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Celtic Diary Monday December 9

Neil Lennon has been linked with the vacant post at West Ham, well, its not vacant yet, but since its Sam Allardyce who is currently in charge, it won’t be long before its vacant. According to SportsDirectNews, Lennon didn’t go to Sunderland because he didn’t fancy a relegation battle. Quite how this makes the West Ham job any different is a bit of a mystery.

Lennon is looking ahead to the Barcelona game this week, and admits he is faced with a bit of a dilemma. Scott Brown, Nir Bitton, Jame sForrest and Adam Matthews are all available for this match, and whilst its not important in the sense that Europe is over for Celtic now, it is important from the point of view of experience and pride.

Lennon said;

“Looking at the squad, I have Biton and Brown available, there is no question that Browny will definitely make us better. [James] Forrest and [Adam] Matthews will be available as well, so we should have an injection of pace into the team and you clearly need that against a team like Barcelona. I am actually really looking forward to the game.

“It is not just that (intensity you lose without Brown) you just lose a quality player. He is playing very, very well. I think over the years the histrionic side of him has surpassed the playing ability.

( One or two us us may beg to differ )

“I know this season will be remembered for the Neymar incident but this season, when he has played, I think he has been absolutely superb. In the San Siro I thought he was outstanding and we have really missed him in the three games. It is all ifs, buts and maybes now but he will be champing at the bit to play and he will play.”

When I read that he had a dilemma, I expected it to be which way he would approach the game tactically. After the wins against Hearts and Motherwell, or more appropriately the way in which those games were won, surely the Nou Camp is a chance to test that style against a top European side. After all, the only thing we can do is learn from it.

And anyway, by taking the game to Barcelona, we might just surprise them. And ourselves.

Barca midfielder Xavi Hernandez made a claim for the most obvious statement of the year when he said;

“There is no doubting the size of Celtic as a club but if they want to improve in Europe they must keep their top players.

“The performances of Wanyama last season meant he got a move to England and the same is true of Forster this season.

“It is a very difficult situation for them. If the players are not noticed it means they are not doing well in Europe but if they do well in Europe their best players get noticed.

“It is not an easy situation but they must try to find a solution.”

But to be fair to him, he did follow it up with some good advice;

“I understand Scotland is not the biggest league in Europe but players should think about it before they leave.

“They might be leaving for a bigger league in England but the truth is they will probably not be leaving for a bigger club.”

He said: “There is always so much talk in transfer windows of who you bring in but we have shown at Barcelona it is the most important thing to keep the players you have.

“Yes you should always try to improve your squad – but keeping your best players should always be the priority.”

You can’t keep them if they really want to go, but we should at least make a bloody big effort to make them want to stay, instead of just looking at the  £ signs.

The trouble at Motherwell on Friday night, where seats were ripped up in the stand and flares were thrown onto the pitch, has united the Celtic support. Everyone is fed up with it. However, no one is sure who to blame.

Firstly, the ones who actually tore the seats up and chucked the flares are to blame entirely, not the stewards, not the police, and certainly not the fans around them. Regardless of what is being spouted on messageboards.

These supporters have to be responsible for their own actions, and punished accordingly. Identifying them is a little more difficult. Comments on Saturdays diary indicate that those in the seats where the problems occured were not neccessarily the fans who had been allocated those seats, as stewards were telling people to just sit anywhere, and no attempt was made to deal with the offending fans, who had crowded into the section where the damage took place.

Whilst they are not entirely to blame, stewards must be called to task. Theirs is the ultimate responsibility for safety in the stadia, and if they have failed somewhere, questions have to be asked. Though finding a steward anywhere with a sufficient grasp of language to answer them might be difficult.

As usual, the club , and the press, immediately blamed the Green Brigade, the supporters group which had its stickers plastered all over the area, and this has forced a reply from the group;

“Following the events of Friday night’s match against Motherwell at Fir Park, the Green Brigade would like to clarify our position on a couple of issues.

“Firstly we do not condone the breaking of seats nor do we welcome pyrotechnics being thrown on the park. We as a group are as disappointed as any about such indefensible behaviour and regret that it happened on our watch.

“Whilst it was not members of our group behaving in this manner, we accept the fact that these actions took place behind our banner in what was an unofficial ‘Green Brigade section’ and furthermore that the fans within this area are associated to our group whether they are members or not. 

“It is particularly disappointing given how hard we have worked as a member organisation of Fans Against Criminalisation and of our own accord to fight the criminalisation of football supporters as we realise the damage that the events of Friday night could have on our efforts to challenge the continued harassment of Celtic fans by Police Scotland.

“Ultimately, we should have had greater control of the bodies present within our block and our failure to do so has resulted in events which are unacceptable and we will strive to ensure that such scenes are not repeated.”

It wisnae us, and we won’t do it again.

So , none of the GB were involved, it was people pretending to be members who did the damage ?

Were any of the GB at the game ? If so, why did they not do a bit of self policing ?

Whatever the outcome of this incident, those involved need to be identified, beyond all doubt, and hit with the bill for repairs. This might require the use of cctv footage, and an appeal on tv, or at the ground, but enough is enough.

POLICE are hunting the culprits after 18 smoke bombs, three fireworks and a flare were set off in the Celtic end at Friday’s match which also saw 200 seats ripped up, according to the Record. Lets help them find them.

A flare is set off by Celtic fans during Friday night's 5-0 win over Motherwell

Aye, it all looks very clever. And it is great fun until someone loses an eye. Or a child gets burned.

Its happening too often, and the club is being forced to spend money on fines which could be used elsewhere.

Actually, its our money, raised from what we spend on season books, tickets and other merchandise, so we have every right to be annoyed.

The GB may not to be to blame for this one, but it was done in their name, so to speak, so they must play their part in finding the culprits. Maybe they should start to act a wee bit more maturely, then they can regain the respect of the majority support.

And as for all this about Celtic Park needing them, they should all get together and take a wee trip down to the Clyde coast. If they each remove a volume of water from the river equivalent to their own body weight, the amount left in the Clyde would tell them how much they would be missed.

Its a bit like the Scott Brown in Europe thing. Better to have him, but if we have to  cope without him, we’ll manage.

Surprising news in the Sunday papers yesterday, as it looks like Peter Houston , the jovial former Dundee Utd boss is to be joining Celtic as a Scout.  Its a strange one, but with the Christmas parties about to begin, perhaps he’s the one who will liven them up with his singing , dancing and general air of merriment.

On a serious side, though, theres a lot of talent coming through the ranks at Dundee Utd, and maybe he had a hand in that while he was at the club. He deserves a chance, and should be judged on his merits and achievements.

Right, thats long enough. Get rid of him.

Congratulation must go to new club Second Rangers, who held a tribute for Nelson Mandela, who passed away last week. He did more than anyone else to bring down the apartheid system in South Africa, which had endorsed a two tiered society.

Perhaps the new club will take his lead and remove any left over traces of the similar bigotry and racism which was endemic in the old club.

Then we would have a brave new world in Scottish football. Well, we can always hope.

Saturdays diary included a picture of the lovely and wriggly Shakira, the Colombian singer/dancer who is currently involved with Gerard Pique, the Barcelona defender. If she were to turn up pre match and perform one of her little ditties and routine in the dressing room prior to kick off, the Catalan side may be sufficiently distracted from the task in hand.

Which is probably the wrong choice of words there.

To balance it all out, heres one for the ladies, as a Ralph Malph lookalike prepares to take the field for the Hoops. Who is he, and whats the occasion ?

In other news, Derek Acorah, he of the paranormal tv shows that no-one watches, has been charged with careless driving and failure to provide a specimen of breath. Ironic really, the one time when spirits could have shown up, the cameras weren’t there.

But better news for music lovers, as it appears the boy band genre has finally run its course.





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10 years ago

“Ralph Malph lookalike?” Is he the one who’s just come out of the closet and was last seen flauncing away hand on hip just off camera?

10 years ago

Firstly, hope I’m wrong,but I reckon there is no chance in hell of lennon playing same formation or using same tactics against Barca as he did v. motherwell and mini-huns. He’ll play 1 or 2 up front and revert to old formation and get hammered. Or he could take a chance and try and score.My bet is Sammy up on his own.
Without Browne we usually finish with 11 men on park.Without GB , CP like a morgue and away games would be mute.I’m in South stand and about half dozen make an effort at supporting and cheering on team.Remainder are like mannequins.
I’d take GB over SB as they are slightly more mature.

10 years ago

Gerard Butler impersonating Henrik before Celtic/Manu legends charity match. Henrik thinking that you can only do a “Henrik” celebration after you’ve scored a goal.
This was one of these novel charity matches where the named charities actually benefitted from the proceeds.

Another team from Glasgow, who no longer exist, had a slightly different take on “charity” match when the hun leg ends played AC Milan legends. The Bluenoses decided that they would rip the charity off and syphon off the funds. This, apparently, is what you can do when you are the people. Funny how they have previous form for withholding monies that are intended for another purpose(hmrc). Interestingly the press did not make much mention of this new approach to charity!

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  Brencelt

I have been informed by an old friend they spell it “LEGNED” At Mordor?
I blame the schools personally Bren.

10 years ago

If you look closely, you can see Peter Grants finger pointing within his pocket!

Least i think thats his finger!

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

Naw that’s a Banana for his piece Desi….

Frank McGaaaaarvey
10 years ago

Am I the only one baffled at sevco holding a ‘tribute’ to Nelson Mandela? Surely in their eyes he is a ‘terrorist’ who associated with other ‘terrorists’ (i.e, Adams and McGuinness) and they can’t have that down Govan way can they? What would their beloved Thatcher make of it all?

10 years ago

I dont think we should be too harsh on Brown for his sending off against Barca. I mean 70 grand is 70 grand after all. 🙂

10 years ago

Westbhoy I am sorry to say you are missing the point, these guys will have OUR team back 100 years with the way they are behaving, I emphasize the word OUR team because that is the reason we all go to the place we call Paradise to support OUR team. Do you realize the handicap placed on our club with these idiots. It is difficult enough trying to compete from a country our size without these immature people placing more restrictions with all the bad publicity and fines imposed by EUFA. Not to mention the home press loving every minute of this. Years and years of hard work destroyed by a few idiots. I am glad you enjoy the noise they create. HH keep the faith

10 years ago

I am assuming that the crowd picture is from Fridays game? Far too many people skulking behind scarfs that knew they would be held to account. There has been a lot of coverage in the press recently about archaeological digs of Neanderthal remains. I think it’s a con, obviously they’re alive and well.

Being in Engerland these past 6 years I no longer get to games so I have to make do with TV and internet coverage. Two things that struct me over the weekend apart from the superb cricket result was

1) The report on the game was not on the main ceefax (Red Button) pages but was buried deep under other sport. The green brigade statement made the main pages.

2) Last night I watched sportsound on iplayer and after the game they never commented on the terrible refereeing decision on the penalty and more importantly the Pukki yellow card for getting fouled.

I know I should expect this but it don’t half get me mad.

10 years ago

Just a thought Ralph….see all these fines that Celtic are having to pay, would that money have been enough to give every moember of staff a living wage?

Da Do Ron Ron
10 years ago

ts a bit like the Scott Brown in Europe thing. Better to have him, but if we have to cope without him, we’ll manage.

How did that pan out?

Re: The GB
Why do Celtic fans fall over one another attacking other Celtic fans but when the manky mob break all the rules, steal trophies and money from us most of them say f**k all?
Answers on a postcard to Peter Lawell!

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  Da Do Ron Ron

Do Do Wan Ron Ron Do Do Wan Son…
The GB have fucked it for themselves.
Ps Rangers are deid’ move on pal.

Da Do Ron Ron
10 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz

Wan I’m no yer son and thank f**k for that and two I’m no your pal. Stick with the delusion dafty and keeping playing the victim.

10 years ago

I’ve never had a problem criticising the tax dodgers. And brown didnt give us notice he wouldnt be available for most of the ucl campaign. Or we could have got someone else in.

Da Do Ron Ron
10 years ago
Reply to  ralph malph

The difference being that we will get something done with regards to other Celtic supporters.

10 years ago

Just a quick word on the fir park nonesense, I read that overcrowding in that section caused a lot of the seat damage and while I do not condone the flares etc I think Murderwell should look into this… Thats all about that as for the Barca game we want to see 2 strikers playing (Pukki and Stokes, Sammy left Broony, Ledley and Commons making up other 3, Forrest on after hour mark and back four picks itself also Mathews for Lustig after 60 mins will see us through

10 years ago

Celtic suspend fans after damage to Motherwell’s Fir Park

Celtic have suspended 128 fans from their matches and relocated 250 season-ticket holders following damage caused to Motherwell’s Fir Park on Friday.
Seats in the South Stand were damaged while smoke bombs and flares were also thrown during Celtic’s 5-0 win.
The Green Brigade group of fans on Sunday said it regretted the scenes and admitted that it should have better policed its section of supporters.
But the club have decided to move fans from Section 111 of Celtic Park.
The news came as the Scottish Professional Football League described the scenes at Fir Park as “shameful” and promised an investigation once it receives its match delegate’s report within the next 48 hours.

We are confident that the police and both clubs will play a full part in helping to identify those involved in what were shameful scenes

Neil Doncaster
SPFL chief executive
Celtic and Scottish Police have already launched their own probes into the incidents, with the football club already taking action.
The Scottish champions said it had issued “precautionary suspensions against 128 individuals preventing them attending matches involving Celtic, pending further investigation.
These suspensions will cover matches away from home as well as at Celtic Park.
Celtic say they will also be “relocating around 250 season book holders in Section 111 to other areas within the stadium, or offering refunds covering the remainder of the season to those who do not wish to be relocated”.
“These events were an embarrassment to our great football club and are absolutely indefensible,” said a club statement.
“It is clear that there is an element which has no hesitation in bringing Celtic’s name into disrepute.
“This is something the club will not tolerate and we therefore have no other option but to take this action.
“We will not allow the great name of Celtic to be damaged in this way any more. Our supporters deserve more than this.”
While insisting that none of its members were involved in Friday’s events, the Green Brigade admitted that it had happened in an “unofficial Green Brigade section”.
Flares and smoke bombs at Fir Park
Flares and smoke bombs were set off at Fir Park during Friday’s match
The group had already been criticised by the club over political banners displayed at Celtic’s Champions League game against AC Milan last month that led to Celtic being called to a disciplinary hearing on Wednesday by European governing body Uefa.
Celtic’s latest statement urged the supporters to unite behind the club in taking action to “protect vigorously” what it said was a “wonderful reputation” of its fans.
The SPFL has yet to decide whether to take action following Friday’s events and the next stage of any disciplinary action might not become clear until the end of this week or start of next week.
However, it issued a statement pointing out that, under its rules, the visiting club should recompense the home club for any damage caused by their support.
Should the clubs fail to agree on a compensation figure, the league body would adjudicate on the matter.
SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “We have already been in touch with both clubs and the police following the disturbances during Friday night’s fixture at Fir Park.
“We absolutely condemn this type of behaviour. It has no place in the game.
“We are confident that the police and both clubs will play a full part in helping to identify those involved in what were shameful scenes.
“We expect the SPFL match delegate report to be with us within the next 24-48 hours.
“The SPFL will work closely with our colleagues at both clubs and with the police as part of a thorough investigation into Friday night’s events.”

10 years ago
Reply to  Desimond

The way the press portrayed it didn’t help, this has been the records biggest story three days running (more coverage than the 2nd best performance of the season, the world cup draw, sallys ‘pay cut’), while that fud keevins frequently talks about Celtic fans and “flame-throwers”.
I want to avoid whataboutery but falkirks synthetic pitch cost more to repair than a few hundred seats in a stand that only gets used twice a season, but you wouldn’t know it from the media coverage.
The GB only have themselves to blame, if they knew as much about Celtic as they claim, they would know that certain folk in the MSM have been desperate for this.
A reputation built up over generations ruined by a team of wee arseholes.

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago
Reply to  Doc

Spot on Doc.

10 years ago
Reply to  Desimond


“The SPFL will work closely with our colleagues at both clubs and with the police as part of a thorough investigation into Friday night’s events.”

I guess that means they will be too busy to investigate any other DAY or NIGHT!!!


10 years ago
Reply to  pensionerbhoy

I can’t disagree with the Celtic statement (I’m sure it will find it’s way to the diary tomorrow).
The Green Brigade have done this to themselves they should have ensured that the Udinese game was the last time this happened. But they knew best, and now they reap what they sow.
Over they next few days the good Celtic messageboards and websites will be covered from complaints from those who get a letter from Celtic in the morning many of whom will have done nothing wrong and received the ultimate sanction. As harsh as it may be, a lot of good Celtic men and women have now been banned because they did not, or chose not to, put an end to this nonesense.
What was it Edmund Burke said about ‘for good men to do nothing’? The Green Brigade have just found out the hard way.

andy docherty
10 years ago
Reply to  Doc

my son had tickets in that area, but couldn’t get into them because the stewards had allowed (encouraged) all the GB wannabes to take the seats. Do you think it’ll be right for my son to be punished because he didn’t insist that the stewards did their job and moved everyone to their own seats?

10 years ago
Reply to  andy docherty

Andy, I don’t think it’s right, but Celtic have threatened similar in the past and the warnings have been unheeded, if anything, it has got a lot worse.
The Green Brigade have had 3 years to sort this out an haven’t, the camels back has now broken and Celtic have ensure that this can’t happen again.
The MSM lap this up, most stories about Celtic or Fans Against Criminalisation or peaceful corteos will now have a photo of a flare, smashed seats, green smoke, etc. just like almost every MSM photo of Lennon shows him shouting.
Hope your boy isn’t caught up in all this banning and musical chairs stuff. Maybe post a comment on a dairy/diary later on in the week just to let us know how it’s turned out for him.

andy docherty
10 years ago
Reply to  Doc

the point is, the guilty ones should be punished. The police film the GB continually so should know who caused the damage.
Without blaming the debacle on the stewards, their actions were partly responsible. Fans were told to sit anywhere they wanted, so obviously all the wee neds headed down to the place the GB were sitting (standing) and created overcrowding there. Had the stewards done their job properly, the smashed seats might not have happened and all we’d be getting accused of is letting off flares.
And I was attempting to point out that there wasn’t a lot innocent fans could do as the stewards weren’t willing to help sort things out. What should they have done – went to the police – would that have made any difference?
Punish the guilty, but lets not have a knee jerk reaction and punish others just for being there and not doing anything, which your post seemed to imply.

10 years ago
Reply to  andy docherty

I don’t think folk should be punished just for being there, but it will happen. Celtic have been backed into corner and cannot let another flare or smoke be seen. Hopefully the club can identify the folk with nothing to do with this and get their tickets back to them quickly.
With the press coverage of this, our reputation is halfway down the toilet as well as us being a bawhair away from playing in an empty ground in Europe and we have an SFA/SPFL full of huns that all want to see Celtic lowered to their level and they will use any excuse to do so.

the lurgan tiger
10 years ago


Wee Jamesy is back. We could ferr do going into the Barca game with an empty jersey

Charlie Saiz
10 years ago

I agree he always seems to be out for several weeks before these games due to injury yet come Champions League nights he miraculously appears to be fit again and shoe horned straight into the side regardless of how we have been playing.
Me personally I would drop the wee tadger till he sorts his off field shite out first.
My preferred formation:


10 years ago
Reply to  Charlie Saiz


“I agree he always seems to be out for several weeks before these games due to injury yet come Champions League nights he miraculously appears to be fit again and shoe horned straight into the side regardless of how we have been playing.”

Does that remind you of a certain country’s “internationalists” who suffered from a similar wee game deficiency only to be deficient in the big wans tae. Can you remember a particular blue do when a very mediocre player was diagnosed with a “sore toe” at the edge of a swimming pool in the luxury hotel for that country’s players in the World Cup? He was there for “morale” purposes in spite of having the injury prior to leaving for the tournament. That meant he was useless for the games even though he was pretty useless anyway and a fit player was denied the potential opportunity to play in that World Cup. Not only did it appear unprofessional on the part of the player and utterly ridiculous on the part of the country, one could say that such “morale” was actually far from “moral”.


10 years ago

the lurgan tiger

With reporting like that you could be on my fitba show any time.


10 years ago


I will be short and in spite of the topics discussed in today’s diary, sweet into the bargain. Much of the diary’s content has been well and truly dissected over the last few days by an unusually large and intense number of comments on occasion – those that were posted that is :). However, I could not let today go by without complaining about photographing me with my shirt off. If you have more than 300 copies, you could have a legal team at your door. Legends ought not to be altered. The total should be no more than 292 + Gerard’s 8 pack. The Buckie must have been really good in Paisley that year. When the bounty hunter knocks on the door, for your own good, make sure it is the butler who answers.


10 years ago

one for the rumour mill

what was paul murray doing at dom paddy’s in uppingham , rutland at 6.10pm on monday 9th dec

a- meeting with his privately educated kid/children
b- 6 miles from corby , which has (apparently) a large zombie fan base
c- private meeting with someone (who was clearly late and agitating him) away from th prying eye’s of the media and or craig whytes minnions

who knows>>>>

andy docherty
10 years ago

3 attempts to post comment gone into the ether.
The GB are needed at CP in order to create an atmosphere and make it exciting for the young ones. Us old yins won’t be there for ever and we’ll need the young ones to take over. There are far too many alternatives to football for the young ones today and the PLC need to find a way of enticing the young ones to attend CP.
I’m not condoning the damage that was done to Fir Park and hope that the culprits are found and punished. However, the atmosphere, the songs, the jumping about – being rebellious / young is what attracts the young ones.
The PLC need to find a way of getting a standing area at CP and cater for the young ones – the PLC are happy to attempt to get the authorities to allow them to sell alcohol during games, why not a standing area as well?

A celtic supporter.
10 years ago

Its a sad time for Celtic, we can try to look to the positive as much as we wish, but whats most sad is fellow fans lack of understanding and support of one another. There will always be a daft few but the bigger picture should not be forgotten. Support The green Bridgade, for they support us and without them one day you be told when to cheer and how it should sound.
They may have questionable timing but they have the good fight at the core of their beliefs.
Now is the time to be switched on, be aware of what the powers are trying to do to and what the green brigade is fighting for .

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