesn’t he trust our medical guys ?


After what happened with Keiran Tierney you have to wonder….


Elsewhere, and there may yet be something else to give Peter Lawwell a headache, and fans something to cheer….



BBc Radio 4 reported yesterday that the English Premier league had terminated its contract with Chinese broadcasters Suning, creating, in the words of the Radio station, ” a black hole in Premier League finances at an already difficult time ” (paraphrasing, but that was the point ) .


At the time, I thought that would be an odd thing to do, given the contract is worth just short of a quarter of a billion pounds over three years, and it transpires I was right to be sceptical…Nick Harris @SportingIntel tweeted the facts…


The Premier League’s “termination” of their contract with Chinese rights holders Suning (PPTV) is huge, but disingenuous. The PL didn’t terminate it. The broadcaster did, in effect and in reality, which is embarrassing, expensive and dangerous to the PL. 


The deal with Suning was the biggest single non-domestic broadcasting contract in the history of the Premier League, worth $600m-$700m over 3 years, 2019-2022. And whoosh. It’s gone. Every club instantly loses £8m income a year on average cos it’s gone.


One week from the start of a new season and the Premier League has no TV deal in the most populous nation in the world. You’d imagine the PL’s biggest clubs are not massively happy about this. 


The Premier League earns by FAR the most non-dom broadcast revenue per year than ANY other sports league in the world, even after the Suning cancellation (see graphic and page 22 of 




But it’s still a significant negative development  


Premier League diehard fans in China are split into 2 camps; those who have paid PPTV for 2020-21 subscriptions and now won’t get any games. They are furious. And those who never paid and rely on pirated streams. Both groups = massive headache for PL.



A significant number of EPL games are timed to suit the massive far eastern gambling market, and that in itself is a murky world.


In business, when one company loses faith in another, and it’s not clear why Suning have ditched the EPL, others sit up and take notice.


At the very least, it will drive the cost of the product down, and that can only mean even less money for clubs that are spending beyond their means, as not only will they be directly affected, the indirect consequence of les viewers means less advertising and that, in turn means less money for them to spend on Celtic players…


Groucho marx GIFs - Get the best gif on GIFER



We might not be able to sell anyone at all if the trend continues.



And as for Alfredo Morelos, he might as well buy a house in Glasgow and get used to the fact he’s going nowhere.



The media have been congratulating that lot again, with their man Stewart Robertson praising the support for buying all the available season books, although there is yet again a hole or two in his caterwauling….


“I have been continually astonished by the passion and loyalty that our supporters show our club.

“Time and again, our supporters surpass expectations, may that be for retail purchases, MyGers or now, season tickets.

“In the midst of the uncertainty surrounding Covid-19, selling out season tickets at Ibrox is even more special.


In the midst of the enormous doubts around the club/companies inability to trade solvently its even more astonishing.


“As we approach our 150th year, Rangers fans demonstrate their unrivalled loyalty to our club once again.” 


Not quite loyal enough to save their club when it died, although in fairness no one actually asked them to, which makes me even more sceptical of the motives behind the New Entity Scandal….


Theres something that needs looking into…did the Gallant Venture Capitalists decide to bump the club before they invested their pound ?


Still, with Celtic moving into the new market for facemasks, such as these….


Celtic fans given chance to buy new Hoops-themed coronavirus face masks –  The Scottish Sun


..the Ibrox club/company have yet again follow followed their lead, with this one that actually makes it look like the wearer isn’t wearing one….






Meantime, they’ve found another way of demonstrating that they miss the good old days of open and total warfare….




Rangers Football Club

Today, we honour the Merchant Navy. The brave men and woman who kept goods moving to and from Britain during the world wars. We also celebrate the modern merchant seafarers who are responsible for 90% of UK imports. #MerchantNavyDay



But when will they honour the brave lads who welded and riveted their way to victoey, without whom the Merchant Navy would have had to swim to the USSR with the supplies strapped to their backs ?









Then again, it probably won’t be long.



Yesterday, we had this…





Man in Denial
 1 day ago


Aberdeen FC players quietly celebrate the lifting of COVID 19 restrictions   






Pegasus Airline Flight 8622


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pilsbury dough bhoy
3 years ago

Caption: Wheels come off revolutionary new aquaplane

3 years ago

Caption:” This is your captain speaking, the passenger who said he’d like to rest & be thankfull, we have arrived “

3 years ago

Caption – “Despite Airline advice, and numerous warnings, Derek Johnstone and Ally McCoist elected to both sit on the same side of the plane.”

3 years ago

Caption : ‘OK, we might have to try that again, but welcome to Jet2 anyway, Captain’.

The Prague Alk
3 years ago

Caption: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We are currently cruising at an altitude of minus ten metres……The weather in Atlantis is a brisk 9 degrees Celsius, and its very wet! We’ll continue our decent for a further twenty minutes. Thank you for flying with Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος Airways.”

the real Anton Rogan
3 years ago

Penalty to Sevco

pilsbury dough bhoy
3 years ago

Caption: Skid marks? Don’t talk to me about skid marks!

John McDermott
3 years ago

Alfredo asks to see cockpit and just like his career it takes s nose dive.
Hope Rogic stays for the 10

3 years ago

I grew up with Jock Steins “Lisbon Lions”, I hero worshiped the players, so much so that there was not just one favourite player, they were all my hero’s. Family duties meant that I had to work weekends and how I missed watching them. My sabatical from E-Tims gave me time to dig out my old books and once again marvel at their talents.
Billy McNeil- Hail Cesar, Cesar was tall for his age, the biggest in the team, what a leader, what I had forgotten was his leap to head the ball and how brave was he.
“Sure its a Grand Old Team to Play for”- Ronnie Simpson , a picture of Ronnie with Stevie Chalmers striding down to golf course of West Kilbride with Stevie Chalmers.
“The Big Shot”- Tommy Gemmell with the foreword with Jock Stein, a wonderful, enlightening book.
“Celtic’s Lost Legend”- Not a Lisbon Lion perhaps, but still a hero of “Lion” proportions.
But the book I enjoy the most, is not off a football player but off a journalist, Phil Mac Giolla Bhain’s
“Downfall”. And you know what, it was Jock Stein and those brilliant “Lisbon Lions”, who drove them into self destruction. We are still learning of just how much they mean to us.
# Celtic’s Lisbon Lions”.

3 years ago
Reply to  Mike

Mike everyone needs a sabbatical from ETims ( not all at once)

3 years ago
Reply to  Iancelt67

Its the call of the wild-things,
pulling at your heartstrings,
wild thing, you make my heart sing,
you mean everything,
wild thing,
I think i love you. cough!

3 years ago

when i said turn left ameant when we were in the air

3 years ago

An ould fella told me one about Tommy Gemmell. Aware of Big Jock’s spies everywhere, Tommy takes out a membership for a private members club, taxi to and fro, sorted. He’s in one night and hears that Big Jock has just pulled up outside. Tommy exits out the back door.
Jock to the barman “ Has big Gemmell been in”?
Barman “ No, not in here”
Jock…“You sure you’ve not seen him”
Barman…” Not been in here for ages”
Big Jock turns to walk out then comes back to the barman
“ If you see him remind him he’s left his sheepskin coat hanging there”

3 years ago
Reply to  SteveNaive

Watching Jinky’s story, for about the fourth time, brilliant memories, of boating trips etc.
More than just extraordinary players, lifelong friends and great times,
special men and wives, such a shame that they did not receive the money that their talents deserved….

3 years ago

Morelos breaks weight distribution plea and stubbornly takes his place at the front of the plane

3 years ago

Caption: I swear there was a jinking up the wing.

Bannockburn Bhoy
3 years ago

Captain David Blunkett on his maiden voyage

Dziekanowski's nightclub child
3 years ago

Caption: Slippy G tries his hand at landing a plane

James Fitzpatrick
3 years ago

Bollingoli was on this plane

3 years ago

After flight 361 from Corfu to Glasgow makes an unscheduled stop in Calais this morning, passengers are invited to hire a dinghy to their final destination.

Village idiot
3 years ago

Ryan Air introduce revolutionary new A to B service.
Airport directly to Beach.

3 years ago


Captain chaos cockpit calamity.
Just like a Casto e garment, it all turns to shit when you go to wash it

por cierto
3 years ago

the “read more” link not working, for me anyway.

3 years ago
Reply to  por cierto

Doesn’t work for me using Edge browser and it down-votes the post above!

Also problems with voting and Reply (sometimes).

Seems okay in Firefox.

3 years ago

Run, run, run, run, run, run away
Oh-ho-ho-ho, aye-yi-yi-yi-yi

George Lazenbhoy
3 years ago

Caption bolingoli spits Lenny waiting at arrivals

George Lazenbhoy
3 years ago

I’ll try again with out fucking useless auto correct.

Bolingoli spots Lenny waiting at arrivals.

Shouldn’t have bothered it’s crap now I’ve re-read it.

3 years ago

Can’t vote up or read more. Was the same yesterday. Keep getting told I’ve already voted for this comment.
Can’t reply to previous comments about these problems hence this individual post.
Can any techies help!

3 years ago

Slippy said back up not forward, as he spotted Shane Duffy

Thought Shane was out of position for the first goal, but his header great. He will dominate at corners, and bully in defence

3 years ago

I have same problem as reported by Frodshambhoy and a few others. Can’t reply can’t vote both activities prompt a “you’ve already voted for this…” same yesterday too, can ETims IT department be alerted please? 🙂 🙂

Carl Bigginslater
3 years ago

How far did you miss by this time Harald?

3 years ago

Ground control to Major Tom:
Whit’s the pilot daein, Tom!?!
Whit’s the pilot daein?!?

3 years ago

Ryanair tell passengers they will have to pay an additional 200 quid rescue fee cos the plane crashed with the option to upgrade to premium ‘First rescue’ for an extra 150 which guarantees emergency services get you out before anyone else.

3 years ago

Thinking about it later, Duncan in the control tower felt that perhaps he wouldn’t say “cool your jets” at work anymore.

3 years ago

Caption: I have to inform you that you have failed your pilot’s test. You had one major fault – reading ETims on your phone and two minor faults read more and voting up.

3 years ago

Caption: Jeeso Captain who did you work for before you joined us? Have you heard of The Waverley….

3 years ago

Caption: Who put Morelos in the window seat on the left hand side

3 years ago

To sign for Celtic…bring your own tweezers for the skelf on your backside.

Neil, sign charlie and I, the Adi Dassler rain-lashed Celtic F.C. cobblers.

sevco drift FC.

3 years ago

Meharg Davy`s orange lure for little ponds catered online.

3 years ago

A Ryan Christie corner?

I always thought,why not play it short to Scott Brown?
Thereld be the keeper and all wanting out of the box to have him 50/50.

Doon there for dancin!

3 years ago

Being not to the one…
Shall Neil Lennon swear at Mikey?

No way,what a goal.
‘Took you though!’

3 years ago

Stadium stands without looking within.

SFA/SPFL to affix their evaluate of strength thus.

3 years ago

Thy answer to the question is middle class earners-r-us are there for Scottish Football.

Hey Joe,we`re expected. Matthew 18:11. Their stage,toss.

3 years ago

Theres a telt we cant.


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