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Celtic Dairy Friday April 3: So Far, So Good Friday

The footballs back! Real football, I mean.

Celtic are in Paisley tonight to face St. Mirren, who are surprisingly still in the Premier League. I’m not going to call it the Premiership, by the way, because that’s the English league. Something the marketing chaps at the SFA haven’t fully understood is the need to have an easily identifiable brand, one set apart from it’s competitors. I can’t understand the lack of imagination. They seem to be able to come up with enough different ways to protect one of the leagues more beleagured clubs.

No matter.

It’s been a while since Celtic were in action, and even longer since we played anyone not called Dundee united, so a huge crowd is expected and Celtic have agreed to display the names of the players even more prominently on the shirt in case we’ve forgotten what they look like.

Adam Matthews and Anthony Stokes return to the squad, and Liam henderson has been forced onto the plane to Norway , but theres no sign of Charlie Mulgrew or Mikael Lustig. Nir bitton should be fit, but if he isn’t, that will mean that Stuart Armstrong will move alongside Scott Brown in the middle, leaving Stokes, James Forrest  and Kris Commons to fight for the remaining midfield place in what has become a fairly settled and predictable Celtic side.

Gordon, Matthews, Van Dijk, Denaayer, Izaguirre, Brown Bitton, Armstrong, Johansen, Mackay Steven, Griffiths.

With the possibilty of the league being won in the next few games, Ronny Deila has affirmed that the players will not be rested, and will be kept playing until the end of the season, which he feels will help to get them ready for the Champions League qualifiers, which are only about twelve  weeks away.

That woke you up, didn’t it.

Deila said;

 “Hopefully we are going to win the Treble and that is the main target.

“Our dream and hope is to get to the Scottish Cup Final and win it. If we do that, then we will be playing our last game of this season on 30 May.

“After the cup final, the players will get three weeks holiday. If they are playing internationals in June, they will get one week more. So players like Scott Brown and Stefan [Johansen] would come back on 1 July.

“In three weeks, you can’t ruin too much. It is just positive for their bodies to rest. They know what is coming when they come back to training.” 

A win tonight will put Celtic eight points clear, with nine games left each for the hoops and challengers Aberdeen. I think we can put the champers in the fridge…

“We want to win it as soon as possible, The games coming up now are important games but we have good momentum now.

“We play good football, we train well, there is good harmony in the squad. I am comfortable we are going to keep performing well.

“The Champions League is so important. We want to win the league and get into the Champions League group stage, that’s our main target.”

The only potential cloud on the horizon is Emilio Izaguirre, who will probably be playing for Honduras in the CONCACAF Gold Cup when Celtic try to get through the qualifiers.

That means either Efe Ambrose or Charlie Mulgrew at left back for those games.

Image result for screaming face

And if we lose Jason Denaayer and Virgil van Dijk, and Mikael Lustig hurts himself again, -it doesn’t bear thinking about…

Actually, we have to think about it.

Ronny needs to be on the ball here, or else we could be in trouble.

Well, it seems like he is…

“We have to be more prepared than we were at the start of this season and I know we will be.

“The three qualifying rounds are knockout ties so anything can happen there and we need our preparation to be 100 per cent correct.

“It is not going to be the same. We are going to play fewer matches, travel less and really prepare properly for those qualifying ties. I want to do it differently to last year.

“Back then we did way too much travelling and played way too many games.

“It is not positive to play games with half a team and lose 5-1 and 6-1.

“It is not positive for the confidence of the players and the atmosphere in the club. We don’t like to lose.

“Yes, some of these games can be lucrative but there is more money to be made in the Champions League

“Peter is with me. We are on the same lines so that isn’t a problem.

“We are talking about the United States but everything has to be perfect there. I think we are going to stay here instead. 

Which pours cold water on the possibility of playing Newcastle United in Boston. Where do you read this rubbish ?

Remember I mentioned I had binned Sky sports ?

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My reply ?

Wheres that picture ?

Image result for family guy go on

Not until we get a fairer deal for Scottish football.

That number to get rid of it for yourself ?

All together…

0344  241 0266

As expected, Second Rangers couldn’t find a nominated advisor , and as a result , will be thrown off the Stock Exchange. Despite what you may read elsewhere, from experts such as Matt Lindsay, this is not a good thing.

In fact, its a disaster. It means that no-one will touch them, and no amount of spin is going to change that. The clock-if they haven’t already sold it-is ticking for them.

We do have exclusive pictures of one prospective NOMAD doing a bit of research on the company when they were approached

Image result for laughter in the office

Thats not them in the picture, but we hear that Cantor Fitzgerald were the firm who said no.

You may have heard of them. 648 of their employees were killed in the 9/11 attacks.


Sandy Easdale has threatened legal action. Does South Africa have an extradition treaty with Britain ?

 “I think we have been misled on several occasions, with Dave King and Paul Murray saying that they had a Nomad and it was a certainty that the club would keep its listing.

“We were well aware, the previous board made it public, that the club could suffer delisting if the Requisitioners went ahead, and especially with Dave heading it up.

“I think they had a chance to keep it listed if Dave had stepped aside but I am not sure why they are using that tact.

“Up until the other board was dismissed, it was still a listed company and could trade shares up until WH Ireland resigned.

“I think categorically we have been misled. Dave said on several interviews, TV interviews, that he had a Nomad and he felt comfortable that he would be found fit and proper and the company would still be listed, which I would have hoped would have been the case.

“I don’t think we would be taking Rangers to task. Our group, it is more on a personal basis with the individuals who misled the shareholders into thinking the shares would still be on AIM market.”  

There may be trouble ahead,

but while theres moonbeams and laughter

who needs the x factor ?

Lets take the mickey, and dance..

Image result for there may be trouble ahead

Good Friday ? It’s a brilliant Friday, three points permitting.

If you want a feel good article, have a look at Chris Sutton in todays Record, where he talks of his interview with Ronny Deila… As i was initially sceptical of Ronny, its good to see that someone else is happy to admit he got it wrong.

Sutton on Deila

Celtic faced Derby in a pre season friendly back in 1975, thats where the picture in yesterdays diary was taken.

Heres a quick political teaser…


Sorry, thats how john Major described her.

I meant this one;

Embedded image permalink

Todays is Friday, so its a caption competition,

Embedded image permalink

In the spirit of Easter, I’ve told the wife i’m going to observe the teaching of Christ.

Disappearing today, back Sunday night.

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6 years ago

Big game tonight, non-stop domestic through to the end of May, and I hope that some of the players had a good chance to freshen up over the international break. I think Zig & Zag should be ramming their non-inclusion down the throat of WGS over the coming weeks; he’s done a great job with Scotland, but in my humble opinion if you’re doing it for Celtic you should be in the Scotland squad if not the starting XI.
Hopefully Bitton recovers soon but at least its the right area of the squad where we have plenty of options. As much as I like what I’m hearing about the defence this week, I will worry about that until the CL qualifiers are over.

6 years ago
Reply to  Gerry

WGS basically said forrest was better then Zig or Zag. Talking about his pace that makes him special. Not that he can do much else. Z+Z have much better ball skills and overall ability. Funny both start ahead of forrest at club level but forrest is better at country level???? His logic escapes me!!!!!!!!!!

6 years ago
Reply to  yarray

The “Z Z Tops” rock. What a pair of players. Hh

6 years ago

Speaking of izzy being away for the qualifiers, why did we never train up Darnell Fisher to be a proper left back with three other players ahead of him at right back? Too late now probably…

6 years ago
Reply to  Londonbhoy

Darnell Fisher is a right back m8

6 years ago
Reply to  Monti

I worded that badly Monti, I meant why didn’t we train him up on the opposite flank with so many people able to play right back already but only one recognised left back?

6 years ago
Reply to  Londonbhoy

Makes the decision to let Andrew Robertson leave the club a mistake, having said that we can’t get it right every time with young players.
I think we need to invest in a left back for next season, Izzy is hot and cold at times.

6 years ago
Reply to  Londonbhoy

Fisher is struggling to be effective in posession under Deila’s system and I think he’s been trying to improve other parts of his game so much that hes lost some of the positional sense that made him stand out from others near the same age.

6 years ago

Time to turn on the style now Celtic, time to play like Champions and make it a season to remember.
Mackay-Steven and Armstrong are still young with plenty of time to pick up caps.
Personally speaking I’m glad the two players got a break and will be refreshed for the title run in, it’s more important they are fully prepared for Celtic than Scotland.

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago

Now we all seem to be on the Deila Express (even Sutton) who out there does not like the way Ronny is talking about how we will approach the run in and CL Qualifiers?

Music to my ears every single word.

Great Diary.

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

It’s always nice to hear the manager looking forward, I would like to hear something from Lawwell about future signings tho…..

If we are serious about making the group stages of the Champions league, then this will be reflected in the budget and transfer targets available to Ronny.

I don’t ever want us to overspend on players, but I believe if you push the boat out a little bit more, the rewards will defeat the risk.

A big time striker is a must!

6 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

I don’t

Dan The Man
6 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Where is DH67 when you are looking for an answer?

6 years ago

Absolutely. HH

6 years ago


6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

you are an absolute fucking moron – sorry, no other words are suitable.
away back to the FF site.
I don’t do religion, but see absolutely nothing wrong in the picture. I still celebrate easter & xmas – as do most other non-Christians – it’s a holiday – the religious part is not compulsary

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

I find you offensive you thick cunt!

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

We find you offensive. Get thee behind me Dead Hun.

It will always be remembered that you couldn’t care less when members of the Celtic family died in a horrible tragedy. In fact, you went on to expound that the planet probably needs a 90% population reduction.
Tell me – which is more offensive, a picture wishing people blessings or someone who expounds against human life?

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

Has somebody just let one go?. It’s f-cking howling. Hh

Dan The Man
6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

I actually find it offensive too but for entirlelly different reasons Dh67 . It is Easter and the Centre of the Liturgical calendar for all Catholics .Using it to catch a headline is wrong but since you obviously have no Faith I will say a prayer for you.

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

You are truly an idiot. You know what, you are more than that. Just depart.

San Miguel
6 years ago

Chill out DH67. Ralph was merely highlighting the increases in crosses in the Ronny era.

Are you an atheist or an agnostic ?

6 years ago
Reply to  San Miguel

Neither he is just a TWAT .

6 years ago

Excellent diary as usual.
I must say, Ronny is sounding more and more like the man in charge of footballing matters. If travelling for friendly games jeopardises his plans, then it simply won’t happen. Dangling the CL ‘carrot’ in front of PL seems to have had the desired effect! In saying that, it was PL who hired RD, so kudos where it’s due!
Monti, totally agree with Celtic v Scotland sentiment; just ask The Lisbon Lions how caps they got?
Fischer for me is a great back up, but for the CL qualifiers, not sure; but how else does the guy get experience?
All the best to everyone in Timland over the Easter holidays.

6 years ago

Sorry to be pedantic but the English league is actually called the English Premier League now and has been for nearly 10 years. So you may as well call the Scottish league by its actual name.

6 years ago

Nae rumour mill today? How no?

6 years ago


Nicely subdued Diary today fitting for the feast.

I AM A CHRISTIAN and make no bones about it. I am proud to bear witness to it. However, I do not just tolerate but genuinely respect what others believe or disbelieve – even though I forget what I am, lose it and stick the boot in sometimes. It is the prerogative and right of all, even those of the blue persuasion (o.k. I am ready for it), although persuading does not seem to be difficult in their case no matter the illusions placed before them. But whatever tribe they claim to belong to, they seem to have lost for ever their nomadic bloodline (my boot’s on!).

But back to my main topic. I would just ask those, or an individual it would seem, to recognise my right to my beliefs in the same manner I respect theirs, his. And for the enlightenment of any one who does not understand, the photo is historical, not theological. Whether you want to accept it or not and in spite of any denial of interpretation, it is a proven historical fact that a person named Jesus Christ died on the middle cross of three on a hill called Calvary in the land now known as Israel. The photo in itself commemorates nothing more, nothing less. The words are simply an expression of kindness for all of us on this special day whether or not that be exclusively football related. So, what is offensive, please?

I hope this evening there will be another momentous event, the restart of the journey to an historic treble. Charlie Saiz and I bought advanced tickets on the Ronny Express so the thrill of the journey is nothing new or surprising to us. For those that got on a few stops down the line should still enjoy the trip of a lifetime. My old bones tell me to get booked up for another one next season. So, I will either be over the moon or over there in twelve months time. I’ll give you a wave, Charlie.

One final thought, remember our rivals on the south side this afternoon. After all, Jesus forgave the thief on the cross.

Caption: Don’t tell me you took me seriously, Ronny? I needed the job. That’s all.


6 years ago
Reply to  pensionerbhoy

i always make a point of telling huns i forgive them for all the cheating but sometimes they are not grateful for my forgivness ha ha ha ha

6 years ago
Reply to  charlie

Forgive them Charlie, they’ve no Nomad and they are blue.

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago
Reply to  pensionerbhoy

I’ll be there PB.
All aboard 😉

6 years ago


“Don’t these wee wooden benches remind you of gym class?….pressing flowers…..kissing girls behind the bike sheds……”

“Guys, guys…..where is the real Chris Sutton?”

6 years ago

What a blessing it would be if my own comments posted!

6 years ago

Pensioner Bhoy. I too am old but an atheist.
However nothing in the photo offends me.I have the same personal code as most Christians: forgiveness, tolerance, kindness. I have the same worries and the same desire to be the best human being I can: to my friends, family and people as I find them. Most Christian stories are about these things so real or no, no harm done.Resurrection is a great idea. Happy Easter!

Saint Mirren last night? Not beautiful and never have I seen so much crap passing by our bhoys.Three points though. I’ve always liked wee Forrest and you saw why.I think he is getting the benefit now (maybe for the first time)of good training and conditioning. He has done a lot more for us than McGeady ever did and I liked McGeady too.
Maybe Aberdeen will drop some points today?

Charlie Saiz
6 years ago

I remember a time when being punched in the face would be regarded as being offensive or someone calling yer maw a cow was offensive.
But a picture wishing you a nice day?

Catch a grip ya fuckin clown.

You mad about ETims or just plain mad? Why not buy the t-shirt at