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Celtic Diary – Sept 4th

Ralph Malph finds himself on the move and sends the Latest diary from his phone..can you spot the Predictive Text errors within todays Etims Diary?


Celtic Diary – Sept 4th

One of the best things about getting one of the kids a rabbit is that you learn how to send the diary by phone while you sit in the vets car park wondering if you can sell the house quick enough to pay the bill.

Celtic drew Faith in the League Cup,giving fans the chance to personally thank Turnbull Hutton for his sterling work in upholding spurting integrity within the game by making sure that the all new debt free Rangers have to start life at the bottom although it is unclear if Celtic have asked him to do the half time draw so he can get a special cheer.

The new Rangers have the plum tie they wanted,a home game against league leaders Motherwell which will show their support exactly how far their cheating club has fallen. Motherwell fans can’t wait,as they want to erase the memory of the 2005 cup final. Unlike Celtic fans,who just want to erase the memory of Rangers.

Levante,the Spanish side who thought they had signed Passed Nouioui have said they will go to court over the issue. It’s not clear what they hope to gain from this,but their legal advisor,a Mr Craig Whyte says he will see that justice is done.

David Mellowstone,the ambitious former Hearts singer who realised his dream when he faced Elgin at the weekend,has hit back at his former club who said he had switched off. He was backed by his new boss who added that when players left Rangers they went with good wishes. This came as a surprise to the dozen or so who couldnt get out of there quick enough,and are still awaiting clearance from the authorities to confirm that the newco don’t have any say in the matter. Still,at least McCoist is proving us all wrong by displaying even more of his thoroughly distasteful personality

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Lenny Bruce
11 years ago

The predictive text was brilliant!

Maybe Charlie Nicholas’ brain does predictive speaking?

Congrats on the new site btw…..

11 years ago

former hearts singer? who writes this rubbish?

wee brian
11 years ago

right then, ah take it me attempting to make the 600 before christmas on Maleys was the final death nail for that forum!!

HAIL HAIL N aw that :O)

Tony P
11 years ago

‘spurting integrity’? did this go out after the watershed?

11 years ago

Congratulations on your cracking new website. I have been distracted for most of the day so I am only getting here in the wee sma’ hours. It is too late or maybe too early to take all the new fandango in so I will leave that till later on. Meantime, Ralph, I am so glad we will have ‘Faith’ in the League Cup. I ‘Hope’ you are being predictive there and that the ref will show us a bit of ‘Charity’.


john mccloy
11 years ago

where the fcuk is newsnow.i live in tasmania where there is very little football coverage and newsnow was very good for keeping me up to date.i get setanta but when they show a game live they don,t show the halftime discussion just station promos ad infinitum.i hope you can remedy this about newsnow.yours in celtic. john mccloy

11 years ago
Reply to  john mccloy

You little ‘devil’, john. I will try to find out about nn and get back to you.


11 years ago
Reply to  Pensionerbhoy

john mccloy, just search for “newsnow celtic” in google and hey presto, but then you wouldn’t have the sheer guff’n’bluster to accompany it unless you visit here too….

11 years ago

Congrats on the new website. How many country n Western singers does it take to make a new website? Two – one to do the site and one to sing about how good the old one was…

Yak yak!

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