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Invoice Free CSC – The Etims Podcast

Hector, Desi, Monty and Ralph “The Man in the Van” get together to discuss the important Invoices of the day, or lack off.

They discuss “What in the SPFnL is going on with Rangers and the Powers that be?” and also regard Celtic part within it and whats to come.

They chat on The DUP at The BBC. Is this a sign of things to this the final kick of a dying flea?

They look at Lockdown Week 6 and the calls around Europe to get back playing football and whats likely to happen here at home.

They finish with some Twitter jokes andย  a Lockdown Telly recommendation round-up and hopefully there will be something in there for everyone to enjoy!


This Podcast and others are available on iTunes and Spreaker and also now on Spotify, Castbox and Google Podcasts

You can download MP3 file direct from here ( right click and save)ย  :

Direct Podcast Link:ย

Or just use the Player below:

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3 years ago

12 12

3 years ago

big mikes invoice should be a cracker

3 years ago

a wonder if the zombies will ask big mike tae accept a pile ae yon 25 poun vouchers

3 years ago

Did you just refer to that scum as a ‘ great club ‘?

I fucking hope not…..ffs

3 years ago

They are inbred orange fucking scum, all of them, fucking monkeys!

Fuck sake Ralph….” a great club “?
They are dirty orange filth!

3 years ago

Orange bastarding scum

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