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Frankiebhoy takes to task the imbeciles at the microphones, is it the end of the Rangers biased Radio Phone in…we can only hope so!



For those regular listeners to football phone-ins, this week would have been no different to any other.

As a non participating listener to Clyde 1’s Super Scoreboard of an evening, this week has seen the push of two separate agendas.

First the positive promotion of Charles Green and everything Sevco.

Secondly a negative spin on Everything Celtic.

Let’s look at cases, HK’s record headline this morning was a banner pronouncing a world record 40000 crowd for a 4th tier football match.
Not only inaccurate, but a blatant attempt to curry favour with the cloven hooved horde.(Napoli had a 51000 crowd for their last game in serie C North)

Celtic according to the bespectacled banned one, we’re at the last chance saloon, the pressure he claimed was there to deliver three big results in a “must win” week.

First away to Ross County. (I thought the SPL was a one horse race-ed)
Then Helsingborgs in the Champions league. Not as big a trophy as the Ramsdens cup, but we all have to suffer these humiliations because the the Rangers aren’t a top flight club anymore. Of course we all realise now that the third division is the new SPL as King William’s storm troopers are in it.
Then Supercaley… You get the jist, the following week, in a make or break Saturday for our SPL hopes. Oh hang on……….

I have read nothing but condemnation for Celtic’s decision to ban a well known journalist who Speaks through(and down) his nose.
I don’t necessarily agree with the decision as I am for the freedom of expression, after all the consumer picks what paper they read. If they don’t like what he says, don’t buy the newspaper that acts like a forerunner to the compact disc!

I listened into Clyde1 on the evening, Friday 17th August and heard a frothing follower of Satan go on about SFA, dark forces, anti Rangers agendas, and Ian Black being booed for a 3 minute cameo for Scotland.

Well you could call it a Cameo if the fecker actually used soap! The guy was given 10 minutes to froth and foam his agenda.

Then a calm Celtic fan came on to make salient, calm focused points against him and the MSM, and immediately was called paranoid.

Two different types of call, two different reactions in reverse of what any rational person would take to each call.

What is wrong with ” the greatest wee country in the world!” when a rational man, Michael I salute you, is treated in this way, while a foam at the mouth Luddite is treated with kid gloves and encouraged to push their rantings without contradiction? Answers on a postcard to

So about those three matches in 7 days!

Ross County duly provided a stern test for a depleted and admittedly off key Celtic. Fair dues, but its a given that a new team to the SPL would want to get one over on us and while we should have had enough, a tight encounter ensued and ‘character’ was shown. Cue cries of Disaster no doubt from the Scottish Media..

John Hartson is a man I have an immense amount of respect for, but his assertion that Helsingborgs will be a cakewalk for us is I’m afraid a step too far even for this eternal optimist!
I expect us to go through, but not with the 7 or 8 goal margin he suggests.

Inverness next week will be the one I think we will pile it on.

We will be in our stride then and will I think punish the OG king’s team!

Well that’s all for this week!

Take care of Celtic and each other!


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