Copps launch New Sevco Sticker Collection

COPPS have launched their brand new SPFL Sevco sticker collection for 2015 today!

Crime fans of all ages will be able to get ‘stuck in’ to the all-new 2015 Scottish Professional Football League Official Sevco Sticker Collection, which is on sale now and even features all board resignations from all the companies.

A 48-page dossier accompanies the brand new collection, which is packed with in-depth financial  stats, heavy-team information and all the biggest profiteers of the last few years carpet-bagging. 

The Copps 2015 Scottish Professional Football League Official Sevco Sticker collection is available from prosecutors and all good independent media men ( Not yet available in Scotland). 

Joe Kerr, Marketing Director at Copps, adds: “This official collection celebrates the Team of  Sevco “player players” and profiteers ranging from all the Holding Companies right up to Mount Florida 5 Way chancers. It’s packed with denial from everyone’s favourite shysters and offers tax-payers a fun-filled and exciting way to remember how those Armed Forces arent being paid for.”

Fans can kick start their collection in style with a Starter Pack (£2.00 or 1 million Sevco shares), which includes a 48-page album and 4 free packets of cigarettes, which can be used as tradable currency ( snout)  inside when needed,  giving  onerous contract payment collectors everything they need to get straight into the meaty action! Memoirs of shysters and ex managers will be available for 50p each. 

For further information about Copps Scottish Professional Football League Sevco Stickers, please visit The Court of Session any time soon!

How many can you spot in this exclusive preview plus see our special Bonus offer at the end?





















ACT Quick and you can get this special Shiny  South African Conviction Bonus for only £43.7 Million!!



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Ralph malph
6 years ago

Be worth a fortune on years to come

6 years ago

Craig Whyte shouldn’t be among that lot……I love this man!!

The Silver Fhox
6 years ago

I agree. Craigie is a decent chap. Where is Ogilvie though?

6 years ago

He shredded his picture….

6 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Good one Monti 🙂

Mike bhoyle
6 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Feckin’ brilliant…!

6 years ago

Wheres RD he,s giving more pleasure to huns inside the death trap ipox
and the tame press scum that report on them

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

Go and fuck off you moron, you couldn’t show compassion immediately after people lost their lives, you’re a fucking wank stain!

6 years ago
Reply to  Monti

well said Monti idiots like him don’t deserve to be even allowed to add 67 at the end of there stupid name… Hail Hail

6 years ago
Reply to  Monti

Anyone interested in exchanging a full set of stickers for a bag of extra sugary Dounaughts

(NO) lmao I didn’t think so Heee Heee

6 years ago
Reply to  deadhead67

i am not charlie

Mike bhoyle
6 years ago

Brought back memories for me wi’ the stickers thing…
In the 1950’s I started collecting footballers cards..
My first one was….
Albert Quixall…
I know…that’s what I said…:0)…
Never forgot him ‘though…

6 years ago
Reply to  Mike bhoyle

Mike, thats going even further back than me who starterd with Henry Hall

holy sea
6 years ago

How did you manage to get the ‘Rogue Gallery’
pictures,that were to be shown soon on Crimewatch?

salad gueen
6 years ago

Where is Sammy no moist?

6 years ago

Excellent stuff, Desi.


the real Anton Rogan
6 years ago

I agree with salad gueen.

Surely the trough feeder extraordinaire super $ally should be there

6 years ago

What happened to MR Custard the clown and the latest rendition of the blue knights, the 3 bears. You couldn’t make this stuff up and it’s neverending

6 years ago

I’ll trade ya a Sir Minty, a Bomber Broon and a pack of fags for one Craig Whyte. Deal?

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