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Rangers Blankety Blankers – Winners

We gave you a nice wee friendly picture of Super Ally ( becoming more Super in our eyes than theirs with each passing result) and we asked you to fill in the blanks.

Suffice to say, you didnt let us down and surprisingly so many people were singing from the same Hymn Sheet on this one.

A selection of the best are below. New Caption contest next week, we might even manage one not based on The Rangers buffoons….as if!





Starting us off is Gary Welsh with this one


Not Worth The Pound sends in


Angela McLay sends in


Steve D offers


James Martin Clark sends in a Treble Top ( RIP Sid Waddell) with




Wrexham Tom offers


Andy from Garngad sends in


And last but by Ghods name not least, this classic answer was suggested by most people including

Nicholas Ross, Angela McLay, Joseph Brownisky, Marcello Stefani and James Napier


If you have any suggestions for a Caption competition, please send them

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