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Oh Watt A Night!

Now we could wax lyrical about how brilliant last night was ( and we may do so if we stop celebrating and the subsequent hangover ever goes away!) but as the old saying goes ” A picture paints a 1000 Paradise rocking words!” so heres a collection of the best images from last night.

The wonderful Green Brigades Celtic tribute TIFO


The Victor Rises!


The Victor Scores!


The Victor gets his desserts!


Forster Tells Messi No!


Forster says NO..AGAIN!


Tony Watt strikes….


Tony Watt Scores!


Tony & Chazza Celebrate!


A REAL Badge Kiss


The Final Whistle blows


Lenny Salutes his Keeper


Celtic Make an old Man Cry


The Worlds Best Player defeated at the Worlds best Club


The Heroes Celebrate



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11 years ago

Like you Desi, just simply impossible for words to describe my emotions. Thanks for trying my friend. The photos say it all anyway. And it could have been a picture of any of us at about 21.45 last night but perhaps it was fitting it was Oor Rod’s.
On such a night! 125 of them.


11 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

Meant to add my congratulations to everyone. Neil and the team were brilliant, the support were LOUD and the G.B. were incomparable.
Thank, thank, thank you!


11 years ago

many thanks to Neil and the bhoys of the best club side in the world on their defeat of the best team on the planet.this result gave me the best feeling since reason we can’t go to wembley without fear.come on you bhoys in green.H H

11 years ago

that messi photo is a desktop background that types a thousand words

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